Fox News reporter dropped this shocking bombshell about Trump dropping out of the race

Joe Biden is leading Donald Trump in the polls.

Some Republicans in Washington, D.C. are panicking.

And a Fox News reporter dropped this shocking bombshell about Trump dropping out of the race.

There are still four months until the Presidential election, but Donald Trump tails Joe Biden in national and battleground state polls.

And according to Fox News reporter Charles Gasparino, Republican operatives are debating if Donald Trump should not run for re-election.

“BREAKING— (thread)GOP operatives are for the first time raising the possibility that @realDonaldTrump could drop out of the race if his poll numbers don’t rebound. Over the weekend I spoke to a sample of major players; one described Trumps current psyche as “fragile.” I’mnot convinced yet; he’s got time and he’s running against an opponent who is literally hiding in his basement,” Gasparino reported on social media.

Gasparino did caution that with four months until the election anything could happen, Donald Trump routinely survived multiple predicted political deaths and that the public had not yet focused in on how far-left Joe Biden has become as reasons Donald Trump could still overtake Biden in the polls.

“Plus the public isn’t focusing yet on just how left wing @JoeBiden has become, so much so, he can bring himself to denounce rioting. That said the speculation indicates how tense GOP operatives are about Trump losing and the party losing the senate and having their entire agenda abolished in a leftist wave election. Again lots of time and Trump has endured a horrible couple of months but that’s the snap shop,” Gasparino added.

Gasparino obviously did not name his sources, so no one can vet the truthfulness of his claims.

But Washington, D.C. Republicans have spent nearly four years wishing Donald Trump would go away.

This could be more speculation and rumor designed to demoralize the President’s base ahead of the election.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Mr. President. I’d be willing to bet…if the polls are showing Boden leading in the polls …they’re rigged. And I know from experience that for at least a month now..everything I’ve tried to send…donation and surveys have been blocked by FB. I don’t think you have anything to worry about and you of all people should know that the dems are in the big middle of everything in your life..trying to discourage you and make you back down and go away. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… Don’t let them do it. You got this. Hands down.

  2. Hey, ignorant rectums, Trumpty DUMBty might as well drop out. It will save him the embarrassment of losing. but being the stupid prick he is he will not. Then of course there would be the cascade of lies that he tells to cover his incompetence.

    Danniboi you paying attention? Numnutz Trumpty DUMBty is a loser, always has been, always will be. End of story!


  4. Gasparri o is a never Trumper along with his best friend Cavuto, two disgusting disgraceful Italians! Don’t believe a word either of them say!

  5. Trump dropping out? He’s broken fund raising records for June. Does that sound like he’s dropping out? I don’t think so!!! And retard joe’s press conference yesterday was a joke. He couldn’t say sh&t without getting it all over his face.

  6. Da Troll, you sound like a juvenile delinquent drop-out, with nothing to do but harass & attack others from your computer screen. Get a life.

  7. There are a lot of alleged Republicans that aren’t Republican at all. The top one being Mitch McConnell who makes money with China no matter who wins in November. When President Trump walked into the Oval Office, he thought that everyone in the company had to play by the rules. Washington D.C. is not a company. The politics of Democrats and Republicans has turned D.C. into a Corporate funding machine since 1960. Kennedy and Trump stood up to it, while Johnson through Obama fell into it. None of you readers have ever asked; HOW DO ALL THE POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON GET SO FILTHY RICH WHILE THEY ARE IN OFFICE AND WHEN THEY RETIRE”? As sitinzens (sic) of the United States we are supposed to run our Republic and decide which of our “representatives/senators are doing a good job or not and dump them or keep them. Almost every one of these representatives/senators take money and vote the way they are told. America needs a person for President that does not need money to buy his decision; A person that does what is right for all legal citizens that have a stake in their freedom and Constitution; A person that builds the economy to give a hand up and doesn’t promise crumbs like welfare, poor healthcare, free cell phones, free housing and food Link Card to victims of systemic Democratic Party Racism, in order to buy their votes. The United States needs a leader that puts the Constitution and every citizen with a beating heart ahead of personal gain and profit. The answer is very clear to me and all the registered voters in my family.

