Fox News host is threatening one lawsuit that will leave you speechless

Fox News is under fire.

Left-wing critics pounced on the coronavirus outbreak to try and force Fox News off the air.

But now this Fox News host is threatening one lawsuit that will leave you speechless.

The Five cohost Greg Gutfeld is about to launch into a legal war with one of Fox News Channels’ biggest critics – the far-left wing group Media Matters for America.

A common theme in the Fake News Media over the past several days is that Fox New got people killed by lying to their audience about the dangers of the coronavirus.

On social media, Media Matters launched a full court press to turn this fake news myth into reality.

One of their targets is Greg Gutfeld and the popular talk show The Five.

In the middle of a social media feud with Gutfeld, Media Matters Director of Rapid Response Andrew Lawrence Tweeted that “Greg Gutfeld says Fox’s ‘The Five’ sounded the alarm on coronavirus back in January……BUT he’s lying.”

Podcast host Dave Rubin tweeted that Gutfeld get conservative lawyer Harmeet Dillion involved for a potential lawsuit and Gutfeld said he already reached out.

The crux of this fight is a January 28 segment on The Five where Gutfeld warned Americans that the coronavirus was coming here and that Donald Trump’s decision to ban travel from China was an essential move.

“It’s coming here unless you stop it,” Gutfeld told viewers. “So, I do think we should consider a temporary travel ban [on China].”

Media Matters and other left-wing fake news personalities are lying when they claim Fox News downplayed the virus and got people killed.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Greg
    I think it should be a permanent ban on all planes from China or any Chinese. They cannot be trusted.

  2. The lying left liberal media is changing voters minds with their lies. People that don’t have able or FOX News on their television have been waterheaded (propagandized) into believing our duly elected president is a crook when the truth is that he will go down as the greatest president of all times. As an American citizen I am disgusted with all the news networks that tell treasonous lies. You want to exploit a story..Follow the 150 billion in unmarked bills left on the tarmac in Iran who is the number 1 supporter of terrorism in the middle east. Follow the money and see where it all went…if you want to exploit a real crook.

  3. “Media Matters and other left-wing fake news personalities are lying”
    What else is new? According to these globalists, “a useful lie is better than a harmful truth” and “the end justifies the means.”

  4. Greg we r proud of you…you have a voice all we have is a vote…and my family will take care of that….Fox is going down with all the weak ones …John Roberts sure honked Trump off…and I read John was a soft Liberal Dem…and now we know for sure……you have so many wishy washy slobs on there John Rboerts honked Trump off I loved it John had it coming with his comments…Shepperd S. was another failing conservative….Take on those Liberals Greg …and good luck

  5. May you win a humongous sum of money. Sufficient to put the hurt on the scumbags.

    They need to learn a little respect and money is the only thing they respect.


  6. Go Greg Gutfeld!
    We are ina n all out Fight To The Death with the Leftist Propagandists who wrap themselves in the cloak of “journalism” in order to obfuscate their actual motives and agenda.
    This is an all out To The Death Fight where Brass Knuckles and Boot Tip Knives are going to be necessary tools
    The only thing the leftists understand is money as a measure of POWER, their ultimate goal and god. I will raise a toast in well aged scotch the day that it is announced that CNN Is No More.
    And I’ve got another dram in reserve for the day when George Soros achieves Room Temperature.

  7. If Greg is going after a Soros group then I will contribute what little I can. Soros is the personification of a blackhearted sewer rat. He has lasted on this earth way too long. If someone knows voodoo, please put a hex on him that will take him down. The man and his organizations are pure evil. Soros is a scourge on humanity that needs to be stopped.

  8. CNN has a monopoly on the tv’s at airports and recently has seen their viewership
    Drop to near zero!
    Since No one is flying anywhere and airports are empty. So nobody is getting forced to watch their BS programs. Those who are watching are interns being forced to watch at other stations who are watching to see what their lying about today. So! Greg better get going with that lawsuit before the left wing BS stations run out of money!

  9. Bob Jones I realize that you were addressing the fake Dan. My apologies. I guess that I need new glasses.

  10. I don’t know what’s wrong with these people Dan, I think they worked at the carnival all their life and they hate everyone…They should start abominating in bunkers…Just a suggestion…LOL…

  11. Bob Jones I flipped a coin to see if I should follow your advice. Sorry, you lose. So stfu you libturd asshole. Hell yes I blast commiecrats. I hate their stupidity and agenda. You people aren’t patriots. Just a bunch of morons trying to trample on people and be dictators. As long as babies get murdered and queers can marry and dead beats can receive freebies you people are happy. Also as long as illegal immigrants can live off our backs. Free health care? We work to pay for ours. Free cell phones? We work to pay for ours. So again, stfu And don’t get me started on gun rights.

