Fox News just did the one thing that left Donald Trump red with rage

Fox News is supposed to be the antidote to the so-called “mainstream” media’s fake news.

Their mission is to present the news in a fashion that is fair and balanced.

But Fox News just did the one thing that left Donald Trump red with rage.

On Monday night, Fox news broadcasted a town hall event with Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Liberals blasted Sanders for appearing on so-called “state run media” after the party announced they would not allow Fox News to host a Democrat presidential debate after a New Yorker article hurled a series of fake news allegations that Fox was in bed with the Trump administration.

However, Sanders received a friendly welcome at the Fox News town hall.

Politico reports:

“Bernie Sanders entered the Fox’s den on Monday night — and he not only survived the hour-long encounter, but often dominated.

“Appearing at a Fox News-hosted town hall smack dab in the middle of Trump Country, the Democratic presidential front-runner played the part, swatting down tough questions from the hosts about health care, defense spending, and his newfound wealth. At one point, the Vermont senator even led the network’s audience in a call-and-response that found them cheering loudly for his policies.

President Trump thought the welcome was a bit too friendly as the questions were not that challenging and the audience appeared stacked with Sanders supporters and socialists.

Some Fox News watchers wondered if the network bent over backwards to be fair to Sanders in order to win the approval of Democrat Party big wigs to try and get back in their good graces and secure a highly rated Democrat presidential debate.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in the 2020 Presidential race.



  1. Fox is fair and balanced more than they used to be. It is obvious that the people on Fox are good friends with people like Donna Brazile. Fox has gradually shown they agree with leftists so they aren’t a Conservative channel any more. I don’t think most Conservatives care to hear views from the left. There is no way that a Conservative would agree to their way of thinking. You don’t have to listen to many leftists on Newsmax so I watch that channel except for Tucker and Jeannine.

    • With the sons and daughters of the owners taking over, the FNC has gone to Hell in a hand basket with the exception of Hannity, Ingram, Carlson, and a few others but Smith, Covuto, Wallace, Williams and most others have forced me turn to off FNC as well as Cancel Cable and Satellite in favor of Air Antenna which is free, transmits in HD and I have about 70 channels. My family and I are done with the FNC and am glad it’s going into the toilet…..Sayonara Motor boaters……..

  2. I love the morning Fox news crew and Judge Jeannie and the Five, but there are certain commentators that sound like Big Bad Bernie and show their distaste for President Trump. New England with some exceptions used to be a Conservative stronghold but has changed for the worse since we left in 1996. Bernie did nothing for my morale then as he still does now, except even worse with age. RVN 68-69

    • No question about the dumb twins Lachlan and James they are Liberals, the conservatives kicked them out of the UK, with the scandal associated with the kidnapping of a child and James had their newspaper tap the Police.. Disgraceful.. rats run in bunches and so do the Twins

  3. Good for Fox News. As for d. trump, it’s about time that Oval Office INSANE IDIOT & BLOND HAIR, BRAIN DEAD ORANGUTAN APE got His Asshole Once Again Kicked Good & Hard!

    • Betty you’re a delusional idiot. arrogant fool! Read you’re comment and tell me it don’t sound sound like someone full of hate & sounding like a mental patient on a nut ward.

      • good luck? to betty/diane.
        & To ALL.
        Future ‘grim’/
        ‘scramble time’ for some ( you betty & dissidents)
        Dems Will NOT Save You. Hope you $ on hand.

    • Betty: bet your momma was real proud when you graduated from city jail to state pen. Bet you have a whole string of relatives who have or are attending state and federal “institutions”. Guess you have a lot in common with DJT as you keep referring to him as an orangutan, probably makes you kissin’ cuzzins. For all of your dyke talk, I have yet to hear even a semblance of constructive criticism or viable suggestion to improve my country. Conclusion: you just want to show your severe lack of intelligence and with your usual social skills and ingenious use of the English language, proven your low IQ.

    • Sorry, I think you mistakenly thought you were on a liberal sight! That’s where you go when you want to make up things to suit your twisted ideas and attack our president, who by the way, has just gotten a 53% approval rating, over the 46% that Obama had at this same point of his presidency! Because he is doing his job and keeping his promises, and calling out the do nothing liberals who get paid with our tax dollars doing it, nothing!! They need to all be voted out and replaced with real Americans who will fight for our country and people!!!

  4. Paul Ryan has been at FOX for what a month or two now…saw this coming the Murdock kids are lefties FOX is getting closer to an endangered species around my house…MAGA GOD Bless President Trump now and past 2020!!!


    • Well Ellie, you seem just like his base, someone who can’t spell, think for themselves, and being a repub. He is not my president nor will he ever be. YOU don’t get it.

      • Betty you might as well just pack your bags and your Bead to some country where you will like the leader ship. I suggest Iraq or Afghanistan.You’ll love it.

      • Betty is secretly a masochist. Has to be. Thinks of new and novel methods to return for a whuppin’. Poor li’l ol’ troll cannot come up with a constructive idea, so like most libs throws a tantrum and calls names. You be good now honey or mommy is gonna have to take you out of the store and go to the car.

      • “AND THE (MEEK) SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH. Really Betty you exemplify all that is wrong. Not just the Democrats, but lacking in civility, hateful speech, mean, ignorant stupid wrong. So infantile you didn’t get your way you can’t admit the good the President has done. Name just one thing he has done other than make some goofy comments that he has done. And DON’T say racism or hate speech. Study has shown that other than your pet Jussie, hate crimes are down since 2016. 489 false hate crimes in less than two years have been filed, followed up and found totally unsubstantiated. Of course CNBC MSNBC and CNN won’t report that! Grow up support your legally elected President, get on with moving the nation forward and quit above all else trying to be the center of everyone else’s universe. So quit sobbing and blowing snot bubbles.

