Fox News just suffered a devastating loss

The so-called “mainstream” media hates Fox News.

Fake news outlets despise the fact that Fox presents an alternative view point to their liberal fantasy land.

But will that continue after Fox News suffered this devastating loss?

Kimberly Guilfoyle was co-host of The Five.

She is also dating Donald Trump, Jr.

Guilfoyle announced she was leaving Fox News to join Trump Jr. on the campaign trail ahead of the midterm elections.

Guilfoyle was a Trump stalwart and her departure will leave a hole on one of the network’s most high profile shows.

Donald Trump Jr.’s spokesman Andrew Surabian characterized the move as a “win for the entire GOP.”

But what’s good for the GOP might not be good for Fox News.

CNN and MSNBC hope Guilfoyle leaving will weaken Fox News Channel’s 5PM program and give them an opening to build an audience.

But given the lunatic fringe Trump hatred those networks broadcast in that time period, executives in both networks should not get their hopes up.

There has yet to be any news as to who will replace her.

Who do you think should replace Kimberly Guilfoyle on The Five?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section



    • How come nobody is talking about how well Jesse puts Juan in his place. C’mon now, Jesse is the bomb. He really made that show for me.

    • Keeping Juan is inviting less audience..He is a loser and the only reason he stays on, is the ACLU would be in action. So suffering the loss in audience, is not as expensive as a civil lawsuit that would follow with his exit. The man is unbearable and even Chris Wallace is turning into his dad, Mike Wallace a flaming Democrat.. The Fox is going South even Brit Hume is a turn-off, sorry to say after years of listening to the (?)conservatives.

  1. There’s Kennedy, Katie Pavlich, Jason Chaffetz, and as long-shots, Brian Kilmeade and Chris Stirewalt. I liked Kimberly a lot and thought she was very intelligent, but as soon as she started to date Don Jr., she had this holier-than-thou attitude about her, and I didn’t care for it. Anybody who was down to Earth, then starts to put on airs, and by the same token, sort of tuned out what she was there for, changed my opinion of her. Everyone else was picking up the slack for her. It’s too bad that she couldn’t have continued her love life and her job, but from what I’ve been reading, she did FOX a favor by walking out the door!! There will probably be a big improvement with her gone!! She was just eye candy!!

    • I don’t know why Kimberly has to be let go just to campaign for Trump. Couldn’t she just take a leave of absence? And be able to do the great job she has done for Fox News upon her return??????????????

      • I understand it was her decision to leave Fox. She has taken a Vice Chair position with a Conservative Pac that supports DJT but will be on the campaign trail for POTUS also. I was sorry to see her leave Fox also.

    • i have quit watching the 5. kimberly was the only one who could shut up juan. sick of so many left wingers on fox any more. sad but goodbye fox

      • Judge Jeanine Pirro would make a better candidate for the SCOTUS! She is very knowledgeable on law matters and knows what she is talking about! But she is great on FOX and so was Kimberly. I wonder what ever happened to that lawyer, can’t remember her name at the moment, that she and Kimberly used to appear a lot on Bill O’Reily’s show when he was on? She was a very intelligent woman as well! She would be a good replacement on the FIVE, at least in my mind!

  2. I see I’m not the only one who can’t stand Juan Williams.I stopped watching the five when he took over for Bob Bechtle.He really goes against the grain.Julian Turner or Jesica Tarlov would be a good replacement for him.At least they will listen first and then comment.

    • Like you, every time I attempted to watch “The Five” on Fox, I would be forced to turn to FoxBus instead because I can’t tolerate Juan Williams for longer than one minute. With all the alternative Left-Wing news outlets available, I don’t understand why FoxNews can’t concentrate on representing the Conservative viewpoint to the viewing public. Each time Fox airs segments or entire vicious partisan rants by CNN or MSNBC jerks, I’m less and less eager to turn on Fox and be exposed to Leftist propaganda!

    • No, please keep where she is. She is doing a super job, very informed, articulate and earned creditability and knows how to deal with all the big shots. The five is more of entertainment and opinion by the members of the 5. Maria handles real news.

