Franklin Graham has this surprising request for Donald Trump

Franklin Graham is a strong supporter of Donald Trump.

But no one could believe what he said about the President.

And Franklin Graham turned heads with this surprising request for Donald Trump.

Like the vast majority of Trump supporters, Graham believes Donald Trump is under unfair attacks from his political enemies.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats regularly accuse the President of criminal conduct and are conducting unprecedented witch hunts to bring down Trump’s Presidency.

That’s why Graham and 250 other Christian leaders are designating June 2 as a “Special Day of Prayer” for President Trump.

The Charlotte Observer reports:

“President Trump’s enemies continue to try everything to destroy him, his family, and the presidency,” Graham posted Sunday on Facebook.

“In the history of our country, no president has been attacked as he has. I believe the only hope for him, and this nation, is God. This is a critical time for America. We’re on the edge of a precipice. Time is short. We need to pray for God to intervene. We need to ask God to protect, strengthen, encourage, and guide the President,” said his post.

Among the organizers is Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, and Clarence Henderson, president of the North Carolina-based Frederick Douglass Foundation.

Graham’s post calling for a Special Day of Prayer prompted 113,000 shares and nearly 40,000 comments in the past day, many from people saying they were already praying for the president.

The Fake News Media and the Democrats hoped the continued negative headlines would wear down Trump’s support.

But Graham’s call to prayer – as well as the viral response it received – proved Donald Trump’s support is as strong as it has ever been.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I Take President Trumps ‘tweets’
    Anyday ! to a v. bad false narrative
    msm. KEEP ‘Tweeting’ !!! Mr. President.

  2. George Murrell u are right we all have faught,s an President Trump is no different but that does not mean that God can not still use him.We have preachers in churches that sin but God still uses them an has a purpose for them an uses them in his Own way.I do agree that President Trump need to not tweet so much an it hurts him more than it helps but I do believe that God is using him an I feel he know he needs God more in his life to help guide him in his life an we all need prayers

  3. “LET US PRAY” More Intently
    than EVER BEFORE.
    President Trump & USA.
    Thank me/ THANK Yourselves.

  4. FAKE Dan Tyree.
    I KNOW the diff. HAha HAA
    & MANY of us on this site KNOW .
    ♥ U mon man Dan. zee/mama /steelie/jack +

  5. 0nly Betty/ joe plumber Can Save themselves.
    you Cannot ‘soften/save’ them. DNA has
    been ‘altered’.
    A ‘Noble Thought’, But CENTER ALL Your PRAYER)s
    Energy to POTUS/Country/ Fam/Friends etc.
    the ‘enemy’ could give a rat’s whacky re your

  6. Total Prayer SUPPORT JUNE 2nd Sunday.
    Please Ignore Joe plumber (smoke pipe But
    No Repair pipe/ Betty etc) Anyway – it’s
    Almost 0bvious their DNA has been Altered.
    DNA Altering Has been Going 0n Many Yr.
    Think about that.

  7. While we pray for our president Trump and his family, I will pray for Betty too ,that the lord softens her heart and to also show her that when she agrees with baby killer Democrats she will become a part of another mans sin.

  8. I knew Trump would be our president. I believe with all my heart, God gave us Trump to wake up American people. We have some who still lives in Obama’s world. It coming that world is going to crumble beneath their feet.

  9. We need more men like Mr. Graham and his Chistian leaders. He sees what is happening to Trump.The evil forces are doing everything to get rid of him.They had it good while they were ruling Washington.But God saw it differently and put Trump there to clean Washington up. That is why the Devil is waging a war against him.We all need to pray for him and the people helping him.I have noticed a few people here need to be pray for wisdom and intelligence.God Bless Trump.Trump 2020.

  10. Scott
    Your hatred and bias is blinding your common sense (re. voting vs. praying.) Read some evidence-based research before you spout off.
    Angry people live shorter lives than those who are observant Christians and Jews. And that is evidence-based research!

  11. Your vile, low-class, low-intelligence, amoral rhetoric reflects your support for abortion, as Hillary Clinton verbalized when she said she supports at the 9th month and beyond; & supporting Iran’s nuclear efforts meant to take the world back to the Ottoman Empire; and let us not forget, her dissertation based on Alinsky’s philosophy (a terrorist who murdered Americans here.)She is no lady! Obviously, you espouse as any anti-Semite would.

  12. If YOU KEEP POKING THE BEAR eventually He’s going to rise up and kick your ass.Well the bear has risen. God bless President Trump and His family.

  13. Fake Dan why are we discussing a case from several years ago? They probably were guilty. DNA results can be falsified. I’m not saying they was or wasn’t. I don’t care.

  14. I warned people not to reply to people such as “Betty” “Scott27” and others as they are Comrade Hellary loosers as they are very stupid sub-human idiots who don’t have all of their marbles as we are above them and look down on them in the place in hell where they belong permanently.

