Fox News was put under pressure to fire Tucker Carlson. This is how he responded.

Liberals have been gunning for Tucker Carlson for years.

Carlson has set records for ratings because Americans see that Carlson tells the truth about issues affecting America like immigration and the recent race riots.

But Fox News was put under pressure to fire Tucker Carlson. This is how he responded.

During a recent monologue, Carlson attacked liberal mobs who try to silence anyone that questions their attempts to remake America around the Left’s obsession with identity politics.

Carlson accused “woke” liberal critics of not caring about black lives and just seizing the aftermath of George Floyd’s death to grab power.

“This may be a lot of things, this moment we are living through, but it is definitely not about black lives and remember that when they come for you, and at this rate, they will,” Carlson declared.

Liberals jumped on Carlson’s remarks by falsely claiming Carlson told his audience armed black mobs were coming to get them and demanded Fox fire Carlson.

The next night on his show Carlson revealed that Fox News refused to bend to the will of the mob.

“They won’t succeed in that, thankfully,” Carlson explained. “We work for one of the last brave companies in America and they’re not intimidated. We’re grateful for that. But the whole thing did get us thinking that we should be more specific about who this mob is, and what they’re doing.”

Carlson used this as a jumping off point to explain how woke liberals attacked America with totalitarian thought police standards that are now being applied to all facets of life.

“At this point, we’re becoming North Korea,” said Carlson. “We now believe in blood guilt. We punish people for the sins of their relatives. We don’t allow individuals to have private thoughts. We hurt anyone who disagrees with orthodoxy. We demand that the innocent plead guilty to things we know they didn’t do, and then read their confessions in public to prove they’ve been re-educated. And then we brag about doing all of this.”

Shortly after Carlson’s program ended, another example of liberals enforcing their ideological rigidity appeared when the streaming platform HBO Max announced it would remove the classic 1939 film Gone with the Wind because it took place in the South during the time of slavery.

The liberals that run HBO disappeared Gone with the Wind down the memory hole despite the fact that Hattie McDaniel became the first black performer to win an academy award when McDaniel took home the prize for best supporting actress.

Recent days have seen stories of athletes, actors, and CEOs stepping down or losing their jobs because liberals decided they committed “wrong think”, sometimes for things they didn’t even say.

Liberals are setting a standard in America that criticizing Black Lives Matter or any of the Left’s sacred cow social issues is now a career death sentence.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. We need reporters who will stand their ground and speak the truth about what is going on in our Nation and the World.

  2. I guess they want the rest of Fox anchors to cave and go left like some of them have. Proud of those who stand up to media mob and democrats. It’s just like Tricia Reagen saying then what we are finding out to be true. Yet no one cares about media mob and some on Fox that are not telling the truth. No one goes after them. They all still are lying about everything Trump. Why are they not fired or sponsors leaving them. Hypocrites they all are and smearing good people’s names. It makes me sick to see sponsors choose sides like anchors to bash our President and anyone who stands up for him are crucified. Messed up. Thank you Fox for not caving on this one. Should have done it earlier with TR also.

  3. If Tucker ran for office, I bet he could whip any of these Demo-nihilists.

    Just an idea for debate: rename 6-block downtown Seattle West Tianamin Square and then do the thing THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

  4. Anil exam…gfys…fire tucker?hahahaha.even those c sucker liberals running fox aren’t that stupid

  5. Alan lindenberg, don’t know old you are but shame on you, get educated before all our rights are taken away including our protection freedom of speech and other, all kidding aside get educated before it’s too late and you are also sorry.

  6. know we can count on our Mr. Tucker for the truth, his ability to learn and know such an extreme lot that we want educated about and able to keep us interested all the time for every hour he is on. He knows how to tell a story, we dearly love Mr. Tucker. Keep up the good jobs you do.

  7. I came into this world kicking and screaming while covered in someone else’s blood…I have no problem with going out the same way. Your correct Joe Bob, one pass over from a C-130 Spectrum Gun Ship will break up any un-wanted party’s.

  8. Tom,
    You are absolutely right. And they will stop at nothing to steal your very soul because the believe they are the almighty. They will never stop. No appeasement is enough. It’s just the next step! It may already be too late. Revelations may be on our doorstep.

  9. Liberals, locusts, Hogs and Mudslimes….no difference. You need need a 30 mm Vulcan to take care of them.

  10. Don’t know who or how they screen these posts but I’d like to give you a bat upside your skull.

  11. I watch Tucker and Hanity on FOX till they start repeating news stories and then I go to One America News until they start repeating and then I go to NEWSY.
    Never ever CNN or ABC or NBC. They are not news.
    It’s great to have options. And when you get sick and tired of news then it’s time to go to TBN and take in a bunch of God Teaching.
    Great to have options!!

