George Soros gave Brett Kavanaugh one ultimatum that will have you fuming

There is no question Democrats still have it out for Brett Kavanaugh.

Liberal activists have enlisted some of the most powerful forces in the party to bring down the Supreme Court Justice.

And now George Soros gave Brett Kavanaugh one ultimatum that will have you fuming.

The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments on the Constitutionality of the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Board.

Barack Obama created this Soviet-style entity with dictator-like power to regulate the economy when Obama signed the 2009 Dodd-Frank bill into law.

Unlike other independent agencies which are run by a multi-person board, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has but a single director.

Mortgage lender PHH sued over a 109 million dollar fine levied during the Obama administration claiming the agency’s structure violated the Constitution.

Brett Kavanaugh agreed and in two rulings railed against Obama’s illegal set up for the Consumer Financial Protection Board.

But now that the case is in front of the Supreme Court the George Soros funded Demand Justice is claiming Kavanaugh must recuse himself from the coming Supreme Court arguments.

Breitbart reports:

During his tenure as a federal appeals court judge in Washington, Kavanaugh argued that the bureau’s structure was unconstitutional. According to the groups, Kavanaugh will have difficulty ruling impartially in the case, known as Seila Law v. CFPB, which is set to be argued in the early days of March 2020.

“We call on Justice Kavanaugh to recuse himself from hearing a case on which he has already made up his mind,” Demand Justice, Demand Progress Education Fund, the Revolving Door Project and Allied Progress wrote in a statement.

“The law clearly states that judges should recuse themselves when their impartiality might reasonably be questioned. Brett Kavanaugh has already ruled on the underlying legal question in this case. He cannot plausibly claim to be open to arguments from both sides,” the groups added.

In a 2016 opinion and a 2018 dissent, Kavanaugh shared his views on the bureau, saying in 2016, “We therefore hold that the CFPB is unconstitutionally structured.”

This case is one of the marquee matters before the court this term.

If the Supreme Court strikes down the Consumer Financial Protection Board as unconstitutional, this Obama-era relic will go away as Senate Republicans have zero desire to save this part of former President Obama’s disastrous legacy with new legislation by making the board’s leadership structure pass legal muster.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The are a whole bunch of United States executive branch agencies that impose, by executive fiat, obligations upon private sector entities, when ordinarily only Congress or the courts would. The people have gotten so used to it that they mostly don’t even question it anymore.

  2. From what I read, Soros helped steal valuable items from the Jewish people then turn them in to the Nazis. These were his people but all he cared about was the valuables he stole from them. That’s where his wealth started by stealing from others. He is a total scumbag and should be thrown out of the US. He has duel citizenship in the US and Hungary. I’ve also read that there is a warrant for his arrest in Hungary. I say we strip him of his American citizenship and send him back to Hungary along with the rest of his family!

  3. Yes, Ruth Bader Ginsburg performed gay marriages before they were legal and she did not recuse herself from the supreme court ruling on gay marriage.

  4. It is clear that The Mongrel and his marxist advisors intended for this illegal and unconstitutional agency to take over the financial industry, with all consumer credit thereafter coming from the government and susceptible of revocation for political dissidence or wrongthinking. This plays right into the hands of Nazi kapo Soros, who wants a world government that he controls and that would the allocate money to citizens based on a social reliability score like that now being used by the Chicoms. Justice Kavanaugh and the President must tell Soros and the Obammunists to pound sand, and proceed to kill off this bureaucratic monster.

  5. George Soros is a international criminal bar-none! It would do the United States a lot of good to seize his fortune,and execute him for trying to control the United States via Barak obama,Obama’s deep state minions and the demoncraps and rhinos in his hip pocket!just saying.

  6. Wasn’t George Soros somehow associated with Hitler’s Nazi
    faction? …or at least assisting rounding up of Jews?

  7. I can see reasons for concern by those that call on Justice Kavanaugh to recuse himself from hearing a case in which he ruled against but I can see where he could be open minded to new evidence without bias.

  8. I can see reasons for concern by those that call on Justice Kavanaugh to recuse himself from hearing a case in which he ruled against but I can see where he could be openminded to new evidence without bias.

