Fox News shut down David Hogg in the most unexpected way ever

David Hogg thought he had lined up another victory.

The anti-gun activists launched a campaign to force Laura Ingraham off the air.

But Fox News responded with a statement that shut Hogg down for good.

Ingraham announced she was taking a one week vacation in the face of Hogg leading an advertiser boycott.

The Fox News host had tweeted out a video interview of Hogg stating he had been rejected from four schools in California and she claimed he was “whining.”

This led Hogg to unleashing a social media mob to boycott her advertisers.

Hogg’s campaign failed.

Fox News put out a statement declaring Ingraham will be back next Monday when her vacation with her children is over.

Fox also stated they would not be bullied by ideological intimidation tactics.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

“Fox News is standing by its embattled host Laura Ingraham, who has seen advertisers flee her show over a tweet aimed at Parkland, Fla., school shooting survivor David Hogg.

“We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts,” Jack Abernethy, co-president of Fox News, said in a statement to the Los Angeles Times. “We look forward to having Laura Ingraham back hosting her program next Monday when she returns from spring vacation with her children.”

Hogg’s boycott also fizzled the advertisers who pulled their ads from her show just moved them to other Fox programming and even the ones who yanked their spots could eventually return to Ingraham’s program.

The Times also reports:

“One person familiar with the situation who was not authorized to publicly comment said the boycott has not yet resulted in a significant financial hit.

This person said no advertiser has pulled their dollars from the network but have simply moved from “The Ingraham Angle” to other programs on the Fox News schedule. Most of the advertisers are out because they want to avoid the controversy associated with the story and could revisit the situation in a few weeks after Ingraham returns.”

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this story.


  1. Hogg is a dick smoking little twerp. Nobody should pay any attention to him, he wilol never get into any cololege unless his CNN parents bribe someone at the school.

  2. He said he is 16 and was turned down by four schools. I doubt it. I graduated from high school at 17, one month later when I turned 18, I enlisted in USMC 51-55. This poor baby would never survived, 52 in Korea 30 below. We fought and all vets, WW1,WW2, Korea, and service men and women now, that gave him the right to be a real jackass he is now

  3. Expedia has received many of my hard earned dollars for hotel accommodations over the years, But now that they’ve opted to go along with that little punk Hogg and drop Lara’s program. They can forget my money until their head cheese gets back on track. Oh and I am a proud NRA member of long standing.

  4. R u kidding he already IS a DEMORAT, spewing his Ignorant LIES N SWILL!! Thank Goodness Most young people see Exactly what an Egomanical Spoiled BRAT he is!!

  5. YEAH, The best one is ADOLF HITLER. The little punk looks about just like HITLER.. This punk needs to grow up. I only wish one of the real real survivors kick the crap out of him.. THe little SOB is a coward. He won’t even debate anything with some of his classmates that have called his sorry A$$out on these issues, and he won’t even give them the time of day. WHAT A TRUE LITTLE PUNK, HOGG IS???

  6. Hogg is just another kid that throws a fit whenever he doesn’t get what he wants. When the pressure turns up on him, he can’t handle someone who is mature and who has an opposing view. He reverts to rudeness and abusive language. Clearly he has some growing up to do. His vindictiveness is appalling. He didn’t have the slightest thought that Laura has children to care for or that he could be ruining her life. He will make a great Democrat. That’s just how uncaring he is and exactly they are.

  7. If Fox abandoned Laura, I wuold abandon Fox. This kid Hogg is nothing more than a Soros bought and paid for hack following the orders of the evil Soros.

  8. I picture a small mustache on his upper lip. That’s who he reminds me of, especially his closed fist salute.

  9. “Never let a crisis go to waste”’, (even if you have to peddle your bicycle furiously in order to get near it in time to take advantage of it.

  10. He’s being funded by Soro’s forth Reich. A Hitler youth.
    The left has had time to fix the next elections. They won’t let that happen again. I don’t trust any demon crat! It will be interesting to see what Lamb does from Pennsylvania. Illinois never counted the military votes and I hear that’s what happened there. Of course the illegal votes are always counted. Trump did so much to bring jobs back to Pennsylvania and they voted democrat?

