Fox News turned the impeachment debate upside down with one shocking report

Donald Trump is counting on unified Republican support to beat back the Democrats’ attempted coup to remove him from office.

But the President just got smacked with some devastating news on that front.

That’s because Fox News turned the impeachment debate upside down with one shocking report.

Support for impeachment in public polls ticked up because Democrats and Left-leaning independents changed their minds on the issue now that impeachment is an official Democrat Party position.

But impeachment requires Republicans to link arms with Democrats and vote to remove the President in the Senate.

And a brand new Fox News poll shows a majority of Americans support impeaching and removing the President from office.

Fox News reports:

Just over half of voters want President Trump impeached and removed from office, according to a Fox News Poll released Wednesday.

A new high of 51 percent wants Trump impeached and removed from office, another 4 percent want him impeached but not removed, and 40 percent oppose impeachment altogether. In July, 42 percent favored impeachment and removal, while 5 percent said impeach but don’t remove him, and 45 percent opposed impeachment.

Since July, support for impeachment increased among voters of all stripes: up 11 points among Democrats, 5 points among Republicans and 3 among independents. Support also went up among some of Trump’s key constituencies, including white evangelical Christians (+5 points), white men without a college degree (+8), and rural whites (+10).

Among voters in swing counties (where Hillary Clinton and Trump were within 10 points in 2016), support for impeachment increased to 52 percent, up from 42 percent in July.

Fox News polls have been horribly biased against President Trump in the past.

The President’s routinely called them out for their anti-Trump slant.

And this poll surveyed eight percent more Democrats than Republicans.

Stacking the sample with Democrats is one way media outlets arrive at predetermined results that drive the narrative they want the public to hear.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. It appears the “CRATS are beginning to see the handwriting in the wall. Their cabal of unqualified “give everything away including the kitchen sink” candidates along with “tax everything that moves” Marxist mantras, has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. President Trump’s bombastic over the top taunts aren’t overly endearing but in comparison to the outragious and shameless appeals by the ‘CRATS to their insane base his personality flaws are miniscule. What we are witnessing is another even more desperate attempt of character assassination against the President with even less evidence of questionable behaviour than investigated by the Mueller team that came up empty. They (the ‘CRATS) rightfully fear despite all polls to the contrary that The POTUS has a better than even chance of being reelected, and they will do anything and everything to prevent that from happening. Hopefully enough of the truth will be exposed to counter the deceptive tactics of the ‘CRATS and the MSM that served at their pleasure. Regardless let the voters decide and do not allow the ‘CRATS to steal an election before it even takes place.

  2. O, please! You do not know why independents support impeachment!

    I support impeachment for a number of complex and counterintuitive reasons. For one, a trial in the Senate, should it be open to the public, may be the only way to reveal the truth, enough to expose Joe Biden’s corruption, and perhaps clear Donald Trump. Who knows? Maybe every state actor at the very center of the controversy needs to go down, and that includes Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.

    Also, impeachment is a fine distraction from all the bullcrap anti-bill-of-rights legislative agendas both parties are trying to push right now. Several members of the Republican Party are actually willing to bend to the nonsense espoused by “March for Our Lives”, as sponsored by the Soros family, as if Republicans have not bent enough for the last sixty years. What a joke! Why disparage a good diversion?

    One more thing, Trump needs to seriously rethink his approach of directly requesting that foreign governments arbitrarily investigate any United States citizen. If he wants to issue an executive order to the effect of having United States federal law enforcement coordinate with friendly foreign law enforcement in regards to corporations or property owned by American suspects of crime but located outside of the United States, he can and should. He ought to be clear and concise in doing so. Otherwise, he is just digging himself into more trouble.

  3. To Dr.JD. It’s too early to get excited over polls right now. We don’t know which dumbass will get the nomination. Polls usually have the sitting president down some around a year out. Once he finishes the deal with China, Trump will get a boost. I know you people hope that he falls on his ass and the economy tanks. But my question is how are the democrats going to get millions of us to comply with all of their stupidity. When wetbacks start getting freebies people will revolt. And we damned sure aren’t giving up our guns.

  4. BREAKING NEWS (10-11-19): A federal judge in Texas ruled Friday that President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration to build a border wall is unlawful and appears poised to block the use of those funds.

    Judge David Briones of the US District Court for the Western District of Texas, asked challengers of the wall to propose the scope of a preliminary injunction.

  5. “Survey Finds More People Would Support Impeachment If They Knew What Crime Trump Was Supposed To Have Committed” – Babylon Bee

  6. Fox has become like the rest of the followers. They polled predominantly liberals. Good bye Fox news. No longer conservative.