  12. dan tyree: you showed your colors from the start you have never blasted the democratic party so your lying is obvious as the liberal news media,chuck schemur,and nancy pelosi. you are dumber than most dems i have met. go shoot your self and get out of your miserable life you lead.

  13. Julio the Culo likes changing names when he’s dressing up and inserting things into his culo. Today he may be Justice for Queers again!!!

  14. Nice try fake Dan. You’re making a fool of yourself. But you already are. Try your juvenile crap on your retarded commiecrat friends. I don’t care whom you support, but from your post it’s clear that you’re trying to make people think that I’ve flipped to your party of deplorables. Let’s be clear. I will never vote for your commie party even if I’m the only one. No sleazy commiecrat will EVER be elected by my vote. You got that? Or do you need someone to help you understand? Some kindergarten teacher could explain it to you

  15. I know I have spewed a lot of hate towards the democrat party but in all reality I know they are right!!! tRump has dropped the ball big time on this coronavirus thing! He was repeatedly warned of the dangers but to no avail. He really is a CON man that thinks he knows more than the experts and will try to lie, lie, lie his way to win in 2020. He is really in for a rude awakening because Americans are way smarter than a 5th grader! Help me help and the dems vote his sorry ass OUT in November!

  16. Us ok for Trump to close down MAN and CNN, so why are the Democrats being condemned for the San thing? Double standards? This is a free country last I knew!!!!!


  18. They should be introduced to high speed wireless defensive devices. Screw being nice to them. I just watched the anti-Trump that uses statements he made in the wrong context to make him look bad. The GOP needs to keep running ads with the Biden xenophobic crap and Nancy telling people to go to Chinatown because it was safe. Keep running ads about liberal mistakes and misstatements about Corona19 right on through the election.

  19. Pelosi said she knew about the virus in late January yet in late February was encouraging everyone to go out to the Chinatown. Make sense? Listen to SOTUS and you’ll hear Trump talk about how he’s dealing with the virus with China. He was already taking care of it. He needs to sue the media in extension to Soros needs to be sued for billions! I think we Americans should get a class action suite going demanding retribution for all the obvious lies they told us. Then we need to sue the democrats of the house. Any good tough ballsy lawyers?

  20. James 75th regiment justass and Julio the foolio are like 2 queers in a barrel. Their fathers jerked off in flower pots and raised blooming idiots.

  21. Just like communist China and the way the communist Soviet Union used to do and it’s called propaganda where the media gets by telling lies to take or keep power,lookout America because if sleepy Joe Biden wins the 2020 election the democrate party will be putting people like Chuck Schumer in charge of the KGB and just like ice they’ll be going after law abiding Trump fans and putting us in the goulogs.

  22. These leftist Propagandists have had it all their way for far too long.
    They wrap themselves in the cloak of “journalism”, yet another lie, in an attempt to fool a gullible and credulous public that has been dumbed down by circa 100 years of “progressive” “education”, leaving them some of the least literate and most poorly educated persons in the industrialized world.
    It’s time [and long past time]to take it to them and take it to them Hard.

  23. It would be my greatest delight to see these left wing media nut networks like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and Media Matters are sued completely out of existence. Everyone of them are liars and they all deserve to be in prison for many years. What they do not know, or if even care to know, is a day of reckoning is soon coming when everyone of these filthy liars that belong to these treacherous networks will finally meet their maker and unquenchable woe will be placed on everyone of their miserable heads.

  24. Get that case in front of a JURY. Accept NO SETTLEMENT. Keep on suing and suing until all of the incorporators of that PAC are personally broke. I would care less if George Soros caught the coronavirus with a terminal result.

  25. Don’t let them off Greg. It’s about time someone shuts them up
    And unlike the Covington caper, post and penalties for all to see

  26. This is not a matter of he-said, she said. All of this is on video record. How the hell can somebody ignore this. Media Matters fans might not watch The Five but what they said is a matter of record as is everything the other side has said. There is no denying it,it’s there for everyone to see.

  27. Media Matters poked a bear and that bear is Greg Gutfeld. And he won’t stop until media matters lies naked and bleeding.

  28. It needs to go further than a law suit, it’s time to fight these back side of a donkey with everything you can use. This is why the left has got as strong as they have because Conservatives think they can have a fair fight. In the House & Senate we have all these passive Rinos who have let the left have their way, thinking you need to be bipartisan. Well what’s that thought process got us? It’s got us on the brink of losing our freedoms & not geting any say in how things are done. It’s got the majority bowing to every minority group in our country, a point of no return, it must stop now! For many years we gave a little to get along & then they come back for another bite, now they want the whole damn pie. It’s time to get dirty, mean & just as nasty as they do. The left don’t give a damn about anyone who thinks differently than they do. When are people going to wake up and punch below the belt like the lefs been doing for 8/9 decades with the last three taking over. Screw that & you better fight for your rights because there about gone, look at the bureaucracy and who controls it. Stand your ground people!