  11. He was at home when this went down? Why? Did he know in advance that this was going to happen? Has he been questioned as to his whereabouts? Oh of course not, there’s no one to question him. Their hiding behind their cars and playing politics. He’s the new version of the 4th Reich’s Hitler youth.

  12. They rejected him because even the liberal colleges recognize that this loud mouth can create issues far beyond what he is currently doing. Imagine, if he gets upset with the faculty members and starts marching against them and protesting. Sometimes, even liberals recognize a problem larger than themselves.

  13. I am still trying to figure out how he is a survivor of the shooting at school, as he was at home when it happened and had to race there on his bike to get interviews from the Real Survivors?

  14. Fox News shut down David Hogg in the most unexpected way ever


  15. David Hogg prodtituted himself to the far left radicals steering the Democrat Party politicians and their puppeteers at CNN, WA PO, NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC, & MSNBC. Anyone with half a brain can see that student safety is at risk because of Goverment bureaucratic failures and a refusal to address the very serious mental health issues in this country. Acute mental health problems are legend in the leadership of the Democratic party as well.

  16. Stop mentioning the little pussy’s name, his 15 minutes of fame should be over by now, I am a Parkland survivor too, I was in Pennsylvania!

  17. Since WHEN does ANY Country take Policy from a Young<<< person, for EX: from a Hogg. 0inck. 0inck. & no No disrespect to a true hog. Bacon is Tastee Meat Candy

  18. Part of why our country is in such trouble is because people get elected to Congress and make that their career. They “serve” years beyond their ability to make good decisions for the people of the United States. The people experience name recognition and cast vote after vote (literally for some), year after year for the same person. Members of Congress may be under investigation for fraud or any number of transgressions, or their mental status diminishes as they age. We, as a country, are finding it difficult to survive some of those who have been elected time and again over 30 or 40 years. Term limits would make it impossible for the same individuals to come back year after year, ignore the voices of their constituents, attack our Constitution and make a bloody mess of things. I have been very vocal about term limits in my community. More people agree than disagree.

  19. You are so right!! Can’t think for them selves. Like sheep led to slaughter!!

  20. Someone posted a yearbook page with allegedly, his senior picture. The person who posted it staed Hogg graduated in 2015.
    It would be wonderful if people would stop referring to him as “a survivor.” He was not at the school when the shootings occurred.

  21. David Hogg what a idiot kid a failed school system is to blame producing these losers. FBI did not do there job and this Idiot kid needs to know this.

  22. Thnx F0X for ‘statement’. D0 M0RE.(& You ‘know’ what i’m talkin’ about & that goes for the main honcho’ Mogul.
    E’one knows ( well M0RE NEED to Know,& ie Advertisers)
    Ingraham merely Repeated Hogg tweet.

  23. Whoaa Eileen – God Bless. I won’t ask Where you live. I know MS13 IN
    Many East Coast States & Long Island. (thank you hussein ‘o’)
    OK. ANY0NE WAnt self DEFENSE W/out BULLET/ REGISTRATION. G0 T0 (&&& the ‘stuff’ Can be ‘souped up’.) Use your imagination.

  24. I saw the vid. of him Saying he was Not THere during the ‘live event’ – Rite 0UT of his 0wn Mouth. Did Fox See it ???

  25. woohoo – your turn, i guess. ‘they’ Will let U thru. (eventually)
    BTW: did u receive a Happy Easter e-mail from RR ??? i did. & e-mail from (both coming from same 0ffice in
    Smithfield, VA. just ya know, ma man__

  26. Hogg appears to me to be a sociopath. He’s trying to make his “bones” for future political gain. This is what our politics has been degenerated into and what we currently have in the Congress is a bunch of semi-hereditary, treasonous near-do-wells who want to thrive by hanging on the Government’s teat.
    Only by forced limitation of terms can the Congress be “saved” as “morality” has failed to do so since it is lacking. The number of contiguous terms in any office should be only one with a two term lifetime maximum …period. Also, …no perks! They buy their own healthcare, insurance, fund their own retirement, have a fixed salary which cannot be increased except by a vote of the people, cannot be a lobbyist for ten years after the end of the last term served, etc.

