Fox News just dropped one bombshell that had Nancy Pelosi smiling from ear to ear

Viewers continue to be alarmed over what they see on Fox News.

Some hosts and on-air talent consistently sound like they are reading from the Democrats’ playbook.

And Fox News just dropped one bombshell that had Nancy Pelosi smiling from ear to ear.

The Democrat-manufactured Ukraine scandal has hit numerous stumbling blocks.

This witch hunt still has not turned up a smoking gun that provides any link between the Trump administration withholding military aide to Ukraine until their government investigated Joe and Hunter Biden.

And Democrats are still refusing to hold a vote opening an official impeachment inquiry because they are afraid of the political blowback.

But that didn’t stop Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano from defending the Democrats’ secret investigation.

Breitbart reports:

Napolitano said, “Is the impeachment process fair? That is not an easy question to answer. The short answer is—the impeachment process is whatever the House of Representatives decides it should be. That is because of two clauses in the Constitution. One says the House of Representatives shall have sole power to impeach. So only the House of Representatives can conduct an impeachment. The second clause states that the House of Representatives can write its own rules. So the House can write whatever rules it wants.”

He continued, “You may not like the rules. You may not agree with the people that are doing this. But under House rules, any one of the House committees—in this case, the Intelligence Committee—can begin to interview witnesses. The witness are interviewed by Democratic members of the committee and Republican members of the committee to decide if these witnesses have evidence of impeachable offenses by the president. Then they have to decide—are the witnesses credible, is the evidence believable, is this a case for impeachment, should we present this to the public? All of that takes time and is traditionally done behind closed doors. If they decide to move forward on impeachment, there will be great public debates on the floor of the House and elsewhere about the meaning of the evidence and the credibly of the witnesses.”

Napolitano’s biased commentary led Rush Limbaugh to declare Fox News the “Never Trump” network.

And now Napolitano is doubling down on anti-Trump commentary by making excuses for Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff trying to impeach the President in secret, and ignoring historical precedent.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Fox now has the rino Paul Ryan on its board of directors. Add Chris Wallace,, the so called “wise senior spokesman” and Leon Vittert, as well as Napolitano, who spends all of his time spinning anti Trump rhetoric and you have the new direction Fox is heading since Rupert has turned over the reins to his liberal son.

  2. The judge on Fox needs to be retrained in Law. We should follow the rules the past congress has used. I think he may be getting paid off or is part of the Deep State. Check with other legal people.

  3. He is right in what he said, only Democrats are not letting republicans listen or ask questions to the witness or witnesses.He did state both parties will question the witness, since both parties have to make a vote. SHIFTY, SHIFF IS not letting republicans even sit in the interviews.So here it seems that democrats think they are above the law.

  4. Dr.J.D. First are your really a doctor or one created by affirmative action? In any case, you are a bloody idiot, you would not understand honesty or truth. I am telling you this as a registered democrat for more than 50 years.

  5. Aren’t you the Brite one? Or perhaps the judge is simply a disrespectful Communist such as yourself! Or maybe the fact that Donald Trump didn’t pick him for the supreme Court has angered the judge. Either way I formed my opinion based on knowledge of the law as well as some legal research. Your condemation regarding particianship is probably something you should consider as your personal jabs at our president and those of us who choose to back our elected president is very frightening to witness. We believe in backing out leader as we’re Americans and while we might not always agree with him we always agree about our love for our country. Unfortunately your party can’t say the same.

  6. Where were you when Obama was picking and choosing which laws to enforce and which not???? Maybe having a drink with Pelosi on her private flights back and forth to lala land California. Give me a break!!!!

  7. I believe that you are giving FORMER JUDGE – NOW POLITICAL “SELL OUT” much too much respect. I was an Officer in the USMC & Army’s Active Reserve for a combined 34 yrs. While I was in the Active Reserve I was also on the LAPD. I was in both, when they had strict strength, height, weight, and sexual standards. For instance, both the USMC & the LAPD required one on one physical fighting and you couldn’t “keep losing. I Commanded combat units in 5 nations, on 3 continents multiple times. I know this: an average woman cannot compete physically with an average man. Sexual orientation, other than “straight men & women” have no place on the PD or in the military. ALSO, the US military has been devastated and needs to disengage from being the “World’s policemen and get out of the thankless Middle East!
    Also, only hire people in law enforcement that are able to protect themselves AND citizens. Finally, stop using the title of “Judge” for people who haven’t tried a case since they left the Bench. He’s not elected or appointed. My Corvette has more of a “Right” to be called a Judge.

