Fox News host is threatening one lawsuit that will leave you speechless

Fox News is under fire.

Left-wing critics pounced on the coronavirus outbreak to try and force Fox News off the air.

But now this Fox News host is threatening one lawsuit that will leave you speechless.

The Five cohost Greg Gutfeld is about to launch into a legal war with one of Fox News Channels’ biggest critics – the far-left wing group Media Matters for America.

A common theme in the Fake News Media over the past several days is that Fox New got people killed by lying to their audience about the dangers of the coronavirus.

On social media, Media Matters launched a full court press to turn this fake news myth into reality.

One of their targets is Greg Gutfeld and the popular talk show The Five.

In the middle of a social media feud with Gutfeld, Media Matters Director of Rapid Response Andrew Lawrence Tweeted that “Greg Gutfeld says Fox’s ‘The Five’ sounded the alarm on coronavirus back in January……BUT he’s lying.”

Podcast host Dave Rubin tweeted that Gutfeld get conservative lawyer Harmeet Dillion involved for a potential lawsuit and Gutfeld said he already reached out.

The crux of this fight is a January 28 segment on The Five where Gutfeld warned Americans that the coronavirus was coming here and that Donald Trump’s decision to ban travel from China was an essential move.

“It’s coming here unless you stop it,” Gutfeld told viewers. “So, I do think we should consider a temporary travel ban [on China].”

Media Matters and other left-wing fake news personalities are lying when they claim Fox News downplayed the virus and got people killed.

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