    • I am a woman……WANT TO TELL YOU that you liberal women have shafted women’s rights…..You are what has ruined the USA and the respect that we women once had…..You are not worth the ink that was used on your birth certificate..

      • I’m a woman also, and I’m so disgusted by the behavior of half the females in this country, I don’t blame males one bit for avoiding them like the plague! Since Republican females tend to be too liberal and frequently too obstructionist, it’s also extremely rare for me to cast my vote for female Republican candidates. As for female Democratic elected officials, I find them to be totally deplorable bitches!

        • OMG! I am a woman also & I agree completely with all you said. I’ve not been able to find the proper words for my feelings but you said it perfect… both you & the woman you replied to… so glad to see women speaking up! Go women! Also I really do like Tammy Bruce for Kimberly’s replacement… she’d be excellent.

          • She would indeed. I look forward to seeing her smiling face and listening to her highly intelligent political analysis whenever she appears on Fox News!

          • I agree I really like Tammy Bruce Very smart, she used to be a Democrat so she really can speak from both sides! She would challenge Juan, also like Kennedy!

  3. The way FOX has been leaning latly, they might ask CNN’s Acosta to be part of the 5 to acent the moron Juan W. Shep Smith is another gay idiot who should be fired, but FOX has threatened Hannity and Tucker to stop helping POTUS. They are no longer a Right leaning network. The deep state has taken over. ONE AMERICAN NEWS LOOKS LIKE THE LAST NETWORK THAT GETS OUT THE TRUTH. Problem with OAN is that cable companys are Not broadcasting it. They have kept them out for a reason, You can guess the reason.

    • So true, I thought I was the only one who can’t stand Juan Williams or Shep Smith. Why would Fox even allow Shep Smith on the air and Juan is almost as bad. I lost respect for Kim V when she hooked up with Don jr. Wasn’t he married and had like ; kids? She had had several marriages too I think. She really fooled me. Anyway I say Candice O or Tammy would be great. Even Tomi L would be great.

  4. Kimberly was great and will really be missed. She was so smart, and was out with it. Everyone I know is sick of Juan, i know he is a Democrat but his whining is ruining the whole show. Keep trying different people to see who is going to fit.

  5. Michele Malkin would be the best to represent a constitutional value on the show, with Tomi Lohlen would suit more on the great beauty side, but I really like Michele for the position. We need her out front on all news shows.

    • I like Tomi Lohien would be great.. But don’t for get Hillary is coming out of the woods…Had to put a little humor.

    • I like Candace,Tomi or Michelle but Michele is a better mouthpiece and less of a celbrity. She should be in a serious show all on her own> So I would have to go with a gorgeous SMART lady with a huge personality. If they want to kill two birds then Candace has brains beauty and is a woman POPC Covers ALL bases if they want the bombshell beauty and brains then Tomi

  6. Lisa Boothe would be a nice replacement. Also Fox should be replacing Juan Williams and Sheppard Smith! Those two make me want to spit!

    • I agree, Williams and Smith must go, I don’t like watching or hearing either of them spewing their anti-Trump rhetoric.

    • I can accept Juan he is an honest lib. SHEP? Get rid of that girlyman Trump hater Shep who is ALWAYS in a snit since he came out. Here’s a clue. We don’t care if you are gay. REALLY we just don’t like the “TUDE” and the pretense of being a REAL news show. Too biased and it shows., He just about sneers everytime he says Trumps name. I looved the gay guy who became an ambassador. WHat a great guy. Perhaps they could have the guy that is promtoing #walkaway. He’s gorgeous,Gay and a convert. Might be very interesting

  7. Most definitely Dana Loesch. She has done a superb job for the NRA and has the knowledge and intellect to take Kimberly’s place. Now all we have to do to make the show perfect is crap-can the turd with a tie, Juan Williams.

  8. Loved Kimberly & truly believe Tammy Bruce would be an EXCELLENT replacement! She is the most knowledgeable and articulate and presents herself so perfectly.

  9. No one can put Juan Williams in his place like Kimberlt so Five will be less interesting. But I think Lisa Boothe is a good replacement for the port side of the table.