  8. Real M. Yes, ‘ I ‘ SEE. But, ‘FUN” sometimes,
    & EASY to ‘Put them’ IN their PLACE. LOL.
    Easy Bait – 0NLY reply in ‘short form’. I Can
    ‘whoop’ their asses ALLL Day Long !!!
    > Anyway, something has happened re RR ‘Fonts’
    on my PC. ‘Super Small.’ & cannot adjust !
    What’s up w/ that ??? RR ‘want’ me Gone ? LOL
    Guess what RR 0r trojan bots, virus Whatever = I CAN
    READ > SUPER SMALL. & that’s That ! haha.
    Also, Betty/Diane = ‘gonesville. hmmm.

  9. Hey doctor Richard, if you were a lecturer look at you now? What happened? From lecturer to internet troll hanging out on conservative websites? That sucks dude.

  10. No you’re an idiot. I would still think Streep is mediocre even if she was a Trump supporter. I’m not an idiot like you that cares what actors think.

  11. Ric B, you mean like how we are called climate deniers and racists if we don’t follow your religious beliefs?

  12. It has been my understanding that POTUS is the “Legal Beagle” in Chief of our country … If this is so, why is all this finagling allowed to go on … Let’s cut to the chase of all this *hi*, and get on with it!

  13. Trump ‘rallies’ ARE Remarkable Uof M vs Penn State tonite. uh -oh UM Getting ‘whooped’
    > UofM Is my “Alma Mater”

  14. Absolutely. No Response IS
    ‘starvation’ for the ‘trolls’.
    >’They’ Don’t Have ‘guts’ Enough
    to Go W/ Sanders/ Warren / Buttibutt/
    Beto etc. They Are ‘weak at best’
    & cowards.
    > IF these ‘goons’ Were Truly FOR ‘their’
    Cause, ;they Would NOT Be HERE !!! LOL

  15. Too bad for you & your ilk, jd.
    > ! 10 STATES Were Reviewed ___
    > Seemed ‘Doral’ CHOSEN for
    Access/ Security/ Location etc. Doral at
    Cost 0nly. Can’t stand ‘T’ Name ? Tuff !!!
    > Read More jd. Brief yourself. 0r take a ‘nap’.

  16. Jee, Trump will make some money. And you are so concerned. What about Dems attempt of the coup = millions of $$? Ukraine failed insanity? Who died and made u a Dr!?

  17. Dan T., Absolutely, I as well as everybody else is checking for young faces each and every rally! The arenas are always full of young people! Same old same old Dems throwing out smoke screens to cover up the truth!

  18. Truth. He has made such an about face he must be getting senile. He needs to fade off into the sunset as they say!!!

  19. Stepford follower, Dang! Go take a chill pill, who pushed your buttons and sent your little emotions over the rainbow? Criminey!

  20. Tony, Are you not intelligent enough to realize Clint Eastwood was acting?
    Dang, now Clint is what you call an actor’s actor!
    BTW, Dems and Repubs alike will get it on with you for criticizing the one and only great Clint Eastwood!

  21. You would be kissing her ass and praising her to heaven if she was a Trump supporter. No one slathers more over a Hollywood type as conservatives that almost make them into a diety . . . . like Clint Eastwood who talks to empty chairs.

  22. You right, Linda! All we want on Fox is our uneducated perspective and nothing but right wing Kool Aid and to make fun of those who do not agree with us. And we know that “fair and balanced” means only giving the right wing point of view. Send everyone else away – – it hurts our brains to expand them, and we would rather live in our false little alcove! Send the majority of Americans away, and get rid of that awful freedom of speech. Instead of brown shirts, we will wear our “red hats!?