      • Betty you sound pathetic! Trump is you’re president if you like in the U S A. You sound like a hair brain idiot of their meds. I hope someone is watching you, you sound like you’re a danger to yourself or others.

      • Betty, unless you are not a US citizen Donald Trump is, in fact, your president. Deal with it! I lived through 8 years of Barack Obama and although I found it very distasteful, I accepted the fact that he was my president. I found him to be condescending and I did not feel he loved our country and that he tried to mitigate our exceptionalism. How about the hot mic message to Medvedev telling Putin he would have more flexibility after the election? I am a Trump supporter for all he is trying to do to give this country back to its citizens, LEGAL immigrants included. I am not college educated but I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent and well grounded in reality.

        • Toby Currier, I was just going to comment to Betty, almost identical to what you just said, then saw your comment!! I could hardly stand it going through 8 horrible years of Obama’s presidency, but most of us accepted it and just fought harder in the next election! I never trash talked him even thought I was against almost every single thing he did and said, but these nasty libs don’t have what it takes to play fair when they don’t get their own way!

    • I think its fair to show both sides and let everyone make up their mind as to what they believe, by showing both sides then there can be a discussion of the pros and cons of different ideas, which rings true and viable or not

    • Jack, let me guess. You have long ears and a tail and you must be a Democrat because you sure bray like one. I would guess your last name is Ass. A true poster child for the party. Wierd Bernie was fed soft material that only required generic answers. The was nothing like “who is gonna pay for all this and how”. I have read that Fox had been bought by some liberal douchebag, so expect more coddling and spoon fed QandA’s in the future. Shame as they were the only ones that gave an opposing view even if Occasionally wrong. Now we are truly screwed.

      • Hey Old Soldier…I agree with you. The President need never fear! Fox News will always be near!! I believe the exposure for Bernie was not that flattering…I do not think there was anything profound that he promoted….and if people vote for him…they vote against our own country. Everyone with a brain knows this. The President has nothing to fear from him…nor any other Dem. THEY HAVE NO PLATFORM that will benefit this nation. TRUMP 2020!!!

    • B.Sanders is to old & to weak to be president. Meaning,Clinton paid him off to challenge Trump. He sold out the Dems, now who’s sick.He chose money over our country.

    • Jack name one thing OUR PRESIDENT did to deserve the way tbe leftist pigs treated him for 2 yrs. I bet you can’t be honest if you answer the question

      • George, would that be the “Home” with the padded bridal suite for Nancy and Chuckles? OMG! Nancy, bride of Chucky! I guess the offspring would have been the “Greandeal Triplets”. I gotta stop!

  6. Oh the Democrats intend from Hillary’s cryptic desk to eliminate Bernie before he reveals the whole truth of the Obama attempted takeover of DJT’s 45th Presidency. Bernie knows; Bernie has sent the letter and copies of their emails to Barr. Please AG Barr, let us execute the Nig’ago from Chicago before we cut out Hillary’s vaginal waste.

  7. If FOX keeps pulling this type of crap, I’m going to quit them. So get your asses out of you hing quarter, and continue the way you were. It is INFORMATIVE the way it was. If it’s not broke dont try to fix it. Wake up dummies.

  8. In a matter of hours or a day or so someone connected with Tlaib-COTEX-Omar will try to get rid of Bernie permanently once-and-for all time. They will have plenty of Hillary $$$ to do this. But it will be too late; Bernie has already signed and sent registered mail exactly what he knows Obama & Hillary did to coup d’etat the 45th President of the USA, Our majesty Donald J. Trump.

  9. Crazy Bernie
    couldn’t answer
    the question ////
    if you were President
    where would you put the
    illegals coming across the
    border //// plus he writes a
    book about how millionaires
    are bad //// then makes
    a million dollars
    off the book!

    • He wanted to build more places for the illegals on the board instead of sending to California etc where they love illegals. I live on a boarder city and it is not fair to have us take care of everyone. They want to welcome them but not have anything to do with supporting them.

      • /////// Moma Bear ///////
        You’re right, Crazy Bernie did
        say that //// but //// he
        Finished up by saying
        “that’s not a real question”

        • Burnie needs to get real with reality before trying to convince anyone else. Like telling the truth about collecting money to run for president. He knows that he can’t win, but he likes to keep all of the money from his supporters & doesn’t have to pay it back, book, & ect. He’s got money, he just hides it like all of the other Dems. Oh by the way, they the Dems just repeat what Trumps idea’s is in stead of squeezing their own brains to resolve issues that they haven’t for decades. So before u stab any one in the back with lies & deceit( Dems) kiss our butts while ur back there.

      • Hey Momma Bear. You mean “not in my yard” Pelousy and all the “walls are immoral” jokes that make up the house don’t want them in their sanctuary cities? Can’t win with these meatheads. They say they want them here, but when our President tries to accommodate them they call him a bad person. Bernie wants them here, just not anywhere near HIM. Guess he’s afraid of “illegal cooties”. I suppose in the Party of the Jackass that they want everyone else to take care of them, just not them personally. I can just see Nancy and others like her; “Hey you’re good enough to pick the grapes or mow my lawn, just don’t buy the house next door”. Really it’s like putting boxing gloves on a mentally challenged person. You can hit them any time you want, but why? Do they even understand why they are being hit?

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