    • You’re crazy, they have Ingraham, Hannity, Pirro, Tucker Carlson, The Five, Fox and Friends, and many others shouting out their lies and conspiracy theories, so now they are 98% right wing and behind Trump instead of 99%. You also have Fox Financial News and advertisements for conservatives are endless.

      • Yes they do until their next contract negotiations. Then they will give Brazile her own show and hire a few from The View to replace those that won’t toe the new liberal viewpoint.
        I can’t believe that there are so many people that can’t see what is happening right in front of their faces.

  7. No the polls are wrong we the people do not want President Trump impeached. The Democrats would have the American people believe so but that is not the case most of us do not have our heads buried in the sand.

    • You do not believe the poll results because your head is buried in the sand. You stay within your own group, as most people do, and probably do not venture out and realize how strong the support is growing against Trump and his behavior. For example, Mary, in another recent poll, a key question after “whom do you support” is whom to you STROGLY support and who you STRONGLY do not support?” The results showed only 24% strongly support Trump whereas 44% “strongly dislike or do not support Trump.”

      Like anyone, you can reject reality or the truth and become enablers to the bad behaviors and crimes of Trump. Many cult followers do not awaken from false “chosen one” cult leaders until it is too late. Don’t make that foolish mistake – – go out and use this standard, provided 2000 years ago: “by their fruits Ye shall know them.”

      • It’s Networks like You, ABC, that promote the spread of disinformation to fool the people into beleaving the lies that the leftist groups are peddling, and have yet to realize that you cannot be trusted to report the facts as they are.

      • You are a fool ABC whoever you are!!! I have yet to hear one impeachable offense against our President! Exactly which high crimes and misdemeanors did he commit? You people are insane!!!

        • The United States House of Representatives led by Nancy Pelosi is contemplating accusing Donald Trump of having violated 50 U.S. Code § 3033(k)(5)(A), and hauling him before the United States Senate for judgment accordingly. This requires at least probable cause and reasonable suspicion that Trump, in his interactions with foreign leaders, expressed the fulfillment of his obligations as United States President in a “quid pro quo” manner.

          If impeachment does wind up being undertaken, then more than likely the House will present multiple trumped up charges (such as “obstruction of justice”) beyond merely the aforementioned one to the Senate. Just about all law enforcement bodies and legislatures in the United States have extreme leeway in being able to accuse anybody of “resisting arrest” or “obstruction of justice”, so this is not necessarily unusual.

          The lamestream media outlets biased in favor of the Democratic Party have tried to claim that “high crimes” need not actually be behaviors spelled out and prohibited in United States statute or higher, but that is a stretch and which goes against the basic concept of rule of law.

      • A Gospel quote is always good, to add gravitas to one’s argument. And you do sound like a serious, reasonable chap. I guess the country would be SO much better off if Saint Hillary were President. Please give us another post extolling your thoughts on what a noble leader she would be! I’ll listen! My mum brought me up very well!

    • Carol, it would take years and years to ask ALL in America!! Let;s say a state has 5 million people – – you can’t ask 5 million people. But what you do, is find a sample that best represents the people of the state – – hopefully the sample is age, race, political affiliation etc. like the general population of the state – – say 1000 people.
      From scientific research and the laws of probability, they have a good idea how accurate they can be, within a certain low variation. The key is finding an excellent and representative sample. Researchers take years learning how to conduct scientifically accurate and representative polls . . . and have perfected this over the years.

      • Yes. They perfect the questions to get the answers they want.
        They perfect who they poll to get the results they want.
        And as Carol said they didn’t ask me either.
        Many of the people I know don’t respond to calls, texts or emails from people they don’t know

  8. We have a country full of stupid who do not what exactly what impeachment is or why it should be done. And don’t know that it cannot be used just because you don’t like somebody. I know some who think it merely a censure. The stupidest remark I’ve heard all year is about impeaching the Vice-President. What has he done? Of course, no national Democrat has articulated a specific reason for impeachment and Nancy not asking for a full vote of the House tells me she has no intention of going through with the process, just keep it in front of the public for 2020. Soon the “average” will ask why the Dems haven’t and really begin to question the validity of the accusations.

  9. I still do not trust polls as they can be controlled to benefit certain opinions. no body pols me or friends of mine. it’s all bull

    • I believe in santa clause is a better bet than believing in polls.
      Did anyone watch the rally in Minnesota last night?
      20,000+ inside and hundreds of thousands outside – near 45,000 all together.
      If I was a dam bull Schiff I would be quaking at what the upcoming investigations will show.
      Can’t believe God let’s that man live.

