Fox News host said four words that stunned Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is under fire.

Sessions has allowed the Deep State to run amok and has not held Trump’s opponents accountable for breaking the law.

But Sessions could always count on support from this Fox News host. That just changed when the Fox News superstar said these four words.

Fox News Channel’s Mark Levin was furious.

The intelligence community fed illegal leaks to the press and spied on Donald Trump.

Levin was fed up and demanded change in the form of a commission to clean up the intelligence community.

And Levin said this needs to happen even if Sessions resists.

Breitbart reports:

“Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” nationally syndicated radio Mark Levin argued that what the Mueller investigation had revealed was not Russian conclusion in the 2016 presidential election, but that the greatest perpetrator against the American people was the federal government.

Levin argued for President Donald Trump to appoint a commission to clean up agencies within the intelligence community and that it should be done regardless of what Attorney General Jeff Sessions says.

“I would also tell him, and I’ve said this before myself — we need to fix this,” he said. “We can’t have in another election where the federal government, our United States government, is interfering with an election. And so, what I think the president needs to do to appoint a commission of five or seven people … top-notch men from prior administrations and women, and appoint them and say fix the FBI at the top, fix the CIA, fix intelligence agencies. We can’t allow it to happen to another president of the United States. To hell with, sorry Jeff, with Jeff Sessions and all of the other people. The president should take responsibility. You are talking about spies in the Trump administration. You’re talking about a failed FISA court. This is incredible stuff.”

Trump supporters believe Sessions needed to stand firm against the cabal of anti-Trump forces within the government.

Instead, he caved in to pressure and recused himself from the Russia investigation.

That decision led to the appointment of Robert Mueller.

Levin is correct that the intelligence community needs to be cleaned up.

And the first step may be in replacing the Attorney General.


  1. Wnat do you find objectionable to Joe DiGenova? Like Jeanine Pirro too, but my question with her is the same as with Napolitano, which is the same as with Trey Gowdy and every other deep state establishment traitor who is a lawyer, former prosecutor or judge! WITH did none of these smart legal eagles that can tell us what laws they were breaking, and what crimes they were committing, never do a damned thing to combat the high treason or at least advise some of We the People how to word the legalese that none of us were familiar with and where to file it.
    Think I’m more disgusted with Trey Gowdy than the others. The man appears to have a brilliant mind and outstanding knowledge of the law, so WITH didn’t he use that brilliant mind for us – instead of against us?

  2. I agree! People, including the media, do not know what the bible has predicted. If bible prophecy were known our country would be going in the right direction.

  3. Don’t you think Sesson took the job to be in precision to do Trump in. I thing he is the head of the swap.he has already said if they fire Rosenstein he would go that should tell everyone where he stands. He knows Trump cannot fire him because that would put Rosenstein in and that’s what they all want.

  4. I am fed up as well Sessions sure looks like a deep state agent and part of the
    problem. Remove him as soon as reasonable

  5. We need to wipe out all control by the Democrats and see where that takes us it can be no worse then it is now. Then we can always change from there main thing is that we stick together and take out the Democrats as we know they are garbage they are not working for the country at all or working for the one that we put in office that is working hard to do what he said he would do but could use our help. We need to take out his enemies on the voting line. Give him more power over the scum Democrat lawmakers that have used your Children in the Schools to run Gun Control

  6. That I agree with. A Fake President. Nothing he did or signed is legal nothing at all. Now sessions Trump may be using him to rewrite the laws to make them burn so the ones in ICE that are working can make their work count. But on the other hand Trump would be letting him down by not taken out the trash in the leadership of the FBI, CIA, IRS, Homeland Security, Drug enforcement to name a few

  7. They are all over the place the FEMA is running a scam on the people and mostly Veterans with this fake food over map which is costing us a lot of money. Fema is 100% communist and they are part of homeland security. So homeland security is also infected with this scum. The main thing I wanted out of Trump is to take this scum out and that has not happened. I am very low about that

  8. Sessions was an outstanding U.S. Senator for many terms. He was expert in constitutional law. I think he wanted the AG position, but was overwhelmed by issues that were the A.G.’s primary duty to deal with before anyone else. Now, the spotlight was on Sessions! It seemed that he grabbed at recusing himself at the earliest opportunity, In Congress he wasn’t in leadership position, now he is. I hoped he wouldn’t be in over his head, but it seems he is, unfortunately. We need a hard-driving protector of constitutional law as A.G., I prefer it not to be a Democrat substitute like Rosenstein. Trump will soon surprise us in this matter.