  15. Donald Trump is a decent person gone astray. Pray that our President will get right with God, promote his accomplishments and cease these foolish tweets. He should stress what he wants America to do after he is re-elected, leave off whining insults about his opponents and be positive. Yes! Remember the prayers of the wicked availeth nothing. By trying to tear down Biden and other Democrats, our President is making them look good! Let’s pray God reaches him through the Holy Spirit. Right now he’s off track and could lose!!!

  16. But David, Trump still “proclaims” in his demented mind that these 5 individuals are still guilty!!!!! and as all Trump supporters know HE is never wrong, just ask him, he’ll tell you. Here is something everyone I know learned either at home or in school. If you are always talking (Trump) you will never learn anything. I was taught to “listen” and be “silent” while doing that…..What do those 2 words have in common?????/

  17. Yes, I also will keep the President of the United States, his family and his Administration in my prayers on June 2. I also pray each day for him and his Administration. I also saw the hand of God in action ever since 2015 when he got into the 2016 Presidential race. I believe God chooses people that society rejects in order to do His Will.

  18. Right on, roscoe, America is under Demonic Attack all right. A DEMON in the White House called donald trump!

  19. To fellow Americans everywhere, Really wish to Make America Great Again?, then just n the next presidential election, be sure to vote for a MAN instead of a MONKEY. Cause Who needs another four years of an Oval Office Blond Haired, Brain Dead Orangutan Ape?

  20. Well, we can all see, by the content of your message, exactly why God sent DJT to rescue us from the foul mouthed, baby-murdering, liberal-lunatic-commies like you.

  21. Having lived through the buildup of the iron curtain in Europe as a youngster, I do remember that the destruction of Central- and Eastern Democratic societies by Stalin and his Godless minions began with the destruction of normally accepted standards of civility and good manners…..

    History is characterized by a cyclic pattern!

  22. Hey, sue. I’ll pray for d trump too. I’ll pray that this country is spared a second presidential term of that Walking, Talking Pile of Sick Minded CRAP.

  23. A man of Faith doesn’t Conceitedly call Himself a “Stable Genuis”? Though it’s the exactly what a MAN of INSANITY certainly would. To repeat, almost four years ago, between H. Clinton vs d. trump, we chose a LUNATIC over a LADY.

  24. Wrong, sue. The only possible reason GOD might have had for putting a WORTHLESS WORM & His Latest Legalized, Equally WORTHLESS Gold Digging, Dime A Dozen WHORE is just to show the American people by the almost past four years the difference between a Real HUMAN BEING & a “PISS ASS PIG in (Human Form?) A Man VS a “Monkey”.

  25. Well said Sue! My thoughts exactly. And I have been praying for him, his administration and their families. For wisdom, safety and the ability to work for this nation…remembering to bring honor and glory to God in Christ, above all.


  27. Fake Dan your commie party accuses their opponents of everything. DNA has cleared a lot of people. Good for them. If only DNA would expose the lies from the demoncrats.

  28. Pres. Trump, although elected by the people, was, in reality, put into office by the hand of God. God has a specific purpose for this: to give America a second chance for spiritual redemption. For too long, our country has slowly become less godly and more worldly, and it’s time we were brought back to the Judeo-Christian heritage that is the foundation of our country, the basis on which our Founding Fathers built America. I personally believe that God continues to bless America because of the continual prayers of Christians. “The effectual and fervent prayer of the righteous avails much.” James 5:16

  29. President Trump is the kind of a man that I like to see lead our country And the Dem o rats can’t see it. They are still mad GET OVER IT !

  30. Grey, like Trump YOU can’t Shhhh me!!!!!!! Trump cuddles up to Kim, because after all he smells dollars when he is out of office, or maybe while he is still in. Please sir allow me my 1st Amendment right of “freedom of speech” even if you don’t agree with them, just like your leader!!!!!

  31. David, Don the con has a hatred for particular segments of the world. Recall decades ago when he took at a full page ad in a NY newspaper proclaiming the Central Park 5 of murder. They were cleared years ago with DNA proof (although Trump only believes his beliefs are ALWAYS correct, has one ever heard him apologize for anything, or even more so has anyone ever heard state he made a mistake???? No, because he is not man enough, when something goes wrong…..well it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault!!!!! FYI Trump still to this day thinks the 5 individuals are still guilty. Facts and science have shown otherwise, but Trump’s law in his mind, I’m ALWAYS correct and everyone else he disagrees with me…..then I’ll just SLANDER them, after all that’s what he does BEST!!!!!!