  8. Truth is, Our Great President Donald J Trump Is The Greatest President Ever! Truth is, He was Chosen By Our Great God Almighty & Our Great People Of Our Great Country! Truth is, We need Our Great
    President Donald J. Trump, Truth is He Is not a quitter & Knows all The Demon Rats 🐀 Want is to control us like their puppets. Truth is Our Greatest President Ever will be even Greater in 2020 ! God … Our Great God Almighty… Chose Donald J. Trump for President in 2020. Thank you Lord. Amen 🙏…🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏

  9. More fake news from a fake source. When is the media going back to the truth, or can’t they. Have they lied so long that they can no longer tell truth from fiction and will continue to broadcast of print fake news.

  10. Media and news are full of crap. Spewing out bs years ago this never would be aloud. This country went to the crapper when obummer boss bought him the presidency. And he has been trying to dismantle us ever since. And how come no one is going after George soreass the cause of all of this. Can someone answer that????

  11. Gasparino is no more a news reporter then his Gumba pumpkin head Cavuto is. They’re both Wall Street cronies and are both suffering from TDS.

  12. GasBAG is FULL of SH*T. OUR president WILL fight to the end AND by the grace of God & the sane citizens WILL be re-elected. Do NOT buy what this propagandist/fear mongrel is elling!

  13. ALL Trump supporters need to get out & vote for him in force….let’s show the dems we are serious about re-electing Trump for another term. Don’t get complacent & think it’s a given that Trump will win….make it happen by YOUR vote, make sure everyone in your family & friends get to the polls & casts their vote for him, even if you have to take them there to do it. This is the most important choice you’ll ever make if you love your country……USA for Trump!!!!!

  14. Dear Mr. President, I believe GOD chose you to win in 2016 against all odds, and if He wants you to lead this country again 2020, no pundit or polls is going to change that. Do not fear !! GOD is in control !!!

  15. Satan will try anything to beat Trump, I’m sorry the Democrats will try any thing to beat Trump.

  16. If I could be convinced that 100 % of every voter was polled I would probably believe it. Most people don’t answer unknown phone numbers and some are not willing to talk to pollsters. I’m not willing to talk to them. I watched some of retard joe’s press conference today and he was pathetic. Going forward people will see more of joe and hear his stupidity. And the BLM crowd doesn’t help his cause among average Americans. And joe doesn’t have a good reason for people to elect him.

  17. I, like many conservatives, that are for President Trump, screen calls and don’t pick up for strange ones. Plus, as someone said, some think it’s funny to build the numbers to dems. So,polls mean nothing, except for the fund raisers.

  18. Can’t the do nothing Trump haters come up with something new. We been here and done this before. Didn’t work then won’t work now. If you don’t vote for Trump, you will be the biggest loser. Be careful what you wish for,you won’t like it.

  19. So Biden said he would basically erase all the tax cuts. So our economy is on edge and working people are barely getting by before COVID and we are not back to work yet. Far from where we were and he wants to raise taxes. Sounds like a dumbturd to me. You have to be on life support or very close to it to vote for retard Joe.

  20. Lies do not make them true. Stop the media from lieing to try to convince the citizens they have the truth. The Media would NOT know the truth if came up and bite them on the ass.

  21. President Trump has more enemies within the GOP then he does in the leftist Democrat party. He can see and hear the Democrats coming after him but it’s the snakes in the GOP that will take him down. It’s an elitist agenda in both parties they’ve always played ball together and now they have someone that don’t want to play ball and they’re afraid of losing their grip on power.

  22. I keep hoping Fox Business would stop having this idiot desperado (my name for him) Gaspirino. He’s just a rumor monger; who acts like he knows what he’s talking about, because he claims to have heard things from others. It’s just made up stuff most of the time; so he has something to say when he’s on TV. And usually when he’s on, the Stock Market goes down. Fox would be doing everyone a favor, to take him off air.

  23. Yeah, sure, that’s why Trumps campaign has dropped a lot of recent ads against Joe ‘you ain’t black’ Biden. The polls also said Hilary was 99% going to win. What a joke.

  24. Another dumb never Trumper reporter. He ought to be fired! I am disappointed at FOX for allowing such terrible reporting. President Trump would never ever leave the American people who believe in him out to dry. Get this democraps. He is going to WIN! Funny how culture Watch won’t post my comment.