  23. by “common sense,” you mean that they hold YOUR biased perspective, right? Where did you get your legal experience, M? That is like anyone without a medical degree, judging the medical analysis by a medical doctor.

  24. This post shows Trumpers clearly for whom they are – – they watch little variety, drink the Kool Aid from Tucker or Hannity, and cannot stomach or handle anything else. Even when Fox News puts out a study this week that shows 51% of respondents approve of Trump being impeached and removed – – you call “foul” and “brainwashed.” Yet, last night, I saw the results of a recent Gallup poll and they found that 52% of their respondents thought Trump should be impeached and removed.

    YOU FIGHT the Truth – – and it partially makes sense because the ultra rich feed you a steady diet of falsehoods so THEY CAN DO WHAT MAKES THEM EVEN MORE RICH. Why are you believing the PROPAGANDA from Oil and Gas industries that there “climate change” science is wrong? Why do you believe the Trump tax cut was for the people, when evidence indicates 83% of benefits went to the richest 1%?!> That is like when the tobacco industries told you the science of the damage from smoking was wrong.

  25. That is false, ship. The democrats still participated when the Republicans were in charge and Nunes was chair. Now the House is Democrat, so they hold the leadership positions. There is always input from top Republicans like Nunes, and they are called on second as “the ranking member” of (that) committee.

    Try to be more honest or educated.

  26. GHD, There is no reason to be insulting to seniors. If you are blessed to live, you will be a senior one day. What you wrote would insult Republican or Democrat seniors.
    Besides, I have heard a lot of seniors say they were Dem and liberal when they were young but eventually outgrew it! 🙂

  27. If you are America first, then that is depressing for this country!!! That is crude and disgusting, without one aspect of class. You mean to denigrate the RedMan, but you end up doing that to yourself.

  28. Let’s compare what and how you said to Lincoln’s perspective, Dan. Lincoln said: “With malice toward none, with charity for all . . . .” Why is it that the lion’s share of what you post malice, except for Trump . . . perhaps because all he puts out is malice and venom? Why is it most Trumpers put out anger and venom and often calls for violence?

  29. Wow, Gary, it is clear you can’t handle other points of view and have to only have your propaganda only through right wing propaganda. Then you probably assess everyone else is wrong because they listen to what YOU CALL “fake news” – – not because it is fake, but because you are limited in your vision. Liberals tend to be progressive, and change with the times, whereas conservatives want to return American to the past, and thereby conservatives become outdated and less functional in the world. It is no accident that the GOP is made up of older people . . . older people who have stagnated. One can live a long time without their brains becoming old.

  30. Well, Ernst, did you go to law school and do you also have experience as a Judge? What are your legal qualifications to assess and judge Napolitano?? Then you go further in judging Judge Napolitano’s mind and feelings, which you TOTALLY don’t know. So, Ernst, where did you get your law and psychology degrees? Trumpers impugn motives to make THEMSELVES convinced they are good and others are bad. What about if Democrats were to say that you follow Trump because you are too ignorant to recognize a life-long conman and because you put party over country? That fine with you?

  31. Isn’t this just like Rush and fellow Trumpers – – if Judge Napolitano, who has been hired as a legal expert for analysis, says something about the law that they do not like, you declare it to be a biased or “never Trumper” position.. How about it just might be what THE LAW indicates, not a partisan decision?!?! Your “victim” attitude is really irritating for a group that like to tout “personal responsibility!”

    We are a nation of laws, many clearly written that such things as “it is illegal to solicit or receive ANY PAYMENTS FROM A FOREIGN SOURCE WHILE YOU A RE PRESIDENT. That means, Trump is playing another of his excuses about using his FAILING ($69 million less money than 2 years ago) DoRAL Golf course for next year’s G-7 . . . . it does not say it is “OK” if it is “at cost” – – it says NO PAYMENTS.

    This country is based on rule of law, and even the PRESIDENT is not above the laws.

