Fox News just hired a new host for this major show

Fox News continues to make programming changes.

This one took everyone by surprise.

And Fox News just hired a new host for this major show.

Fox News recently announced it hired former Trump White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany as an on-air contributor.

But that was not the extent of her role.

On Tuesday, McEnany announced on social media that she would take over as the new co-host of the popular 12PM show Outnumbered.

This announcement came one day after Fox News announced it hired Lara Trump as an on-air contributor.

Fox News is clearly trying to eliminate any possibility of another network outflanking it on catering to Trump supporters.

After the election, Fox lost a chunk of its audience to Newsmax after viewers thought Fox was turning into a Never Trump network.

Fox made several changes in response to their cratering ratings including giving Greg Gutfeld a nightly 11pm program, adding an opinion hour at 7PM and hiring Lara Trump and Kayleigh McEnany.

The changes worked as Fox is now back to being the top rated cable news network.

Kayleigh McEnany co-hosting Outnumbered should help keep Fox ahead of MSNBC and CNN.

McEnany was a popular spokeswoman in the Trump administration who built a passionate fan base as she sparred with Trump-hating journalists in the press briefing room.

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