Fox News just put something on the air that will leave you speechless

Fox News is undergoing some changes.

Viewers – including President Trump – have noticed subtle shifts in programming.

And Fox News just put something on the air that will leave you speechless.

Fox News joined in on the pile on for the phony scandal over Donald Trump’s comments to ABC about accepting dirt from a foreign government on a Democratic rival.

Legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano outrageously claimed Trump confessed to committing a felony with his comments.

The Hill reports:

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano warned Thursday that President Trump would be committing a felony if he accepted damaging information from a foreign power for an election.

Napolitano weighed in a day after Trump refused to commit in an ABC News interview to calling the FBI if he received political dirt from a foreign government on a political opponent, remarks that sparked a political firestorm on Thursday.

Asked for his reaction to Trump’s comments, Napolitano said on Fox News’s “Shepard Smith Reporting” that Trump’s remarks showed the president is “prepared to commit a felony to get reelected.”

“That was my reaction and it was not a happy one,” Napolitano. “I was not happy to hear it. I thought he shot himself in the foot politically. I wish he hadn’t said it, but he did.”

This is just not true.

While federal law bars candidates from accepting anything of value from foreign sources, it is highly debatable this information falls under that category.

Napolitano is misleading viewers, but that is par for the course for him.

During the Mueller probe, he routinely claimed the President was in legal jeopardy and even stated the Mueller Report may have proved obstruction of justice.

Napolitano’s comments come at a time when Fox is still angling for a Democrat Presidential debate and many critics believe Fox is bending over backwards to criticize the President to prove to the Democrat National Committee that it is “fair.”

We will keep you up-to-date on any developments in this ongoing story.


  1. No matter what comes out of the turd Neopono or whatever his name is, you know it garbage and he is an ally of the left, no matter what he says, don’t mean a dam thing. Fox fired him for a reason and now they bring him back because, the other turd Paul Ryan (Rhino) is begging Fox’s family to make them like mainstream, like others, when Shawn Hanity and others leave, I’ll leave and watch One News Network also, I already have gotten away from a lot on Fox. WAKE UP THOSE WHO FOLLOW PAUL RYAN OR THE MSM, IT’S OUR COUNTRY THAT IS AT STAKE NOT THE PRESIDENT, THEY ARE TWISTING IT ALL TO MAKE HIM LOOK BAD BUT THEY WANT TOTAL POWER TO BRING US DOWN. RIDICULOUS. PRAY TO GOD THAT THE RED WAVE COMES IN TRUMP-TRAIN AGAIN “2020”

  2. Suzanne – I agree with your “like” list. There’s a few others that I also like. Whenever I hear Cavuto’s voice, I always feel that I have to clear my throat. I didn’t watch VJ when she was on. I also can’t stand Shepard Smith and I don’t like Chris Wallace either. There’s several more that I don’t like. If any one of the “likes” leave the station, I will not watch whatever they put in their place.

  3. r – Have you noticed that the left keeps saying that Pres. Trump is a liar but they never answer when asked to give specific examples?

  4. Sam – They can also hire Adam Schiff-for-Brains, John Brennan and James Comey – all of the alumni of traitors, for that matter.

  5. Bill Littleton – That’s funny. I thought Judge Nap resembled “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” but Eddie Munster is a good one also.

  6. Randy Smithr – Disney just bought Fox Entertainment. Fox News is still owned by Murdoch. Liberal Daddy Murdoch turned the reins over to even more liberal Junior and it’s been downhill since.

  7. Leslie – Hi, this is also Leslie. I’ll just start using LL instead. I think the whole conversation by Pres. Trump was to set up the leftists. I agree that if they are calling his hypothetical statement as treasonous, then they just admitted that what they were doing was far beyond that. Another nail in their coffins. They have tried to downplay it, saying it two different things. They’re right – what they actually did far surpasses anything that Pres. Trump said (which was nothing wrong).

  8. BJ – Napolitano has been wrong on most of his “opinions”. I don’t know exactly why Fox suspended him for a while in 2017. He has definitely been biased against Pres. Trump. He wanted a seat on the SCOTUS and Pres. Trump refused. I normally do not listen to him when he is on.