  32. Gary, you can switch to OAN to see more conservative news. I agree with you. Fox News is sometimes disgusting. They have too many liberals forcing their agendas into the news, namely Richard, Juan, Maryanne, Jessica, Chris Hahn, the new black woman who gave Hillary the questions to the debate with Trump; on and on.



  34. Napolitano is about as deep as Saran Wrap in his analysis. His comments are obvious and irrelevant. What is important is whether the secret proceedings are fair and reasonable. They are not, as leaks by Schiff are strictly favoring the Democrat perspective. Poor little Napolitano really is still bitter over not getting onto the Supreme Court. What a joke! His little legal mind would be overwhelmed in that court!

  35. YES, ‘judge’? Nap Still ‘sore’ re NO appointment___
    > Judge ??? (0f What ???) What the hell kinda ‘judge’ IS
    Andrew Napolitano ???

  36. Napolitano was overlooked for a nomination by Trump to the Supreme Court. He got his little feelings hurt and now he works hard just like his left wing Trump haters to denigrate and oppose him. He is a partisan hack who has revealed his true colors. I have no respect for the man and can see why Trump thought that he was not qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

  37. I watch Fox News from Tucker Carlson at eight to Shannon Bream. I watch a small portion of Fox News in the morning usually nine to ten and that is the extent of my news for the day. No other media networks. If Fox News continues down the path of introducing liberal contributors and left wing haters on their station, I will simply stop watching them altogether. I am conservative. If I want to watch and listen to liberal idiots, I can turn to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC. I don’t. That should tell them why I watch their station and they need to stop polluting their network with the liberal ideology.

  38. Republican committee members are interviewing. No member, Republican or Democratic, who are not on the committees considering this issue are allowed to participate.

  39. Still batting 1000! I said a year ago Fox News would be the Judas. Look at ownership. They’ve been playing Trump supporter to pick up the conservative viewership. Now, Trump has placed tariffs on China and our communist Americans in the MSM are working with the Non Observant Jews to convert us. When’s the lead going to fly?

  40. This is a reply to Dr Richard. Sir I’ve noticed the change in Fox News. I want to hear both sides so that I can make my own informed decision. I don’t like that they hired a woman that helped Hillary Clinton to cheat. I am for our President and everything that I hear coming out the mouths of Democrats is garbage and lies. They will say anything and everything to win.I’ve be listened to them pander to different groups of people. I’ve listen to them promise free this and free that. Their pie in the sky ideas are completely unworkable. So get off your high horse and stop insulting people who do listen to both parties and make their own decisions and form their own ideas. I was brought up to be a Democrats but did like being told what I should think and how I should live my life. I am now a registered Republican even though I don’t have much faith in that party either, but it was the only way that I could vote for my choice in the primary. I am not stupid and I am proud to say that I voted for President Trump and will do so again. So, grow up and keep your hateful name calling to yourself. Try looking at both sides instead of swallowing the propaganda that Dems spew out day after day.

  41. Charrijr1, Yep, Bubba taught RedMan everything about everything, and the terms to go with it, during his unfortunate and lengthy incarceration!

  42. Poor judge nap because he didnt get an appointment for the top court and of course now Paul Ryan in now on the fnc payroll its now become a relative to the rest of leftwing communist propaganda media. Guess i will start listening to OAN and newsmax. What a shame fair and balanced no more.

  43. Judge Napolitano is an angry old guy. Pissed he didn’t get nominated to the Supreme Court by President Trump. He is biased in his legal opinions and many other judges who have more experience and familiarity with the constitution will tell him yes the House decides how to conduct an impeachment hearing. Not the House leader or a Committee Chair but the House as a whole body makes the rules and decisions as to how to proceed with Due Process which the courts can require as to constitutional provisions. Democrats should run Judge Napolitano for President! He is anything but neutral totally biased against President Trump. A fool uttereth his whole heart out of his mouth.

  44. It’s time for the judge to go find shepherd smith and disappear. Stop acting like a baby because you didn’t get your way. Pathetic

  45. American Last, when did they let you out?
    You can keep those stories to yourself.
    I don’t want to know what they did to you in prison HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  46. Hey Little redman, you’d like it in prison, on your knees gobbling the gravy and the prisoners going to Hershey Highway on you.

