Fox News just attacked Kayleigh McEnany in one way that will leave you red with rage

When Donald Trump named Kayleigh McEnany as his new press secretary, the Fake News Media immediately began a smear campaign to discredit her.

But no one expected Fox News to join the pile-on.

And Fox News just attacked Kayleigh McEnany in one way that will leave you red with rage.

During a recent press briefing, McEnany teed off on the Fake News Media’s refusal to cover the Obama administration’s efforts to frame Michael Flynn as an agent of the Russian government.

McEnany posed a series of questions the fake news should ask Obama officials if they wanted to be considered real journalists.

This performance set off Never-Trump RINO Jonah Goldberg.

Goldberg built a reputation on social media for smearing pro-Trump conservative women like Mollie Hemmingway, Julie Kelly, and Emerald Robinson.

So when he called McEnany’s comments “grotesque” during a recent appearance on Fox News Sunday, it fit a pattern of Goldberg lashing out at prominent women because they don’t hate Donald Trump.

“I think her behavior is indefensible and grotesque. I think that what she has done is — there’s this cliche in Washington that President Trump wants Roy Cohn as DOJ, as attorney general.

“What Donald Trump wants in a press secretary is a Twitter troll who goes on attack, doesn’t actually care about doing the job they have, and instead wants to impress really an audience of one and make another part of official Washington another one of these essentially cable news and Twitter gladiatorial arenas and it’s a sign of the defining of deviancy down in our politics, and it’s only going to make things worse,” Goldberg fumed.

It’s telling that what bothered Goldberg most about this entire episode is a public official asking the media to do their job as opposed to the criminal conspiracy to sabotage an incoming administration by fabricating a hoax that the President and his top aides were secretly Russian agents.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Goldberg is an ingrown slut and deserves to be in the liberal camp with the rest of the LIBTARD LOONIES !!!!

  2. Whatever happened to the good old days when press conferences were news conferences? Today it appears that press conferences are just debating societies with every attempt made to not provide any information or actual news. In general over the years the press has been good about asking questions and reporting the answers. The only time they do anything else is when they have a strong suspicion that they are being told lies.

  3. If she was working as the press secretary during the Obama administration people would be loving Kayleigh left and right and the news media would be loving her

  4. The lady has class. That’s more than can be said about the idiots that speak for the commiecrats

  5. Goldberg has been an idiot for many years and why Fox would give him the time of day is beyond comprehension. Tell me Goldberg what did the Manchurian candidate Obama do for the Jewish folks in the 8 years he was in office. He promoted muslims in every opportunity so that should show you how really stupid and corrupt you really are.


  7. Of course the left would have a problem with Kayleigh because she tells the truth.
    Contrast that with the Obama administration in 2012 blaming inflammatory material posted on the internet for the Benghazi attack that killed 4 Americans.
    Talk about dropping the ball, and then lying about it.

  8. Oh Fox better watch it’s self and stay neutral! the can hit bottom as fast as they hit the top!Stay honest and fair!

  9. I left FOX News behind a long time ago. The only ones on there that are worth watching, are Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, & Laura Ingraham.

  10. Home truths often rankle, especially when one is part of a group of reporters that have abrogated their right to call themselves journalists. Ms.McEnany is correct, these reporters have lost sight of their responsibility to report news in favor of being mouthpieces for political narrative. I think it’s far past time the media in all it’s forms take time for a little introspection and try to regain what integrity they had in relating events as they are instead of placing the news in their own political perspective.

  11. The best thing the population of deplorables can do is vote against all of the idiot liberals and take back our freedoms. I can not believe that NewYorkers continue to vote for the current ones in power. California rebelled and voted against the dem and elected a new republican. All repubs are not good, but in general they are better than the dems they run against.

  12. I think Kayleigh is great! Those are journalists in that press room! They certainly don’t live by the code I learned in school that a reporter is supposed to be! They are biased, slant the answers the way they want them to be, crop answers to fit their agenda and constantly re-ask the same question time and again hoping for a “gotcha”! I love that Kayleigh gives it back just as hard. She answers a question once then tells anyone else who asks the same question, “I’ve already answered that!” Then challenges them for their hypocrisy in not seeking those same answers from Obama! She’s terrific! They can’t push her around!! Go Kayleigh!!!

  13. If Fox keeps this up they will lose their viewers! I’ve found Newsmax which is conservative, and I don’t have to listen to Chris Wallace or Neil Cavuto, Donna Brazille, or Judge Nap!