  9. I agree, Sessions should of been fired when he recused himself. Rosenstein needs to go first! Likewise, every Big Ears O holdovers should of been fired too!

    Drain the Swamp

  10. From Sessions’ actions have a strong suspicion that the never Trump RINOs forced sorry Sessions on Trump with a promise of cooperation that they refused to honor. I had never heard of Sessions before he was named as AG. My first thought when I saw him was a cowardly wimp. So far he has not proved me wrong. Think where we could be right now if Trey Gowdy had been named AG, and just what is an Obama appointee doing running the AG’s office?

  11. Trump should have fired Sessions the day after Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation. It is difficult to see what, if anything, Sessions has done except stand fast on the immigration issue. I applaud him for that, but he also needs to take on the law breaking and corruption that occurred in the Obama administration. Why does he not understand that? No one seems to know. Trump should fire Rosenstein, who was part of the cabal trying to prevent Trump from becoming President, but, in fact, Sessions seems to have turned over the department of Justice to Rosenstein.

  12. IMHO Larry Klayman would be the best-choice replacement for AG Sessions; Klayman is a first rate lawyer and founded both Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. He is a “man in-the-know” who stays on top of every political issue and isn’t afraid to “tell it like it is”. He has a great talent for digging up ALL the facts and information needed to settle just about anything. My other choice would be Judge Jeannine Pirro.

  13. I agree Trump should form a commission to a least get the ball rolling in clearing out the bad people in the FBI, CIA, the IRS and anywhere else they infest our government. This has gone on too long. After the election there should be fewer democrats and maybe the rest of them will get the message. Then tell Sessions he can excuse himself.

  14. You are dead on. Elmer fud (Jeff session ) has done nothing except get rosintien coffee.

  15. Many are praying for GOD’s guidance and for our country. I’m standing by for the results and I hope that Obama, Hillary, Comey, Clapper, Lynch and all involved in the Deep State, FBI and CIA are prosecuted, jailed and convicted for crimes of treason.

  16. Rosenstein needs to be fired first and foremost. After some time has passed, take a hard look at replacing Sessions.. Sessions is a good man and is in Trump’s corner, however, in my opinion, he isn’t a strong contender.



  19. Tits on a boar hog is what my dad used to say. I am really shocked at Sessions. I thought he was a good one but not now.

  20. You see, IF AG is removed, then Deputy steps up, Rod Rosenstein(disaster) UNTIL
    new nominee AG Approved. The Dems would Totally ‘stonewall’ & leave Rosentein in place.
    > i used to think rudy yes, but not any more. He is awesome, but a
    NOT a Constitutionalist<< Trump has a V. LONG ROPE, i guess & just waiting.


  22. If it looks like a cockroach, walks like a cockroach, keep your eye on it, while you grab a shoe, then squash the damned thing!

  23. Sessions et al are not too close to the truth. Sessions KNOWS the Truth. & won’t go there. 0ne ‘ping’ somewhere would send a Real Good message to the ‘swampees’. Dear White Hat(s) Ahem. cough cough.

  24. Hay we all made comments about Jess Sessions in hear and me as well we need to stop and think the reason Mr Trump has fir him yet because he think Mr Sessions might know some thing about him and Mr. Trump went to keep it under warps

  25. Trump should fire the whole bunch that has any thing to do with deep state and that means Jeff Sessions as well Jeff Sessions is keeping the fire going as long as he’s att Gen

  26. If he fires sessions, he must fire Rosenstein, other wise he would be the acting AG and we know he is part of the deep state

  27. Trey Gowdy is not running for Congress again. Trump should fire Sessions and replace him with Gowdy.

  28. I believe that Sessions, as well as others, has been threatened with death if they get too close to the truth.

  29. If it is a Witch Hunt round them all up and burn them at the stake like they did during the Witch Trials in Massachusetts. The only difference is that everyone knows that they are guilty of Anti-American Activities and no trials are needed.

  30. He is right, Sessions is useless! How does that saying go? “Useless as tits on a bull”! Well, I think that is were AG Sessions stands!