  12. Love Tucker Carlson because he’s not afraid to “Tell it like it is.” He interviews all types of people and doesn’t flinch when asking tough questions that other commentators refuse to ask.Even when I don’t completely agree with him, I listen. Close-minded people who want everybody to think exactly alike, are naturally horrified. Diversity of thought isn’t allowed by most who say they don’t like him.

  13. If Fox News fires Tucker Carlson then they will go after Judge Jeanine. Don’t fire Tucker Carlson he’s been so truthful with every thing. Conservatives have a right to have their voices heard and Tucker as well as Jeanine Pirro and all the Fox News except for the liberal ones they decided to bring on the show should have our side told. Keep going Tucker we appreciate your honesty!!!

  14. Yes, yes, yes for Tucker Carlson. He’s puts these totalitarian liberal liars in their place. Come on Rinos and other timid Republicans, let’s help the guy and get these democrats and other globalist prevaricators out of our hair…and our country.

  15. Renewed right you dropped my comments again and gave no reason for doing it…you people are a bunch of chicken sh-t mfers..

  16. I was seriously thinking of getting HBO Max until I heard about the Gone w/the
    Wind thing. I love all the FOX conservatives and it is the only reason I watch Fox. I loved Trish Reagan but because Fox Bus let her go I don’t watch them in the evenings no more.

  17. I was seriously thinking of getting HBO Max until I heard about the Gone w/the
    Wind thing. I love all the FOX conservatives and it is the only reason I watch Fox. I loved Trish Reagan but because Fox Bus let her go I don’t watch them in the evenings no more.

  18. Tucker is hated by the left because he tells the truth about their satanic agenda of lies, deceit, and treason.

  19. Thank God and Fox for Tucker Carlson! He’s smart, balanced, brave and his turn of phrase is phenomenal. I’m jealous! He needs to be supported and listened to carefully.

    We need more just like him!!

  20. Black America needs to first look within to achieve parity . Decades of swallowing Democrat welfare has resulted in no fathers in the home, young black men grow up with gangs as fathers and wonder why they are always in trouble. They place no values on education, that’s a white thing, 70% out of wedlock birth rate, black on black crime, Democrats really have you on their economic plantation. Go get a copy of Star Parker’s book , UNCLE SAM’S PLANTATION IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. I HOPE YOU CAN SEE THE TRUTH.



  23. Trish Regan got fired by Fox for speaking in a similar manner. Fox Hires Donna Brazil, Marie Barf, Paul Ryan what makes you think people like Lou Dobbs, Hannity, and Tucker who don’t follow the Rupert sons Liberal views will last; just looking for a misstep to act.

  24. I think too many people do not know that the President may call-up the National Guard of any or all States. They represent the Militia from other years. If you recall many “National Guard” persons were sent to the Middle East without any States trying to stop it. Now we have a State that claims to not even know that one of the major cities has lost or given away parts of the city to a mob. When the peaceful protests evolve into a mob control it becomes a criminal enterprise that the police (in this case owned by the mayor) cannot control with a passive stance. If the State cannot handle it then the Federal Government may become involved for the safety of the passive citizens. If not done by the Feds, then this state becomes a “HELL” on earth. I have been in enough war to know that we do not want one in this country. I also think that Tucker tries to be fair in what he reports and sometimes he cannot find anything good to report about some groups.

  25. The left wants to control the life and thoughts of all Americans. They are the most devious collections of fools that want power at any cost. It is strange that as a group they blindly follow the leader in order to keep their position within the Party.Term limits are not something they would ever consider and they know how to twist facts and use the rules to create a situation where they can preach about being for the people. Look what their plans and actions have done to the black community over the past 50+ year. Promises promises as long as they can keep that community dependent on DC handouts so they keep voting Dem. Look how they have supported the Teacher Union so the crown never gets a good education which is needed to exit poverty. They want police officer records made public but not the results of how students do with certain teachers in achieving their goals.

  26. Thank God for Fox News. At least you have a chance to here the truth instead of lies. I want the truth and that is why I watch Fox all the time. You can’t read the papers anymore because of all the untruths that is in them. Fox says the truth and has a high standard.

  27. If Fox caves to these radical communist American hating liberal destructive democrats you are as bad as those scumbags, and you will paid a price financially!

