Fox News just revealed the future of their most famous host

The Left has been crowing about taking Fox News down a peg.

Activist liberals drove Bill O’Reilly off the air and Fox finished third in the cable ratings.


  1. why listen to the liberals and not the public who support your station. I stopped watching Fox news long ago, but there are still a few newscasters that I still like, Hannity being one. If your listening to others about remarks from your hosts and letting them go eg: tricia on Fox business . what about Bila on morning week end news, I watched all the time she was off to only have her come back and call Trump childish, while he’s gone trough such terrible name calling from many of your other newscasters and they’re still there, how come.? another section of fox that’s off my list, and I still like Pete too bad.

  2. Do not touch on O’Reilly !!He brought the truth and nothing but.. but he was for Pres.Trump!!so he had to go!! You can not be loved by millions of people like he is !! so just keep your mouth shut about Mr.O,Reilly M

  3. All Fox News has left is Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs, And Judge Jeanine. When they Leave or get FIRED Myself and Millions will Stop Watching FOX NEWS. This is Not A Threat, But A Promise.
    BOBBY ~!~

  4. FOX has changed for sure but what you just said about O’Reilly is BS! What do you call news? Rachel Madcow?! Try OANN. It’s the news without the spin but not MSNBC or the other liberal propaganda machines!

  5. Sean Hannity is the best thing that has ever happened to tv news. I would love to see him as our president someday

  6. I love OAN now even better than FOX. As you say, Fox has lost so much. I still watch Hannity and Watters World. The Five is ok but I get tired of everybody talking at once. OAN is just news. And even the commercials are good. Mostly about American History. The Ledger is a great show. Reminds me of the old days at FOX. He tells it like it is.

  7. why take away bill o’reilly did you ask? because you couldn’t call that ultra right drivel he preached news, not with a straight face at least. according to idiots like him, correcting police officers should be a crime. jesus, his promotion of the sheeple mentality was a crime against any person who has had at least one independant thought.
    i miss the days when the news was about the facts, and not sensationalizing an agenda. now they spin the facts to make the story more interesting so they get better numbers. hell i wanna be a murderer when i grow up, the way media sensationalizes it.

  8. fox news murdoch sons are the trying to destroy sean hannity career. If sean goes so go IIIIIII.This is not previous comment.You are mistaken.

  9. fox news murdoch sons are the trying to destroy sean hannity career. If sean goes so go IIIIIII.

  10. Getting rid of O’reilly was long overdue He should have been fired years ago
    Let’s pray that FOX does not fall for all of the left wing liberal crap
    Obama was the worse mess we have had in 100 years Hopefully he will be
    sent back to Kenya

  11. With all due respect you do have real options: Circa News on the internet and Facebook and on the net and Facebook plus on Direct TV channel 347 it is just the news with out the talking heads doling out their propaganda…

    Check it out .. .

  12. All true Americans!It is time to stand up and fight the “SWAMP DWELLERS”. The left,non Americans are trying to destroy the USA. If you love this country, today is the day to STAND UP ,Be HeaRD and fight for your country. The demo party is going to destroy the country.Get rid of the Clintons,Obama,Pelosi,Schumer,Waters,Warren and the RHINOS. RYAN,MCCONNELL,etc.Do this before they destroy our great country.


  13. FOX NEWS has begun to suffer. I know many, many people who looked forward every night to listen to Bill O’Reilly. Why did FOX NEWS take that away from us? Why? I’m glad we still have Sean Hannity, and if he goes, so will many other people, including myself. Apparently, FOX NEWS wants to join the ranks of the liberal media. No wonder they have lost ratings, and they’ll continue because those conservative journalists who are left will look elsewhere.

  14. I hope that the other channels or news stations fall down on the list that they have for who is the best news channel to watch because only FOX has that hands down the others can’t be trusted anymore they are all Democratic stations and only there point of view they all hate the truth and it shows now more then ever. I didn’t see it until this last election and man did they all just prove to us all that the United States is losing control big time we soon would have had a one side news and we would never get the truth again and we also would not know any different for they are all talking the same language and not the truth. With that being said that is real bad for are country and that is the truth.

  15. Sean Hannity is a man of integrity. If Fox News decides to let him go, there are other channels who gladly provide him the opportunity to continue his show. I watch his show because is the only one with the truth.

  16. I for one believe that their persisting in this degree of vitriol won’t be forgotten at the next congressional election. They have defined themselves as purveyors of hatred.

  17. If fox for any fabricated reason tries to push Sean Hannity off so fox can be in the Democratic Politicians pocket then you might as well close the doors, be cause Sean at this point is the only one in the whole news system that is telling it like it is, I personally want to see this man reporting what is going on for many years to come. I trust Sean more then I trust our State officials with their Sanctuary
    Towns and Cities Breaking the Constitution of the United States and the Oath they took when they took offices.

  18. Perhaps the ultra-left “defenders-of-the-Faith” should study the parable of THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF?

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