George Soros built this $80 million secret weapon to guarantee Trump’s defeat

Just because Joe Biden trailed Donald Trump in the polls for the last year doesn’t mean Democrats are throwing in the towel on the November election.

Liberals saved their dirtiest trick for last.

And George Soros built this $80 million secret weapon to guarantee Trump’s defeat.

Soros funds $80 million effort to silence free speech

The Democrat Party gives out names as a means of misdirection.

The Affordable Care Act took away millions of Americans’ health care plans and caused prices to skyrocket.

The Free Press is another example of this gaslighting.

Free Press is a media group funded by George Soros that bills itself as a group that “closely watches as the decisions shaping the media landscape are made and sounds the alarm when people’s rights to connect and communicate are in danger.”

But the aim of this group is not to protect the rights of Americans to communicate.

Soros donated $80 million to affiliated groups with the goal of stopping Americans from speaking online.

“One of the wealthiest men in the world is using his vast wealth and power to silence regular Americans ahead of the 2024 election. At a time when defending free speech is key, leftists are trying their best to shut down the voices of half of America, especially those who disagree with the radical agenda promoted by Biden, Soros and most Big Tech executives,” Media Research Center Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider told Fox News.

Free Press put together a letter signed by 200 groups, journalists, and academics calling for massive online censorship ahead of the 2024 election. 

“The document attempted to justify that it was written with reducing ‘real-world harms’ and ‘the rise of extremism and violent attempts to overthrow democratic governments’ in mind. However, it appears its true design is to pressure Big Tech companies to silence speech the left despises as 60 countries across the globe gear up for their elections in 2024,” Media Research Center associate editor Joseph Vazquez reported.

Soros-backed groups plan massive election interference plan 

The Free Press and their affiliates are pressuring their ideological allies in Silicon Valley to crack down on speech before November.

This is unprecedented election interference.

However, it’s in line with the lessons the Left took away from the 2016 and 2020 elections.

In 2016, social media allowed free speech online.

Donald Trump won.

In 2020, Big Tech closely curated the content on Facebook and Twitter, not allowing anyone to contradict the establishment’s narratives.

Facebook and Twitter also censored the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story.

That tightly controlled information environment allowed Joe Biden to prevail.

Calling out Soros 

Soros hopes to recreate the censorship regime of 2020 to help Joe Biden win in 2024.

“But even more disturbing was the letter’s implication that its primary target is interfering in the 2024 U.S. election,” Vazquez warned.

“This development is directly in line with Soros’ brand, who has dedicated millions of his ungodly fortune to groups looking to interfere in elections by stifling online speech,” Vazquez declared.

Vazquez also sounded alarm bells about the radical ideology behind the Free Press’ founding.

Vazquez’s report stated that the “explicit push for speech controls is especially disturbing in light of the stated vision of one of Free Press’s founders.”

Free Press co-founder Robert W. McChesney stated the goal is to turn America into a socialist nation.

Back in 2000, McChesney wrote that “our job is to make media reform part of our broader struggle for democracy, social justice, and, dare we say it, socialism.”

The Free Press demanding Big Tech impose even more onerous censorship protocols than in 2020 is yet another step in helping to accomplish that goal by assisting Democrats in winning a trifecta of the White House and both chambers of Congress in November.

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