  27. Good for FOX. It’s about time someone put Hog in his place. If he wants to act like a man and stand up and tell adults what rights they should give up, because he says so, he should be willing to take the flack of the push back. You can’t talk like a man (Hog) and yell I’m a child (piglet) when some one pushes back. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. Some one is bound to make bacon out of you!!

  28. This NRA Life member will be in Dallas 3-7 May attending NRA Annual Meetings. I urge every member who can,to be there to show strength and one united voice.


  30. I have already written some of the Companies listed as withdrawing from sponsoring The Engraham Angle.

  31. Yeah his story is dodgy.

    On one hand he says he was there during the shooting.

    On the other hand he says he knew it was a great news story and raced to the school on his bike to report.

    Which is the truth and which is the lie?

  32. Punk ass little whiner should have his ass kicked for saying he’s a survivor while at home playing with himself ! If he was rejected y 4 schools their must be something wrong with him ! enough is enough shut the little whiny Hitler down !

  33. Whiny little hoggie looks like someone who has been bullied around and has has had his lunch money taken since 1st grade.

  34. Hogg is just an immature child who has received way too much publicity for providing no contribution to any solution.

  35. That stupid kid is nothing but a self-made dictator! He strikes me as being somewhat off balance, and I question why he is SO angry! Esp. since he wasn’t even in the school when the incident happened. I also wonder why four colleges rejected his application if he has a 4.2 GPA?

  36. We are members of nra all so , if we are not careful this is what’s going to be running our country some day , these kids with all this hate , lord help us, get the guns out

  37. I’m tired of this loud mouth kid and tune him out when he’s on. All you gun grabbing Idiots can kiss my rosey red ass

  38. that kid is a cry baby he acts like he is the new adolf hitler i have seen him do the nazi salute, and if so smart why is he still in high school at 19, any more i mute the news when i hear them talking about the little bastard…

  39. The end result of Corporate Cowardness evidenced is ever more demands. Corporate Cowardice was all to clearly displayed here. As to additional demands, they will likely come along shortly.

  40. Agree 100%. Why do writers continue to call Hogg a survivor, he is not a survivor, he was not even at the school until after he heard about it on the news.

  41. He is going to set out to humiliate some lad of the same age who also is a strong supporter of the U.S.Constitution. Hogg appears to have lost any connection with reality, as a reaction to his omnipotence as instilled by the Leftist organizations who keep goading the twerp’s belief system that he actually is a superior being. At that point in time, Hogg will be taught a lesson by a youngster he has alienated who will punish Hogg’s nasty attitude to anyone not agreeing with the leftist agenda, and will be physically beaten. This,resulting from his open disrespect for others who don’t espouse Hogg’s leftist orientation. It is bound to happen.

  42. Colleen -The “tweet shop” will NOT be missed; there are so many other patriotic websites you can blog on. Just look around a bit and you will find them.

  43. It’s my understanding the “hogghead” GRADUATED IN 2015 – -if that is true, then he is NOT one of the “survivors” of the Parkland shooting, merely a LIBERAL GUN CONTROL ANTAGONIST!!

  44. The FBI did not drop the ball. Their leadership is a corrupt tool for the dark state and the liberals. The shooting went according to plan. Then the corrupt sheriff had his men stand down to maximize the damage. Now we have this moron hogg, who is an incompetent tool shooting off his mouth, and trying to take down good people like Laura. 3 cheers for FOX. They stood up to this creep, and stood by Laura. It would have been their lose if they had not.

  45. I read this story some where else! Wonder why it has not been fully investigated by the FOX PEOPLE and stuck it to him and the MEDIA OF FAKE NEWS! # I STAND WITH LAURA
    and this phrase needs to be pushed real hard to let these LIBTURDS know that they are only a small part of the 350 million folks that hate there ASS’S!

  46. that little sob thinks because hes a libTARD demoRAT nobody has a right to disagree with his sorry @$$!