  47. Napolitano and Pelosi are gumbas. Plus she promised to give him a few hundred
    of her peerl necklaces which he and his wife could wear.

  48. Napolitano is not the legal eagle he thinks he is . At some point he should stop anointing himself messiah of the court room and agree that assumption will sometimes bite you in the arse!

  49. You must be kidding! I am shocked when I look at CNN. You never even hear some things that are going on if it doesn’t fir their narrative and fit their agenda.

  50. I won’t turn FOX News off as long as we have a Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingram and I don’t want to forget Martha McCallum and Greg Gutfeld. There is no place else you are going to hear people like John Solomon and Sarah Carter. I will turn off those programs and people who are obviously never Trumpers. Judge Napalitano is one I do not want to listen to. Glad Shep Smith is gone.

  51. What a turncoat he and Fox News have become. I turned them off when they put that criminal Donna Brazil on. Napolitano has really become a leftist hack. I thought judges were supposed to be neutral and go by the law. So many of these clowns are not following the constitution and making up their own laws, it’s disgusting. Turn Fox News off!

  52. Agree wholeheartedly. Napolitano must have been scorned by the President and now he is pushing payback. He is really a TURNCOAT. Get out of Politics and turn back to screwing up as a lawyer.

  53. Rex alderson,,, when you keep having secret meetings, like the dems, they need to remember that GOD was in those meetings !Ha !

  54. More accurate description of what you physically are is a brainless man, please do all rational and patriotic citizens and take a Thermite shower and ignite.

  55. Napolitano has been wrong way more times than right. Look this past comments and you’ll see what I’m talking about. His take on things are born on his anti-trump attitude more than legal interpretation and he’s willing to sacrifice whatever integrity he has for the sake of going against President Trump on every one of his commentaries. Again, look at his history and you will see his change in attitude soon after he was suspended for verifying that Trump was wire-taped. He actually told the whole broad procedure of how Trump Tower was probably surveilled. So guess what, he wound up being almost exactly right, but for this FOX had to suspend him. Most likely by outside pressure. After that, he never commented on anything that was even close to helping Trump. He showed that he rather be wrong than right so long as it hurt President Trump. FOX would be so much better off dropping his fat ass and simply rely on Alan Dershowitz for legal analyst comments. Dershowitz is not afraid to say the law is in favor of Trump when it is, and when it is not, and maybe that’s why we don’t hear much from Alan anymore.

  56. M French, you’re right on !! Fox News had better stand firm for us conservatives ! Quit trying to screw us in the left ear !


  57. Of course you don’t want any more news programming out there telling us the truth. You would much rather be spoon fed the lies and fake news you’ve become addicted to on FoxNews. The moment one of FoxNews commentators made fully justified negative comments about Trump, his administration, and the Republican Party their regular audience didn’t know what to make of it and immediately began the slander campaign against any FoxNews commentator that did not say what they wanted to hear; their mantra being “If FoxNews reports it MUST BE TRUE. Sorry Mr. Nolan, I hate to bring such bad news to you but the reason for FoxNews large audience was all about the comfort they found in hearing only what they wanted to hear. It reminds me of Trumps comments demeaning Meryl Streep’s acting for no other legitimate reason beyond she said something he did not want to hear……a character flaw in our President that becomes more evident every day.

  58. Yo nigga butt buddy got lots bubba gumpa shrimpo cream waitin for you tonight hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  59. I suspect Soros has gotten to him. Dirty money talks every time! Soros owns almost the entire government! Can’t trust what anyone says anymore! I am looking forward to the day Soros is on his way to the permanent flames of Hell. That is when he will finally realize that his influence isn’t even as large as a speck of dust.

  60. I am being blocked from saying what I think of Mr hair plugged, dyed haired Napolitano???? Te r excuse always is” this appears to be a duplicate statement” when I have never made such a statement before!!

  61. Well done! Who needs another CNN? Napolitano, it’s just another mouth piece,of CNN! At London And Latin America, get CNN in Spanish! All over they just repeated the same ” political views of their reporters, they don’t report news, they just give their personal views! It’s sad!