  14. There’s a real BIG difference about when one’s being “questioned” .. to that of when one is being (OFFENSIVELY) “interrogated”. And most all of the (99.9%) time that them clowns who pretend-play being “journalists/reporters” .. the lying, shameless most fraudulent slime(s) they really are .. the crooked clowns don’t even hide the obvious; for most all of their “interrogation technique” boils down to their sick hope of getting a “gottcha” response that, all of these liberal-progressive-ideologues in the fake news-media can use to – falsely – continue to use to demonize anyone/anybody in POTUS Trump Administration. If anything, WH Press Secretary Keyleigh McEnany deseves to be treated with RESPECT .. something the majority of them liberal-progressive rats and the retards who support them know nothing of. GIVE THEM HELL .. Ms. McEnany.

  15. Ms. McEnany was asked (nearly) the same question 11 times on the Religious issue.

    FAKE NEWS “Uruinalists”, as most Demented-Dems, are slow on the uptake and she felt compelled to draw them a picture after the 11th repeated question.

    Most folks, other than Demented-Dems, know that people can decide, on their own, whether to attend, or not, Religious Services. This used to be a Free Nation, that is, until Blue State Governors and Mayors chose to let criminals walk and lock up tax paying citizens. 😊

  16. Lj, do you even know what a Christian is??? A Christian is someone who follows Jesus and His teachings and will spend eternity with Him. He will be our judge, not you. Jesus knows who his people are. The dem party threw Him out and follows satan

  17. Richard, the most crooked president in history was Obama by far. He is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House. But that is fine with you. Pres. Trump has done only good for this country, but you can’t stand the truth. And God save us??? He did. He saved us from Hillary who would have finished Obama’s destruction of this country. Do you even know who God is and what He teaches us?? He forbids your sick hatred

  18. The real losers are in fact losing ! Just like lying e.warren ,burned out burnie , 2 faced democrates are losing. as sure as theirs a Jesus Christ, a hell for non believes , good luck fake news , cheating democrates , mail in ballots , ha ! The true winner is Donald Trump . America First !

  19. Thanks DCC, you’re almost as nice as our Bully-In-Chief President Trump! I’ll bet you call yourself a Christian too! Jesus and God must be so proud of you! And to jva3944: Yes, you may surrender or go on to defeat like last time! Good Luck with that! Your Third Reichh thought they could win too but even if you do win, and you are a Christian, you still lose! 🙂

  20. Well said Richard and Bill! How often has there been two, back-to-back cogent, responible and correct posts EVER at reneweded right ? Dan Tyree and James 75th Regiment don’t count because they’re identical twins! 🙂

  21. This guy richard that posted this:

    From day one on January 20th, 2017 Fox News has been the on-air advocate of the most crooked president in our history.

    Poor guy, does not read the news, only communist news, to him democraps are not crooked.

  22. Let Kayleigh McEnany ask all the questions that she wants to ask while, at the same time, letting those who actually report the news to ask theirs. It is not hers to tell them what questions to ask “if they want to be real journalists”, real journalists is what they are. If she and her followers wish to believe things that are not verifiable it is their right to choose delusion. The fact that most do not make that choice is their right as well.
    In the same light that Kayleigh McEnany wishes others to ask her moronic questions, those same “others” have a request of her. Answer the questions that THEY ask as journalists and she as press secretary and let them do the job of reporting her responses. If she doesn’t have a response or the answer would be devastating she need not respond. The journalists, even if they don’t have detail, have a pretty good idea of what the answer should be if it is to comply with observable fact and her silence would be all the answer they need. One would think, though, that had she spoken to previous press secretaries she would have concluded that reporting events taking place in Trump’s imaginary reality has many more shortfalls that this one.

  23. From day one on January 20th, 2017 Fox News has been the on-air advocate of the most crooked president in our history.Their key talking heads have never called the president on a single issue but rather trumpeded his terrible decisions as if they came from God himself. The Sucker Up In Chief has been Sean Hannity with Laura, Tucker Hume all sticking to the game plan to support Trump no matter how disgusting the issue. It appears Goldberg’s calling out Kayleigh pissed the die-hards off. What has always surprised me about FoxNews was the Balls they have in claiming to be “fair and balanced” when nothing could be further from the truth…..Trump lies and FoxNews swears to it. The entire world know that the U.S. would be better off if Trump would simply go away but what they don’t know is that the only thing keeping him in office is his being backed by the abomidable FoxNews team of far right wing, brain washed, staff who are blind to the damage they do to our democracy. If FoxNews were actually fair and balanced in their reporting Trump would have been booted out of office after he was impeached. The obvious reason he was not was because the toady, gutlass, Republican controlled Senate knew if the voted for impeachment FoxNew would have crucified them ……such is the power this Fake News organisation has over their viewers, the Republican Party, and recently, God save us, our current Rightwing Supreme Court.

  24. America has come to a fork in the road and there are only two ways to travel. Civil War or surrender. The Constitution might as well be gone because the legal system is being run by Democrats!

