Fox News made a major change that left this popular host seeing red

Fox News Channel is always under a microscope.

It’s usually the American Left who are attacking the top rated cable news channel.

And Fox News made a major change that left this popular host seeing red.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that the omicron variant is less severe than previous strains of the coronavirus, Fox News Channel is another institution falling back into March 2020 levels of panic.

When the popular show The Five came on the air Wednesday, viewers were stunned to see all the cohosts broadcasting remotely, just like Fox News – and all cable news TV programs – did during the height of the pandemic.

This did not please Fox News host Jesse Watters, who complained on-air about the network forcing all hosts to broadcast remotely.

“So, I think we all have to acknowledge here we’re in boxes,” Watters stated. “We don’t want to be in boxes. We hate being in boxes. We resisted being in boxes. We were told to be in a box out of abundance of caution, just to get us through the holidays and hopefully we will be back to normal table situations when we return from said holiday.”

While Watters told viewers the network hoped this was just a temporary setback, Fox going into lockdown protocols surprised everyone considering they are also now requiring all employees who work at its New York headquarters to take the vaccine in accordance with the city’s mandate.

If the vaccine and the accompanying mandate supposedly stop the spread of the virus, why is Fox News sending everyone home out of an abundance of caution?

And why do institutions and alleged “experts” tell Americans that the vaccine works, but also that even if you are vaccinated, you need to wear a mask or work remotely from home?

This type of mixed messaging surrounding the vaccine is leading many Americans to believe the individuals championing the jab do not actually believe in its safety and efficacy.

Many conservatives were upset that Fox News would obey the insane vaccine mandate that does not include a religious exemption or allow a daily testing option for unvaccinated employees.

Fox News shutting down on-location production despite requiring proof of vaccination to step foot in the building seems to be the best evidence yet that vaccine passports are a miserable failure of a policy.

As long as the mixed messaging continues, more and more Americans will start to question the true motivations behind the individuals championing the vaccine.

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