  32. Fake Dan, think again.

    This popular theme “Make America Great Again” is simply a wake up call for all the American citizens to deal with out-of-control wealth distribution and out-of-control illegal immigration. Unfair trades with many countries is another issue that must be dealt now. A lot of wrongs need to be fixed. Obama did nothing except looking at himself charmingly in the mirror, saying “I’m god”.

    You need to quit comparing Hitler to Trump. You bore us with your ridiculous accusations. Shhhhh ! ????


  33. For a man of faith, which is what our President says he is, here is a passage from Scripture that I feel might give him some wisdom. It’s from Romans 12:14-21 Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. 16 Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. 20 On the contrary:

    “If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
    if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.”

    21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

    The behavior of the “leadership” in our country is childish and disgusting! We deserve better, and Mr. President, you should set the tone for leadership and not be tricked into the Dems stupid games. Power though it and ask God for guidance and let HIM do what He plans to do through you! Do not overcome evil with evil, overcome evil with GOOD!

    I pray for our President and our country’s “leadership” daily. I wish President Trump would show more humility and grace and focus on godly wisdom in all issues instead of childish name calling and impulsive tweeting. That’s what I’ll be praying for on June 2nd. God Bless America!

  34. I already am praying for Trump, Pence, and Barr. The other night I opened my Bible randomly to Psalms 31:18 before praying and regardless of who you are or what God’s outcome will be, Christians need to start demanding God’s word aggressively. I will gather with my family on June 2nd and we will all pray throughout the day for this nation, her people, and our future.

  35. I’m in … will participate, because I know carrying the weight of a Nation must be a huge challenge. I would NOT pray for anyone else but THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES… he’s doing a HELL of a job, and he has earned God’s blessing ! Go for it, MR. PRESIDENT !

  36. Prayer for President Trump from the Holy Bible. Psalm 69(70). Deign oh God to rescue me; Make haste to help me.Let them be put to shame and confounded who seek my life. Let them be turned back in disgrace who seek my ruin. Let them retire in their shame who say to me “aha,aha!”But may all who seek you be glad in you, And may those who love your salvation say ever “God be glorified!” But i am afflicted and poor; O God hasten to me! You are my help and my deliver; O Lord, hold not back! God bess you Presdent Trump, your family and your administration. And everyone pass the word that thanks to Reverend Franklin Graham,he has designated june 2nd, this Sunday, to be “Pray for President Trump day.”

  37. It is way too late. The Left has moved so far from reality that they are beyond help. I would suggest avoiding ABC, NBC, CBS and, of course, CNN. They are the main source for the vile hatred toward our President. They have twisted and turned every effort he has made for our great country into a lie. They are the representatives of evil and the brainwashed tools of Soros, The Clinton’s and the backroom support by Obama. Pray for our children who are systematically being brainwashed in our elementary and secondary schools and mostly for our college students who are not receiving the values that will help them grow and include God in their lives and the lives of their children.

  38. I already pray for our President and our Country, but I will double down my efforts on June 2 and pray unceasingly for the safety and wisdom for our President and for the health and return of our country to a Constitutional Republic! Amen!

  39. Looks like those communist agitators are back again who to this day still won’t accept Hellary’s loss and probably never will because people like that don’t have all of their marbles.

  40. Agreed, we need new leadership in the House not a bunch of corrupt political hacks. I will vote all Republican in 2020 and future elections if they do not start acting like true Americans.

  41. Hmm, I didn’t see the encouragement to “vote” for Trump, but I did read the encouragement to PRAY for President Trump, his family and for our Great Nation!
    Praying daily with my family for our great President that leads our great nation by the hand of God.

  42. I am so glad to hear positive remarks about praying for our POTUS and thanking Franklin Graham. So much negative comments it was really refreshing to read this tweet and especially after Memorial Day. Our country is under attack and we need to stand firm and support our current President and Graham. So God bless America and our POTUS and by all means pray for them and their families.

  43. Well, your deductions are clearly representative of the serious mental illness that appears to be prevalent in the Left. I cannot imagine how with your suspensions you can even want to cross the street in fear that someone is waiting to run you down. You better hire a bodyguard to go to the grocery store.

  44. I believe God is revealing the criminal behavior lying Trump has done. There is no “unprecedented witch hunts to bring down Trump’s Presidency”. Trump continues lying to the citizens of the United States. God hate a lying tongue. A Witch Hunt does not produce convictions or jail time. Barr is lying in his watered down opinion of the Mueller Report. IF Trump is innocent why not have the redacted report made known and not redact what Mueller wanted the public to see. But I agree TRUMP does need prayer and a lot of it.

  45. Sharon and David that Dan Tyree is a commie troll. The real Dan whom sometimes posts on this site is a real patriot.

  46. Nowhere in the article did I find the word “VOTE.” What paragraph states the word “vote?”

  47. Fake Dan you lie. You need to get your heart right with God. The democrats are the most like hitler. Have you checked out their recent late term abortion (baby murder) agenda lately? Oh I forgot. You killed children in Vietnam.

