George Soros has a secret plan that is a racist attack on white people

Left-wing billionaire George Soros funds a network of shadowy groups.

His money fuels a left-wing movement whose only goal is overturn the west’s cultural and civic identity.

And at one conference, Soros’ groups unveiled a secret plan that is a racist attack on white people.

The Democracy Alliance is a George Soros connected donor network.

At their latest conference, the group unveiled what they hope will be the Democrat agenda in 2022.

And it includes reparations for slavery to be paid to black Americans.

The Daily Caller reports:

“A top left-wing donor network is shooting to have reparations for black Americans on the Democratic Party’s agenda by 2022, a new report reveals.

Democracy Alliance laid out the lofty goal in a document from the alliance’s spring conference this week in Atlanta, The Washington Free Beacon reports.

Democratic Georgia candidate for governor Stacey Abrams on Monday headlined a reception, “Way to Win: 2022 Victory Party,” which discussed how Democrats can achieve their left-wing dreams.

“It’s 2022 and we are celebrating policy victories across the nation: Medicare for All and Free College, and next on the agenda is Reparations,” the document projected.

Democracy Alliance is a secretive, influential donor network whose wealthy members include left-wing billionaire George Soros.”

High level Democrats such national party chair Tom Perez and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe attended this event.

Their presence was an endorsement of this radical and racist agenda.

There is a good reason Democrats wanted to keep this idea behind closed doors.

It would horrify millions of Americans and expose how tightly the party is wedded to destructive and racist identity politics.

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  1. Soros is a dual citizen of Hungary and the U.S. (naturalized). Hungary has expelled him, he faces arrest if he goes there. I don’t know if they have cancelled his citizenship in Hungary.

  2. Not a single White or Black man living today were around during slavery, so why should anyone have to be responsible for crimes not committed by today’s people. It is absurd!

  3. I don’t understand why Donald Trump doesn’t hire a hit squad to liquidate Soros and all of his family members as they are plotting for the overthrow of our democracy. Isn’t that treason and is punishable by death according to constitutional law?

  4. When the smoke clears there will be far fewer politicians. Remember thd French revolution? Yhey had ghe right idea sbout dealing with the powers that bd (were)

  5. Soros has dual citizenship in Hungary and the U.S. Hungary banned him several years ago, he faces arrest if he returns there. He is a naturalized U.S. citizen, so it shouldn’t be hard to ban him from our country. The problem is finding someone high enough in our government who has not yet been bought off to do it. Soros is high in the ranks of the “One World” elites who want to remove all sovereign nations from our world so that there can be “us” and “them”, with them large, rich, and in charge while the rest of the world serves as peons to do all the dirty work for a bare subsistence level of life. The best solution for Soros is Seal Team Six, but it’s likely anyone in our government with enough power to order it is already in Soros’ pocket. The elites have already taken over our schools and colleges, staffing them with leftist indoctrinators in lieu of teachers. Have you not noticed how stupid the millenials are? They think everyone should get everything for free and nobody needs to work because the government will provide it all. They learned it in college. It’s true, and the only thing in their way is the stupid normals who won’t listen to reason.

  6. Why isn’t the Supreme Court ABD Trump admin issue an arrest to the globe bal and American enemy number 1 ?Only when he’s arrested for anti American terrorism and unrest funder and all his stolen and corrupt money frozen, will BLM, antifa protests,and many many more global bal funding for uprising and dividing countries to distabilzing them for his own greed STOP FOR GOOD.
    He must be arrested and locked up plus all his assets frozen or given back to the Jewish families he betrayed their relatives to the Nazis so he could take their assets, during WWll

  7. KADOK

    It all has to do with one thing ,,,, A Communist takeover of America . By converting owe youth to the Communist Agenda, Sponsored by Soros’s money

  8. George Soros has a secret plan that is a racist attack on white people


  9. George Soros has a secret plan that is a racist attack on white people


  10. I speak up all the time, Soros has been and always will be a bringer of evil, I’ve written the president, I’ve started petitions to try and have his low life butt removed or put in prison where it belongs, the schools are filled with his cronies that people call educators, soros was allowed to be a consultant for Obama in the white house, another low life who should be in prison, along with his partner in crime Clinton.

  11. Good Morning Greg,
    I speak up all the time and forward a lot of information to people who have never heard of him, and his crooked ways.

  12. Since most people have no clue who they vote for this type of proposal is scary. With a national debt at $22 trillion what would these fools ask for? Look at what colleges are teaching the young adults we send them! We areallowing American colleges to brain wash our sons and daughters and they are getting away with it. Shutting down conservative speakers on campus, and holding events where white privileged is the topic of the agenda? Call this old fool what you want its you and I that are letting this BS go forward without speaking up.

  13. He should have been stopped a long time ago! When are we going to stand up for the future of future generations?

  14. He is safe in America. He is allowed to roam free and his actions are fully sanctioned by the corrupt united states. I am American, and this country is no longer America.

