Franklin Graham has this surprising request for Donald Trump

Franklin Graham is a strong supporter of Donald Trump.

But no one could believe what he said about the President.

And Franklin Graham turned heads with this surprising request for Donald Trump.

Like the vast majority of Trump supporters, Graham believes Donald Trump is under unfair attacks from his political enemies.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats regularly accuse the President of criminal conduct and are conducting unprecedented witch hunts to bring down Trump’s Presidency.

That’s why Graham and 250 other Christian leaders are designating June 2 as a “Special Day of Prayer” for President Trump.

The Charlotte Observer reports:

“President Trump’s enemies continue to try everything to destroy him, his family, and the presidency,” Graham posted Sunday on Facebook.

“In the history of our country, no president has been attacked as he has. I believe the only hope for him, and this nation, is God. This is a critical time for America. We’re on the edge of a precipice. Time is short. We need to pray for God to intervene. We need to ask God to protect, strengthen, encourage, and guide the President,” said his post.

Among the organizers is Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, and Clarence Henderson, president of the North Carolina-based Frederick Douglass Foundation.

Graham’s post calling for a Special Day of Prayer prompted 113,000 shares and nearly 40,000 comments in the past day, many from people saying they were already praying for the president.

The Fake News Media and the Democrats hoped the continued negative headlines would wear down Trump’s support.

But Graham’s call to prayer – as well as the viral response it received – proved Donald Trump’s support is as strong as it has ever been.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. I Take President Trumps ‘tweets’
    Anyday ! to a v. bad false narrative
    msm. KEEP ‘Tweeting’ !!! Mr. President.

  2. George Murrell u are right we all have faught,s an President Trump is no different but that does not mean that God can not still use him.We have preachers in churches that sin but God still uses them an has a purpose for them an uses them in his Own way.I do agree that President Trump need to not tweet so much an it hurts him more than it helps but I do believe that God is using him an I feel he know he needs God more in his life to help guide him in his life an we all need prayers

  3. “LET US PRAY” More Intently
    than EVER BEFORE.
    President Trump & USA.
    Thank me/ THANK Yourselves.

  4. FAKE Dan Tyree.
    I KNOW the diff. HAha HAA
    & MANY of us on this site KNOW .
    ♥ U mon man Dan. zee/mama /steelie/jack +

  5. 0nly Betty/ joe plumber Can Save themselves.
    you Cannot ‘soften/save’ them. DNA has
    been ‘altered’.
    A ‘Noble Thought’, But CENTER ALL Your PRAYER)s
    Energy to POTUS/Country/ Fam/Friends etc.
    the ‘enemy’ could give a rat’s whacky re your

  6. Total Prayer SUPPORT JUNE 2nd Sunday.
    Please Ignore Joe plumber (smoke pipe But
    No Repair pipe/ Betty etc) Anyway – it’s
    Almost 0bvious their DNA has been Altered.
    DNA Altering Has been Going 0n Many Yr.
    Think about that.

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