  31. If Trump were to fire Sessions, we would not get another AG confirmed. The Dems would slow walk his /her confirmationI

  32. The thing is, Lawrence, why doesn’t Trump terminate Sessions? As a businessman, Trump can read character and would not find the dismissal difficult. An AG is an important part of ANY administration. Cruz or Gowdy should do a fine job. I’m totally perplexed, unless Sessions is doing something for Trump. Perplexed, I tell you…

  33. Send him back to Alabama “with his Bango on his knee” Hey I am from Alabama and think he is embracing.


  35. fox news is now controlled by the liberal companies the sponsor them,
    Like “Progressive Insurance”, which Soros is heavily invested in,
    He pays “Flo” $500,000 to do the ads.

  36. I no longer believe Sessions is part of the solution, I believe he is part of the problem. Sessions needs to step down. Though I would love to see him as Senate Majority Leader, I believe Ted Cruz is the man for the job at hand. This man loves our country, loves the Constitution and the law and will go after the wrong doers in this national emergency with a vengeance. The Obama-Clinton-Soros Crime Cartel and the never should have been D.C. Aristocracy all believe they are too important to be subjects to letter of the law like us peasants. Time to yank a knot in their collective rears.

  37. Dump sessions ASAP, replace with Gowdy or Cruz, get GITMO and a firing squad ready, let the fireworks begin.

  38. Only because of California and all the illegals and dead people that voted there. I have proof that one dead person voted in Florida. In Florida they supposedly cleaned up the voting rolls however a very dear friend of mine is a retired Air force Colonel and was a registered Democrat in Orlando. He called the Orlando office because he had received an absentee ballot being in the service (he has called for the last 8 years because he now votes in Va. where he lives)to get his name removed (he is now by the way a devout Republican) so he decided to go further and questioned about his father who also was a registered Democrat. Well, was he shocked when he found out not only was his father still registered but also voted. His father has been dead for 12 years so he took the appropriate action to get that vote cancelled.

  39. HaHAAAA. “Duelling” !!! I WILL Sword anyones’ass. HA HA HAAA.
    > Challenge ‘me’ – Let’s Go. Good one, Pettigrew.

  40. Comey is part of the Deep State, he made a statement that they were a group of government officials, interested citizens, as well as military personnel. Put him under oath and let him state who he knows. Then build a fire under Session to prosecute, the reason Sessions does not do anything is because he does not want to be investigated about his Russian dealing, meaning he does not want the exposure even if he did nothing wrong.

  41. I think Trump should hire Mr. LEVIN,HE knows the Law and he
    would’nt be afraid to use his authority, to get rid of the Swamp creatures and the deep state criminals. Amen

  42. That would be Rudy Giuliani. You can see how involved he has been since he joined Trumps legal team. Just a matter of time until he becomes the new AG!

  43. Exactamundo! Sessions is the main cog in the wheel. He’s weak, not doing his job at all. Giuliani has the background & experience to get things done. Look at what he did for NYC as Mayor. He’s a leader with the cohunes to clean up the DOJ,FBI and this Muller nonsense.

  44. I was wondering the very same thing Joe. I kept counting all the little phrases and I couldn’t come up with any four word lines. Nor could I find any quotes that were labeled the four words. I hate it when lead lines are never followed up with the information promised. Oh well this is todays journalism.

  45. He should have appointed Bolton to the job. Now that Bolton has another position it’s to late….to bad.

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    100’s of boring new’s sites. Make your new’s site better than the rest.

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    Want more interaction between the readers.

    Make your news site better than the other 99 new’s sites that are BORING & REDUNDANT.

    Cannot stand your insulting comment format. Outdated.
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    When your comment section is updated, please resign me up for your emails.

    Don’t know what else to do. Please listen to your readers. Have Never gotten a response. Must not care about the readers that receive your emails.

  47. Seriously. Any0ne Here, Ever Really had Your ‘life’ threatened??? <<< ( i have, not pretty, not fun). & (meanwhile, ppl sitting all 'comfy' at home typing responses on pc.) Think about it.

  48. Just Too Many Damn >Threats< that's all. He wants to 'live' just
    like you & me. I really don't see 'blackmail'. 0nly 'he' knows.

  49. POTUS & Levin NEED ‘mea culpa’ w/each other.
    > USA et al Need Levin in a Position (past radio).


  51. In your 0pine.(ie “interesting/profound” comments) Too bad 1 0r 2 ‘others’ opines are posted.
    Basically, NOT a convoluted ‘troll’ type site. But several
    ‘trolls’ do get in, to ‘rile’/upset’ ppl.

  52. nope. review past in various venues. 0nly ‘you’ know at this point.
    > i saw some ‘stuff’ you previously inked. whatever.