  9. Fox news needs to keep judge Napolitano off its channel because he is against president trump and if he
    keeps coming on Foxnews he will make it like MSNBC and CNN (FAKE NEWS)

  10. Then why was Hilliary not charged with a felony by financing the Steele Dossier if this is true.

    In the real World, how do anybody knows if a comment from a foreign country is bad for us unless you listen to what they say? The President must listen to many people every single day, but, unless they express something against our country, how do you advice security agencies? Should the President have a permanent line to the FBI and CIA to filter all his conversations? Do not be ridiculous and politicize the normal!

  12. After reading these statements from top to bottom and reading this article it’s easy to see someone missing the point creating a point all themselves and I’ve seen many go off into la la land. Now people wonder what’s going on at fox. Is people for real! If I’m interested in Capitalism and not Democracy then I adopt and own both angles. Take for instance Rupert Murdoch basically owns the whole damn show and he makes no objections to meeting in Davos Switzerland. Switzerland, theres a topic for you. WWII, how did the war not affect them? We’re just going to stand over here and be neutral. 40 years later started hosting annually an event for the modern day Illuminati. If I’m Murdoch, I own the lefts speech and the rights reply. Notice all of the stories are created on the left then a few disguised on the right. We have a fight when the propaganda machine (part left and part right)

  13. fake dan…You better worry about your own sins instead of attacking Pres. Trump. YOU will have a turn to stand before Jesus and be judged. Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you.

  14. FOX News has apparently decided to go”mainstream”. So, they pick commentators who’ll reflect ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. They’ve all been guilty of “fake news” and twisting or clipping the President’s comments so they appeared to be something other than they were. Judge Napolitano is offering an opinion which couldn’t stand the light of day. Show me a successful prosecution of anyone speaking as the President spoke. You can’t . This is all inside the beltway hyperbole—- Meaningless to the real America!

  15. I was not aware of that. It makes perfect sense. If you want to take an org that is working well and screw it up, put Paul Ryan in charge.

  16. You are so right. Hillary took information from foreign governments and used it to try and overthrow a sitting president. The democrats want only them to be able to use dirt from foreign governments.

  17. Why does fox even have these idiots on their news team? Trump did not commit a felony by saying what he did. Wake up moron Neopolitian, I call you that because you change colors whenever it suits you. He said he was willing to accept information from other countries, he never said it had to come from governments or political avenue’s. And information is only information until it is verified. And if it is verified and backed up with facts then what is the harm as to where the information came from? And as I have said already on this topic, US citizens do things in other countries they do not do at home.

  18. I was thinking the same thing. All he has done is point out that Hillary broke the law with the Steel Dossier.

  19. One of the strengths of this rotten system is that it can find dirt on anyone and then use it to turn them. That is precisely why they love the surveillance state so much.

  20. Is little “Judge” Napolitano still feeling pissy about not being on the Supreme Court? Napolitano is sounding more and more like an ignorant fool – more and more like Michael Avenatti.

  21. Lee, Yep! When Hillary & Dems not only pay for phony dossier on Trump from Christopher Steele, but make 11 payments to him & no one has been charged w/a felony? Dems are still trying to overturn duly elected President. Don’t you think it’s time we started our own YouTube, News Channel, Facebook? Napolitano has been comprised.

  22. I no longer follow Fox News and havent for severfal months now ! I do still follow Fox Buysiness News since they havent messed with the programming or the key figures. . .pretty hard to find a Snow flake that understands business anyway! At some time in the future I will be switching to either Newsmax TV or OOAN, which ever one adds the good Fox stars when they finally get tired of seeing a great site go th crap like CNN !!!

  23. I am sorry to burst your bubble Bea, but although this is going back about 13 or 14 years, it happened. Wolf Blitzer is total garbage.

  24. The decline stated with Glen Beck and o Riely and continued. Fox is time for serious competition. They have gone to The dark side

  25. Please how would you ever think of such trash and Even after fabricating such a lie.. You couldn’t possibly think any body would be stupid enough to believe that CNN would pay for such ungodly behaviour and be stupid enough to turn around and show it to the world . This is even worse then TRUMPS lie’s

  26. Just a casual observation after 2 years of some of the “hottest” professional investigation of a crime (smirk) that was created in the minds of the Senior Agents of the best law enforcement ever formed. The irony is Clinton colluded with Putin one year prior to Benghazi when she arranged the sale of 20% of the US’s uranium to Putin. Try this on for truth. When a president of a nation talks with the Premier of another nation but doesn’t divulge the contents of the conversation, he is considered treasonous. When Adam Schiff accepts a prank phonecall from someone who states they have some dirt on Trump and Schiff advises the other participant of the phone call, that he will ” get back in touch” with him, how cozy is that?