  9. How is this American hating bastard still being allowed to breathe our air? Where is the cia ( assassins) when you need them!?

  10. Soros is the worst piece of humanity to ever be born. he is so corrupt and evil. He owns GE, Planned parenthood , Care and Progressive. no telling how many other companies he is involved with. I also would like to know how many of these uninformed die hard Dems he owns and pays to create havoc . He wants to control America and Americans and almost got there with Obama . Look what he is trying to do to Trump. Dems please stop creating havoc this is the greatest country in the world and you are screwing it up. Let us go back to loving our God and flag and truth no hate . Americans are good people. who would you want to help you in a pinch

  11. BigJoe, it is not a question of allowing Soros do anything. He has money and can buy whatever he wants. Lawyers, congress, judges, and who knows maybe Epstein’s killer.

    The only way I know to stop him is to convict his co-horts and take every penny of their wealth away as seditious and traitorous people.
    Maybe someone has a bettet idea.

  12. I can’t figure out why Soros is allowed to do the things he does. Nobody is above the law no matter how much money they have. We simply can’t wait around for the fossil to croak. He’s a danger to this country and should be shackled and spend the rest of his miserable life in prison.

  13. I agree Mr. Hines. I have researched George Soros’ sordid political shenanigans and other intrusions in the affairs of various Europe countries, as well as his anti-American activities in the US since 1961 when he arrived in our country. George Soros’ father was a Nazi-collaborator who took him on his visits to the Gestapo office in Budapest where he betrayed Jews and got a share of the wealth confiscated from the Jews who were arrested and sent to the concentration camps to be gas-poisoned, shot and/or cremated by the Nazis. George Soros is a seditious anti-American naturalized US citizen who should be arrested and immediately deported and banned for life from the US. He’s already done enough damage to our nation.

  14. Truthless….NOT ONE of us wants a dictator, fool!!! That is what the dem party wants. They want total control of our government and every aspect of our lives. They said so themselves.

  15. Kavanaugh will do what he believes is right and nobody will be able to change his mind, as for Soros, he has been banned by many countries already and the US should be next.

  16. Why is it when the left thinks there may be a hint of bias they DEMAND the conservatives recuse themselves, BUT when there is bias on the left , they NEVER recuse themselves….the calls from the right are completely ignored.

  17. Soros is a megalomaniac who imagines he can dictate how the world is run. Obama gave him millions of dollars and who knows where that went. He’s been a criminal since Hitler days, when he saved his own skin by turning in fellow Jews to the Nazis. Says it gave him a feeling of power Sick.

  18. This is clearly a matter for the Supreme Court to decide. But it seems to me that this is yet another Obama breach into the Legislative Branch with another unconstitutional executive order, with much evidence suggesting the origin to benefit Soros. There are NINE members on the Supreme Court. By no means have such rulings been strictly along
    party lines in the court. Still, for a ruling one way or the other 5 votes are required. I think a 4-4 vote affirms the lower court decision.

  19. To hell with George Sorocheeks . He needs to be skinned alive at the hitchting post , one inch at a time , for his many crimes against humanity . So he can suffer while he bleeds slowly to death , on his way to Hells Gate . Where the Old Devil awaits your arrival George , with his Pitchfork razor sharp and glowing firey red hot, for putting his Brand on your evil ass !!

  20. He needs to be “taken care of” by every surviving Holocaust survivor or their descendants for his crimes against the Jewish people during WWII. I am so surprised that Israel hasn’t finished him off years ago, and I wish they had. May this b-st-rd rot in the lowest depths of hell, along with his cohorts. He is the just the bottom of the barrel.

  21. Go back to grandma Waters tit and get some warm Unicorn milk like Ilhan Omar before it’s your bedtime little trueth…

  22. That would make him a dictator. Just like I’ve been telling you people , that’s what you want and what he wants.

  23. That would make him a dictator. Just like I’ve been telling you people , that’s what you want and what he wants.

  24. Hey hypocrite you need to read the posts of the trump suckers here. They’re in bigger trouble than I am .

  25. Sorus stated he could curve Ukraine his way, it was fertile land to block Russia from Crimean and to make tons of cash for his empire. Why do you think Chalupa,Vindman and Mr. CIA Eric Ciaramella were the front runners, Trump was in the way and rogue CIA intelligence officers were told don’t let this happen…

  26. When will this fosslized spawn of Satan just drop dead?! When that happens, the United Nations should relate that date as a global holiday.