  25. Another dumb never Trumper reporter. He ought to be fired! I am disappointed at FOX for allowing such terrible reporting. President Trump would never ever leave the American people who believe in him out to dry. Get this democraps. He is going to WIN!

  26. Gasparino has hated Trump since he won the Presidency . He is a Union defender in other words he is a Democrat.

  27. Is this just wishful thinking on the authors part? He will be disappointed. Trump will not pull out, he does not believe the polls, nor do the majority of American Voters! President Hillary did not materialize and it is the same pollsters making the claim. The Main Stream Media just doesn’t get it… Just like the current new Russian hoax, do you really think if Trump thought Vlad was targeting American Soldiers in Afghanistan he would not do anything? Gimme a break, the bombing would have started months ago.

  28. I get poll calls once a month, ALWAYS say I voting for Biden.
    But…. I would have to be dead to vote Democrap.
    I like to skew their numbers to think Trump is losing. Dems wont vote then.
    sneaky sneaky

  29. Da Troll, you’re a typical democrat you lie just to get attention it’s really kinda pathetic. Democrats are going to get buried in November will be in control of nothing, good times. Then the adults will actually get things done.

  30. How can we support the BLM movement when all they accomplish is more hate, riot in their respective cities, burn police buildings, and murder their OWN PEOPLE! i.e. CHICAGO has the record so far. Lefty Joe is hiding in his basement while President (2020) Trump is sending his message to State Politicos – ‘take control of your cities, or I WILL!’

  31. What the heck kind of website is this? It’s probably run by democrats. A Fox News site putting this out there? I no longer watch or trust Fox New, They’re worse than the other networks because they pretend to be conservative and support Trump,but you can see their true colors by reports like this one.

  32. Hey “Troll”

    What part of “2016-Hillary in a landslide” are you too stupid to understand ???

  33. I am not judging Trumpty DUMBty, I am just posting crap to piss his supporters off. You fools take it too seriously.

  34. Just remember one thing, with the measure you judge, you shall also be judged. You can scream about Trump all you want but in the end when it comes to your house, how will you stand?? You run your mouth with lies and you think you will be innocent. Well, you will have to give an account for every idle word you have ever spoke. That is what all these polls are, LIES. They pad it with Democrats and then call them true, but we will see. In the end Trump will win re-election and the rest of you Libtards will cry rivers of tears.

  35. Truly poll numbers are vital, and always correct. This was proved when President Hillary
    Clinton won the 2016 election.

  36. Trump is not behind except in some distorter democrats minds who would belive the polls controlled by the democrats anyhow

  37. We will see danniboi. You have to admit Trumpty DUMBty has a tough road to re-election as he has never-I repeat NEVER-had the support of the majority of Americans.

  38. Steve Scoutaris
    If your statement was true why would Tucker Carlson ( A Trumpty DUMBty minion at Fox news) state on June 16 that
    “Black Lives Matter is now more popular than the president of the United States — and not slightly more popular than the president, much more popular?”

  39. Best he shut up! Lying is not something a conservative does well! Trump polls are higher than being report! Who control the media? You should know that Democrat will post LIES and RACISTS toward Trump before looking in the mirror at themselves!

  40. Polls are polls are polls! Just like all the stupid television networks! They are the masterminds. CNN is the worst! Give us a break troll DA & Julio! Man up & grow up!

  41. BS it is! At least BS can be used as fertilizer. Trumpty DUMBty’s BS just stinks and has no purpose but to divide. His playing to the base is alienating himself from the majority of Americans. Not a smart strategy to be alienating those he will need to win re-election.

    Debby, this is my job. It is something a legally blind person that is partially paralyzed can do. And it is fun.

  42. Gasparino is certainly not a Conservative and Most Polls are just more “Fake News”.
    I don’t believe a word of this BS.


  44. I think the polls are FAKE like they were in 2016 with Hillary. The polls are skewed to make it look like Biden is in the lead but I don’t see so many coming out and voting for the guy. Biden is even a worse candidate than Hillary. At least Hillary could stand up on stage and debate. Hillary didn’t say stupid things or forget where she was like Biden does routinely. The democrats made a HUGE mistake with Biden. They should have let Bernie Sanders be their nominee.

  45. Wow daily we need Leadership and We aren’t getting any of this at All.
    Our world is in such a huge mess and scared tooo

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