  15. Soros is a Jew who betrayed his heritage by denying he was a Jew and helped the Nazis load Jews into trucks. I saw this on a TV program years ago and somehow this has been hushed up. He has been interfering in our government and should be expelled from our country. The only reason he gets away with this is his wealth which he uses to buy unsuspecting people to assist in his plans to change our government elections, etc. He is a despicable person and should be thrown out of the USA!

  16. there afraid to do any thing this old man almost die from a heart attack ,GOD will get him for all the evil he has done

  17. Anyone that deals with George Soros is dealing with a DEVIL and they had better be careful. Why reparations? There are no blacks alive that were ever slaves, it is NOT our fault, because we weren’t alive either. George needs to be sent back to Hungary, they have a warrant out for his arrest, because he messed with their elections. The man is EVIL.

  18. They sure do. You think like me. Why can’t other people see this? Or they probably do and are with the Soros movement. Those damn RINO’s and some Repubs knew this and they shut their mouths when Obama was elected with no vetting. We are gonna lose our freedom and the right to speak, which is already happening. Why are these jerks not backing Trump, I know they are siding with the Demons and don’t care if they take the mid-terms or the 2020 election. Trump is doing all the work, going out there campaigning when those arse’s take time off every other week, and we’re paying for them to do nothing. Their pockets are filled and they all live the luxury life on our money. Kick them all out without their pensions, they don’t deserve any more from us. And Soros, he’s also paying a lot of them to do his dirty work. The circle always come back to Soros. Put him in prison, NOW!

  19. Eyes, I think the same way, but Trump, being a successful businessman, knows the value of timing. I think, or rather hope, that as we get closer to the 2018 election, a lot of indictments will be out there.

  20. The only reason Hungary would this devil back into the country would be to incarcerate him for his evil deeds to that country.

  21. Why isn’t this disgusting anti American jew communist in prison like he should be? This no good bastard’s deeds have almost undermined America. If he wanted to live under communism, he should have stayed in Hungary, pure and simple!

  22. You are correct. Look what a few short years did to the USA. When Obama was elected I asked then to please enlighten me on what country or countries were ever successful with a black in charge. The only one I ever knew was Halle Sallasie (spelling). They just cannot seem to keep their fingers out of the till.

  23. They do not care what the facts are. They only see that blacks at one time were slaves, and now that should be paid for. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you. The only people that should get reparations are those who were slaves. Everyone else is just being a lazy slug looking for a free handout. This information needs to be in every persons home, hung where it can be seen and remembered. One point they fail to realize, there has NEVER been a black run country that prospered. They have all had war after war after war. It is almost always race, or tribe related. They only know what force is, and use it to get what they want. If it comes down to it, we may have to fight to keep what we do have. Will we be willing to do that?

  24. The Northern War of Agression was not fought to free the slaves but to control the South who wanted to follow the Constitution. Lincoln said himself that the war was not about slavery but about keeping the union together. Slavery continued several years after the end of the war, especially in the Northern states. Look up colinization and you might learn something about OL Abe you didn’t know.

  25. ““A top left-wing donor network is shooting to have reparations for black Americans on the Democratic Party’s agenda by 2022, a new report reveals.”


    If you respond slavery then LEAN THE TRUE FACTS.

    Slavery ended OVER 150 YEARS AGO there is not one person left alive today that legally PROFITED FROM SLAVERY or WAS LEGALLY A SLAVE IN THE US.

    It is a BLATANT VIOLATION of the US CONSTITUTION to RETROACTIVELY PUNISH LONG DEAD PEOPLE by harming, harassing, imprisoning or FINING their DESCENDANTS or others who just HAPPEN TO BE THE SAME RACE AS SOME OF THE SLAVERS FROM 150+ years ago especially when SLAVERY WAS LEGAL at the time no matter how immoral we feel it was we can not CONSTITUTIONALLY punish people for what was NOT A CRIME at the time especially when they are LONG DEAD and the target is people who NEVER HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY.

    The records of slaves and slave owners was meticulous there are LISTS of who they were and the SLAVE OWNERS were not all white men nor was all the slaves BLACK men so why is this nonsense of TAKING FROM WHITES and GIVING to blacks even being called REPARATIONS? Why should the DESCENDANTS of BLACK SLAVE OWNERS be rewarded just because of their skin color? why should anyone be PUNISHED for theirs?

    Why do they not focus on the FOREIGN NATIONS that are still actually ACTIVELY engaged in slavery and the slave trade instead of a nation that ABOLISHED it well over 150 years ago where the ones who were actually involved in it are long dead.

    ““It’s 2022 and we are celebrating policy victories across the nation: Medicare for All and Free College, and next on the agenda is Reparations,” the document projected.”

    It is a long way from 2022 and those are not victories for FREEDOM of the people or the CONSTITUTION they are GOVERNMENT CONTROLLING everything in ones life from the day they are ALLOWED to be born to what kind of education they are allowed to the DATE THEY DIE. All one needs do is READ THE FACTS they themselves have DEMANDED be made law. They have even spouted they want to control the DNA of those that are allowed to be born. They even called the ones they want banned from life “human weeds” in their past lobbying of congress for government controlled births.

