Fox News took a stand on impeachment that left viewers stunned into silence

Fox News’ impeachment coverage continues to confound Trump supporters.

The formerly “Fair and Balanced” outlet has turned into what Rush Limbaugh calls the “Never-Trump” network.

And now Fox News took a stand on impeachment that left viewers stunned into silence.

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano continued to advocate for removing the President from office on Monday.

In a segment on America’s Newsroom, Napolitano latched onto the Hail Mary effort by Democrats to claim emails from an Office of Management and Budget official and the Pentagon showing President Trump ordered the freeze on Ukraine military aid justified a new investigation and more articles of impeachment.

Breitbart reports:

On Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” network senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said if he were a Democrat in the House, he would re-open the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Referring to emails from White House officials to Pentagon officials, Napolitano said, “If I were a Democrat in the House, I would be moving to re-open the impeachment on the basis of the newly-acquired evidence, these new emails of people getting instructions directly from the president to hold up on the sending of the funds. That would justify holding onto the articles of impeachment because there’s new evidence and perhaps new articles.”

This line of reasoning quickly falls apart.

The emails don’t provide any evidence to support the Democrats’ baseless allegations the President froze the aid to pressure Ukraine to conduct investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden.

They don’t change the fact the aid was released or that Ukraine did not conduct any of the supposed investigations Trump wanted.

All they did was confirm what everyone already knew: that military aid to Ukraine was held up.

Fox is the number one rated cable news channel because viewers trust they are getting the news and not spin.

That is not the case with Fox’s impeachment coverage.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Judge Napp is not a good report er. He needs to retire or go to CNN or MSNBC. He would fit right in with the other comedians!
    Fox News needs to keep their rati ngs up.

  2. Our President is actually keeping all his promises! Imagine that! After all the hate being thrown to him, he keeps on like the Energizer bunny. Any other man would have givened up, but not our President. He has inner strength. So the Judge Nap on fox
    news needs to cool it.

  3. I completely agree with your assessment regarding Fox News and Napolitano. Where do we go from here? Is there no news organization that will tell it like it is?

  4. I’ll never watch fox news again until Napolitano is removed indefinitely. He is a communist bastard. Their ratings will soon plummet.

    President Trump denied him a judgeship,Franco
    (rightly so) and he has gone insane!
    The Judge had a cow when he he saw the
    lousy impeachment evidence!


  6. Napolitano has turned against Trump for personal reasons. He used to be more objective. We expect full objectivity from everyone on Fox. That includes Napolitano. Otherwise….

  7. Ryan on the board. Lousy choice! Once he was appointed then Fox turned from fair and balanced -To soft liberal. What a disaster. Ryan should be fired. Look at the ratings since he became a board member!!! What a joke
    WATCH CAREFULLY- Fox will just be another CNN!
    Watch Newsmax take off
    Fire Ryan-get back to good news reporting. – PLEASE

  8. “Perhaps”, “what if”, “maybe”, “could be”, and “it’s possible” are all the media’s news leads these days. Fox has jumped into that cesspool of made up news reporting. The “headline” is the story. Facts and evidence “may” come along later… The corruption runs deep. If Judge Napalitano’s judgement is on display here, it proves the country dodged a bullet, were he previously being considered for any position of importance With the Government..

  9. Nappy will have to fight Ohomoba to be Supreme Judge. Ohomoba’s credentials? Being able to con most Americans into thinking he deserved being appointed a President of the U.S. He lost his way on his way to Hollyweird & ended up in the WH & a multimillionaire! Credentials? He can read a script & the buffoon seals clap. Fox News channel? It’s like, where is Waldo.

  10. Napolitano is just another liberal judge. He got his panties in a bunch when our POTUS didn’t appoint him to the Supreme Court.
    But Donald Trump is smarter than the average bear. He knew Napolitano was a liberal, and we’re trying to get the judiciary back to where it should be.
    No different than George Conway wanted to be AG, but he’s another lazy, liberal who would get nothing accomplished.
    One thing about our POTUS is he’s pretty good at sizing up people. He knows who’s going to be an issue. However he did get fooled by Sessions and Ryan. They both lied in his face and stuck him in the back. Just more swamp critters that need to be put out to pasture.
    Fox news decided to bring Paul Ryan on board. So that should tell you that Fox news is just another liberal news channel, with a conservative spin.

  11. fox IS Gone, because their biased anti- Pres. Trump positions and morons like wallace,bret, geraldo, brazile, williams,reagan(fox business), etc..Several others seem to be moving left at a slower pace and need to be monitored. With just a few exceptions, fox IS GONE from our household.AON is a much better outlet w/o all the left supporters.

