Gavin Newsom was speechless at this scary crime targeting electric vehicles

Democrats are running into obstacles trying to get drivers to switch to electric vehicles.

Now they’ve got another major problem to deal with.

And Gavin Newsom was speechless at this scary crime targeting electric vehicles.

Electric vehicle charging stations are a top target for thieves 

Copper theft has become rampant in the country, with thieves searching for it anywhere they can find it.

Now they have their sights on public charging stations for electric vehicles. 

“Thieves are targeting high-powered Tesla and other EV charging stations and stealing the heavy cable for the copper metal inside,” NBC Bay Area reported. “In Vallejo, someone cut cables from nine charging stations — leaving Tesla drivers in a bind and causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage and repair costs.”

And this wasn’t the first time that thieves struck at the Tesla charging stations in Vallejo.

“I think this is the second time, or third that these have been cut, so they need to put some gates up or something. I don’t know what they can do, but this is pretty inconvenient,” a Tesla driver said.

Democrat politicians in California are paying the price for their pro-crime policies as thieves turn toward the lynchpin of the electric vehicle agenda. 

Copper thieves have been targeting public charging stations in major cities across the country.

While most charging stations eventually get repaired, some companies just throw in the towel after repeated thefts.

Electrify America – a Volkswagen subsidiary that operates public fast charging stations – has given up replacing them if they get hit repeatedly.

“Electrify America noticed that this phenomenon has become particularly bad lately. So, instead of figuring out what can be done to stop thieves, it has simply given up. The VW-owned entity won’t repair the chargers affected by recurring vandalism,” Autoevolution reported.

Copper thieves in Houston, Texas, stole 18 of the 19 cables from a Tesla charging station.

“I mean, I love my EV but the anxiety of running out of juice,” Tesla owner Vincent Evangelista said while charging at the lone station.

“Yeah, I’d be pretty upset about that,” Alex Longo said at a stop in House on his way to San Antonio. “I would have been in trouble.”

Public charging stations could derail the electric vehicle agenda

The lack of public charging stations is the biggest obstacle to the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

And the ones that are built often have technical problems or problems with their credit card readers.

Now electric vehicle drivers have to worry about being hit by copper thieves.

California banned the sale of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035, and President Joe Biden is leading a push to do the same thing nationally with regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

But a shortage of public charging stations is putting those plans in grave danger.

The 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill allocated $7.5 billion to build a national network of public charging stations.

Nearly three years after the law was passed, only seven charging stations have been built with the money.

Biden’s goal is to have 500,000 public charging stations online by 2030, up from less than 70,000 today.

Copper thieves are the latest obstacle to his electric vehicle agenda getting off the ground.

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