  27. I totally agree. This “Judge” is a total disgrace. I don’t have anything to do with him anymore…what a sell-out he is!

  28. The difference is Juan and Chris never pretended to be anything but liberals. Shep is a cock sucker lib thru and thru. Napolitano used to spout conservative thought and speech, not any more. They truth is Trump has been fantastic at exposing and smoking out closet libs in the media and elected office. That and envy at his success is why they hate him, LOL.

  29. Along with you and a lot of others.
    Judge not lest ye be judged!!
    Everyone, including you and me will stand
    Before the Great I Am and give account of all deeds
    Whether good or bad!! All will be brought to

  30. Tell that to the millions of Americans whose lives are better since he replaced Oscuma, you moron!

  31. Napolitano Is a Traitor! Has turned Democrat and or Left!
    I used to like him, but have No use for him since he went Left!
    Totally disgusting!

  32. I do not have the exact reason but some news stated that the Judge (?) started talking against President Trump after he refused to put the guy in as his pick for the Supreme Court position. From seeing the J’s shift in his talks on Fox, I suspect there is a bit of truth in the reason.

  33. When Wolf Blitzer met with terrorists and told them to have their sniper kill an American soldier and he would pay them for the video of that, that is when I became a CNN hater and a FOX fan. Wolf and the producers of CNN should be in prison for soliciting for murder for hire and for committing treason.

  34. Funny how the democrats are the ones that started this dirt gathering on President Trump! Funny how they deny spying on President Trump! Funny how the Obama administration weaponized the IRS and were not held accountable! Funny the media wont talk about ukraine and the dirt they have on democrats!

  35. No way I am watching the Democratic anything. FOX has lost their minds. Have they noticed the drop in viewers for the Democratic news programs You know ABC,NBC,CNN,ETC.

  36. A REAL Bye bye Fox …we are slowly withdrawing from your programs…you tend to forgot we are well educated with degrees….even as Deaf consumers…we see how dumbed down our society is becoming from all the fake news, lies, if you only could see from outside in you would find yourself in our boat…unless you do not care and the Almighty dollar is your godm

  37. Bye bye Fox …we are slowly withdrawing from your programs…you tend to forgot we are well educated with degrees….even as Deaf consumers…we see how dumbed down our society is becoming from all the fake news, lies, if you only could see from outside in you would find yourself in our boat…unless you do not care and the Almighty dollar is your godm

  38. Ok, Dan, whoever ends up in hell is not determined by you. Second, if your going to pick on the president then you need to go after all the others that do the same, including democrats and there are a lot of them!. It’s just that the fake news will never tell you so.

  39. Judge Nap Head can go where the sun doesn’t shine! So Trump didn’t nominate the judge for the Supreme Court. President Trump can read character in people and the judge didn’t have any. If Fox was smart, they’d get rid of him. They’re going to lose the “real” top stars at Fox with these Liberal leanings lately. Then they’ll join the others fighting for the top bottom slot. It’s a shame.

  40. This is just another fake and deceitful organized group. Tried three times to post my comment and they will not post it

  41. True statement but so will all of us also.Including you. The good thing about it is each one will be judged for their own actions or inactions not for anyone else’s.

  42. Just have one simple question I would like to have answered correctly. Why can’t our news media simply report exactly what was said and let us decide if it is inappropriate? Seems they think we are all illiterate.

  43. Go ahead and vote blue to loose your independence as well as most of your rights. Become An eternal puppet not allowed to make you own decisions.


  45. Trump was born a “con man” and will go to his grave as a “con man” When he meets his maker, then he will be responsible for ALL his devious acts…

  46. Once Pandora Box is opened it is very very difficult to close it and that is what we have now a simmering Pandora Box I DO THINK FOX NATION IS A MISTAKE and we should all have access to it as the Programming is important and not everyone (the majority the middle & lower class) can afford the fees

  47. That explains a good bit if Disney has purchased controlling interest they will never again be neutral but will simply be an extension of MSNBC.

  48. as all of the above have pointed out the President made a real common sense response You listen and then hand it over to the necessary Agency otherwise you are in the dark about they are doing It may be serious or not If they do not tell you their story will they tell the Agency

  49. So, if he can be charged with a felony for stating a hypothetical statement why are Obama and his deep state cronies still walking free. They actually committed the act, More than once and used the information to commit criminal acts. Why are they not in jail. There are double standards in this country and it’s time they were stopped.