  12. Your right doggydoo patriot the losers are trying to make America not great. The simple minded Dems like you who can’t think for themselves. You all go with the Hollywood rich like they know what their talking about, or people like K. Harris who said that when Trump and Putin talked before 2016 elections they were more or less plotting ways to fix the election. She said she has no first hand knolage but she just knows that was happening. You Dems need to go back to your special ed classes

  13. Napolitano your acting like an immature child. You didn’t get your way so you turn against those you feal shunned you. With this attitude I see why you were shunned. Grow up you baby

    Inspite of ALL of what’s Going 0n…
    > Hope you all watched…
    &&& VP Pence Was Awesome As Well. 2024.

  15. Peter, you are so right… This man is a sore loser and I WILL NOT watch a program on Fox that includes him,Wallace & Williams………

  16. FOX went ‘rogue’ When Rupert turned it 0ver to ‘flaming Liberal kids…
    >0nly a ‘few’ Conservatives Remain…How long ??? Remember Judge Pirro
    had a ‘forced Hiatus’..(clamp down)
    > AMEN Peter Johnson !!! In a decision Vote Trump &&& BRING Your Friends With …
    Thank you for helping Save USA ___

  17. Williams and Wallace are “life long” LIBERALS ! As are other REPORTERS on the station like Arthelle Neville of the Neville Brothers family and Allison Camorata , who is now a LOUD MOUTHED LIBERAL on CNN !!

  18. I’ve listened to Brett Baer give three separate reports about the”wild fires”, in Australia , without EVER MENTIONING ARSON ARRESTS , that NOW have neared 200 !!!

  19. The problems at FOX News started when Rupert Murdock, stepped down and son, Lachlan, took over. Now it’s in the hands of Suzanne Scott, who has a different view of the company, strictly business, bottom line, making a profit. She’s not so interested in giving exposure for the real facts of the news and a voice to the people.

  20. What did CNN go to commercial when Sonland said that President Trump said there should absolutely be no quid pro quo. And he said that twice

  21. Fox is supposed to be Fair and Balanced. There are plenty of pro Trump supporters on Fox. I few like Williams, Wallace and Napolitano are not Trump supporters – Fair and Balanced – We can hear these and make our own decision, I choose Trump. We are smart enough to make our own choices – let them have their say. Fox would be like CNN MsNBC, NBC, CBS and Abc if there was only one position on it. I record most programs, when Williams starts his anti Trump rants – fast forward or listen – my choice. I did not vote for Trump NOW I will definitely vote in 2020 for him.

  22. Regrettably Its true, the Fox News that I grew to love is gone and has become just another left leaning station. I’m going to check out Newsmax per some of your suggestions.


  24. As far as I’m concerned, he just shown himself to be just another “CLOSET DEMOCRAT”. I’ll never forget what he really is!

  25. People are waking up to humpty’s rhetoric, when are losers going to get it, president humpty is a communist and so are most of the buttpubicans!! You always blame the Democrats, but it’s losers that are making America not great.

  26. I had a lot of respect for Judge Napolitano when he first started with Fox, but here is what changed. The Judge was looking for an appointment from Trump to the Supreme Court as we all know, it did not happen. Now he is against this president.

  27. Someone very rich is putting money in their pockets and writing the script being use on the daily news. Chis Wallace was a one time, one of the best reporters going and now his is turning color and becoming a report for the blue side. He used to be neutral but someone is paying him big money to switch. It is probably Soro’s bit who knows, it could be obama.

  28. Andy Nappy needs to be dangling from an oak tree at the end of a good rope…. along with Chris Wallace,Juan Williams,and Paul Ryan. I’m through with fox news and I was with fox for many years. They’ve been bought out. They’re now going communist. They will soon be another cnn and see their ratings drop. I thought I’d never see this happen. Oh well, there’s got to be another conservative news outlet out there.

  29. The “so called Judge” is Air Headed and out of his luney little mind!!! SHAME ON YOU FOX! YOUR LOSING BIG ON VIEWERS!! ONE AMERICA NEWS WILL TAKE YOUR PLACE!!!

  30. The “so called Judge” is Air Headed and out of his luney little mind!!! SHAME ON YOU FOX! YOUR LOSING BIG ON VIEWERS!! ONE AMERICA NEWS WILL TAKE YOUR PLACE!!!

