Fox News made this major announcement

The liberal media is panting over the recent lineup changes.

They believe Fox News days on top of the ratings are done.


  1. This is a great way to train the inner writer for flow! I’ve heard of one exercise (even if it’s not creating something for the public) where you set a timer, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, pick a theme and just start writing. Don’t stop – try not to take your fingers off the keyboard. It’s really a conditioning exercise for writer’s flow. Maybe do this once per week.

  2. I have been waiting to see what that poor bastard Juan Williams does when he opens his mouth….he is either as blind as his party or simply paying the part….I guess he has no clue, but that is good because that shows those waking up to the liberal lies that in fact that kool aid is rather strong indeed….

  3. The Five use to be a good show to watch and learn from. I thought that after the firing of Beckel it would get better. BUT Now I see they should change the name of the show to the Juan Williams Hour. Talk about snide remarks and half truths… This guys mouth runs nonstop… Oh,Oh,Oh, I see, I see….

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  5. Fox News is the only cable news I watch. I do not watch the just 5 because of bob Beckel Can’t stand him. I watch Hannity and sorry that Fox News Leto Reilly go. Shame on you.

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  10. I agree Beckel and juan are both are on borrowed time Beckel just mumbles
    and can’t understand him Juan Willams still thinks nobama was born in
    Hawaii—Ask any FBI agent for the truth—–It was Kenya and everyone in DC
    knows it

  11. I love Judge N and Judge P. Tucker has a very good show and is very smart. I
    can’t stand to watch some of his guests, though. Their stupidity appalls me.

  12. Forgot to add, Tucker Carlson is also one of my favorites…laugh at the stupidity of the ones interviewed…mostly hypocrites indeed…

  13. That is very much a fact Dee. I always watch and see if they will finally realize the facts, but since they are liberals they are very much brain washed with their usual rhetoric. But the rest in that show I love to listen to because they stick with the truth…

  14. Yes, Bob Beckle and Juan Williams must exit all Fox news shows they are stupid to the core.

  15. bad move to put the five in spot that was vacated by Megyn k
    please take Beckel off he can’t even speak right

  16. I agree with all said hear but would like too add that I also refuse to watch that fag shepard shi? head smith because he’s as liberal as richard madcow of MSNBC. Also I watch FBN at 3pm and also love Lou Dobbs.

  17. JUDGE NAPOLITANO IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE AND MOST TRUSTED PERSON – NEXT IS Charles Krauthammer. then of course is Judge Jeanine Pirro.

    PLEASE – Remember we have the recipe- it is known as the US Constitution – follow it – when you change it you won’t follow the new one either – I know the politicians!!

    I do not require that anyone agrees with me – I require CRITICAL THINKING and calm explanation of your point of view.
    Having Sr. Geraldo Rivera and Mr. Bob Beckel on the show gives a contrasting view point. BTW, Sr. Rivera is not as deep of a thinker(mi opinion) as Mr. Bob Beckel.

    Mi opinion humilde solamente –

  18. Impressed with Tucker Carlson … not so much The Five where the mindless leftists (Williams and Beckel) never fail to be blind to the truth of any issue while unfailingly attempt to twist it to their advantage … the so-called mainstream media has confirmed my feelings about it for the past 40+ years: they do not represent fair, unbiased viewpoints but are a willing ally of the Democrat Party and most any Leftist agenda item.

  19. Lately, I have cut out quite a few shows on Fox … too many liberals!! Always watch Tucker and Hannity; no more The Five if Beckel is on … he is the worst on Fox.

  20. Best show on FNC by far us Vret Vauer wuth SPECIAL REPORT. Then swutch ti Fix Business for Lou Dobbs ( excellent ).
    Tucker and The Five = disapponting

  21. I do not watch any show that has a liberal dominating conversation. The one show I never miss is Hannity and Lou Dobbs. I do not watch tucker Carlson because of all the liberals he has on and I not watch the five because of Beckel and Williams. Love all other shows.

  22. ONLY WATCH FOX. THE KELLY, AND BILL has caused a lot of friction among viewer’s, I’m SURE.



  23. I am thrilled that Fox News is still in the top ratings over the “fake news” media. My hope is that Fox News will stay fair and balanced and not become another liberal “fake news” mouth pieces!

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