  62. The only reason FOX has these Leftist Idiots on their network is to remind Rational Folks just how irrational the Left stays.

    Judge Nap, according to the ABA really shouldn’t be referring to himself as Judge as the reason he moved to television is he could not get re-elected or appointed to a judgeship after 1995 . . . its sealed, of course, but he demonstrates his lack of “knowledge of fairness”, which our entire Constitution is base on. Typical of those who suffer from Terminal TDS.

    True, Wackosi and Sheriff Woody are within their right to use the “Star Chamber” approach to Impeachment, but the ONLY REASON they use it is because they have no actual proof of wrongdoing by President Trump and they absolutely cannot win the election next November as their Clown Show participants will spend America into oblivion.

  63. Napolitano supposedly was turned down as a nominee for the Supreme Court by the President so he is just a bitter old anti/Trumper now. He is not only a backstabber, but his appearance is gross with his dyed hair that changes colors every other week! Also, who ever did his hair plugs was an amateur????

  64. I left FOX shortly after Jaun Williams started with them.At that point they began to turn to what I thought was a wrong direction.

  65. Fox news better wake up fast !!!!!! The main part of their audience are republican/conservatives, they keep shoving people like this old judge, Donna Brazile, Juan Williams, Chris Wallace and the rest,down our throats, their audience will simply stop watching. I know I watch it less and less each week. There are enough liberal/democrat “news” stations out there, we sure as hell don’t need another one.

  66. I agree. It is time for Nancy to join Cummings. As for Fox news they got rid of Shep
    it is now time to get rid of Wallace, Williams, Geraldo and Baier They are disgusting.

  67. redman guess you don’t believe innocent until guilty how would you like to go to court and the judge hears only one side. then he puts you in jail wouldn’t like it would you. that what the democracts are doing. they have no case so they keep it in secret hopomg to make trump look bad but the American people knows better and they are starting to turn.

  68. I use to like listening to Judge Napolitano, but he is nothing but a political hack now who has succumbed to the evil influence of the traitorous Democrats and the MSM. I will not listen to his lopsided way of thinking anymore. And The RedMan, you suck even worse.

  69. Notice the Constitution says the House of Representatives. That would be ALL 435 members of the House, not one drooling, blithering idiot with a Napoleonic complex by the name of Nancy Pelosi!

  70. Look at all the phonies that tried and failed miserably to fool our president into placing them into positions of authority, Napalitano, Romney, Muller, Mooch, Etc…

    Look how many president Trump has allowed and quickly removed once they exposed themselves as liberal globalists. God bless our president Trump and keep him safe. Amen

  71. Napolitano is just a sulking mess. He’s still mad that he’s not SCOTUS, but a washed up judge that wants to do harm to Trump.
    Fox News – Drop Napolitano, send him begging CNN for a shot at his self appointed greatness to be seen by the demonrats.

  72. Whine you trump-butt-bumps if you must. Butt, trump time is near end, and he will be leaving you lice bait whine-o’s behind when he go into Russia wit julie-anna to be wit snowden. hahahahhahahahahahhaha

  73. Thinking, knowledgeable, people with common sense have found large gaping holes in judge Nap’s ability to adjudicate, per the law and the Constitution, is controlled by his liberalism and hatred for President Trump after POTUS refused to nominate him for a SCOTUS Justice.

    What a trainwreck it would have been to have this small petty biased man on the highest court in the land. YIKES!

    Fortunately, we have other legal eagles on Fox to set the record straight!

  74. Appears that Fox is more interested in joining the circus of fake media fools rather
    than actually doing its job and reporting actual news. Unfortunate


  76. Will someone tell judge napolitano, that schiff is not letting any republican congressman or woman to ask questions that apply to the judicial committee , he has even ejected one of it’s members gatze. now the judge better choose his words carefully, some of us citizens have the avenues to find out just what the constitution regarding the house of rep. and i have. cnn/nbc/abc/msnbc has been jumbling any statement made by any witness to soot their narifive , and this secret thing is notr in the constitution or the bill of rights.

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