  29. Media Matters is David Brock’s brain fart. It is now run by Angelo Carusone. Media Matters has splintered many times into various other groups such as American Bridges and People United in an attempt to fool people into believing that there are many organizations with the same anti-American goals. But no, they are all under the umbrella of David Brock’s voluminous hair. Brock has more hair than an orangutan and less intelligence. Brock used to be a Republican, but after an unfortunate brain injury, he became a liberal and a Hillary supporter, sad as that is. Brock is truly a sad case and the worst type of American.

  30. I always thought it was Media Mutters. That always made sense. ‘Matters’? Nah that makes no sense.

  31. I fail to understand how intelligent people can be so blind to truth because it contradicts the brainwashing they receive from brainwashed college professors. I’m sure my outspokenness cost me some grades in college, but I was taught by my parents to view things objectively, weigh all facets, then decide for myself and not be a “sheeple”.

  32. Media Matters is nothing more than an attempt to use the media to provide propaganda for the deep state, much like Pravda in the Soviet Union.

  33. Go after them Greg. Someone needs to stand up to these lying liberals. This is one of the things the far left will understand. Go after their money and those that support them

  34. Better increase your damages to a couple billion to make it hurt soros.

    Soros is ccx an ass and deserves to be broke

  35. Media matters is a neo fascist mouth for Soros, hildabeast, and Pelosi. Shut them down. I still don’t see why Soros is not in jail. Oh wait money.

  36. We stand behind you Greg. We love you and hope one day to see you live. Go after the Media Matters. They are nothing but asses. They are like Pelosi and Schummer irrelevant. What they say is mostly lies.You can trust them like the devil. NOT

  37. Media Matters is just another mouthpiece of the radical Dem/Communist Party spreading more dis-information!!!!!!


  39. Julio post on Patriot Pulse April the third that all the churches should shutdown permanently anyway for preaching hate speech against Gays. Hopefully that will happen soon, let’s keep our fingers crossed. Well Julio the Culo and your little butt buddy Justice for Queers can go cornhole each other in hell…

  40. Close all alphabet news agency’s for lying to the public with all their fake news pull their operating license’s . The people that advertise in their papers or on the air must be held accountable also.

  41. I lie in my bed and scratch my ass and lick my fingers Justice for trump come and join me.

  42. The Demorats are the worst form of cancer, worse than the virus.
    Come November wipe these Swamp infested assholes out of politics America.
    Trump 20/20!

  43. Trump was called a racist for advocating travel restrictions to and from China by both Sanders and Biden. Now these same clowns are claiming Trump didn’t act swift enough, and Pelosi claims Trump has blood on his hands.
    Please folks, grow a brain. Don’t be stupid. Quit believing the lies of the democrats and stop voting them into power.

  44. Gutfeld calls it, like he see’s it. I have no problem with it. Liberals have an break down every time he’s calls them out for being incompetent retards. Now take old Juan Williams, that’s an incompetent little left wing weasel.

  45. They only want to Be A Part of The News! They no longer want to report the News they want to be a Part of it. It doesn’t make any mind to them if this country falls or raises up from all of this and we go back to being the Best Place on Earth to live.

  46. CNN and MSNBC and others of this ilk are all corrupt and Trump, so wouldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

  47. Julio Ricardo laredo the pandemic response team was never dismantled, it was rolled into a more cohesive team to include Bio-weapons and terror threats, which are the major worries in today’s world. the team exists under a new name, with less duplicate, less cost and less deep state chickensh!t…

  48. The answer is NO Julio the foolio I’m watching the team on tv right now. You and Biden are 2 too many retards on earth. We can also add justice for trump to the list and many more.

  49. Media MATTER is a laughing joke! Nothing that they claim is truth! Just twisted lies to DESTORY AMERICA! If George Soros is funding them it show their hate for AMERICA! They better ask Pelosi why she delayed the impeached for two weeks! She when on Jake TAPPER SHOW and told us SHE KNEW ABOUT THE CORONAVIRUS EARLY JANUARY! But delayed the impeached paper to Senate do they couldn’t do anything about it!

  50. I am sick and tired of the Demons and the LSM (Left Stream Media) twisting things to make themselves look like they care, when we know for a fact they only care about attacking President Trump, his administration and the people and Networks that support him…

  51. It is critical to mention several facts about Media Matters, (other than its Far Left politics) the budget comes from George Soros, and this group is closely aligned with another of Soro’s group, Center for American Progress, formerly run by John Podesta (Hillary’s chief honcho and hatchet man) brother of Tony, who was not jailed for the same crimes that sent Manafort to jail.

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