Fox News just turned the tables on Trump. You won’t believe what they reported

Donald Trump and many of his supporters have questioned the direction of the programming on Fox News.

Rush Limbaugh went so far as to wonder if Fox should change its name to the “Never-Trump Network.”

But now Fox News just turned the tables on Trump. You won’t believe what they reported.

During the impeachment proceeding Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano was one of the most critical voices on cable news about the President’s conduct.

Napolitano accused the President of committing a crime and declared that if he was in the Senate he would vote to remove the President from office.

But on the matter of the Justice Department railroading Trump associate Roger Stone with an unfair trial that was tainted by a biased juror, Napolitano firmly sided with the President that Stone deserves a new trial.

Napolitano told Fox News viewers that the juror must answer for why she hid her hatred of Donald Trump – her social media feed is littered with anti-Trump posts – from prosecutors and that the prosecutors must respond to questions about why they did not know about her bias and if they did why they hid it from the court.

“So what should the judge do? She should bring this foreperson in. She should bring the four resigned prosecutors in, and she should let Roger Stone’s lawyers interrogate the prosecutors. ‘What did you know about her and when did you know it, and why didn’t you tell us if you knew about her prejudice?’” Napolitano explained.

“I think almost any judge in the country would order a new trial. I’m not so sure about Judge Jackson. I don’t know,” Napolitano added.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is an Obama appointee that somehow always seems to wind up hearing cases involving Trump associates.

Berman Jackson presided over Paul Manafort’s trial as well as that of Stone.

In both cases she made rulings that led to many Trump supporters believing she was handpicked to handle these cases because the Washington, D.C. “Swamp” knew she would play ball and make sure the trials ended in the Deep State’s desired outcome.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. It’s obvious this Jackson judge has a never trump attitude. And, the FBI and CIA’s perchance for SHOPPING judges, both for Trump’s associates and the FISA courts is not acceptable. The rule of law is great, at least if you ARE the law, but, if you are one of their Enemies that rule of law doesn’t mean much.

  2. They could not beat Trump in 2016 so they began attacking him on everything they could since then. They have no idea what their doing in Our Offices other than they are Aid and Supporting Millions of Criminal Illegal Aliens with Billions and Billions of Our Tax Dollars. I wonder how many Millions of Our Tax Dollars they have spent trying to throw Our Elected President out of office? Should we be throwing all these Criminal Lovers who just give our Funds to Diseased Criminal Illegal Aliens in Our Prisons along with all AMERICANS who have broken our Federal Laws? Why are the Democrats so Protective of these Illegals – because when the Democrats can allow them to apply for Citizenship; they want them All to register as Democratic voters – that’s why! No More Citizenship for Criminals who enter our Country illegally – EVER – This needs to be GARNDFATHERED AS WELL! Never again should America allow any Criminal Illegal to become a Citizen; the Democrats have been REWARDING them long enough for Breaking Our Federal Laws and the Democrats Aiding and Abiding Known Federal Criminals on the run in America and hiding them, forcing you and I to pay for their Democratic RECRUITS!

  3. Fox was once my source for news that was not tainted by the liberal Left’s viewpoint. It is clear now that they have been infiltrated by Dumbocrats and I will no longer watch their network or support their advertisers.

  4. Talking about America being sold. It was bought when obummer took office. Yep money can buy lots of things ppl. It can even sway a vote, or pay for voter fraud. So America has been sold but DJT is trying his best to bring it back and having to fight the paid to play the whole way.

  5. Well Napolitano wanted to be a supreme court judge and Trump said no. I have a feeling he thinks if Trump is replaced Napolitano will have a chance at a supreme court judge position. However I heard him give a lawyer’s position on something on FOX and me being not a lawyer, I knew what he said was wrong. So does he know law or does not know law and Trump knew that. I wish a lawyer who made sense of basic law which I know somewhat could tell me is Napolitano for real on his explanation of law or not. I want to know, should I tone him out or listen to him

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  7. They should change their name to …. the delusional news …. but then that’s the new name for the democRats , delusional’s . Then again aren’t they the same … delusional’s … it’s a sad world when our government and news can’t be honest about anything . Thank a delusional for that
    Trump 2020 … make the liberals cry again ( approved by the deplorables )

  8. Good by to Fox. They have turned into a CNN. I’m sorry for the few I like like Shaun Hannity. But they have bought into the liberalism stench.

  9. what every one is missing is that the warrant they used to get information that was used to start mueller investigation was obtained illegally there for every one that was charged through mueller has got to be dismissed why did they even have a trial and when they found that it was illegal all evidence should have been dismissed .no evidence no trial. they have let murders go free because of bad warrants . why is our doj not fowling the rule of law.

  10. Justice is blind, according to original court system in place. This Judge who sentenced Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, should be removed, and an impartial Judge should take her place. Both men should have their trials redone and original trials declared” mistrials” .

  11. Napolitano is a liberal and will say anything to support his liberal agenda!!
    He is one reason we no longer watch Fox!!

    giving our country to the invaders (FAKE VOTES & CRIMINALS).
    I am 84 years I hope None of my relatives will have to use (EL or LA)
    with their names, And what will happen to the name (AMERICA)? El or la?