    • I agree, Juan has to offer nothing to the American people. He’s out of touch with what Trump is trying to do, he’s a Rhino and should go. Bring in Chavez, he would be a great replacement

      • Hi Eric Larson, Not trying to talk down to you, I am a deplorable also but wanted to let you know Juan Williams is a HRC and BHO loving dyed in the wool, Democrat screaming liberal! I am sure you know that and just forgot for a minute. I think he has two sons who are Republicans and very conservative. I know one of them is. Go figure! I’ll bet around their dinner table at family gatherings the conversation is

  10. Most people who pay attention realize that mainstream (liberal) is no news but a propaganda machine for the party (democratic) like Pravda and TASS was for the former USSR in the cold war.

  11. I would love to see Tomi Lahren as her replacement. She has plenty of spunk, she’s beautiful, smart, and she is one hell of a great conservative!

  12. I nominate Chuck Norris. He’s a veteran and patriot; also nobody will ever be stupid enough to pi$$ him off. That should silence Juan Williams.

    • So many to choose from but here’s my list! Katie pavlich, tommie Lauren, or Michelle Malkin, all would be great choices!

    • I saw Dean Cain fill in on Fox and Friends weekend show and did a good job. He is conservative and a hunk to boot! Fox should try to hire him, he really is a good guy.

  13. Fox could put reruns from the Dukes of Hazard and the MSM trolls like ABC, CNN, CBS & NBC still could not get their viewer numbers up. They are each swirling down the drain because we do not appreciate being treated as if we are too stupid to know when they are lying to us and trying to influence our thoughts and opinions rather than just give us the REAL News of the day. I think it has been so long since they’ve done that, it has become something they no longer know how to do.

  14. I think Judge Jeannine Piro would be perfect. It would be nice to have a legal opinion, and she is very intelligent.

  15. Has anyone noticed how FOX has gone to the left. They are not as supportive as they have been. It all started when revently Hannity and Tucker were threatened and told to stop supporting the Trump agenda. Glad they are not following orders.Be carefull who you believe. Vote Republican. Rid the world of the pedophile DemoRats.

        • When Megyn Kelly first got her show on Fox I watched her. I saw right away she was not a conservative but I thought she was fair and balanced (as Fox likes to say). At least she was able to control her emotions, must better than Shep anyway. When DJT was campaigning and Megyn was a debate moderator, she asked him about referring to women in disrespectful ways, calling them names, etc. Megyn and POTUS got a big feud going, then it went downhill for her, she thought she didn’t get support at Fox. she felt like this and like that and seemed to lose perspective on everything. I saw obvious change in her program, lost Interest and stopped watching. The next thing I know she has signed with NBC. I don’t think she would be interested in coming back to Fox and I don’t see why Fox would want her as her ratings at NBC have been abysmal.

    • Well, they did in my opinion yesterday. They put out the word via Bret Bare that FOX News stands with CNN against the White House.

      • We agree. My husband and I switch channels when Shep comes On because he is suppose to be a news program but he inserts his left leaning opinions☹️

    • Tommie Clark, You made me smile when you called Shep Smith a “spy”. My opinion, Shep is the a solute worse person on Fox. His hatred of the President causes his eyes to flash like a demon, and his mouth comforts with anger when he is talking about President Trump. His face appears as if he is going to go into a an uncontrollable spit spewing rage at any second. Fox is considered by most to be conservative but I am not sure he would fit in with the MSM, any of them. I have never seen a journalist who has no control over their emotions in this way, caused by sheer hatred. Shep is supposed to be a super star at Fox but, Fox needs to know how many people change the channel when he is on, me included.

  16. please no more Bob Beckel or Juan Williams.
    Michelle Maulkins is intelligentsia, but slso authoritarian and often shows a bossy,scratchy,personality” Bob Beckel!?
    2 people that I nominate Doug Schoen & Jeannine Pirro
    They’re both geat patriots


  18. Kimberly tends to be a “me too Trumpster” commentator and doesn’t add much. Put in someone like Stossel and or Steyn and challenge the panel. Williams drags it down for me so attempting to make it “balanced” actually makes it unwatchable.