  53. NOPE – This blog will NOT post my comments. TOO BAD — they’re always interesting and profound.

  54. The problem with appointing a new AG is that he or she has to be confirmed by the Senate, and that can be a problem because of all the commies and Nazis that call themselves Democrats. I think that Trump is stuck with Sessions unless he can get a more honest Senate, which means getting rid of all the Commies and Nazis and fascists that play like they are Democrats. Getting rid of a bunch of RINO’s will help as well. That is our job, and November is the time to do it. Hopefully McCain will leave the Congress before long and the Governor of Arizona can appoint a real Senator to replace him.

  55. You can name as many corrupted politicians as you can think of, however, asking President Trump to single handed “drain the swamp” which was one of his campaign promises, is objectively impossible. everyone on this blog including myself MUST get involved by writing and/or calling their respective Senators or Representatives to DEMAND that they cooperate or find another job. Remember, mid-term elections are coming up rapidly, so do not let yours pass without voting and know for whom you are voting!

  56. Trey Gowdy would make an excellent AG, however, by his own words, he is going back to private practice where he can once again like and appreciate what real law is about. I fear we will not be seeing Mr. Gowdy after his term expires.

  57. IF, and I reiterate if, Jeff Sessions is a “white hat”;then, GOD bless Him for the slings and arrows He is accepting. If Jeff Sessions is actually (as He appears to be) a black hat;then, He should be hung along side Hillary (in the same manner) upside down for as many Days as it takes to expire.
    The evil that has been done to America for well over a Year is not to be taken lightly.

  58. I think that if Trump could get someone like Rudy Giuliani to replace AG Sessions – we might get this witch Hunt finished….

  59. Yes! Like yesterday Sessions. Go home and let somebody do the job you are incapable of doing or scared to do!

  60. This for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Get off the pot and start doing your job – clean up the CIA = FBI and any other Federal outlet that needs to be (cleaned up)changed. If you can’t – RESIGN get the hell out and let someone why is not afraid of these crooks.

  61. thank you mark, nothing will line up until sessions is gone to bamy land……. he’s one of them. he’s afraid for himself…..

  62. He should hire Trey Gowdy.I may not always agree with him, but he would most certainly clean house and by the Constitution.

  63. Sadly, the answer to your question is NO. There will never be a time when D.C. is completely cleaned out. Too many corrupt individuals, both in and out of Congress, who take bribes at the drop of a pin. In D.C., as in every state capitol, MONEY TALKS! and FILTHY MONEY TALKS THE LOUDEST! I truly feel sorry for Pres. Trump who has struck me as someone who is making every effort to clean out the swamp, but let’s face it, he’s the proverbial salmon that’s swimming upstream, and to make matters worse, the stream is filled with dirty swamp water!

  64. Yes, I have come to the belief that this baloney of not going after people breaking the law is getting ridiculous. The job of the DOJ and the FBI is to investigate law breaking and bring the law breakers into the court system. What is Session doing about this. He seems to be above all the criminality going on or thinks he is above it. He seems to think he is not responsible for enforcing our laws. President Trump needs to order Sessions to pay attention to his job which is the JOB and FBI criminal acts and do something about it before the prosecution times run out as one has already run out. The FBI had a spy in Trump’s camp but not the Hillary camp and Trump and Session are not doing something about this. Trump has the power over Session, the DOJ and the FBI he needs to get a good prosecutor who knows the law and the powers he has to enforce the law and replace Session since Session is not doing his job of enforcing our higher laws like treason, etc. because Sessions doesn’t know the law and the power he has to do something about those breaking the law. That is what I am beginning to think Sessions isn’t that smart when it comes to our laws or does not want to know which is even worst.

  65. Amen! I’ve long wondered…what is Sessions so scared of? what’s he trying to keep hidden? Has he completely forgotten what department he works for? the Dept. of JUSTICE?!?! Trump should fire him and replace him with someone who REALLY knows what true JUSTICE is!

  66. Ron : you are absolutely RIGHT !!! That is the ONLY thing that will SAVE us is to get out & VOTE . I’m in a wheelchair but I manage to get out & VOTE in every ELECTION , If I can , so can everyone !! Just get out & DO it .

  67. I agree with most all of these comments. Another point is the deep state covered up and helped to elect a person who is an illegal immagrant. His name is Obummer
    communist or at least a corrupt solialist. Every one he appointed should be fired ASAP. He was ILLegal President.