  50. Don’t know what kind of judge Napolitano was but listening to some of his comments sure glad he is no longer on the bench but spewing his contempt on Fox. Wonder what law school he attended?

  51. Judge Napolitano has sold his soul to the devil, just as Shep, Chris and Juan. I lost all respect for Judge N, he very much dislikes TRUMP and is being a jerk about it. He hasn’t said anything good about the POTUS for some time now. Have fun Judge N, I for one will not listen or pay any attention to you anymore. YOu are now in bed with the devil.

  52. I also will NOT watch Fox if they have Democratic debate. They have gone too far left for me

  53. Julio, just law is it against? What he said is he would listen and turn it over to the FBI. That is exactly what he should do. Let the (supposedly) best investigative agency in the world find out whether it is true or not.

  54. No matter what Trump says the Democrats make a lie of it. I think if Fox News wants to be number one they better watch out. They need to start with getting rid of the judge he is a fake, Then another one is Wallace, Shep Smith, of course Jaun Williams he has been a joke all along. Watch the Trump supporter will raise up at election time. Right now they are afraid to admit for fear of getting beat up. The Democrat party has become the party of hate and letting that turn into crime. What a pity.

  55. I guess the Democrates taking made up information from foreign country’s and using it against President Trump was ok! I hope the Dems get what’s coming to them in the end of all of this mess!

  56. The reason was during Obama era that was a law or executive order made that all media could not be bias and had to hire people from both sides of the aisle. It is same way he made an execute order about housing in communities that they had to be a have a certain percentige of housing for illegals. So here we are with all the pains and heartaches that come along with dictatorship and laws that dictate instead of protect.

  57. The clinton obama mob has a lot of creeps
    on their side, and it’s just the beginning of
    the shake down of the swamp.
    Fox News will probably find out after the viewers
    change channels, and the corporate panicking
    POTUS has done nothing wrong, period.
    The democratic party will go after anybody that gets in their
    way. One thing that they don’t have is a crime.
    The judge is a pawn of lies,

  58. Time to make our own network!! CBN is a good and reliable source. (For the Christian population, anyway!)

  59. There again is an example of “twisting” his statement to suit their agenda. He said he would turn it over to the FBI if it was credible…or something to that effect. That is all anyone could do. They will never give up on the harassment, will they?


  61. Randy I agree! I turn every time Jessica and Chris come on. No one can get a word in when they appear.
    They need to be taken off and the rest of the liberals.

  62. AlfromFI – I had heard that Napolitano was pissed because Pres. Trump didn’t nominate him for a SC seat. I have noticed that a lot of Nap’s comment prove to be untrue later. Pres. Trump said that if he got a call from a country,such as Norway, he would probably take it and if it was something bad he probably would turn it over to the FBI or another agency. He never mentioned an enemy to the U.S., as they are saying in the news. He was setting up the leftists. If they are saying what he said is treason, then they are admitting that Hitlery, Obummer and the like committed treason. Nap is a snake and so is Shepard Smith.

  63. I like President Trump, this is a smart way to identify the real supporters, by their comments they exposed themselves. and democrats fall in their own propaganda of misleading the people, the comment from the president is there for everybody to hear of read. Plain and simple saying is OK to listening and if there is a dirt inf. then reported to the FBI, any decent citizen should do that when hearing or seeing something, there is nothing wrong with listening! Just verify !!! and then prosecute.

  64. juan Williams is indeed a bimbo. I read recently that Disney had purchased FOX, thus Donna Brazile and other leftie maggots have appeared. I trust many FOX people, It would be a death march for the owners to start replacing them or forcing them to work with these liberal pieces of shhhh…

  65. It looks like Fox News want to get in the toilet like CNN and the rest of the far left liberal scumbag media. Now is a great time to create a new strictly right wing conservative news station and hire the good people away from Fox like Hannity.Tucker, Laura and other conservatives. Stick it to those left wing Trump hater Murdoch brother.

  66. Don’t know which comment from the president this is referring to. The answer to Geo step’s question re would you listen to or contact the FBI was that he would do both, maybe. If you don’t listen, how would you know what to tell the FBI? This whole thing is nonsense. A debate on a supposed president’s action/reaction is in the moron category – that includes the judge. Napolitano used to stick to legal clarification and options but lately has become another political opinion driven hack that appears to be in the democrat camp. of course, as always, anything seen/heard on cable TV is subject to scrutiny if one wants to seriously consider it.