  10. Polls are easily manipulated to prove anything you want. I could prove the majority believe in Santa Claus,if I only polled 4 year olds. Most conservatives don’t bother with polls that keep asking the same stupid questions over and over. A democrat stratagy to keep asking the same stupid questions until only leftist loons answer them.

    • Not true Marlene, when people follow the established scientific techniques that are standards in the disciplines. You are not a trained researcher, so you don’t know that. Scientists can be quite critical in reviewing research (using blind peer reviews), and no true professionals do not want ridicule of others in their fields.

      For example, there is a “margin of error” in each poll that is calculated. But look at the polls in 2018, they clearly predicted a “blue tsunami” and were very accurate about the win and also the number of seats that the Democrats flipped over to blue seats in the House.

      • The polls in 2016 were dead accurate as well. And Hillary is now president. Whoops. The polls occasionally might get it wrong no matter how scientific they think they are.

      • Mostly DemonRAT public opinion. Conservatives usually have enough sense to pay no attention to polls. Polls are only correct when rigged by knowledge beforehand.

  11. Why do they still do polls? Well the last big one said the election was Billarys and they are still trying to get back k to that one poll that shafted them. Go back and count the electoral votes again. I guarantee the numbers won’t have changed. Nor will they. Oh morons believe morons.

    • This Stupid ”impeachment Poll” Is Strictly A BIG “”Farce. In the First place, TRUMP Supporters ARE So far ahead of Anything FOX can Think up ! I don`t think President Trump Requires Any Massaging ON HOW The Citizens Of this Grateful Country Feels About HIM ! Every thing This ‘No- News Of Any Consequence the MSN throws out here…only Tends to Rush Even more Support FOR HIM !! When is FOX ever going to wise up…AND Quit its` flip-flopping tactics ?? ”Us deplorables ” ARE NOT That Easily Fooled !! Yaaa ! Trump ! And YAA ! for TREY !!! NOW..WE are Truly SAILING !!! HE Will Always Stand Up for What is RIGHT..And This IS What President Trump Always Aims spite of all the roadblocks Thrown At him !!!

    • Mr. Jughead, REALLY, Lock up a man who is doing the job he was elected to do. Deep State and dumb liberals still have hurt feeling because the American people elected Trump and not Hitlery. The crimes committed against him would be major news if he were a Demon-rat and didn’t love his country. The Fake news media would be looking for treason charges if a demon-rat president were treated like our PRESIDENT has been treated.

    • You need locked up you dumbass. And you can keep crying and bitching in 2020 when Trump wins again. The commiecrats started planning impeachment in 30 minutes after he took the oath of office. And It’s a shame how the antifa cock suckers treated people for coming out in support of the president yesterday evening. Maybe if some of them assholes attack the wrong ones and get killed they will leave people alone. Us conservatives don’t treat commiecrats that way. But libturds are low life trash. Just don’t f—k with me. I’m meaner than you are.

      • I never cried when she lost after Charlottesville everyone had to make a decision back either the red team and the fascist/racist in the party or back the blue team it really is that simple. If tRUMP is so great why did the red team loose the house to the blue team. Answer that question.

        • Because of goddamned lying assholes like you. And you still can’t prove Trump is racist. And I don’t care if he is. We all are to a certain degree. Obozo is a racist. Whenever the police had to shoot a person of color he would jump to judgement before the facts were known. But we still have the senate. Just look at the great judges being seated on the courts. And maybe ruthie will keel over soon and we will get a constitutional original to replace the old hag.


          • MJ I personally know democrats that throw the N word around like it’s nothing. And I’m not making that up. I worked with some that I could almost imagine them burning crosses. One disowned his daughter for marring a man of color.

        • Voting fraud, suddenly found DemonRAT votes, illegals voting, dead people voting and of course, last but not least, morons voting. You fascist/communist DemonRATS keep pushing us and I guarantee you will be shaking in your jackboots and panties. You’ll also have a “liberal” dose of shell shock. Better load up your dildos, we’re ready when you are.

          • I am still not impressed by you you sound like a another ignorant Republiturd part of the tRUMP Cult of Personality.

      • You threaten like a dockside bully, Dan, rather than trying to argue the issues with reason and solid evidence. I don’t support using violence of any kind, and that includes antifa as well as any other groups. But you go from antifas inappropriate behaviors to calling all liberals “low life trash,” which is just as inappropriate. Not all republicans are the same .. . some are very intelligent, thoughtful, and dedicated . . . but that does not apply to all.