  31. “Judge” Andrew Napolitano, a man of frequently inaccurate legal opinions, does not belong on the air. This former judge of Podunk New Jersey should now be a former television personality.

  32. Although the newer generation of Fox owners might have some effect, you are really talking about Judge Napolitano who is not the brightest bulb, legal or otherwise. That’s nothing new.

  33. Fox’s reaction does not come as a surprise. We have been warned for months about its affiliations. It is more to do with its ownership.

  34. Careful there, Old Walt is not what you think! Something for thought, old Walt instigated the cartoon/story Bambi. Pure progressive anti hunter.

  35. The judge is bummed because he wasn’t picked to be on the Trump team. I wouldn’t pick him for anything! The old coot doing way to many drugs.

  36. The judge is bummed because he wasn’t picked to be on the Trump team. I wouldn’t pick him for anything! The old coots doing way to many drugs.

  37. AMEN!! Boot his stupid ass outta office, Im a die hard blue blood Republican and this is my sentiment, he’s in over his head, he’s an embarrassment, and we should stop blindly supporting this idiot. WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!

  38. It’s like Donna! When they bring her on I turn the station! Remember that she gave killary the questions before the debate? The judge needs to go nap forever. Sometimes I even have to turn Tucker. I wish that the President had his own TV station.

  39. @ Tony, do you read or write or even speak English? It appears as if you don’t….Anyone who reads the comments regarding the FOX news channel will see the mental capacity of the avg trump booster lies between an IQ of a hemorrhoid and a piss ant, Ya’ll is a very stoopid bunch of mentol retarddideness, and yours leeder, mr donal t twemp is the stoopideness of the president of the united states of amerika. cant wait for some moron to point how how not good or bad my spilling is, proving that you schmucks dont now the defferent in sarcasm and orgasm…

  40. Nappy will have to fight Ohomoba to be Supreme Judge. Ohomoba’s credentials? Being able to con most Americans into thinking he deserved being appointed a President of the U.S. He lost his way on his way to Hollyweird & ended up in the WH & a multimillionaire! Credentials? He can read a script & the buffoon seals clap. Fox News channel? It’s like, where is Waldo.

  41. Haha. Right. ‘gangsta wannabe complete W/ haircut’…
    & Yep, Trump ‘knew’ NOT tp get involved w/him. Nap
    wanted a jobbee & Trump Said NO thanks…

  42. Yes,yes yes!! I agree and don’t forget to add that communist bastard Paul Ryan to the list. He’s on the board and hiring these communist sob’s.

  43. Pd:did Donald play the liberals and Iran like a fiddle or what?what a smart bastard.libs and Iran are shocked,don’t know what to do with him now!!!

  44. Judge nap is a joe peachier gangsta wannabe with an eddy Munster hair a plug up his ass cuz trump knew not to get involved with him.little half pint know nothing needs a boot in his really disappointing other than 8 to 11.

  45. Hey dick head,they rip trump pretty good on there often.remove your head from your ass,take a look around and see what’s going on.or is your head still up Hillary’s fat ass?


  47. Vaseline,told you once I will tell you again..nobody reads your stupid stories…stfu before I put you in a box and ship you back to your camel mother in Iran

  48. I pissem,we like truth.liberals like you don’t tell the truth.if we want propaganda we can turn to cnn or msnbc to hear lies about 30 soldiers being killed last night.anti American liberal must hang.

  49. Fox News is getting lost in the liberal nonsense. I don’t agree with Judge Nap and don’t care to listen to Juan. I may just tell my friends not to watch fox news. We want the truth! Don’t let your viewers down!

  50. O’dumb ass …. Just like you prefer being a cox sucker of Dip Schitt and Nadless Nadler. At least that’s what your family has said about you!

  51. Andrew the Wap needs to have his ass kicked. He’s a lying sack of crap and butt boofoo buddy with Adam dip Schitt!

  52. Fox News took no stand on impeachment. Judge Napolitano, Dem with TDS, took a stand! Disregard him and this fake news article and shame on RR for publishing it.

  53. You seem to have selective memory or didn’t watch the whole thing. After making his statements about quid pro quo he was asked if he actually saw or knew himself of the quid pro quo and he admitted that he ASSUMED there was quid pro quo but did in fact not see or have any direct knowledge of there actually being any quid pro quo. That is why Trump was not charged with anything at all related to quid pro quo, or as the Democrats changed to “bribery”. Now you know the rest of the story. Pay attention next time.