  13. This “judge” should be exposed, disbarred and charged with some kind of offense for such injustice, and every case over which she has EVER presided should get a new trial.

  14. Let’s see what the appellate court has to say about it. I’m not a lawyer but (there’s always a but), I betcha that dollar I hid from the democrat god obama that the conviction WOULD BE OVERTURNED. That is if the appellate isn’t packed with democrat simpithizers.

  15. If this is the case. The Judge knew this and the Prosecutor’s knew this. They all need disbarred now. If this case is proven like this. They all need to go to the Supreme Court for review and if guilty disbarred.

  16. This idiot and William from the Five should move to MSDNC as quick as possible. There might be 3 to 5 bad democraps who are probably being paid by the democrap party and now bloomberg, to make Fox just as bad as CNN and MSDNC. No matter what President Trump does or say’s it will always be wrong. As for William on the Five, he hasn’t been on the show for a week now. If you watch any Fox News from the Five to Laura Ingraham you should know why. That one day you might see a commentary then the next you won’t. And it’s not for Vacation. Except for a few, you know their off doing something. Anyways, for the most of Fox News are great programs.

  17. Why does FOX continue to use a loser like Napolitano? He stinks and is vindictive. I turn the station off when he gets on.

  18. Stone’s attorney did request that the Jury Foreman be removed for bias and the Judge said no. Guess you are right about questioning the Judge’s bias against Trump.

  19. The judge should have been for president Trump even though he was passed up for Supreme Court justice. He is not qualified! Trump needs to fire many more inept people,

  20. We watch the rallies live on the internet. I’m through with interruptions of what we want to see. Old movies are more relevant and in touch than FOX and this reject of a judge. Who needs Soros propaganda. FOX is as in touch as “Ron Wyden of Oregon“, (Hahaha) , but truth is really really about him being a liberal New York City and Stanford graduate where he played basketball. Million dollar mansion and bookstore in NYC, he is just as out of touch with Oregonians as FOX..

  21. What is the real reason behind the Judges (Napolitano) hatred of our President? Maybe the Judge should tell the truth!

  22. I’m so tired of reading and seeing this terrorist. It turns my stomach to see what money did to this country. And our representatives sold us out. Get rid of obummer Clinton’s Pelosi the whole demturds need to go and go now!!!

  23. Well, on a personal note, I think others should do what I did….I took a dump on Fox News, and moved on to OAN News.

  24. Whatever actual depth of guilt Stone is actually guilty of, I don’t think it justified a raid of his home in the middle of the night by a SWAT team with CNN notified so that they could cover the event. The whole thing smells of partisan politics.

  25. Isn’t it amazing how many losers in the top elite are so envious of Trump and his success that they literally can’t help but become bitter and unafraid of showing it! I would that all available Americans could march on Washington and demand LADY JUSTICE TO BE DRAINED OF HER SWAMP RATS AS WELL !!!!

  26. A fair trail is when both lawyer get to ask questions about those who got pick to be in the jury box! Stone trail was NOT HANDLE THAT WAY! JUDGE JACKSON WAS HAND PICK FOR ANOTHER TRAIL BY THE DEEP STATE CROOKS!

  27. We all should know what was done by Obama and Holder. They made sure every federal judge was going to rule in their favorite. Judge Jackson need to be replaced! Her job was to uphold the Constitution laws! But she an the jury forperson did NOT! TRAIL WAS NOT A FAIR TRAIL! You could see the deep state putting all of Trump people in prison! But they don’t put the LYING OBAMA APPOINTMENT IN PRISON! Trump should release Stone and removed Jackson from the bench.

  28. Real M judge napp has an ax to grind. He’s burned about not getting appointed to the scotus. But he’s trying to rebuild his cred. I don’t trust him.

  29. That this news outlet has to resort to hooks in their headlines to prompt the reader’s clicks doesn’t make Renewed Right a very credible source for factual based news. Isn’t this what history calls “yellow journalism”?

  30. Wow, utter corruption from the Dem party. And now Judge Jackson is calling for disbarment of Stone’s lawyers – just as the DC Barr is calling for sanctions against
    Trump’s lawyers from the impeachment trial. It is sickening how utterly infiltrated and controlled the Justice Department by liberal Democrats under the Obama Admin, and the tremendous effort required to cleanse this stench from America.

  31. Diane, What you say is true but, this time Napolitano IS SIDING with DJT! If even Napolitano says Stone should get a new trial then he REALLY qualifies for a new trial!

  32. I don’t trust this “Swamp Owned Judge” any further than I can pick her up and throw her! If she wasn’t biased against DJT she would have overturned Stone’s trial! Any fair minded judge would have immediately thrown it out upon finding out the foreperson and another juror also are political activist DJT haters! I believe Stone can win an appeal with the bias in the jury and this Obama judge!

  33. We should also ask why Stone’s attorneys didn’t ask the juror about her Trump attitudes. They should have as much responsibility as the prosecutors to bring that out in Voir Dire. This would be relavent since Stone was being tried as a good friend of Trump. Therefore, any prejudice by jurors should have made them unacceptable. And if any jurors lied about their prejudice, it is grounds for a mistrial.

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