        And how do your win over friends to your position by using vulgarity, calling them “dumbass” and vilifying everyone else? Again, ask yourself why Trump has 2/3rds of the women voters who hold an unfavorable view of him, and why the only category supporting Trump, age and gender-wise is white males over 45? You cannot win an election with just this demographic. Trump’s and his supporters attacks are losing him support. That tactic might have had some affect years ago, but is not working anymore – – people are alienated by the venom and attacks.

        • He’s simply stating the truth Dr. Jackass Dimwit. Still trying to take the “moral high ground” when in reality you DemonRATS have no morals. The party of liars, murderers, cheaters, obstructionists and true racists. If only white males over 45 (complete BS) are conservatives, well that should tell your feeble brain something. That’s the demographic that has the most wisdom and intelligence. You, being a semi educated moron, obviously do not belong to a very intelligent group. You will never win an argument here J.D.; we’re not communist automatons. We’re not useful idiots. Go find yourself a nice anti American communist site to spew you nonsense on. They’ll believe your BS.

          • There you go, Mark, showing all you have is calling people names. And you have a problem READING, Mark. I did not say only males over 45 are conservatives, I said the only age and gender group that favors Trump are White males over 45 – – – which is true. The point I made is that you cannot win with only that group. No age group among women favors Trump, and if they vote, and being the largest voting block, there is no way Trump can win.

            I am sorry Mark, it has gotten you so upset. Perhaps if you calmed down, relaxed a little, things will be better. I have noticed this latest Fox poll has gotten a LOT of Trumpers really agitated, if not angry.

          • You’re truly an idiot JD. I don’t have time to refute your idiocy right now. I have to work, something you morons know nothing about. I do guarantee you however, my IQ is far above yours and my experience as well. Your ignorance is astounding.

        • MJ you are the last person on earth that I care about impressing. You libturds try to twist our words l wasn’t in Charlottesville. Have been there a long time ago. And DR.JD accusing me of threats. I only said that I would defend myself.

        • My good Dr. …Surely you can see that the rhetoric on BOTH sides is heated! And for cause! I personally don’t do such, but I am in sympathy with Dan Tyree and others here who are not afraid to express their opinions in a way that bespeaks their righteous outrage and indignation.

    • You have to be kidding!!! The President is doing the job he was elected to do. What are the Dems doing? Not only are they doing absolutely nothing that benefits the people of our country, they are using our tax dollars and resources to create a smoke and mirrors diversion. The Dems are nothing but sore losers because their gal didn’t get the “queens” job. Get over it and at least do the job you are being paid for by the American people. Americans may have short memories but the election is very close and you are ensuring that Dems will be out of office in any state that is Republican strong. Wake up and use the brains you were born with!

      • DR.J.D.
        I know what you mean.
        I have tried to have intelligent conversations with Dan before.
        But all he seems to be able to do is holler out cuss words just like our so called President does.

        • when ANY side had to resort to vulgarities, especially vulgar name-calling, they have already lost the argument and have no real issues to bring up. One of the most common ones on this site is to call all non-Trumper posts as being “dumb” rather than showing HOW the other side might be in error.

          • Doc the main issue is idiots running for President with agendas that would kill America’s prosperity. Trillions of dollars to tear down good buildings and rebuild them? Gimmee gimmee gimmee for illegals? Many of us work to have insurance, but a wetback should get it for free? Just to name a few. Come on. Don’t tell me you believe in that shit. And your other post said that I made threats. Not so. I only said that I would defend myself. What gives a group of thugs the right to attack me over my beliefs. I don’t do that.

    • Trump is the best thing that ever happened to our country. You would never have know the corruption in our government if he hadn’t rum for president. Now we know of all the corruption involved in the Clinton, Obama presidency and all the crime committed by Obama, Hillary, Comey, Holder, Loretta Lynch, the CIA, and the IRS.

  12. They are not trying to impeach Trump it is a coup because the Democrats lost in 2016 and killery Hillary is still crying she got cheated out of the Presidency. They want a civil war that’s what they want

  13. Impeachment…..To me that just proves the swamp is dying!
    And Trump is doing it right…..!
    2020 and 2024 and 2028……..

  14. Yeah, I call BS!!! The crap that the democrats have done since prior to taking office is despicable!!!! Fox News can go down with the sewer rats!!!
    Trump stands for what the democrats haven’t and won’t do for their own districts! I guess they think everyone is here to clean up their mismanagement and corruption!!!
    TRUMP 2020!!!!


  16. Looking more and more like Trump news network TV may become reality. We need more honest media outlets and where there is a need there are options to fill it.

