Fox News reporter used this word to describe her reaction to Joe Biden’s Afghanistan failure

Joe Biden did his best to hide from the consequences of his Afghanistan debacle.

Biden hoped if he stayed out of sight, the media would move on.

And a Fox News reporter used this word to describe her reaction to Joe Biden’s Afghanistan failure.

Fox News national security reporter Jennifer Griffin was one of many voices in the media blasting Joe Biden’s actions and conduct during the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

On the day that the last U.S. soldier left Afghanistan, Biden remained in hiding, only releasing a paper statement in his name claiming success on a withdrawal that saw ISIS terrorists murder 13 American soldiers and the Biden administration abandoning hundreds of U.S. citizens in Afghanistan.

Griffin said on-air she was “shocked” that Biden released a paper statement and refused to show his face in public as the withdrawal wrapped up.

The Fox News correspondent also ripped Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for a “hostage video” speech Blinken delivered where he took no questions from reporters after he wrapped up.

“I was shocked that the president released a paper statement on the end of the Afghan War. He says he is going to speak to the nation tomorrow, but a paper statement I find that very strange. I thought that the Secretary of State’s statement was videotaped and he was looking slightly off-camera, it looked like a hostage video. It was not the kind of production values that you would expect for such a moment in time,” Griffin stated.

Griffin also read a message from a group trying to evacuate American citizens that revealed the Americans Joe Biden stranded in Afghanistan gave up trying to gain access to the Kabul Airport and began throwing their passports and green cards on the ground in acceptance of the reality that the Biden administration deserted them.

“Let me read to you a text that I just read to you from Signal, from one of the very groups that we have been working with that are trying to locate American citizens as well as help some of the vulnerable Afghans that we were trying to help get out. This is really it’s hard to describe this right now, how you feel reading something like this. ‘I have picked up 8 Green cards and four blue passports, American citizens, now as they have been completely abandoned after multiple attempts to get into the Kabul airport and promises of passage,’” Griffin concluded.

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