  68. BELIEVER : I think you are absolutely SPOT ON , Those 2 are 1’st in line , but not the last !!!

  69. AG Sessions has been the biggest disappointment of the entire Trump Administration. He is either 1) out of his depth in his position; or 2) the deep state has something on him that he is afraid is going to get out if he actually does his job and go after them.

    AG Sessions it is time to resign and admit that you are incapable of doing your job!

  70. I’m hoping that Gina being the new head of the CIA can bring that agency back on course. We need some more honest Judges. Oh what the Hell. We need to vote-vote and vote. America has gotten way behind the power curve, what needs to be accomplished has been said already by other posts.

  71. Jeff Sessions is out of his league as Attorney General. He has let Rosenstein make all the decisions which has resulted in NOTHING because Rosenstein is a part of the SWAMP. The office of the FBI and the Justice Dept need to be cleaned up from top to bottom and new people brought in who respect the law.


  73. Deep State is everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  74. Definitely that no balls AG Sessions has to be fired. He is not resigning by himself for sure.

  75. President Donald J. Trump is the first president to ever say I Love This Country. Sessions has to go. We need to get out and vote for the people that support our President.

  76. If the swamp is not drained then the day will come where “we the people” will drain it. That day wil be a “ great and terrible day “ in American history but the swamp MUST be drained for America to survive. This is ALL an attempt of a one works government take over a coup if you will. I and many others call on Israel to remove George Soros. With what he did in WWII Mossad should be after him.

  77. What are the four words that Levin said that stunned Sessions as mentioned in this articles headline?

    Any one that don’t stand behind will BE REMOVED>> We have HAD ENOUGH CRIMINALS RUNNING OUR COUNTRY

  79. I think Levin is right Sessions has NOT done the job he should have done about this. President Trump will need to do what Levin suggested, these people need to be tried in a court of law.

  80. Any negitive remarks made3 against SESSIONS have been spoken by a lot of the intelligent people. WE recognized his lack of doing his job ,for quiet awhile.. BUT NO ONE IS LISTENING. SAME goes for PAUL RYAN . WHY ARE YOU NOT LISTENING??? they both SHOULD BE REMOVED THIS DAY 5/20/2018..there stopping progress,AND TRYING TO DELAY ANY OF PRESIDENT TRUMPS MOVING FORWARD.. BUT that is there motive, ARE YOU NOT AWARE?? then you shouldn’t be Working for our COUNTRY..
    let me give you a reason.. THEY THINK THEY WILL WIN IN NOVEMBER..

  81. Gowdy is a good guy? He voted to institute protection for Mueller from Trump. He threw out the Constitution and established DOJ Policy. He has done a lot of good things but that was not a mark of Constitutional backbone.

  82. I have said for several months, Session should be fired.APPOINT RUDY to the job. He will clean house in a week. He is MORE than capable. Donald get with it. Lets get this cleaned up.

  83. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, We beat the criminals and their mass election fraud to elect President Trump. He is struggling with a totally corrupt injustice dept. Both the Dem’s and the Repub Rino’s want to get rid of him so they can go one screwing the American people. Trump must have a congress that will back him up. He needs your vote.
    The only reason we are not kissing crooked hillary’s crotch is that millions of American’s turned out and voted for Trump. It is even more important that we get out and vote for good people in the midterms. if we let the liberal’s steal this midterm, we are finished. The great US we knew and loved will just be a sad memory. Trump has to have our support, to keep control of congress.

  84. You are right. The only reason we are not kissing crooked hillary’s crotch is that millions of American’s turned out and voted for Trump. It is even more important that we get out and vote for good people in the midterms. if we let the liberal’s steal this midterm, we are finished. The great US we knew and loved will just be a sad memory. Trump has to have our support, to keep control of congress.

  85. Legal voters? There in lies the rub. No Dumboc’rat will ever be elected/ reelected if only legal votes are counted. Voter I.D.?!!! How come every Democ’rat is opposed to it? It means Juan and Carlos can no longer vote. Dead people can no longer vote. Libs can no longer ” vote early, vote
    often”!!! No more Libs in the House or Senate and no more RINOS!!!

  86. Reis, M. It is beyond comprehension that we could elect a perverted POTUS which had a tranny wife and a pretend family. It was all to much to digest, especially when he wasn’t an American. This country has really gone to hell faster since he was elected mysteriously for 2-terms. I am sure Soros was behind everything and the Clinton’s right next to him. What the HELL has happen to this country? The constant witch hunt with our duly elected President. Children being killed in schools. People are just NOT using their heads. I have seen everything now and it is ALARMING to learn of our CORRUPT government and how the laws only apply to the citizens and NOT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. Something wrong with this picture Democrats. Wake up.