  17. Can’t wait to see a repeat performance of the heads expolding, the tears falling and voices whaling when president Trump crushes the democrats once and for all in the 2020 slaying.
    All will be revealed. My predictions is spring of 2020 AG Barr and Durham will reveal their investigation findings and indite the guilty, hint: it will not be president Trump. Democrats will go down in flames. Praise father God almighty.


  19. Already we are back to the polls that are easily manipulated to have the results the poll taker wants. This is a replay of the propaganda tactics used in 2016. Combined with the massive voter fraud Hillary still lost. BLINDSIDED. Because even Hillary believed the propaganda. What American voter want higher taxes, more jobs lost to over seas, return to bad trade deals, more corrupt deals with foreign governments giving politicians kids with no qualifications but a well connected name and political gains and lobbyist money being paid billions of dollars to
    “consult.” TRUMP LANDSLIDE VICTORY 2020

  20. Interesting. It’s been a few years since I’ve had a poll call. Even on my mobile which is with me at all times. Telemarketers gets cell numbers so poosters can too

  21. Amazing. Start with 48% Democrat and the are surprise the there was another 3% that wanted impeachment. So why not just poll Democrats and see the result.

  22. Phone Rings;
    Me: Hello.
    Pollster: Would you answer a few questions.
    Me: Sure
    Pollster: Do you think Trump should be impeached?
    Phone “click” (me hanging up)
    Pollster: boss another hang up.
    Boss: Keep calling, you’ll get enough Democrats to get the numbers!

  23. One Democrat running for president Just came out and said the Democrat party is rigging the polling. Fox news is right there with the rigging of polls.

  24. More and more, every day it seems, that FAKE NEWS has taken over…….There is a HUGE remnant of supporters of our President Trump and believers that he is the man needed to save our land from enemies, foreign and domestic. We will cling to our BIBLE, our GUNS and most of all our GOD…We will survive and thrive!

    • He’s committed no crime! The Republicans had better stand with him! If the Phlegmocrats get away with this, it will become standard issue in their playbook!

  25. Fox News polls are becoming just as fake as the lamestream medias’ polls. I started watching OANN. I wish Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson would start their own network. Look for Fox’s ratings to fall.

    • Shame on u Fox News making a left turn fake fake than u Lou Dobbs for staying true and those of u on Fox cable that still are true honest reporters of the real news

    • You mean the same polls that were predicting Hillary’s landslide win in 2016? I’m thinking these polls are a crock of shit.

  26. Impeachment, of a President or anyone else, is a matter of LAW, not public opinion or even the opinion of law makers. There is ZERO evidence of any impeachable offense and you can’t bring such charges against someone just because you don’t like them or something they said may have offended you!

    • No matter the number of times you say it or whatever choice of words you choose to convey it. You can’t will your own version of reality w/wishful thinking which is essentially just a pitiful butt-hurt means of fooling yourself. I’ll make it easy for you….Donald J. Trump will not be impeached. Donald J. Trump will be re-elected. You know it as well as I know it. Because that’s what the writing on the wall really says.

  27. As I’ve said before: There are lies, damn lies and statistics, of which “polls” are a “statistic” within a certain demographic; usually big, filthy cities which are communist DemonRAT strongholds. “Polls” mean absolutely nothing.



  28. Look up bushpig Rosie O’Connell and her impeachment poll on Twitter.
    58% against impeachment
    42% for impeachment
    It’s looks like the msm is using the same company that poll hillary Clinton to win by a landslide in 2016

  29. Now, how many participants were Independent or Republican? I have learn that most of these interviews are from one “party” affiliation! I have not had any conversations about this issues. I have large amount of friends and the only ones talking about having the President Impeached are some of my liberals Democrats friends. So, I am not sure of the findings of FOX. Plus, the owners are Fox are very liberals.

      • What Sort of Folks Continue with this ‘poll Bit ?” No one But Absolute Losers who are Grasping at as many Straws as They can Grab ? When are these Losers Ever going to Get it Thru Their Few Brains That..THERE is Nothing Left in Their Basket of “”Tricks TO TRY. Nothing THERE TO Heft them up and out of this BIG Hole They have Dug for Themselves. THAT Swamp is SO close to Being Totally DRAINED of All the RATS Hiding in it.

    • geo soreass got to them bud. I can only begin to imagine the wads of $$$$ he shoved into the pockets of the owner of Fux news! 😗😒😥😪😞😰



  30. Fake news at work, the American people do not want the president impeach, where they get the 52% from ??? I can say that they the democrats are looking for a revolt from the 63 millions that voted for trump. Our vote will not be Franchise !!! Hopefully this will be the end of the democrats for good.

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