Fox News just censored Newt Gingrich for this awful reason

Bad things are happening over at Fox News Channel.

Even the number one rated cable news network in America is caving in to the Left.

And Fox News just censored Newt Gingrich for this awful reason.

The Left’s number one goal is defeating Donald Trump.

Central to that effort is the Left’s attempt to use tech companies and the media to censor conservative views and only allow viewpoints that line up with Democrat Party talking points to be heard.

Now, even Fox News is playing along with this game.

During a recent broadcast of Outnumbered, Newt Gingrich made the factual point that left-wing District Attorneys who won office with the financial backing of George Soros were turning rioters back on the streets and refusing to prosecute them for their crimes.

As soon as Gingrich mentioned Soros’ name multiple hosts on the show began browbeating him about how it was unnecessary to say Soros’ name and Gingrich meekly complied.

In fact, Soros spent $8 million between 2015 and 2017 to elect radical left-wing Democrat DA’s.

Americans found this out this summer when Soros supported St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner indicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey for defending their home after Black Lives Matter rioters kicked down a gate to their private neighborhood and threatened their lives.

The Left wants to redefine political discourse in America to mean criticism of liberals is not allowed under any circumstances.

And now Fox News is playing along.

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