    • Not so well-known but a good choice would be Tammy Bruce. She is very intelligent, articulate. She knows the Left all too well. She was one of them. Their hypocrisy drove her to become a Conservative. Her insight into the Leftist thinking is invaluable.
      She would be an excellent replacement for Kimberly.

    • I like all mentioned, Candace, Jeannine but also I like Rachel Campos Duffy but she probably wouldn’t commit with having a large family that is still young.

  19. Get rid of Williams is good but needs to be replaced by another lefty for Fox fair and balance news. Dating D. Trump Jr. ok live and let live

  20. Ditto Bruce House July 23, 2018 and she will be a great asset for the GOP. Fox news may stretch the truth a little but fake news only spins it there way by not reporting the fax’s or wont / don’t report it at all. SAD Fox news will be like President Trump wait and pick the best person for the job. Wake up lefties open your eyes, ears and mind get both sides. Watch what you wish for you may get it!

  21. Katie Pavlich, Candace Owens or Michelle Malkin would all be great replacements for Kimberly.If there has to be a leftie, Juan is as bad as any!

    • Only if they keep Juan Williams in his place. Lately he has been speaking over everyone and we don’t hear what the others say. It is like 2008 again when the Stephanie Cutter would say whatever she wanted for how long she wanted and no one corrected her. If you do not have someone like Kimberly to correct his talking points and who is not afraid to put him in his place, Juan Williams will cause “The Five” to end. Even a mute button won’t be enough to keep me watching now.

      • Right on, Desi. As I see it there are only about three or four commentators that can replace Kimberly. I really hated to see her leave.

      • Great idea,I think Tomi would be great! Smart,young,conservative woman! Who knows, she might bring in some of the young brainwashed crowd that could use a good dose of truth instead of the bs they get fed by the MSM.

  22. Candice Owens all the way. She’s an inspiration to her race. Love her. Jude Jeanne or Michelle Malukin would be my other choices. I love the five and I’m going to miss Kimberly. Never get rid of Greg or all have to stop watching. I love his witty satire. The whole group is fun to watch. No stress just fun and informative in different ways.

  23. Candice Owens all the way. She’s an inspiration to her race. Love her. Jude Jeanne or Michelle Malukin would be my other choices. I love the five and I’m going to miss Kimberly. Never get rid of Greg or all have to stop watching. I love his witty satire. The whole group is fun to watch. No stress just fun and informative in different ways.

    • I like One American News Network. Available on DirecTV and on the internet at Very conservative news you can trust.

      • I agree. It can’t replace The Five, but for regular conservative news, OANN can’t be beat. It costs me five bucks a month but it’s worth it as long as I can still get Fox News too.

  24. Not Kennedy. She’s smart, but likes the sound of her own voice. She is bad about talking over people she has interrupted which tells me she thinks what she has to say is more important than what anyone else may have to say. She needs to mature a little bit first.

    • Michelle Malkin would be EXECELLENT !!!! Judge Jeanine Piero EXECELLENT TOO !!!!

  25. Kimberly, please say it isn’t so. You are a great hostess and anchor. Don’t leave. The campaign is short lived and you have tremendous security at FOX. I feel you will regret this decision in the future.

    • Duke, Word has it that Kimberly had no choice in the matter. It was a decision made by the upper-echelon of Fos News.

  26. Candace Owens? Isn’t she who Sean Hannity uses constantly? If so, either Michele Malkin or Candace Owens. AND OH YES – PULEEZE….SOMEBODY GET RID OF JUAN WiLLIAMS. MY GOD, he is stupid – but better stupid than too damned smart.

    • I’ve been writing in about Juan Williams as well, can’t stand him & his pointing of his fingers & the way he makes those stupid faces, but they seem to have him on more & more of their shows, I’m began changing channels.

    • I agree with you Rush would be great and this could be a great step for him to run for President after President Trump whips the crats again.

  27. Michelle Malkin (sp) would be UNBELiEVABLE, OR (and can’t recall her name) that special female researcher that Sean Hannity uses constantly, whose information is always breakthrough and impeccably sourced – a brunette – works for some conservative paper.

