Fox News host used four words to describe impeachment that Trump never wanted to hear

The Democrats finally put their cards on the table by voting for a resolution laying out how they will impeach Donald Trump.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took a major risk on this vote.

But this Fox News host used four words to describe impeachment that Donald Trump never wanted to hear.

All three cable news networks devoted special coverage to the House of Representatives voting on a resolution outlining the procedures Democrats put in place for their impeachment investigation.

Fake news CNN and MSNBC treated the event like Christmas, the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve all rolled in to one.

But to the surprise of many viewers, Fox News got in on celebrating the attempted coup.

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace claimed “I feel goosebumps” watching the Democrats vote to undo a Presidential Election using Soviet-style tactics.

Breitbart reports:

Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, known for his critical coverage of President Donald Trump and his administration, said Thursday that he could “feel goosebumps” as House Democrats voted to approve a resolution establishing the procedures for their partisan impeachment inquiry.

“As they called the vote, I have to say I can feel goosebumps,” Wallace said during Fox News’ live coverage of the vote. “You cannot overstate how dramatic this is and what a decision the Democrats have made to pursue this course.”

The House voted 232-196 along party lines for the measure. Four lawmakers abstained, while no Republican voted for the measure. Notably, two Democrats — Jeff Van Drew (NJ) and Reps. Collin Peterson (MN) — opposed the measure. Former Republican Justin Amash (I-MI) backed the resolution.

In reality, this was a stunning defeat for Pelosi.

No Republicans defected and two Democrats joined Republicans to reject this un-American show trial.

If Wallace was the “newsman” he claims, that would have been his take on this matter.

Instead he breathlessly echoed the fake news talking points from CNN and MSNBC.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  42. Tim Shepperson, Mike Wallace’s words went sailing right over your head. He did not report any news when he expressed his personal opinion about having “goosebumps” because of his admiration for the Democrat Kangaroo Show.

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  53. The democrats will suffer greatly at the polling booths in 2020. This is just another attempt to overthrow the duly elected president.

  54. Democrats are trying to impeach Trump on 5 accusations.
    One of them is for undermining the freedom of the press.
    That is a joke because most of the press is biased and corrupt. CNN for example.
    Another is undermining the independence of the federal judiciary.
    That is also a joke because a lot of these federal judges are activist judges that thumb their nose at the constitution.
    The remaining 3 are questionable. Obstruction, emoluments domestic and foreign.

  55. Chris Wallace, you are such a disappointment. I really thought you were above opinion journalism. I promise you this, I will make certain that I tell everyone who encounters me on the topic of politics, that you sir are part of the deep swamp, and needs to be drained. Just truly disappointed.

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