  87. Another GREAT REPLY Ric. Obviously we have a lot of ordinary smart, intelligent citizens out there that have common sense and honesty. Our government is a GREAT BIG MESS and President Trump is one amazing man to take on this unbelievable mission to make America GREAT AGAIN. He has chosen to give up his life to make America Great Again with a fight on his hands every damn day he has been duly elected by our people to be our President. I think he is one amazing individual and citizen of this great country. May God be with President Trump and his beautiful family.

  88. You should run for office.
    Your perception is clear and precise.
    I do believe that the future of America lies in the hands of legal voters. Hannity is doing his best to make transparency a venue for intelligent decision making when voting.

  89. Ron Moore, what a fantastic reply. Maybe you should run for President? Everything you suggested certainly makes sense. I just couldn’t believe all the corruption in our government and the people that are in it be so GD CRIMINAL. It is hard to digest and don’t completely understand how this his could have happened to our country that had the best laws in the world. Before you know it, we will just be another 3rd world country. They have wasted so much money with this horrific witch hunt on a man that just loved this country and wanted to make America GREAT AGAIN. It is apparent that our laws just don’t apply to any government officials. I commend President Trump for wanting to clean house and get this great country back on track again. To think he left his empire, family and not even taking a paycheck to do this God forsaken job. He is one amazing man and know that God was watching over us.

  90. IG report? How many time do we have to hear “any day now”? Something is starting to smell fishy concerning this report. It’s starting to look like the never ending Mueller investigation. If I were Trump I would have the military march into the offices of the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ and confiscate all records and have them made public. Screw the lies of “national security”. We have no security when we’re being lied to and we have no nation without security.

  91. I’ve been saying for some time now that Sessions was just a little too quick to back Trump from the start. Something didn’t sit well with that. The whole thing seemed orchestrated. Now I’m really thinking that it’s true. We need to investigate all of Sessions contacts before the election. Let’s see who he was talking to. It may shed some light on this man’s true intentions. If we find out he was honest in his support, then he needs to be replaced for his obvious lack of action.

  92. Easier said than done. The authority to clean out those agencies lays with the DOJ, which needs to be cleaned out! Trump could do that, but he would need the backing of Congress to make it work. That he does not have in a sufficient amount. We the voters could change that come November. That is a very big if!

  93. There are few we can trust. History shows every civilization, empire, or nation goes this far off the rails it is unlikely to turn around. There is only one slim chance to save this nation. That is throwing out of office ever politician whose primary interest is the power of his or her political party, not the nation. That includes not just a few Republicans. Therein lays the rub! Those traitors must NOT be replaced with Demorats! That HAS to be done in Republican primaries. America’s last chance! A very slim chance, but we HAVE to try!

  94. David: You sound as frustrated as I am. I blame this lawlessness on the Obama administration. However, none of the elected officials on either side tried to stop his transgression into a dictator during his terms. He is responsible for the “race” riots and for perpetrating hate and distrust among the citizens, which had been on an even keel for years now. All he has to put in his extravagent library is a dirty marijuana butt!

  95. Man from Grey: I agree with you. Trey Gowdy is one of the most honorable men in our government. I am saddened that he will be leaving at the end of his term. What I fear most is, when he is gone, who will be here to defend our freedoms?

  96. Irene: It is a pleasure to see someone who does not even live here, note what is obvious to some of us here in America. Thanks for your comments; we’ve got a big fight on our hands, just to keep the rule of law in this country. Good to have intelligent allies who have clear insight into our problems! I wish more people here would see as clearly as you have.

  97. There are many calls for Sessions to either resign or be fired, and rightly so. The problem is, Trump would have to nominate a replacement AG. If he nominated a person who would actually have the intestinal fortitude to clean house in that sewer called the DOJ there is no way the current Senate with the resistance to everything Trump tries to do would confirm! What with the Demorats united and assisted by a batch of RINOs. I am sure if Trump had a Senate with enough Republicans he could rely on Sessions would be gone. It is up to us to vote for Senators this November that will do that! If we stay home and turn Congress totally back to the Demorats,this nation is finished as constituted. We are almost there now! Trump did make two horrific mistakes! One was the nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. The second was not requesting the resignation of every Obama appointee in every federal agency on day one!