  67. FOX is moving to the left and is moving its conservatives to a pay for view FOX NATION. Fox will echo the same thing that CNN, MSNBC etc. puts out, but I think that it is a mistake to sacrifice its conservative audience because its ratings will suffer and there will not be a complete shift to FOX NATION by the audience that now watches FOX NEWS. If what you have works, don’t mess with it or “if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it.”

  68. I don’t know why Fox has liberal people on their network. 99 percent of the media is far left. Their is no need to be fair and Balanced anymore.

  69. Next they will have Hillary on as a host. Gee, she could make a career of interviewing herself, SUCH AN EGO!!!

  70. You are absolutely correct. Napolitano is just a shill for the Democratic Party. He’s upset because Trump didn’t think he was good enough for the supreme court. Obviously, he was correct. He definitely doesn’t have supreme court temperament or intelligence. And he is just plainly nasty and vindictive, although he tries to hide behind a pseudo humble manner.

  71. Dave I agree wholeheartedly not only that but he suffers from the little man syndrome and needs to be relevant. Maybe he could be assistant to judge Judy. You know I really hate when someone that reports to be intelligent makes a real ass of himself.

  72. I don’t know for sure if this has any influence on Fox News but some portions of the Fox conglomerate were recently purchased by Disney.

  73. Wondering if Fox News is trying to loose it’s conservative stance. I understand “fair and balanced” but bringing all these commenters and opinionists makes me wonder. Shep Smith, Judge Nap, Donna B…looks like they are definitely leaning left.

  74. I believe it is Rupert Murdoch, and he is still alive. But, he did give control of FOX to his sons. Huge mistake.

  75. Shep Smith has always been an ass-never liked him or his attitude from the start! Napolitano used to be good, then I noticed a progressive switch to the leftist rhetoric. Now I wouldn’t believe a thing he says-

  76. Once again, Judge “Eddie Munster” has boarded the D-Train (Dementia) to CNN World and the land of Loonies! The President said nothing other than he would listen if a world leader had information. How the hell is one to determine if it’s “Dirt” until one hears it. If it was damaging he said, “I would turn it over to the FBI, or Attorney General.” Remember folks, this is pure speculation and the question was hypothetical. Also remember, the Democrats, the FBI, the CIA, the DNC and the Hillary Campaign did exactly what they (the media) were proposing as a hypothetical question to the President. Not only did all the aforementioned gather information, they sought it out, they paid for it and they knew it was false and used it anyway to disrupt a Presidential election. Furthermore, they continued to propagate numerous lies in order to unseat a sitting President and cause harm to this country! Now that IS treasonous behaviour. I guess Judge Eddie Muster missed that law class in whatever Law School he bought his way through!

  77. Don’t forget ‘shep the snowflake’ he should have been let go tears ago. FOX is making a soup sandwich out of what was a FINE station and a pleasure to watch. Not so these days and getting worse daily. What a shame !!!

  78. Wild change at Fox was bringing in Donna Brazil. Really? Why don’t they just go ahead and hire Debbie washerman Shultz for God’s sake. I know they need some democrats to create fair and balanced, but Donna? Caught giving Clinton the questions prior to the debate? They couldn’t find someone else??????? Really like One America News, try it folks.

  79. I would agree. I just do not understand, if any American were to receive information from anyone or anywhere that could be damaging to the country, they should take whatever information they have and report it to the proper authorities. That is what the president said, I would listen/take any information they have and report it to the FBI or CIA or whoever. I would hope that us what Pelosi or anyone would do

  80. President Trump is playing the dems like a fiddle. He knows that they would react just as they have. Now that they have, they will have a very difficult time when the FISA fraud is exposed. When the democratic party is exposed for doing the very thing Trumps said, even though he would not, he would do, accept foreign intel on a political opponent. Dems and RINO’s are so dumb.

  81. I like the judge. I don’t agree with everything he says. It was just an opinion. I don’t think trump shot himself 8n the foot. Trump could cure cancer and the democraps would find something wrong with it.

  82. Fox News’ direction is subtly changing for the worse. Soon the 4th Estate will no longer have a Conservative element. In that case, it will have the characteristics of the press in Nazi Germany. History should tell us to thwart that possibility. We need something to fill what is becoming a dangerous void.