  28. As long as my Christian Conservative voice is represented, I’m with FOX all the way! I love there is still a source that reports truth! We are growing vastly in numbers, and our money follows our thoughts! Hang onto us, FOX, and we’ll support you and your sponsors.

  29. Tucker is a breath of fresh air. Antifa & blm are the problem and have been for many years. They have rioted, wrecked, raped and yes even murdered all in plain sight (much of it available on film, tape & newsreels around the country. George Soros is overdue for Hell.

  30. If we want to be fair then every leftist opinionist should also by taken off air. What is this country turning into to communist of America, pretty soon only one opinion will matter and that is what they tell you it is. We need more people willing to go against the left leaning media and more people telling them they do not speak for me.

  31. We all need more men with “bIG BALLS” who are not afraid to speak up for MAKE AMERICA STRONG AGAIN, like President Trump. Round-up all the Democrates taht are tearing down this cointry and send all of them on a “slow boat” to CHINA so they can complain there.

  32. When our next election rolls around we must stop these evil enemies of this free nation.The revolt against law and order must be stopped dead in it’s tracks. What is happening now is a preview of what is to come if the radical left gets elected. Land of the free and home of the brave is being threatened.

  33. For years I’ve waited for a Black Lives Matter protest about drive by shootings. More than a dozen in just one recent weekend in Chicago, alone. But, no. Not a peep out of “them”. As if those lives weren’t as important as others. And where’s the protest about the looting & burning of businesses in their own neighborhoods? Nope, if there were some, I missed hearing about them.

  34. If you want to ban news media for being liars you have to ban CNN and MSNBC CBS and all the other news media that hate trump and his supporters.

  35. THANK YOU FOX NEWS for not caving in to the dangerous Left and standing up for Tucker Carlson.Glad your not like Starbucks,T Mobile, Papa John’s etc. My salvation is Fox and Friends and OAN

  36. Thank you Fox News for not bending & standing with Tucker Carlson, & our right for free speech! He is a good guy & I would hate to see him off the air. He is one of the few who speak the truth & tell it like it is! Hannity & Laura Ingram are two others who report the truth. Bret Braid is another good guy & those on Fox & Friends!

  37. Tucker Carlson is the only real source of truth on TV anymore. The democrates are desperate to keep their deceit hidden lest their shady deals and corruption be stopped and their mass accumulation of wealth and power come to an end. If Carlson goes, there will be no further reason to watch TV; my cable subscription will be history.

  38. HBO drops GWTW from video library. What’s next? Dropping the book from the LIBRARY! There should be required reading of George Orwell’s “1984” for all who haven’t read it. The only thing that is not correct in that book is the title. 1984 has come to be fact in 2020. You want 20/20 vision of what could be coming, G-D forbid, read it.

  39. Tucker Carlson is the Most Honest today, Speaking The Truth that others are to Blind to see.
    Blacks on the Plantation must wake up to their Puppet Masters. Whites and all others must take off their masks and see they are being Conned. BLM is Not who most think they are and Do NoT Care about Black Lives at all. The Money Behind them is George Soros who is driving this, Media Matters, the Bonner Group, ATT/CNN, Liberals. BLM wants Destruction to Western Civilization and Power. The New Black Panthers
    The New Black Panthers

  40. The antifa scum is doing a great job. They are showing the people who the commiecrats are. A party of lying ass holes.

  41. Doesn’t BLM and Antifa realize that they are driving independents like me vote Republican and remove all liberals from all positions of authority. That goes for all liberal congress and senate members, governors, mayors. tec. that support all these radicals and their ideas.

    What they are doing is making independent voters of almost hating blacks for what they are allowing these liberals to do in their name.

    Whether they believe it or not, blacks have the same educational opportunities as any race. With most other races, the parents make their kids go to school and learn. They are taught right from wrong. Whose fault is it that black parents don’t do the same? As the records show, more money is poured into the poorer communities, more cost per kid than most other communities. Whose fault is it that they don’t take advantage of that opportunity?

    The liberal only give mouth service to the blacks. How has that helped? The liberal politicians get elected with minimum to minimal net wealth and become millionaires off the money they get for the poor neighborhoods. Where does all the tax dollars go?

    We are getting close to another election. Watch for all the promises the liberal politician will be making to the blacks only to forget about those promises after they are elected.

    I hate to say it, but BLM and Antifa should be protesting those liberals that have promised the blacks the moon and have delivered nothing!!!!

  42. To understand a Liberal you would have to snort a large amount of pixie dust and watch back to back re-runs of Tinker Bell & Oatmeal Winfrey for at least several years.