  28. Bob is a liberal, but one with some common sense and willingness to debate constructively. He also had a sense of humor and was willing to laugh at himself. Fox canned him for some off-the-cuff remark a few years ago. As I said, even fox is becoming too PC, and is beginning to drift slightly left by adding so many progressives to their “Fox Contributor’s” list.

    • I like fox news they in most instances try to be fair. If they move away from fair they will go the way of CNN, MSNBC. NOT ONLY DO CONSERVATIVES WATCH IT SO DO MANY DEMOCRATS. UMITS THE ONLY SHOW WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ONE AMERICAN NEWS THAT GIVE BOTH FACT AND TRUTH

  29. My wife is an avid viewer of Fox News. I don’t watch much TV. But when she has the “Five” on my eyes are glued to Kimberely while I salivate. Then Juan starts talking and I run out of the room. Don Jr. is divorced. He can go about his life. Nothing wrong with him dating Kimberly. All I gotta say is what a lucky guy. Fox news is full of foxes who can replace Kimberly. I will miss her but I know that Fox will put in a very suitable replacement. Please bring back Bob Belker or whatever his name is. The heavyset guy with the suspenders.

  30. It has to be someone fiesty! Michele Malkin or Candacy Owens. One of these would blow the minds of the dems. Keep Juan. We always know what he will do and what stance he will take on any issue. Parrot!

    • Get rid of JUAN , as far as I am concerned.
      Kimberly was good on the five, hate to see her go. If the would get rid of one more women on there, would be better. She brings ZIP to the 5. Get another women that will ask , and comment on issues .

      • Harf, she served in the “o” administration. She’s attractive for this male (ME) to look at but once she starts reflecting her POVs I stop listening. Sorry, I’m a chauvinist, I guess….

  31. Not a huge loss, as Fox will find someone just as talented to fill her spot. Life goes on, and change is good. No need to worry, Fox News watchers are not going to go back to watching fake news again. We know who is telling the truth and who isn’t.

  32. Fox may have lost a good reporter and legal analyst but the Trumps are getting one smart and beautiful woman who has the pulse of the people. She will be a great asset to the pack if that’s what she’s doing?

  33. I like it Judge Jeannine. She wouldn’t let Juan Williams get away with his miss truths. As for Juan Williams, he’s not as bad as some of the liberal hacks that they have had on the show. I turn it off usually if there’s someone in Juan’s place. I’m not taking up for Juan. I just think he is the least evil of the evils if that makes sense.

  34. To those of you who say get rid of Juan; don’t do it!!! Juan Williams shows just how big of idiots the left are. Hopefully, some lefties watching the show will realize how ridiculous their stance is when they hear him and I think he keeps the rest of us on the right side.

    • Juan is there to fill a role, or at least I try to believe that is the case. He is far-left to say the least. But, the Five has tried to provide a fair and balanced view since their inception.
      Kimberly is a huge loss as far as fair and balanced is concerned.

  35. Get Judge Jeanine Pirro and we can put her up against that disgusting vile corrupt so called human piece of garbage Whoopi who disrespected her when she invited her into that show to talk about her book, then the vile moron went into Trump Derangement Syndrome on her and spit on the Judge why would a network allow such vile behavior?! Guess their sponsors agree with this crap!? I sure will be looking into this!

    • I think Judge Jeanine Pirro woul be a fantastic replacement for Kim on Fox The Five and as a fill-in for the news when needed! She is honest
      , intelligent, funny, beautiful and will stand her ground! She’ll tell Juan exactly what an instigator, racist, unintelligent idiot he is. Why should the judge be exposed to the gossiping View?? I never watch them because I don’t like any of their coffee clutch gossiping sessions where they expose their stupidity and ugliness.

  36. I’d like to see Dan Bongino, but they would probably like another woman on the show, in that case I would like Judge Jeanine or Candace Owens.

  37. If Janine can’t commit, how’s about Michelle Malkin…she has the same qualifications as the Judge…!!! Thumbs up for either…!!

