George Soros funding an awful plan to destroy Trump was even worse than anyone thought

George Soros set out to destroy Donald Trump from day one.

The liberal mega-donor funneled millions to left-wing causes to help impeach the President.

But his awful plan to take down Trump was even worse than anyone thought.

Last fall, liberal rage mobs terrorized conservatives and Trump supporters in an effort to bully them over their support for the President.

The goal was to convince them the price of supporting Trump was too high and they should renounce the President.

One group – Organize Florida – menaced Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi at a movie theater over the Trump administration’s zero tolerance border policy.

Liberal thugs got right up in her face and shouted harassing threats.

Many Americans wondered how these groups of leftists hooligans were able to organize and track down Trump supporters.

The answer is easy.

They were funded by George Soros.

Organize Florida received a half million dollars from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

The Daily Caller reports:

The left-wing activist group that accosted Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi at a movie theater in June received half a million dollars in 2017 from an organization funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros, documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation reveal.

Organize Florida, the group that hounded Bondi from a Florida movie theater, received $500,000 last year from the Open Society Policy Center (OSPC), according to OSPC’s most recent tax forms.

OSPC is the advocacy arm of Soros’s Open Society Foundations, which the billionaire uses to advance his left-wing worldview around the globe.

Radical left domestic terrorists like Antifa and the violent mobs Soros funds will only feel emboldened after the election results.

Soros and their other funders will see the Democrats’ victory as a return on their investment, and these groups will only increase their harassment of Trump supporters.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Think it is because the anti Trumper’s are a majority in the deep state establishment traitorous congressional members who are still having trouble understanding that many gaps in the protective circling wagons that has protected then for many decades of treasonous activity inside the federal government is crumbling more & more each day & those sealed indictments are getting closer & closer to getting unsealed & that means they are likely to soon get their due process in front of a military tribunal trial somewhere in the states or probably in Gitmo in the near future.

  2. The problem with this is that Soros’ son (heir apparent) is just like Soros in his ideology and actions. Until and unless they get deported or imprisoned for life, this type of reckless criminal activity will continue. If Soros alone was deported and all of his assets taken under RICO, that would also be a solution to this godless crook. I really think he should be sent to Israel and tried for war crimes (of which he readily and proudly admits).

  3. There was a move to deport Mr.Communist Soros back to his home country (Hungary) but that country didn’t want him because he was a big troublemaker there. He is in has 80’s and hopefully he will kick the bucket soon. When that happens, good riddance to that S.O.B

  4. George Soros sold his soul to the Devil and Hitler…Lock him up!!!!!!!!along with Hilary and all the additions on his “pushers” list

  5. Unfortunately he is able to pay his way. Attack him and you will see who comes to his aid. You would have a terrible surprise.
    These things that he is doing are criminal, why is no one going after him??

  6. Since they tried to round up German Natzis years ago for war crimes! How did they miss Soros in this bunch? Still knowing that whys he on the street causing chaos in almost every country around!! Bounty on his head in 3 countrys I know of! Pour syrup on him with a million starving rats in a locked room in Gitmo! CNN Reporters show up throw them in too!

  7. I say round them all up! Clinton’s, Obamas,Soros’es,Shummer,Pelosi,Muller,take them to middle of the desert,kill them and leave them rot!!

  8. Bet a million when that old bastard dies! His corrupt sons inherit it all and I’m sure hes grooming them to keep it going! Chelsey there for a reason pushed by her corrupt mom! She will run for office! Be smart and never put a vote in for this little tramp!! Well have another Hillary on our hands!

  9. That bastard walks the streets of york!! How did we get this corrupt bastard excuse of a human being! Wheres a good sniper when you need one! Do the world a favor! Oh scrotem face has to go along with his sons! Chelsey Clinton married one to keep the corruption going!

  10. Bev. E’0ne IS WAITING for
    him toDie’. BUTT, IN Real
    ‘spiritual/Soul World’ a ‘Procedure’
    Must take place, so that his
    KrAAp soul Does Not Live 0n.
    yikes.did i say that ?

  11. Hey Sharon, Merry Christmas/ HNY 2019 !!!
    I Never donate to ‘politics'(am indigent)
    HOWEVER, I Gave $3.00 to rnc FOR a
    Christmas Tree BULB. It’s Great. A ‘white/gold’
    Hue, that says “President of the United States”
    W/ print of WH, a below WH, says Donald J. Trump ___
    > It’s just Great, Hanging on my ‘Charlie Brown’ type
    Christmas Tree. We HOOO!.