  83. There is nothing subtle about the change at Fox. They do not deal with facts anymore, are not fair and balanced anymore and are joining the hate-the-president crowd just like all the good MSM so called news sources. What a disappointment as all losses of principles are to truth seekers. I don’t need to be coddled with false stories on either side, I can take the truth, need to be told the truth, and can with perseverance tell the difference. You at Fox have become pathetic.

  84. Andrew, Trump did not say He would refused to tell the FBI He said I may and I may not depending o what they said.All the Russian crap from 2016 was all created by the Hillary camp and you big mouths keep on lying about Trump and Russia. Hillary dossier, why has that not been investigated?

  85. Tune in to OANN (ONE AMERICA NEWS NETWORK) & NEWSMAX TV TWO GREAT CONSERVATIVE NEWS STATIONS….I get them through my Amazon fire tv….Thank God I’m a recovering fox watcher !! There’s a few on fox I wish would move over to OANN or NEWSMAX, Trust me, these are BOTH great networks !!!!

  86. I fail to see anything in the Trump statement of a foreign power offering information as felonious. This hypothetical scenario is fuel for the gristmill. Shame on Nap for commenting about a triviality.
    Is Fox going the way of all other media? Trying to shape opinion rather than report it?

  87. Garry,
    The only PHONY “president” was that flop-eared OBUNGHOLE the gay MOOSLIME FRAUD POS that INFESTED OUR WHITE HOUSE for 8 years after being shoved down our throats with voter fraud and lies from the DEMOCOMMUNIST “party” so they could have a “puppet” to do their “bidding”… Smarten up, you sound like a parrot spouting the “talking points” of the left wing “hate Trump” media.Try something NEW, and think for YOURSELF for once.

  88. I have listened tof that video numerous times, and each time I thought, he just drove the dem party crazy. I personally think he said it to aggrivate them. That some people would think he would actually do that after what he has been put thru is crazy. But, don’the forget, it was the DNA and the clinton foundation that they found are the ones who paid for it. So, NOT way would he really do it. To me, he played the dems, and they fell for it.

  89. Michelle, My grandfather was half Cherokee and half Irish. My grandmother was half Cherokee and half English. Shut the hell up. Trump is trying to save the country after the destruction of the last eight years under a Kenyan dictator, the previous eight years under a Globalist traitor to humanity, and the previous eight years to a self-serving murderous egotistical SOB.

  90. The interview sucked gp just wanted to nag on the russian bs not on Trumps accomplish ments liberal liars an losers just wont quit running scared

  91. I used to think Judge Napolitano was a straight shooter but he seems to hate Trump so much that he will declare him to be a criminal under questionable circumstances.

  92. Fox now contaminated by the sons of the founder. Yes both are liberal and their views obviously have made those of us who have watched their fathers leadership faithfully conservative be a fair and balanced network. Now it’s obvious that Chris Wallace has jumped the fence and turned a never Trumper at least it seems his attitude has become very negative toward our President. We are close it seems to losing our country, it’s now solely dependent on the 2020 election and Trumps winning another four years. God help and protect America we are definitely under attack.

  93. Napolitano Munster turned out to be another pay to play hack wantin special favors for saying nice things about trump. Didnt get special treatment so at least hes showing his closet Dem he has in him and soon nobody on the right will watch his show and if Rupert Murdoch is smart, He’ll dump him. Little pissy like a child that didnt get his way and Trump was smart to say no cuz Judge Naps a backstabbin butthurt soon to be nobody.

  94. It is not more your country you whining pathetic liberal!! Vikings were here before you. Your sweeping comments are also a lie. Do I want another obozo??!!! Hell no! I will take President Trump to any of you lying hypocritical liberals any day.

  95. Looks like the MONEY is getting to the judge, and he can not resist filling his pockets. Do you see “SELL OUT”.

  96. I think you heard something that the president did not say. He said he would tell the FBI but you really can’t rely on the FBI to do anything about it !

  97. I like that statement that a person running for a job can not accept anything from any country outside the USA. I guess that is only for Republican people. Some of these new’s folk’s hear something and without checking jump on the band wagon.

  98. Yes have notice the change and not happy with it. Seems the only time you can get the truth these days is if you watch the hearings and speeches themselves.

  99. You are a fool. The Democrats speck lies and you follow such a shame. Michelle Swanson I also am Cherokee Irish Scottish and English and I will stick with a true American and that would be President Trump so get off your high horse. President Trump will be re-elected.