  27. If the structure of the Board is clearly unconstitutional, there is no reason for the Justice to consider any other position, and therefore no question of bias, and no reason for him to recuse himself. Constitutionality is a question of the law, not of the facts. The structure of the Board is what it is.

  28. Ruth Bader Ginsburg performed same sex marriages before they were legal. She did not recuse herself when the Supreme Court voted on DOMA. She actually should have been removed from the bench for breaking the law.

  29. How is this racist,communist,bastard,allowed to walk on our soil and breathe our air? Where is the CIA when you need them? I guess he’s Bought them off too.

  30. Can we arrange to make your dream come true soon. Several good ideas hear like Piano wire and 22 ammo! I say stake his naked arse down in 100 degree heat very near a couple of fire ant mounds, piano wire around the neck and cut him with the K-Bar….Marine issue and let’s see how long the southern fire ants take to pick him clean. We can start with him and move on to Chucky Schmucky and dipSchitt

  31. You should have flipped the Senate too if you want Trump removed you moron.
    Obama lost the House and the Senate so he must have really been a crappy president.

  32. Don’t you have to admire Hitler to be a NAZI? Does Trump admire Hitler? Has Trump ever said anything about Hitler? It’s the Democrats that keep bringing up Hitler, not Trump.

  33. soros is not a born citizen, he lied when he filled out his citizenship application, Trump was going to have certain applications checked out to see about revoking citizenship for people who falsified their answers, so why don’t the immigration authorities check soros and omar’s application find where they lied revoke their citizenship and deport them to the country of their birth, not just these two but any one who falsified their citizenship application

  34. To Keith Underwood: I too had Progressive Insurance until about 10 years ago and I did not know who Soros was at that time. I sure know who he is now and am so glad I got rid of Progressive. And I hate his commercials on TV. For all I care, Flo can get another job.

  35. YEAAAAAAAA, dumbass like jobs brought back, got out of OBAMA demented deals, better trade deals, border wall, bad legislation by DEMON-CRAPS, illegal consumer financial protection board and on and on and on

  36. another dirt bag from the peanut gallery speaks up. never took a US history class or maybe even graduated. sounds made here makes that doubtfull

  37. George Soros will die soon I’ve seen it in a dream.I have been noted to see into the future for many people. I’ve been right 100% of the time.Wait and see I’m always correct.

  38. Get over it TRUMP WON And I know what you are a Liberal and the Bible says do not judge or you will be judged so you are going to have a lot of blood on your hands from what you have said about Pres.Trump and his supporters.Look Up.

  39. there is NO reasonable answer to why he is such a BASTARD for wasting his money unless he is just plain bored. He is about the uglist SOB on the planet

  40. Why would a person of wealth creat such a negative impression on the country of his choice. Very stupid and IGNORANT and destructive. Makes no sence

  41. That is who has been running this country Obama and his administration well they answered to him !! Nazism is all he want he need to be kick out of this country period!

  42. Soros needs to be made acquainted with the concept that he is but one citizen among 300 million and that his opinion has no more weight than any other citizen’s; if he regardless wants to dictate to all 300 million while being unelected he should get a long term stay in Fort Leavenworth and lose even the one vote he has henceforth.

  43. Democracts are a losing party, without Soros they don’t have a prayer of winning any elections. That’s kinds of sad when you have this 200 year old skeleton doing the winning for them. Guess according to Soros they are a bunch of idiots who can’t be trust to do the job themselves.

  44. Kavanauagh was a judge when he made that comment or opinion. So as a much superior or higher judge, he can keep his opinion. Soros is just paying liberals to blow smoke up where they have no rule. Just another of Soros stupid idea.

  45. President Trump should send in A Navy Seal team to take that scum sucking George Soros, and them send them it to take out Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and the rest of the squat squad !!