  54. Fox is now owned by Disney. That’s why they’re leaning LEFT more and more. Napolitaninny is an Asshat.

  55. You are right, SOB should be fired. Go on Make Society Nothing But Corrupt,another New York idiot like Schumer, which is his butt buddy for years. He eats all the time with Schumer and Farrakkan, why do you think he isn’t a judge anymore.

  56. WELL

  57. I’m looking for another fair and balance network, if I wanted to hear fake news, I would turn to CBS, CNN between Napoilatino or Geraldo. The sons of Roger Ailes are stabbing there father. They should be hiding their heads in ashamed! What do they want, President Trump should hold special meeting informing the Dems so they can tell American’s enemy’s? We already know they will do that and make up lies!

  58. These people that showing their hate for Trump are really getting old.. were the hell were they when we had Black Muslim for president screwing America over for 8 years, Sorry my bad I forgot they had act like Obama was some sort of god otherwise they would be racist

  59. Judge Nap is just PO’ed he wasn’t able to get in on the Ukraine action. Remember, it was POTUS Barry who put Plugs in change of this giant, sovereign kick back operation. Kind of like the way the Dem & Unions play quid pro quo. It’s too bad we’ll never get a full accounting of all those ‘connected’ individuals, think Pelosi, Kerry & Heinz, who gleefully joined with other pigs at the Ukraine money trough.

  60. He not the only one! Remember Paul Ryan? He on Fox news board. And the sons are LIBERAL! I stop watching it when I noticed they are trying to shut up conservative voice. OAN IS THE BEST PLACE TO GET REAL PATRIOT New


  62. I do not have a problem with McCallum or Brett Baier They ask tough question but fair you do not have to agree with everything they say. On the other hand Juan Williams is a puppet for the speaker NAP is a poor excuse for a jurist. Obviously The Pres. knew that full of himself. M.H. she is simply a ding ding who was mistakenly made a spokesperson at State. She has no real qualifications But the worst is Geraldo Rivera

  63. old NAPPY is the cry baby that president trump did not put up for a supreme court nomination. so the ASS-WIPE is CRYING . HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  64. I used to watch fox news before Juan Williams, Brazzaville who gave hitlerly the questions before the debate, how can scum like this stay out of prison nap on tello needs to be on communist news networks fox news has gone to hell trump has done more for the country than any other politician he just doesn’t play well with the Demon Craps whom are Total crooks and scum please look up Margaret sanger and see what she said about black people and started planned parenthood to kill the black race

  65. Oh please. What nonsense. The Roger Ailes network never was no was it ever intended to be “Fair and Balanced”. That was pure marketing. It does appear that they are trying to offer credible counter-arguments to Trump. Of course die hard Fox fans don’t like it. They like their propaganda pure and simple.

  66. The liberalism of the lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all gave America a token to pacify the so-called white “E” guilt of slavery to catty on the anti-GOD, anti-American democrats continuance of corruption in government and when their golden girl Hillary lost the election surprised and pissed off all those involved especially the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES, it made them look like crap! So they will do their best to make a People’s President {President Trump] to look bad to those of the dumbed down blind masses called snowflakes that was created by medias propaganda LIES even those that created them like yahoo, google, etc! It also created a decadent lifestyle of the so-called gay rights to try and force it upon the public! The party and people for hate and division of America the R.I.N.O.S especially the anti-American democrats and their tools for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES must be stopped and the corruption of all elections local and national Americans cannot rely on anymore! The democrats would rather see America fall just to make a President look bad but it will Not work!

  67. “…little wonder the democratic State of CA is sliding down the toilet.”

    Alan D, its been my experience that the state of CA IS a toilet!

  68. Jaybird, Fox better watch themselves….There are several sites to read, etc. i refuse to listen to a supposed judge who is required to be non partisan. Napolitano is a class A A$$. Further he is not intelligent, well informed or well educated.

  69. Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony on November 20 was explosive. He testified: (1) there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine, (2) everyone was in on it, and (3) Sondland worked with Trump’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani at the President’s behest.

    There is no other way to spin this. Donald Trump committed impeachable crimes, and must be removed from office. It is time for Republican senators to acknowledge this reality.

    In 1974, Richard Nixon resigned after a group of Republican senators (including Barry Goldwater) visited the White House and told him his support was crumbling. It is time for today’s Republican senators to do the same: they can no longer defend the indefensible.

    Our message to Senate Republicans:

    Gordon Sondland’s testimony has revealed there was a quid pro quo, everyone was in on it, and he worked with Rudy Giuliani at Trump’s behest. The President of the United States needs to be removed from office. For the good of the country, it is time for you to inform Donald Trump he can no longer count on support in the U.S. Senate.