  100. For a long time I thought that the Judge Napolitano was a straight shooter.
    Lately he is taking positions that I do not agree with.
    If a foreigner or government gave me information that I believed to be true I would use it. If I thought it was false I would not use it and notify the FBI. IF I HAD DOUBTS I WOULD STILL NOTIFY THE FBI.
    Truth is good no matter where it is coming from.
    I think the JUDGE should look up the intent of the law. You don’t prosecute people for telling the truth.

  101. No amount of money that Trump bribe us with will keep
    Trump in Office-That’s like selling out our Country!Step
    Down Trump-That’s my Patriotic duty! This is my
    Country- I am part Cherokee and part Irish! It’s more
    My Country than anyone’s else’s! I don’t want your bribe
    Money, just step the hell down and make us all happy!

  102. You must be delusional if you think electing a Democrat will end that crap. They invented it!!

  103. Yeah right; vote blue and give the country to the illegal aliens, jihadists, and all the other liberal trash associated with the democrat party.

  104. Coming from a leftist murderer and liar like yourself…mmmm I don’t think I will vote for anyone in the Jackass party!

  105. NOTHING phony about what the sitting president (aka Pinocchio) said was ILLEGAL… and it is not the first such comment from him. VOTE BLUE and end the LIES and tHE INSANITY!

  106. I’m afraid that Napolitino will be around for a long time. If I recalle correctly, Robert Murdoch will retire, or already retired from the FOX ownership, passing the reins to his son(s). His son(s) are liberal … it would be a matter of time that the FOX news will be one of the fake news networks.

    Napolitano become another Trump hater. Obviously he is pissed. Even more pissed after Trump explained what happened with him.

    Some people need to chill out with high hopes. In other words, “be careful what you wish for”.

    By the way, I thought that what Napolitino had achieved lately is quite impressive. He can relax a little bit more, can’t he?

  107. This comes from a judge whom approached Trump about getting appointed to the SCOTUS and was turned down. He’s had a hard on for Trump since.

  108. They don’t have to. They’re making lots of money from the few shows that do get good ratings (Varney, Dobbs, Hannity, Carlson, Perino, Levin). That enables them to pollute the rest of their network with libs, like Neil Cavuto who recently had Valerie Jarret on his show. I confess that I had no idea what was said in that segment because I can’t stand the sight or sound of Jarret or Cavuto. But to have that evil woman on any program on their network shows how low they’ve sunk.

  109. Unbelievable. The Dems are so far out of whack that I doubt they’ll ever find their way back to reality. And Fox News? Geez, I thought I could at least depend on one station to actually tell the truth. I’m done listening to their crap

  110. I watched the NBC interview with the President. He actually did say this. He would “listen” to info he was given by a foreign government on a political opponent, and then “give that inf to the FBI. Did not “turncoat Napolitano see and hear this like we all did??? He should be disbarred or removed by Fox News. Hannity and Hobbs are the only ones that report truth and I, too, will only watch them.

  111. FOX News can go the path of CNN if they aren’t careful. There are alternatives. One America News (OAN), NEWSMAX and Blaze TV.

  112. Thank god we have a President that can handle all the spins against him . ..they well say anything to keep their jobs.

  113. If fox goes like the rest of the media I will be glad to drop them just like the rest!!! Fox News was all l listened to but I have noticed that they are changing!! Rob Call

  114. Judge nap is no better than all the other fake news maggots Now i only watch Sean Hannity And Lou Dobbs Used to love fox ,now i go to OAN great news And thy do air the Trump rallies in full !!!Let them dig their own grave ,Thy are asking for it !!!!

  115. Judge Nap has been in trouble in the past for his remarks that later were proved incorrect–false. Is he losing it or have Rupert’s sons been turning the ship of Fox News hard left???

  116. Does anyone think, that for two seconds the fake news maggots or a democratic politician would pass on the same opportunity. If anyone does, then that person is incredibly naïve or beyond dumb all the way to stupid.


  118. Mueller dpoke the truth…no collusion or obstruction. Hearing something and thrn reporting the facts…ARE SOMETHING MAINSTREAM MEDIA CAN NOT DUPPORT. They just want sensationalism. No facts to back up reporting controversy. When it happens…present facts…

  119. Oh my gosh….not FOX too!!!
    What the hell is FOX thinking? Do they also want to go down to single digit viewers?

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