  25. With the media coverage Stacey Abrams is getting, leftist/liberal Democrats should be celebrating, not lining up to pat Jona G. on the back. They might have 7 years of her. She is a rabid racist, should be just what Democrats want & need

  26. I get a fourfer-one here.J karASS, Kinda deepthroat lovelace, LJ-BJ and Humpty Dumpty. Four miserable unAmerican leftist commie a–holes who are absolute fools and ignorant scum bags. Also get to throw in a miserable lying jerkoff jonah goldberg a dumb New
    York J-w dirt-bag, Ignore them all, they are losers and they will succeed in taking down these demoncraps who hate our country and our President. How any Jewish person in America can support people who love Palestine and Hate and loath Israel is a mystery to me! Goldberg is one of these hypocrites!

  27. I see nothing wrong with her and her methods. She is a fighter. It’s about time that someone put the news media in it’s place. The media has stepped on everyone, and created fake news. Give them a taste of their own medicine. I hope that she keeps up.

  28. It takes way too long getting to the point of your story. Perhaps wordsmithing has
    gone out of style. [from a former English and Journalism instructor]

  29. You take way too long getting to the point of your story. Perhaps wordsmithing has
    gone out of style. [ from a former English and Journalism instructor]

  30. LJ you are letting your bias show! This young lady is a breath of fresh air for a change. Someone unlike Oblaimer, Pelosi, Schumer, and the so called free press, that can’t get their facts together nor keep from misrepreseting those facts. The News media, including Fox leans more to opinion then facts. And the cause is simple: They are either bias, miscuing the facts, lazy and they have 24 hours trying to fit those facts in to all day news organizations. The news Papers are all run by the Associated Press, or the leaks coming out of Washington DC. Its all about he/she/or it said, and the more you can make it sound juicy the better. “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming?” And a new born Russian Child gets off the Air Plane at Dulles.

  31. LJ, Hitler was not a president. He was a chancellor, and a hero to no one. You should get your facts straight before you embarrass yourself again on here.
    I think we could find some offspring of holocaust survivors for you to spend some time with. Maybe they can show you a little of what the Nazi’s did to their parents.

  32. Jonah, we should follow your political brethren and let in couple a million Somalis or Syrian and set them loose. They will find you, they are good at sniffing your kind out and teach you why they hate you nhumnuts so much

  33. YAY! Finally somebody at Fox is telling the truth! There is hope in the world ! If only President Trump will do the same as his hero, President Hittler, did when his hatemongering days were over!

  34. Cousin Wilma Lovelace it’s good to hear from you again. Go on to the White House and visit Trump. He might give you a watermelon.

  35. Hey Deep Throat, we all know you’re one of a few trolls that keeps posting under different names on these sites but you keep saying the same thing.
    I like how you say we need new leadership but then you don’t mention Joe Biden in your post.

  36. The Man in the White is a nit wit, unable to lead or don’t know how to lead the American people, won’t listen to his advisors, the american people are dying from this virus
    does he care his main objective is get in a # of holes of golf. wake up AMERICA, we
    need new leadership, to get us out of the mess Donald J. Trump got us in. hope and pray that he will never be elected for anything ever again.

  37. As usual dumb Democrats can’t take the truth so they resort to slander and shout so as to cover their ignorance

  38. So who the HELL is this JONAH, what does he do for a living??!! With a funny name Jonah, it’s no wonder I never heard of him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Jeffrey Karas, Biden will save this country if he can remember which country he’s in.

  40. Jonah Goldberg another excuse of a man who can not face a good intelligent woman. Just another gutless Liberal, unable to take the truth.

  41. i knew this past year when i heard Disney bought
    fox it would start going left because Disney was liberal

  42. Jeffrey thanks. I am proud to be in the Trump cult. No shame here. So go vote for retard joe and scream at the sky when Trump wins again. Or take your life you pathetic loser.

  43. Right wing America has become a joke. They speak as one and get their cues from a degenerate lowlife grifter. Once again, the Democrats will have to save America from a feckless Republican president who has corralled the dumbest people in the country into a cult.

  44. They still have some good people at Fox. Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram and a few others. Of course they are going to have some idiots on tv like Cavuto, (Like father like son) Chris Wallace, (Mr Lefty) Juan Williams.

  45. come June 1, 2020 all local news will not be aired via Direct TV who is governed by AT&T
    so all your journalists (so called) will have to scurry to find out who will be watching
    them. I don’t care what some of these people spout off because most of it is a lie. Once you say something the words are out and rough to re-do. so I say good luck!

  46. Wow .. boo frickety hoo .. so Goldberg doesn’t like McEnany .. big deal. Questioning why journalists don’t do their real day jobs isn’t something to lose your marbles over, unless you aren’t doing it, which they aren’t. The media snarks are all on the Soros payroll as are many of the politicians. They have zero journalistic skills .. and zero need to investigate anything .. just harpies looking for their next big scandal to push on behalf of their Dem servile toadies and deluded viewership.