  47. Colleen please do join NRA, I am a life member, and it is the only way we will gain a victory over these DEMORATS because thy have no problem lying through their teeth. with no remorse or feeling for any other human, unless you walk in lock step with them with your hitler arm in the air…. So Colleen fight on WE ARE THE MAJORITY it is just that we must work and do not have 24/7 to protest, Know I am with you plus 5 million NRA members which was at last count HIGHER NOW.

  48. I hear ya my sister. I will tweet in your favor!! I will also follow your lead and be a member again of the NRA!! God Bless you and protect you in Christ’s name,AMEN!!!

  49. I was on twitter and several times I posted that D Hogg was not a student there that this was a fraud etc. I was Lockef out of Twitter stating I violated rules. The truth violated the rules… I’m unable to get back on unless I give more personal info and agree to Googles terms to allow my info to be used. Not going to happen Twitter. I’m not on Facebook. Twitter was my voice so now I pray for my country and my President. This is spiritual warfare and a lot is being exposed . I’m not currently an NRA member but I am going to join now.

  50. He admitted that he got on his bicycle and rode with his camera to the school when he heard about the shooting. He is no more a surviver then the rest of the 330 million citizens who were not there. Just another paid hit man for the dark state that is trying so desperately to disarm our people. If we were to give up our guns, you would see a slaughter of millions of citizens, by the corrupt government.

  51. most of the rabble rousers are financed by Soros, hands up don’t shoot; black lives matter, all paid agitators

  52. HOOAH ! Thank you, we need to stay strong….remember 2018 elections coming soon; Vote responsibly, it will count !!!
    As for David Hogg…just put a mustache on him, with his raised fist,”Little $hit Hitler.”

  53. This is why civics and the constitution should be required courses in elementary schools and American history as well. Can’t graduate until those are an acceptable level of knowledge, math and english as well. START ARRESTING THE PROBLEM KIDS AS WELL, AND THERE WOULD BE FEWER SCHOOL PROBLEMS. DOCTORS AND BIG BIG PHARMA NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

  54. The liberal media strikes again! Soros pays off and the media falls for it hook line and sinker! Tell that pimple faced douche’ bag Hogg to go play in his own back yard, he is nothing but a lying creep. Only a creep would try to garner support for themselves at the expense of others lives. Yes Hogg you are a creep of creeps!!!

  55. When I was 66 years old, a 24 year old MS-13 Gang member ran in my back door. I used a tiny little “Airweight” S&W pistol to run him back out. (a .38 Special) If he had brought 6 of his gang friends, I would have needed a gun that SPRAYS bullets and KEEPS spraying them until the danger has passed! I am a LIFETIME NRA MEMBER! (After that, WHO wouldn’t be??) I ended up with 17 police officers in my yard. He was VERY dangerous and they knew it. His own daddy told me at the courthouse that his son would have killed me if I had not been armed. What would THE HOGG GENIUS think if that happened to HIS Grandma?? Somebody PLEASE tell him his fifteen minutes are OVER and send him home to Mommy.

  56. Well the Hoggs father working for FBI, Mom CNN Liberal, FBI dropped the ball on tips about the shooter. FBI are shills for democrats. Look at FBI bosses (No leadership there) and the fire they have drawn regarding handling of Hillery and other cases.

  57. The media DID IT ON PURPOSE! They are ALL LEFTERS, libTURDS, demoCRAPers! What do you expect? He has been payed handsomely, and is just a piece of stinky piece, lower than dog crap! NEXT?

  58. WHY doesn’t FOX tell the TRUTH??
    the TRUTH:
    Hogg did NOT go to that school ! He appeared immediately AFTER the shooting for interviews………he was NOT there during the shooting!
    HOGG graduated two years or more from a High School in Redondo CA area!!
    He is just a rabel rouser probably financed by Soros!!

  59. I learned in grade school there is only one way to deal with a bully … this Pigg should go back there … hopefully one that Broward County tried to protect … if you get my drift 🙂

  60. Well, looks like he’s run Hogg wild! I suspect that this has all been his mother’s doing..with her media connections and all. Just another smear campaign attempt by the media and George Soros on mainstream American values..nothing more to see here folks..just a flash in the pan..time to move on to more positive things..