  38. I’m all for Judge Janine as her replacement, brains, beauty and balls..! AND get rid of Williams, he is wet blanket when it comes to intelligent rhetoric.

  39. No big loss, FNC is #1 for their content more than their personnel. Kimberly’s a fine piece of a$$ with loooong legs and great t1t$, but her replacement, Katie Pavlich is younger and hotter, albeit with less of a body built for sin, LOL.

  40. Please replace Juan Williams he seems to be in love with Hillery she could be caught robbing fort Knox and he would have a reason for her doing it to make it legal as using it to make change for all the millions she has made thru kick backs over the years

  41. Amidst all of this jockeying, I cannot fathom the silence on Sandra Smith.
    The only way to do better would be for the fox to steal Liz Wheeler, the sharpest tongue on television (like they stole Tomi Lahren).

  42. Not happy with the way Kim was removed. Should have been allowed to say goodbye and disappointed Jesse and Greg whimped out. Juan needs to be replaced. One thing to debate another to lie. Candace would be perfect or Jeanine.

  43. Kimberly will be missed and I am sorry to see her go. I would say she is seeing DJT, Jr. socially, too many photos of them out there to think otherwise. Apparently Trump, Jr. and his ex-wife had been living separate lives for a good long time even though their divorce was in recent months. She did make some appearances during the campaign but understand it was mostly for show. I do not feel it will have any negative effect on President Trump. In fact, I think Kimberly will be an asset because she is intelligent, well spoken with an outgoing personality, experienced politically and professionally as well as a wonderful Conservative. I think she is a winner everywhere except a great loss to Fox News Channel.

  44. I don’t know why any one would say dating him is bad idea great for her but the Ex wife is the one that wanted out of the marriage not him, besides look for Foxes new person to be another one on the liberal left, and not conservative Now that they have the New CEO that is a liberal expect her to start moving Fox more to the left The Murdock sons took it a little left this past year or so, and now she will do it also..

  45. This is the devastating news? She was good, but I bet they have 20 people wasiting to replace her. They will not have any trouble finding a replacement.

    • I agree Paul! When I was thinking of who would be good, the top 2 that came to mind, was Katie Pavlich or Judge Jeannine. Either one of them I think would be awesome!

    • J.D. I agree get rid of that Juan the whiner. I have not been happy with Fox Sunday News…I heard that Harf and of all people Brit Hume, join the talking heads in shooting down Trump… and all three were nodding in agreement re: Trumps… Tweets.. They, or at least Hume should know that his Tweets are nothing but chum bait for the Left to get snagged on. So now I will go with the bloggers who may not be famous, but they are real and not sitting around a gilded table sipping coffee..I’ve had it with Chris Wallace, he is turning into his dad Mike Wallace, not good. Harf, is nothing but gas, she reeks.

  46. Luke durocher from Texas, unknown but would be a good pick, all the women would love him, funny and quick.

  47. Fox has any number of women that could replace KG. How about Katie Pavlich for one? Or Tomi, or Candace, or Rachel, Andrea, or Dana Loesch? So Fox has it well covered.

  48. The Five has been losing viewers like myself because they refuse to remove the liberal anti-Trump bigot Juan Williams. He has been allowed to spew his anti-Trump, anti-American, anti-white hate and bigotry on Fox for years. We get enough of that from MSM. With that said there is only one choice to replace Kimberly. That’s Candace Owens! She will not be afraid to confront the racist black guy (Williams) as the other host are.

  49. Terrible news — dating Donald Jr. just after his divorce from wife and 5 kids is terrible. I have no respect for her or Donald Jr. and this can hurt the president. Pathetic.

    • I totally agree with you. I lost all respect for her. Out for the buck that’s all. This can hurt out President. And Donald Jr. should have thought first about this. All we will hear now on FAKE NEWS is this. More crap to hurt President Trump. This made me sad.


  50. Is it confirmed that She is dating DT JR?
    All most of us want is the truth without leaning left or right. Find anyone who will do that.

  51. Rotating guest appearances from conservative female representatives…giving political in sight to female conservative opinions.

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