  98. With the way the AG had handled this whole thing, makes me wonder if he is the spy in the Trump camp. Also was his confirmation just a dog and pony show to make the American people think his was really opposed by the democommies while they were sure they had their man in place, right where they wanted him. It would not surprise me at all if this is true after seeing some of what the deep state is capable of. Wake up people, Soros and the other communist only want to make us all slaves to the one world government. Keep electing liberal scum and it will happen a lot sooner than later.

  99. Just to follow up so no one is confused.
    That Wizard is mendacity.
    To put all this in a vernacular of entertainment,
    Trump is the Lone Ranger.

  100. It’s time Jeff Sessions moves on, he proved to the American people he can’t do the job he was sent there to do. Enough already Mr. Trump, start firing those who oppose you and put people in place to save this Country from Jeff Sessions and the resisters and haters from the left. It’s time to drain this swamp once and for all, do it before these people try to take our Country down again.

  101. Levin is absolutely right again. And this had better get done, all of this ass dragging seriously needs to stop. Does anyone truly think that all of this is going to correct itself ? Does anyone in the political arena, other than Donald Trump have the backbone to move forward with correcting these very serious issues ? The answer is …..apparently not ! It sure seems obvious to me that our once great intelligence agencies are now so rotten from the root up, that they simply can’t be trusted or respected. These agencies have resorted to illegal activities that undermine our Constitution & make it nearly impossible for any decent proud American to govern our Republic. Enforcement IS the answer, there are laws in place for all types of criminal activity, & yes even acts of treason, & these laws DO apply to everyone.

  102. It would seem that Hillary/Comey/Obama and others are guilty as sin – and proven to be guilty. It is obvious who the people are who constantly do these bad deeds; yet, our system keeps jumping over them and accusing Donald Trump, his family and cabinet what they, themselves, are guilty of. Amazing how the president gets so much done in the face of so much hate and lies!

  103. You may be correct, Frank, but I hope he’s not a player. The fact that he around dances around the truth does not bide well for him. We do not have a news media that tells the truth; some of the GOP is marching with the Dems — who can we trust to turn this vile part of history around? I’m fed up!

  104. I keep wondering if AG Sessions has been threatened, or a member of his family might be threatened? How could a man many of us admired for his honesty, become this limp wristed, wimpy, do nothing? Is he just out of his element? What a disappointment he is, whatever the reason.

  105. We all have listened to In past interviews with seemingly intelligent people talking with Fox News about Sessions and what a big mistake it would be for Trump to fire him and replace him. This is one thing they kept harping on and saying it would backfire on Trump. This impression these people seem to be ingrained in their heads is an image issue and nothing else. It’s a false image and one that has been brainwashed into so many for so many years in cities like Washington DC and New York. It’s all like some cult where people need to be deprogrammed. A click of elites in all the top places living in the land of OZ. This wizard, though, is dangerous and and a very big danger to us all.

  106. Agree wholeheartedly! When is this farce going to end? It was bad enough Obama skewered our nation; now the falsehoods are being amplified and the American people are being made fools of. Stop the lies and let President Trump get with with repairing the Democrat’s deviations from the truth!

  107. Sessions is not the only one that needs to be replaced in order to fix things. Mcconnell and Ryan also need to go. They are tpart of the swamp that needs to be drained. Until those three are gone nothing will be fixed.

  108. Let’s see what he does about indictments when the IG Horowitz report comes out, just in time for results in the midterms. Timing will be critical for voters with short memories. Very crucial times in all of American history !

  109. Sessions is a man with no balls! He is a traitor to all Republicans and conservatives. He should be thrown under the bus immediately and replaced with someone who is not afraid to ruffle feathers. He is too close to all of the criminals in D.C. of which there are many and most are elected politicians. Resign, Sessions, you wimpy fool!

  110. When the leaks first started and Sessions came into the new administration into his new position in this administration, it was said that the new attorney general would agree NOT to “turn” on the past attorney generals. The thing is, our country is a country of laws. Laws that are supposed to be adhered to by all and that no one person is above the law. In the last administration, there were not many laws adhered to unless it fit Obama’s, Lynch’s, Holder’s, Clinton’s agenda and not limited to those mentioned. The past administration has money laundering, definite Russian collusion, voter fraud, malfeasance, misfeasance, corruption beyond comprehension and much, much more against them. Deflection has been the past administration’s weapon of choice. I am sure, in the past, other administrations are not “squeaky clean” but, the last administration, in my opinion, bastardized America with their misuse of power. I am saddened that the houses did not work together to stop Obama’s reign of terror, though. Both Democrats and Republicans should have known our Constitution better and squashed Obama’s deviation from the norm in regards to his behavior in office. Both partys allowed Obama to go spastic with power. Now, we have a country divided by race and party. Laws are meant to be followed, not amended to fit one’s agenda! Fix the problem(s) so it will never happen again.

