Gas prices are about to sky-rocket after Joe Biden made a huge announcement

Joe Biden is working overtime to reverse everything Trump accomplished.

Even the cheap gas prices Americans became accustomed to.

And gas prices are about to sky-rocket after Joe Biden made an announcement.

All you need to do to know that Joe Biden is failing the U.S. economy is check the price of gas at the pump.

Gas prices are climbing at historic rates, nearing $5 a gallon in some states.

It’s not surprising with Biden’s war on American energy production.

While America was reaching energy independence during Donald Trump’s presidency, Joe Biden is reversing that progress and returning the U.S. to dependence on foreign nations for energy.

This naturally caused gas prices to sky-rocket, with no end in sight.

Instead of realizing the problems he is causing for everyday Americans, Joe Biden is doubling down.

During a press conference to promote his disastrous infrastructure plan last week, Biden vowed to raise taxes on gas companies.

Specifically, he pledged to end tax breaks for energy companies in the “fossil-fuel” business in order to raise $90 billion in revenue for federal government bureaucrats.

Those costs will naturally be passed down to the consumer through increased gas prices.

Justifying the proposal, Biden said it would “make polluters pay to clean up the messes they’ve made.”

“We’re not asking them to do anything that is unfair. We’re just not going to subsidize them anymore, they’re doing well thank you,” Biden added.

Claiming his targeting of gas companies is about getting them to “clean up the messes they’ve made” is completely dishonest.

Biden later revealed his true motives, complaining about the “climate crisis.”

“We can’t wait any longer to deal with the climate crisis. We see with our own eyes, and it’s time to act,” Biden said.

The majority of Joe Biden’s “infrastructure plan” relates to social engineering on issues such as race, and particularly “green energy.”

Much of it is based on “Squad” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ so-called “Green New Deal,” which AOC’s own former Chief of Staff said is more of a “how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing,” when it was first unveiled.

A top priority of the plan is to support Biden’s “goals of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050” through promoting the use of electric vehicles.

Americans driven to purchase electric cars are motivated largely on the cost.

In the Trump-era of cheap gas especially it was actually more expensive per-mile to drive an electric car than with most gas-powered cars.

Biden and his pals can’t have that.

Causing gas prices to sky-rocket benefits far-left climate activists and electric car manufacturers more than anybody.