  61. The media deserves a big kick in the arse for covering this loud mouth liberal twit in the first place . They should have checked his background first. He was only at the school that day after the attack when he thought he could get in on the publicity! He is a disgrace to the real victims and the other students!

  62. INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM would require INVESTIGATING THE SOURCES as well as the story.

    I think and INVESTIGATION INTO THE COMPLETE LIFE OF DAVID HOGG would be a good thing for the PEOPLE/VOTERS to see, read and WATCH.

  63. Media Hogg Political Bully – that’s all ! Just like all the liberal efforts they use intimidation to get their way just like the spoiled “kids” they all are. No wonder they also now want to remove the First Amendment to the Constitution about free
    speech because they know they can’t carry on an intelligent, civil, discussion – all they can do is yell complain and scream
    when facts are brought into the discussion. He’s just HOGG WILD with himself ! Can you say spoiled and arrogant ?

  64. If this whiny little brat’s mother works for CNN that’s enough said as far as I’m concerned. Like mother, like son!!! Perhaps if we ignore him he’ll just go away.

  65. I saw on another site where someone called this kid Camera Hogg – I think that name suits him well.

  66. Hooray Hooray! Kudos to FOX! Hogg is an angry kid raised by a mother who works for CNN and a father who works for the FBI. His arrogance, inflated opinion of himself, tantrums, and viciousness is intolerable. Don’t let him sphew his venum. If ignoring him yields no results, apply sterner measures. He must choose whether he wants positive or negative/harsh reactions.

  67. Matt, don’t you agree that when David Hogg gets to be middle aged, he will be known as the Pot Bellied Pig?

  68. He should be an embarrassment to himself. Talk is that this emotionally disturbed child still wets his bed, and has a foul aroma about him.

  69. Amen and Amen. I am so sick of companies dashing off at every little controversy. Tend to business and stop being bullied by the left wing nut jobs.

  70. his parents are a joke…. problem is that parents like his produce ignorant snowflakes like this….. this is a problem for us all

  71. they should publish the school that actually accepted this moronic ahole… bet it was a cali school or one of those newly created florida schools

    this kid is an embarrassment to us all

  72. this kid 25 and not a student at the Parkland school? I have read 3 different stories about him…1 he is 17, another he is 19, one he is a student another he is not. Can’t believe news anymore…SAD….

  73. Its funny, this pos is named after a pig. He also looks like ET, hey hogg the ET phone home….

  74. The back lash is coming to the advertisers as they found out when the same crap was pulled on the RUSH SHOW (EIB). They will soon find out the adults spending money will flee with their dollars and go somewhere else. We do not need children telling us what to think and where we are going to spend our dollars.

  75. Right on Ross, I also went out and recruited several of my friends to join the NRA. Thanks to David Hogg and his fellow anti gun snowflakes NRA membership has shown spiked up since the Feb 14 Parkland tragedy!

  76. Thank God FOX was not going to be bullied by this Hitler youth! As it turns out, while doing more checking into this pathetic kid, I discovered his mother works at CNN. What a shock they are the main ones touting him! I always figured he was just a puppet for the left and there is your proof. I sure don’t need anymore of Hogg, Hogg’s mother, or the king of fake news networks, CNN!! And of course, the snowflakes!

  77. Every time there is backlash,I increase my nra contributions, and take note of the anti-american businesses participating.give hogg and his constituents draft notices.

  78. This whiney little child needs to just be ignored. He is trying to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame and should just go away. He did look really good in his brown Nazi uniform.

  79. snowflake Hogg, your 15 minutes have come and gone. now get your GED, and your foul mouth and go apply at Harvard

  80. Well said Danny! The advertisers that panic at the slightest hint of controversy are a reflection of how the liberals are trying and failing to control our lives. Now that we know the identity of these advertisers, we can ignore them! Actions have consequences!

  81. Right on, right on, right on. Don’t allow these whiney Marxist liberal loons intimidate you. George Soros and his evil little puppets must not get their way.

  82. For advertisers who fled Laura it is too late. Any company who flees at the first little hint of controversy faces backlash from shoppers who have views on things. Companys that go political tend to lose half their clientele.

    Smart companys stay out of politics and just serve their customers.

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