Fox News invited Donald Trump on for an interview and you won’t believe what happened next

Donald Trump is beginning to make his presence felt once again in American politics.

That included a media tour.

And Fox News invited Donald Trump on for an interview and you won’t believe what happened next.

Harris Faulkner interviewed Donald Trump about the Biden border crisis.

During the interview, at one point, Faulkner claimed she had breaking news that Biden’s Homeland Security Chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, had resigned.

“I want to get to this because it just happened now. I want to check with our producers. The DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has resigned, Mr. President,” Faulkner claimed.

President Trump previously ripped Mayorkas an incompetent who threw open the border to record numbers of illegal alien children and was pleased with this news.

“I’m not surprised. Good. That’s a big victory for our country,” Trump responded.

But Faulkner had made an error and quickly corrected herself while apologizing to both Trump and the audience.

“Hold on. Let me stop. Let me stop. Let me listen to my team one more time. Forgive me. Forgive me. That has not happened. And I apologize,” Faulkner stated.

“Oh, OK. Cross off that victory,” Trump shot back.

Fox News later released a statement blaming the embarrassing episode on technological problems caused by staffers working from home.

“The error stemmed from an audio issue in a virtual working environment. We corrected the mistake and continued on with the interview,” Fox News statement explained.

Faulkner’s error distracted from the fact that Donald Trump and other Republicans elevated Secretary Mayorkas to be the face of the Biden administration’s incompetence at the southern border.

Before Mayorkas’ confirmation, many conservatives warned that he was an open borders fanatic who would allow illegal aliens to flood the country.

And unfortunately they were proven right.

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