  12. He will always look ugly, dead or alive because beauty comes from within and inside him is nothing but hate, evil, ugliness and disgust for all the human race, he should be put out of his misery, that’s what they do to old dogs, horses and I think it would apply to horses asses too like him!!

  13. &&& in youth, 1 jobbee WAS to
    Pick ‘gold’ offpiles of deadjews teeth
    for recycling. Truth. Soros admitted
    in audio: “AMoral”. ie. NO Guilt, NO
    ‘conscience’ In Such Matters.

  14. James. ” Soros should never have been let into America.”
    Butt, heWas Let IN. Moot matter now. 0nly 0ptionIS WAITING
    Soros DIE. Then sons take 0ver. 0NE Ave. to Stop ‘spirit Remaining/
    & moving 0n thru his ‘get’. Should you know ‘procedure’?

  15. ps. MannGrey. Soros ‘old’ ( his ‘goodie’ ParTake)’
    has ‘run ‘it’s course’) Ahem. & Recently Released
    0ver 18 BILLION INTO Various orgs ( know the orgs/NGO’s)
    for 1 world 0rder & Take Down USA.

  16. I don’t believe that SOROS is the highest moneybag. Someone’s above him are funding him, and using him as. FRONT. The investigation needs to get to the TOP.

  17. All Jews should get together and fund a way to make him pay for his War Crimes, Included in that “payment” would be not just $$$ but a hangman’s noose. I would wonder how he became an American? No war criminals should have been let into this country.

  18. No, not lynched, just bring out ALL his evil work and try him in a Court for Anti-American plots. THEN, hang him.

  19. Soros is also a Jew, but like Schumer and many other Jew politicians, They believe this is the Jewnited States of America. Alto SOros sold out anyone for money and freedom.

  20. he has been a No Good since he was a teenager selling his Jewish neighbors into Gas chambers , Why did we allow him to stay in America

  21. We already have! He vowed to spend all his money to sink Trump! Hes payed for all the protests since the first day! 25 bucks an hour to anyone harassing replubicans! All his billionaire deep state bodys are going after all the replubicans,and doing what they can to make trump look bad and most of the democraps are in his pocket!

  22. What’s his nickname? Scrotem face! Someone should have plugged that piece of crap long ago! To bad he ever made it out of germany. Now he’s a world problem!

  23. Do you know it was his son that married Chelsea Clinton!! Keeping there Crime family going!! I’d say him that old bastard by his balls and use him for target practice! By he probably dont have any! Rope won’t go around pee’s! Cant believe this smuck is walking our streets! Wheres these shooters when you need one! This is a justified target!!

  24. 10 + BILLION $ (pay 0ff) to Central America/S. MEX
    THRU ‘State Dept’. NO congressional rule.
    & NO 5 Billion to Border Security.? per Pelosi/Schumer etc
    > I Address you Sec.of State, Mike Pompeo.
    > GIVE 5 BILLION /Split to Syria (re pull 0UT) for
    Water/Power/ Road Damage. eom

  25. Can someone please tell me why drawing a swastika or calling someone a Nazi is a hate crime, but targeting and harassing Trump supporters is not?

  26. Why is this garage allowed to run anything in the united states of America get rid of this garag bye any means necessary. Send him back to his country.

  27. With all the evidence against this no good anti American bastard, why hasn’t he been prosecuted. Inquiring American minds what to know, the sooner the better!

  28. trump knows how to deal with soros. both are money- men and know how to play the game of money. trump will win.

  29. He stole the money from the Jews that were put in the death showers during WW2. He is Freaking Hitler Nazi that Probley has some of our Politicians in his Pockets. Look him up. The only reason he gets away with what he does is because our so called Politicians are afraid of him.

  30. Go to Hell, Soros, from whence you came from. You are either Satan or one of his descibles! Haven’t you caused enough suffering and mayhem by morally corrupting our Social Institutions, Schools, Universities and rational thinking?

  31. I would love to see him in hell tomorrow. The only reason that he is still in the US is money which simulates power and most politicians fear money used against them. He is a naturalized American, and according to the law he cannot fund attacks on Americans due to their political choice. OK, who has got a set, go get him.

  32. Soros’s money will not save him from an eternity in Hell! This guy is evil, mean-spirited, hates God, and has already caused the deaths of many! So sad!

  33. Edmund, I read somewhere Soros lives fifteen minutes from HRC. With a little luck, two birds with one “fly by”??? We could say oops!

  34. This megalomaniac is essentially the Devil incarnate. I hear that he wrote a book, which I didn’t read, in which he supposedly infers that HE should be running the world. So, in that case, Democracy would be anathema to this would-be, ruthless King. Hmm, sounds familiar, is his middle name “Adolph” ?

