Fox News just made this major shakeup that took Trey Gowdy out of this role

Fox News is trying to reverse their ratings slide.

Trump supporters abandoned the network in droves after viewing some programming at Fox as having moved to the Left.

And Fox News just made this major shakeup that took Trey Gowdy out of this role.

Fox News is trying to win back its audience by adding more opinion programming.

The network created a new 7pm Fox News Primetime show and gave several guest hosts a one-week trial run.

One of the cast of conservative personalities who auditioned for the permanent hosting job was Trey Gowdy.

And exclusively reports that Gowdy drew the highest ratings of any the tryout hosts and will now get a second week hosting the show in what could be the final test run before Gowdy permanently assumes the 7PM host role on Fox News. exclusively reports:

OutKick has learned and Fox News has confirmed that the rotation will continue for at least the week of March 8th, when Trey Gowdy returns.

The timetable for a permanent host to be named is unclear as the process involves FNC deciding upon and agreeing to terms and finalizing the contract with the talent. While Gowdy returning first does not mean he will be the ultimate choice, it was noticed both internally and externally that Gowdy recorded the highest total week of viewership with 2 million.

Gowdy, Brian Kilmeade, Maria Bartiromo, Mark Steyn, and Rachel Campos-Duffy have all tested. Katie Pavlich is in this week, and Lawrence Jones will take over next week.

Gowdy is a popular figure on the right who helped uncover Hillary Clinton’s private email server as well as the FBI spying operation on the Trump campaign.

Last year, Gowdy even tried to join President Trump’s legal defense team before the first attempt to impeach and remove Trump from office.

Adding Gowdy to the primetime lineup is clearly a ratings draw and, after Fox finished behind MSNBC and CNN in January, the network is desperate to reclaim their title as the number one rated cable news network.

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