  44. Tucker Carlson tells it like it is ! The Truth will win out ! Fox is Brave enough to weather any Liberal Attack and there you have it !

  45. Fox better not fire Tucker. We need him !!! He tell the truth…I don’t watch any other channel..but if they cave in and fire him. I will not watch fox either…who cares what disney or any other thinks. They are are pedaling their goods. They need not to try and censor the truth. Stay out of politics. And fox back tucker

  46. I like Tucker Carlson because he said it like it is and the left can not tolerate the truth. It would be nice if he could get Candace Owens on his show because she also tells the truth.

  47. I hope and pray that those that come out and vote in november for Trump far outnumber, the amount of protesters we see on Tv… That was scary to see all those Angry people. who obviousy dont work……We hope that our great America has not been overrun by these leftist nutsies….Please get out and vote…..Save our country……

  48. All good Americans everywhere look at the facts. In Paradise, there are two sides to the GULF, The RIGHT side. This is the side where GOD and all the souls that believe in Jesus Christ and do things GOD’s way reside. The other side is the LEFT side. This is Satan’s side and “ALL” EVIL reside there. I.E. the liberals reside there. Now compare that to earth. And in America, there are two parties. The GOP and The DMC. The GOP stands for the people, GOD, and Christianity, and all that is good, they are controlled by GOD. While the Liberalist democrat left stands for all that is evil and deceitful they are controlled by Stan. Do you see the compairison?

  49. GOD YHVH bless you, Lucy. And keep you and your family safe from harm. If all Christians continue to pray and do things GOD’s way this Nation will be OK. Remember you and GOD make a majority.

  50. It is so great that GOD (YHVH) gave this great nation Donald J Trump to be the President at this time. GOD knew that Donald J Trump would not bend. That he will stand for FREEDOM and “THE RULE OF LAW” Not the Communist manifesto or MOB rule. President Donald J Trump is allowing the States Governors to take charge and declare Martial Law where these Leftist communist liberalist fools have removed “Law and order” and replaced it with anarchy. This has to be stopped and stopped fast. Remember A Nation divided will NOT stand. The GOP wants this Nation to come together and be “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” UNITED IN FREEDOM AND A NATION WHERE THE LAW IS THE SAME FOR ALL THE PEOPLES. Sure America is not perfect. But then How can it be when we aren’t perfect. But it is better by a long shot than “ANY OTHER NATION IN THE WORLD”! IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IT. GO LIVE IN A COMMUNIST NATION!

    Heavenly FATHER I pray in the name of Our Lord and King Christ Jesus that you will help all the people in the U.S.A. that believe John 3:16. That wants to restore order and peace. And President Donald J Trump along with all the Governors and the police to regain control. I pray also that Your FATHER will press on all the good citizens of the United States of America to end this rioting and mass hysteria. AMEN

  51. If black lives matter so much how come so many blacks murder their own kind in hopeless rundown cities like Chicago? Who seems to be the liars here?

    If you’re going to have a cause then live by the truth of it and not by what you want easy-to-swallow numb-skulls to follow otherwise!

  52. I am so sick of all this Demon-Crap Sh-t.Im so tired of the Real Racest Bunch..
    They want someone to tell them when and their Kids and GrandchildrenWhat day and time to buy a loaf of bread.Im over all these idiot’s and that’s just part of what “them people” are. I don’t want to live in a communist country.God bless all our young ones.

  53. I usually watch Tucker at night because he is one of the most straight-forward commentators on tv. This is typical, keep those like Wallace who cannot tell the truth without a measuring stick. Someone is cowtailing to the lefties and does not want to face the truth. MAGA RVN 68-69

  54. HR Department would say that was racist Dan, if you fire a member of the LGBTQ community…LOL…

  55. Tucker Carlson is one of few that tell the truth and explain why and how it is the truth. Love his show. To bad liberals cannot handle the truth. As Glen Beck would say the truth sets you free.

  56. “Liberals have been gunning for Tucker Carlson for years.

    Carlson has set records for ratings because Americans see that Carlson tells the truth about issues affecting America like immigration and the recent race riots.”

    Liberals just can’t handle the truth and it drives them nuts. Tucker Carlson has a great big set of cinchonas to go on the air night after night exposing the far left and the disastrous deeds done that day. The liberal left doesn’t like it because he not only tells the true facts but shows the video to back up those facts.

    Should Fox ever decides to get rid of Carlson, it would mean they finally bowed down to the leftists and it would be the end of Fox itself. Thank the Good Lord that so far they haven’t given in to the leftists demands and Carlson is the best thing they have.

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