  35. Sorry Betty but you are just a Trump hater. You and your kind are really pathetic you hate and no matter what he does you find fault. You have no respect for any or any tjing tjat doesn’t hay and agree with you. It doesn’t matter to you that alot that Trump says is good for the Cpuntru and in his own defence from the ridicule and lies. People like you and the MEDIA MINIONS JUST KEEP UP YOUR STUPID LIEING ATTACKS. ON HIM AND HE FIGHTS BACK. You are totaly to blame for his reactions. We defend him the more you attack him. Never seen the hate you people live with ever. It just eats your souls up and the darker your hearts get. You are really sick.

  36. why is he even allowed in the u.s. , he’s a nazi war criminal , i thought we hang them ,for war crimes , he made billions screwing people , lock the criminal up

  37. The NAZI aider is still scum. Remove his citizenship, if he has any, and deport him to Somalia where he can be dealt with by his peers.

  38. Exactly right! I wondered much the same thing. Aren’t his efforts to take down our government treasonous conduct? Must be the double standard again!

  39. A Christmas Carol for the ‘Awakened Ones’
    The Jews did 911. It filled their Hearts with glee—
    They never had so much fun since they nailed Jesus to a Tree.
    You can’t see it on the “evening news”, you can’t read it in any books. But—the more we learn about these “Jews”—
    The better Hitler looks !!

  40. He can do it because for some reason everybody terrified of him, even Mr.Trump.I can’t think any other reason why they letting him do so much harm to our Country

  41. God is trying to help Trump save our free republic or what is left of it. I can see you haven’t help defend our country? Just a sorry individual. God help you and America from your kinf.

  42. No, Mary, trump is certainly not a wimp only cause he’s too much of Insane,Inmature Bully determined to have his own spolied brat way, 100 percent, come Hell or High Water, with No Concern for anybody in his way or who gets hurt!

  43. I have made the comment many times on many sites that President Trump should rescind Soros’ citizenship, passport and prohibit him from any financial arrangements in the USA including buying any properties or investing in anything within the U.S. or its territories. Soros is the devil incarnate and needs to be brought down a few notches. He hates America and Americans! He should not be living in a country he hates.

  44. Why is this Fascist allowed to get away with his crap? Attempting to overthrow the government? This is what Hitler did on the way to one party rule.

  45. Here is a self-proclaimed Nazi collaborator who is still in the U.S. They are deporting people who are suspected collaborators and he is still here. WHY? His money should be frozen and he should be deported back to Hungary where he stole the homes and valuables from the Jewish people he turned and split the money with the Nazi Party. He has created such damage in the American political parties for his own gain of the one world government that for this alone, he should be deported out of the country. Where is the Mo sad when you really need them?

  46. How can all this crap go on and NOBODY stands up to Soros … not the Attorney General, Not Congress, not the Senate? We elect these people to DO something, what they apparently do is sit on their thumbs and not do a D*** thing~!
    Anymore when I vote, with only one exception I can think of, I never vote for the incumbent.
    Process: 1. Vote them into office, 2. See how well they work for the PEOPLE who elected them. 3. Now that you know, work to vote them out of office and start circle again. At least they would not have decades to screw this country.

  47. Soros needs to be arrested, tried for Treason, and when convicted thrown out of the USA, preferably to land in the middle of the Atlantic with 100 lbs of lead around his legs.
    I know it will never happen, he can bribe anyone in power, with the possible exception of our President, but is a nice thought to have.

  48. Why doesn’t the military take him out, he is an enemy of America and our way of life. Where is our military snipers when we need one.

  49. Soros, Soros, Soros. Even the FOX News apologized to him for one of the guests’ comments. Is he a god or what? I would wager a bet that his sons will take over his empire and do likewise.

    Soros is getting old and will never have to worry if any criminal charge is pressed against him. He got away with what he had done criminally. It ain’t his business to decide what’s the best for the American people.

    The thing with the billionaires is that they have the money to alter the Smerican freedom, for example, Bloomberg is spending millions of dollars to impose the gun control laws. I don’t think that Ztrump is a fan of the second amendment. He never talked about it.

    Will the US Supreme Court respect the Second Amendment?

  50. We, the Citizens of the United States of America, love to see UNITY within our Country! Differences, yes, at all times, through mutual respects and Understanding for the SAKE of our National UNITY! We are ONE NATiON UNDER GOD! Soros, you are totally out of LINE with YOUR CASH! You do not have enough to Pay for the DAMAGE you intend to do! Spend your money for the support of the poor across the globe will be more fruitful and respectable for your legacy! Spent it to do HARM of any kind will being YOU Eternal EVERLASTING INFAMYi


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