  70. The “Good Judge Lollipop Nappy” is such a stupid ass…he actually felt he should have been considered/appointed to SCOTUS when he was not a Federal Judge ; nor a Federal Appellate Judge credentials in place. Frank J. Stangel, J.D.

  71. With all of the Real evidence on the Clinton cartel, Epstein, weiner,debbie Wasserman schultz top aide, fast and furious, jussie smollett, Weinstein,Boston 1 bank, Pelosi flying all over the world on our dime, the Russian collusion hoax millions of dollars belonging to the taxpayers, corruption undeniable that goes under the rug and the idiots want to stop the best president ever cause he doesn’t play well with the CROOKED scum Demon Craps bengazi baby killer Ralph northam blackface pediatrician kkk scum of the year

  72. If fox news doesn’t get rid of that communist cocksucker,Andrew Napolitano, I’m never watching fox news again starting today. This is un American letting that bastard set up there and bash our president. Write fox news and tell them we’re banning them until he’s no longer at fox news. Everyone please Write to them and tell them. The communists are taking over. They’re everywhere.

  73. OAN is absolutely better. forget Fox! Nap is gettingg paid by someone, and hes rancorous he didnt get nominated to the Supreme Court.

  74. Fair and balanced, hogwash. napalitano
    Needs to be on cnn. You want people to buy fox nation? Oan and newsmax have the honest news. Hope you entice more libbers to watch. I’m out. Downhill
    Slide fox.

  75. Judge Nap has become a hack for the DemocRAT party and would love to see him fired byFox News. He is just as stupid as the hacks on CNN and MSNBC.DUMP JUDGE NAP NOW!

  76. Nap is a snake in the grass, looking for substance, that will never happen. If Walt Disney knew what the liberals were doing with his legacy he would turn over in his grave. Nap should go to CNN with the rest of the trash……

  77. AGREED!
    Not judge Nap is now a revenge filled never Trumper since being denied a set on the Supreme Court!

  78. Fox news has gone to the dark side. I no longer watch it, except for Hannity and Tucker. I don’t watch them very often. Used to watch it daily.

  79. Judge Napolitano is a has been. No great constitutional scholar. He is a whiner since not getting nominated to the Supreme Court by the President. He is not fair and balanced. An embittered old man.

  80. I used to read Judge Nap’s column whenever I had a chance. That ended when he became a liberal anti Trumper. I guess he would have been happier if crooked Hillary was elected.

  81. Just got a petition against FOX News because of their Liberal commentators and canceling Conservative speakers that are on topics that they do not like. Signed it, stamp on it and will go in the mailbox tomorrow.

  82. professes to be a judge, aren’t they supposed to be fair and balanced, so by default Fox is siding with lying shiffty Shiff and you have to pass the bill before you know whats in it ‘Pelosi’ little wonder the democratic State of CA is sliding down the toilet.

  83. I cant stand listening to Andrew Napolotano. He thinks he is so smart -really he is just a big mouth saThey dont add one thing to the fox channel

  84. Judge Nappy, Juan and Donna the pig Brazille are exactly the reason I don’t watch FOX anymore OAN is so much better.

  85. I’m getting SICK of FOX News! It’s true, that they are losing the very thing that made them famous…..the fact that they were willing to be a safe haven for conservative views. If it weren’t for Tucker and Sean, I probably wouldn’t watch at all. My TV now rests on OAN Network(One America News Network)!

  86. Napolitano turned anti-Trump when he was not appointed by Trump. Many of us think he is overrated and says little of value anymore.

  87. Queen Nancy launched fraudulent charges using illegal methods, illegal FBI raids against Trump’s lawyer, fraudulent reports to FISA judges, Outright LIES from 3rd party witness who were NOT present in Ukranian conversations, denial of Trumps Due process rights as an American Citizen to call fact witnesses in the House Impeachment hearings, thus presenting an impossible to convict case fulls of holes, without evidence, justified by mere wishful speculation. And now that her arse is shown with the incredibly ridiculous case presented, the Queen wants additional investigations so that the without cause impeachment case presented can move forward? Try presenting such nonsense to ANY court in this nation, and the prosecution would not only get their charges dropped, but in all likelihood be subject to disbarment.

  88. The Judge embarrased himself trying to get nominated to the SCOTUS and his every breath since then has been attempting payback and, more importantly, proved him unworthy of such an honor.

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