  111. I have sent a tweet to POTUS requesting my President to fire and replace Jeff Sessions. I hope many can do the same. Jeff Sessions has NOT worked to put the Justice Department in order and have taken no steps to stop his deputy from assisting Mueller or launching a probe into the illegal and fake Russia (Steel) dossier. I also believe Sessions is a major player within the Deep State.

  112. I said it before and I’ll say it again and again and again Jeff Sessions is part of the establishment. If he had any backbone, Hillery, Comey, McNabe, et al would and should be charged and tried.

  113. From the very first month or so, when Mr. Trump took the oath, I’ve been writing that what is needed in the USA (a country which I’ve always admiredand looked up to) is to get rid of all of the top-notch managers/Directors of ABSOLUTELY ALL the Intel existing: NSA, FBI, CIA, and the 13 or 14 remaining Intel áreas. Plus all the people appointed in all important áreas in govmnt during the Obama 8-year period. I probably should’nt be saying this, ’cause I’m not an american citizen and don’t even live in the US. But I sure know that Trump is trying to change things. Guys like Sessions should be thanked for all the (no)services rendered and sent home…………

  114. Apparently Sessions, Rosenstein & Mueller do not listen well & don’t truly understand english. It must mean that they only understand bottle harm implication.

  115. I thought Sessions was a goid guy n the beginning but sessions back to the Clinton presidency. Since hes been n his position with gobs of evidence he has done nothing to drain the seamp or help our president! Ive said for many months FIRE SESSIONS! He has to b part of the swamp! SO COME ON Trump – get rid of DO NOTHING SESSIONS HE IS ONLY HIRTG UR CAMPAIGN – NOT HELPING!

  116. Time for SESSION to Pick up his CHIPS and RETIRE before he gets FIRED!!! He let brennan, Crapper, Comey, lynch, Clinton oFF the HOOK while he let ROSENSTAIN Appoint MUELLEER to vilify OUR PRESIDENT … and WHY is he and ROSENSTAIN refuse to give Gowdy nad Nunes ALL the Documents Congress mUST get….GO HIOME JEFF the job is OVER YOUR ABIKLITY to GIT IT DUN!!!!

  117. Yeah, didn’t he recuse himself? Trey Gowdy or Nunes would make a good attorney general. I have thought of them becoming the next US Supreme Justice. Trey would be a good one.

  118. Sessions is just another we-kneed like Eric Holder he was going to clean up Wall Street after the financial melt down. What happened? Those sharks are selling more derivatives then ever and that will be the next financial melt down that we may not recover from. I read in one of the comments “have the audacity of Trump”. Well said! Spread the word fake news kills!

  119. Take Sessions out. He needed to go a long time ago. Replace him with some who has the audacity and courage of Trump.

  120. Why does Fox news need a meditation room? Who cares about these pervert transgenders that you have to agree with this garbage? The devil is surely taking over and all due to Obama, his perverted life style and the tranny he married. This is so disgusting.

  121. Jeff Sessions should have an FBI agent investigate and watch Clapper. There all Dirty Cops.

  122. That’s the way the Democrat/Communist run elections. Communist leaders always get 100% of the votes (even before the votes are cast). The big difference between the Democrats and the Communist is hat the Communist do lie to their people with phony slogans like “every vote counts”. The DNC said in court after they were busted for RIGGING the nomination for Hillary – that they have no legal obligation to produce ANY candidate other than one of their choosing. So they basically told their constituency that they are too stupid to vote so we will do it for you. They have used dead people and illegals for years now they are trying to get the vote for 16 year olds. At least now they are totally transparent like Barry – whoever the hell he really is – said they would be. It is totally transparent what a bunch pf criminals they are.

  123. Agree with everything that I read. This has to be done or at least started before the mid terms. With all of this said, I just read an article about Fox News headquarters in DC that they made a meditation room out of Olie North’s office with prayer rugs, the staff has to take lessons on transgender and all of its garbage. Now I know why Hanitty is thinking of leaving. Who can put up with this horse hockey? We just have to get Newsmax on Comcast.

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