  47. Donna Brazile lost her job as head of the DNC for stealing the questions at CNN before the debates and GIVING them to Hilary BEFORE the debate.
    ya racist Dishonest Donna is a real winner.
    Juan s a racist liar and nothing more.
    both were hired at FOX after being fired elsewhere.

  48. We forget the media guy up in Alaska going through Sarah Palin’s GARBAGE…. reading her mail keeping envelopes until Sarah’s husband caught him. Writing down what bottles and can were in her recycling. They were taking pictures of her disabled son when he was out side alone… followed him around the yard.
    Ya the media is fair. and balanced and professional.

  49. The best press secretary ever,the liberal press can’t stand it because she’s so intelligent and does her homework!

  50. The only honest people on Fox are Chris Wallace and Juan Williams.
    All the rest are political hacks who lie to their audience every night.

  51. Sorry.. but Chris Fox Sundays has always been left wing.. Just like his Daddy. Wonder why if he is sooooooooooooo worried about these poor little spineless no news writers they call journalists does not remember more about these left wing hacks. Back when Romney was running where was your commentary about too hostile reporters. The so called reporters sitting waiting for Romney were planning their attacks on Romney. You say this, then I will come back with this,.. then next one can come back with this… so on and so on. They planned to crucify Romney. Only problem there was an open mic…. and these pathetic slime got caught. They do not deserve courtesy until they learn to give it.

    been watching this guy 10 years on FOX. FOX has been declining ever since
    The OREILLY FACTOR / keep it in your pants MR Bill, Was CANCELLED. Liked the FACTOR , now seems like wannabe LIBERAL Chris Wallace is CHIRPING on his show. Won’t watch it.
    Also.. SMUG, LIZ CLAYMON tooting her horn and flaunting a

  53. It’s hilarious when libs get the same treatment they’ve been dishing out for four years! This young lady is saying out loud what millions of us are thinking, and FOX news is slowly trying to edge CNN out of the bottom spot, sad!

  54. Anyone that works for Fox news has come up short in life and every aspect they certainly don’t have brains enough to be a reporter they do not know what news is

  55. We still have good people at Fox. Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram and a few others. Of course they are going to have some idiots on board

  56. He just literally described his job and career up! Remember Fox is a Disney co. After the political statements that the head buffoon has made recently I will never go back there. I’ve been 8 times. BYE!

  57. I only watch Fox and over the last several months they seem to be leaning more to the left. It is not only with Cavuto, but also Brazil, Williams and the angry progressive. I don’t understand why Fox is starting to allow these people more time to express their extreme views. I can undertstand Donna and Juan, but the other one makes me turn off the channel.

  58. She is a wonderful press secretary. She answers their questions (many of them “caught ya!” questions) very well and points out the truth. Something many of them do NOT want to hear.

  59. Another “jonah” on a trajectory to meet up with a ‘great fish’, after which he will have a huge distaste for sea food!

  60. FOX has finally come out of hiding to join hands with their fellow fake and trashy journo brothers and sisters….. good riddance!

  61. Good comments. Goldberg is just a fart disappearing into the air. (Disgusting). The fake media are morons and they prove it every time they open their mouth. They really aren’t reporters or journalists. They follow the butts that are in front of them. The truth will prevail!!

  62. The real question is why would FOX give ANY air time to someone of this slanderous ilk? Clearly a liberal talking head which means ZERO credibility. FOX viewers would have no interest in his lies or partisanship. I say bravo to the Press Secretary for standing her ground and calling out the fact the press has NO interest in presenting either facts or truth regarding the President or his administration. They long ago betrayed the elemental reason for their profession.Tne average online troll can present biased stories as well as they can, and for less money.

  63. Goatberg is just trying to regain what he had a few years ago and just does not know how to do it.
    Like they always say, you just can not cure STUPID.



  66. Remember when Biden said if you can’t decide to vote for him instead of Trump then you’re not BLACK?
    I guess Goldberg is taking it a step further claiming if a woman votes for Trump then she’s not a woman.
    I love it when the left tells you what you are and what you are not.

  67. These incessant buffoons are actually revealing that they are incapable of learning from their attacks and stupidity. Railing about GOP Women is only making the people able to see and understand the utter ruthlessly corrupt the clowns like Goldberg really are. Most of these goons are pure cowards and bombast about people especially women in an effort to prove their manhood and try to intimidate that which they fear.

  68. The fake news Media are all a bunch of hasbeens and no one listens to them anymore. Why is the white house even having these stupid brefings with a bunch of stupid so called reporters. They should be banned from the white house forever.

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