  48. You are entitled to your opinion Mr. Tyree, however, I disagree… President Trump has done more for American citizens than any other resident has done since Reagan…Like him or hate him his love for America is such refreshing….At no time in history has a sitting President been viciously under attacked by Democrats and RINO’s and he keeps focus on American citizens.

  49. I agree Martha and didn’t President Trump sign an order for our Church’s ⁉️ Amen and may God continue to bless All who believe.

  50. I pray for all of our presidents. Particularly the candidates at election time. I’m just not always praying for the same things for each of them. But I always ask for God’s will to be done, so when things don’t go “my way,” I don’t feel compelled to invent reasons and ways to get them removed from office.

  51. Here is some interesting history (if Trumpians may be interested) Trumps mantra MAGA….May he have stolen that from a “bad” human being many, many decades ago or does Trump strive to be another individual just like him……The quote was “make Germany great again” spoken by no other than Adolf Hitler…. The two surely have a lot in common. After all Don the con is a big fan of Kim, or does he just want to develop all that waterfront North Korean property????? Trump ONLY cares about Trump!!!!!!!

  52. I pray for the president every day and our nation which is obviously under demonic attack. We stand together through prayer and supplication to bind the forces of evil in the name of Jesus.

  53. I pray for president Trump often and will definitely pray for him June 2 as well as spreading the request to anyone.

  54. You have that backwards! That was written to keep our right to worship in our own manner! My fifth great grandfather fought for that right! Had nothing to do with not being able to worship and prayer for our country!

  55. God Bless Our President, & Franklin Graham. We thanks you so much for both of these men. They are doing a great job. We will be praying for Our President & country June 2 2019. WE pray each day now for Franklin & President Trump. GOD BLESS ALL & THE USA.

  56. I will continue to pray for the President as he fights against all the darts of the evil ones.

  57. I’m so glad that Franklin is asking for all to pray for the POTUS. It used to be that we always were asked for the POTUS to guide our nation, now some think the gov should decide to whom we pray for? Of course these are not Christians. They are tools of the devil as are the politicians who passed the tax rule in the first place. We would never had become an independent nation if our ministers hadn’t joined the fight and Christianity suffers when they are stifled today.

  58. Scott he did not tell you how to vote,two our country was built I Christian principals you have not read or re read any of our founders documents.three hees asking us t bolster the man running our’s wise and solid plan.fourth I put up with eight years of Obama but he was my trump is my president so I support the man or his policies or not.hees our president.

  59. Thank you Rev. Graham for organizing this special day of prayer. I will continue
    to pray for our President, his family and his advisors. We must also remember to pray for the advancement of his agenda that’s being blocked by the opposition. We think he is a special person sent to steer us through these difficult times. God Bless America!

  60. Oh God yes let us pray for Trump and our nation. Democrats forgot GOD along time ago and to tel the truth most of the Republicans as well. God please forgive us and save our nation from these people. Democrats need to go away just like the Wigs and Bull Moose Parties.

  61. Well aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine? Grammar comprehension not your strong suit? Asking someone to pray for the United States President, is NOT telling that someone how to vote.

  62. ..oh scottt…get over it..he’s not telling you how to vote,,,only to pray for the POTUS and the USA..

  63. Franklin Graham should immediately lose his tax-exempt status. He’s breaking the law, plain and simple. He’s just one more of this administrations sycophants who have no respect for the rule of law. Churches are not to be involved in partisan politics, period. Personally, there are three types of people no one should trust; and at the top of the list for me is a preacher that tells me how to vote.

  64. Thank you, Franklin Graham, for caring enough for our President and our country to seek a day of prayer for a man and his family who has been so cruelly mistreatd and accused of horrible things that are simply untrue.
    We know the Dems will never be satisfied. They wanted the investigation but now that it’s over and the President was not indicted for anything they want to make Barr look bad. It is a cover-up. He’s protecting the President! What a bunch of balderdash!
    Maybe we should also add the Dems/liberals on this prayer day. It is the only thing that could bring about the change this country desperately needs.

  65. Jesus said,’There will all ways be trouble in this world because of sin, but woe be unto him who starts the trouble.’

  66. Yes I pray for President Trump and his family every day. He deserves our help. He is working hard for our Country. Thank you for the day of Pray Rev. Graham

  67. I will continue to keep The President in my daily prayers God in His own time will divide the spoil
    I believe something good is going to happen
    I will meekly wait and not murmur in Jesus’name

  68. Good morning Rev Graham !!!! Thanks for+y initiative with this “Day of Prayer on June 2nd 2019 for The President I will be joining in He is human and being hounded for no legitimate reason The President never continuous prayers God is on The Main Line so let us call Him in earnest

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