  46. The Speed Racer character (Chim Chim) would never been President if George Soros didn’t back him with the cash. The man was right about the bullet, but I wouldn’t use any high dollar ammo.22 round maybe…

  47. this argument by soros’ foundation is sheer idiocy. liberal judges do NOT recuse themselves from anything. they rule on EVERYTHING so that their bias will SHINE.

  48. My first thought too…Soros has no legal right to demand anything of any Supreme Court judge. I s he a USA citizen? Is he a member of Congress?? Is he a Supreme Court Justice ?? He make Cam make allmthe nasty or opinionated comments for thenpress to see a d hear but that should have absolutely No Bearing on the issues before the Supreme Court. Btw, all His pals on the Supreme Court have Also made up Their minds as to any issue that comes before them…by the leading of their political party….right or left. Then Some of the justices might even have an opinion as regards the Constitution as it was originally meant to be. What we really need is a Supreme Court full of justices who ‘hate’ all political parties,,especially the two most in power now. Justices whose minds opinions are Soley made from the Constitution, as said, without regard for either party’s claim to their interpretation of the Constitution being the only correct one. Justices completely neutral because they don’t like either party.

  49. Amazing how easily the medias can be bought out to manipulate and control a dumbed down blind mass called snowflakes. The medias tells them to hate and they hate. Thanks to the liberals! The party and people for hate and division for you Americans and their bought out biased medias propaganda LIES sure are easily a power of the press to manipulate the masses thoughts and actions! Americans are the easiest targets! Duh not all o.k.

  50. Soros is funding all the lefts garbage. Time for the DOJ to ggo after him and put the bastard where he belongs, Six foot under!

  51. You’re doing a fine job, you bunch of freaks. This will be the 1st impeachment in history to be expunged for being a total hoax.

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  54. You’re doing a fine job, you bunch of freaks. This will be the 1st impeachment in history to be expunged for being a total hoax.

  55. Georgette does not run the Supreme Court and does not have any kind of authority over Justices. His Home Health Care need to feed him his meds, change his dirty big diaper and put his boohiney to bed. Senility is real, maybe he should be put away.

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  58. Who is Soros ? ….and who is Kavanaugh ? Who is gave up to ultimatum for American supprem court`s judge to this rat ?

  59. So you’re saying that George sorass is better than Trump. You really are f—ked in the head. But what can we expect from a commie libturd?

  60. And if Soros was an American, he should be defending the intent and articles of our Constitution. But he is both a Traitor and as un-American as any terrorist. As such, Soros and all of the Demonrats in Congress, can just “Pound Sand”!

  61. It’s interesting how that an old bastard like sorass has so much influence in America. Especially him being in hitler’s youth league. But the commiecrats love him.

  62. He should have been tried for war crimes against civilians after the second world war, i don’t understand how Israel missed out on this but they did.

  63. I keep praying to our Glorious God above on bended knees that the entire SOROS family has a fatal aircraft accident somewhere out over the Atlantic Ocean…..or is indicted and jailed for multiple charges of Treason and Sedition!!!

  64. If half of the Democrats in Congress really believed in the Constitution they should resign because they have violated their oath of office. And Soros should go screw up China.

  65. There can be no question that the consumer financial protection board is unconstitutional. See article 1, section 1 of the Constitution and so on. There is no authorization whatsoever to have such an agency, along with many others. These guys swear to support and defend the Constitution. To me, this includes OBEY.

  66. who the hell does he think he is other that the spawn of the Devil himself. He belongs behind bars so far they would have to pipe daylight into him but I would keep this P O S in the dark always. He needs taken down.

  67. Wactly who the hell does he think he is other that the spawn of the Devil himself. He belongs behind bars so far they would have to pipe daylight into him but I would keep this P O S in the dark always. He needs taken down.

  68. but it was ok for Ellena Kagen to rule on the ACA when in fact she had much input into the
    structure of the bill,once again double standards for the scum George Soro and the dems.

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  71. Recuse himself, BS, this is a judge that should be in charge of the hearings just because he has the knowledge of the case and the constitution.

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