Gavin Newsom was utterly humiliated after he gave Joe Biden this insane green energy plan

Gavin Newsom has made California the national leader in the green energy movement.

Now he’s gotten out over his skis with his latest scheme.

And Gavin Newsom was utterly humiliated after he gave Joe Biden this insane green energy plan.

California wants Biden’s EPA to mandate electric trains that don’t exist

California is leading the charge to electrify all forms of transportation in the state.

The sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles in the state will be banned in 2035 to make way for electric vehicles.

California also introduced regulations to mandate that electric semi-trucks replace diesel-powered big rigs.

Now the Golden State is literally trying to make the impossible happen with its latest electric scheme.

The unelected bureaucrats at the California Air Resources Board (CARB) – the state’s top environmental regulatory agency – issued a rule in 2023 requiring freight railroad companies to begin switching their trains to zero-emission models.

The rule would require that diesel-powered locomotives begin phasing out for new zero-emissions models by 2030.

CARB needs a waiver granted by Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for this zero-emissions train rule to go into effect.

If the EPA gives the green light to California, a nightmare is coming because trains that comply with CARB’s zero-emissions regulations don’t exist.

California environmental bureaucrats ignore reality with their latest regulation 

The Biden EPA opened up California’s zero-emission train request to public comment while they considered it.

The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association told the EPA they opposed the CARB regulation because of the “limited technology and availability of zero-emissions locomotives.”

“CARB seems to believe that simply mandating that such locomotives should exist and should be economical for railroads will magically cause such locomotives to appear in numbers sufficient to meet short line needs at prices that short lines could afford,” The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association stated.

The association said that CARB’s regulations are impossible to comply with current technology.

To power an electric locomotive that complies with the regulation would take a battery that has the power of 1,500 Teslsas.

Freight railroad companies would have to pay California billions 

California regulators came up with an impossible-to-comply-with regulations but left railroad companies an out. 

Representative Jay Obernolte (R-CA) sent a letter to the EPA urging to reject CARB’s request.

He pointed out the rule would require railroad companies to have to pay the state to boost its zero-emissions train proposal.

“The regulation also requires that railroads open ‘spending accounts’, and deposit funds based on the total emissions each locomotive releases in California in the prior year,” Obernolte wrote.

In other words, railroad companies would be extorted by California to pay for a political agenda. 

“Funds from this account could only be spent on ZE locomotives or supporting ZE infrastructure. According to estimates by AAR, the two Class I railroads (BNSF and Union Pacific) with operations in California would each be required to deposit up to $800 million,” Obernolte added.

California continues to push the envelope with its extreme environmental agenda. 

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