Fox News just found out that Donald Trump did one thing that could destroy the network

Fox News Channel’s coverage of President Trump changed in recent weeks.

It left many viewers upset.

And Fox News just found out that Donald Trump did one thing that could destroy the network.

A brand new Morning Consult poll shows just how much damage Fox News did to its brand by moving to the Left and adopting anti-Trump bias.

Fox News saw its favorability ratings with Republicans decline by 13 points after the election as many in its audience felt betrayed by the network’s coverage.

“Prior to the Nov. 3 elections 67 percent of individuals who are professing Republicans had a favorable disposition towards Fox News. This plummeted to 54 percent just one week after the election according to a morning consult survey. There are several circumstances that could cause such a shift. One such factor is President Donald Trump’s criticism for the network as reported by the Miami Herald,” the Daily Caller reported.

It wasn’t just Fox News calling Arizona for Joe Biden that upset many viewers.

Fox News also incorrectly projected that the Democrats would gain seats in the House of Representatives when in fact they lost seats.

Many Fox News reporters and hosts have also bashed the President’s legal challenges to vote counts in several states.

In the last year, there were reports that Fox News board member, former RINO Congressman Paul Ryan, was pushing Fox News executives to move on from President Trump.

Many viewers believe Fox News is putting that strategy into motion and abandoning its loyal audience to chase applause from liberal media critics.

Before the election, President Trump made waves claiming the biggest difference between 2016 and 2020 was Fox News taking on a more pro-Democrat approach to its coverage.

President Trump noted that Fox News would cover all of Joe Biden’s campaign speeches and not show his.

Many viewers took notice and they are not happy.

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