    The horrors of such “UTOPIAS” these monsters want was mirrored in several SCI-FI movies such as Zero Population Growth etc. yet people still ignore the very words they say and allow these criminals to grow in power thinking they will be the exception that will be allowed to continue to be free under their tyranical dictates.

  26. Why not put him into a GAS CHAMBER like he helped the NAZI’S do in WW 2 and give him his LATE TRIP to hell! A MOST BEFITTING WAY TO RID THE WORLD OF THIS CRUD!

  27. George Soros is a Hungarian Jew who turned on his fellow Jews and collaborated with the Nazi’s in WWII – it’s not hard to imagine him turning on his race too. That said if you have never heard of a little cult called SUBUD you should do some of your own research on it. For starters – this little cult originated in Indonesia in the early 60’s. SUBUD has it’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago.Loretta Fuddy – the Hawaiian official who certified Barry’s Hawaiian birth certificate – was a member of this little cult. Stanley Ann Dunham – Barry’s momma – was also a member of this little cult. Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD and George Soros has been funding it for decades. That’s a lot of coincidence isn’t it? Now add that Chelsea Clinton is married to Mark Mezvinsky – Mezvinsky just happens to be Soros’ nephew – in fact Chelsea’s $5,000,000 wedding – paid for by the Clinton Trust – I mean “Foundation” – 😉 was held at one of Soros’ estates. So Hillary and George Soros are practically related. The dots start to connect don’t they?

  28. May be TIME has arrived to form a WHITE MAJORITY CAUCUS to EXPEL such FILTH from OUR SHORES!! Time for MINORITY POINTS of View to be SILENCED for a change … We still are a Democratic REpubkic where MAJIORITY RULE NEEDS TO BE RE ESTABLISHED!!!!

  29. George Soros was so evil that he even sent his own people and Neighbors to the Gas Chamber and he still lives , Why ? , We should get rid of Traitors , That is Treason ! At 87 you would think he would see what comes next!

  30. Yes, people are fools to “donate” to George through his insurance company. They are even bigger fools to voluntarily accept/install his tracking device in there cars!

  31. I don’t have anything against most blacks, but the ones complaining are too lazy or being paid to riot and mouth off. Mostly it’s their own fault and there are whites that are the same way. My best friend in high school was a black girl and this is in the 1950’s.

  32. BAD enough that ANY money was GIVEN to Soros affiliated groups….ALL of Soros’s MONEY/ASSETS need to be CONFISCATED and HE along with his SORRY ARS son need to be TRIED, CONVICTED and HANGED….from a TREE, as even GALLOWS would be TOO GOOD for THEM…..!!!!!

  33. WHY can he do whatever he wants, he is a JEWISH BASTARD, I mean a REAL Jewish Bastard, (No offense to the average Jewish people who are NOT or SHOULDN’T be blamed for this ONE EVIL, BAD apple) who DOESN’T deserve to live…….!!!!

  34. George Soros has a secret plan that is a racist attack on white people


  35. Soro’s will never be deported, he has the DNC in his pocket. America will most likely have another civil war which btw is what our politicians want that way when the smoke clears they can start with a clean slate. They know they will win because after all Hillary should be President, we just don’t know it because we are a bunch of “white uneducated lowlife racist who need to be eliminated.” Got news for them, White folks aren’t the only ones that don’t want to see the rearrangement of America. Sure, everybody wants free money but genocide was tried before and didn’t work then ether.

  36. Bonnie, you are such a loser

    George Soros is a Hungarian Jew by birth who escaped communism with nothing and had the talent and drive to build a fortune.

    He has no ties to Progressive Insurance

    A previous CEO (who built the company) and is now deceased for over a decade gave $ to Soros affiliated groups,

    Sorry but facts must really screw up your day.

  37. You see…..& I hate to be so violent, but when the tarring & feathering was done, well it was usually finished off w/a lit match…..

  38. Left-wing billionaire George Soros should be tarred and feathered then put on a spaceship to way out in space.

  39. Why is Soros running free? There are 5 international warrants for him. One for war crimes. Seeing the black’s problems come from the policies of the Democrat party the reparations should come from them. Or Soros.

  40. It’s time to send this turd on his way.He needs to be flushed from our country.It’s time for our government to rid us of his anti-American attitude. BTH,Don’t buy Progressive Insurance,he owns the company.

  41. have the blacks pay back all the welfare that they have received before there are any reparations , by that time this cuntry will have collapsed from all the illegals coming in and getting everything free.

  42. i agree
    we have to get rid of thie SOB

  43. Yes give him and his sons and any one affiliated with his organization and that means any Democrat or any one else the firing squad and make everyone of them watch I promise I would do my part

  44. The Starbucks “coffee” joke WAS a joke played by a black comedian just to see if he could get away with it: he was on Fox explaining why he did it and amazed that the stupid white girl behind the counter fell for it!!! I don’t gave a rats behind what color you are: GET A JOB AND PAY YOUR OWN WAY: I OWE YOU N O T H I N G AND NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE UNLESS YOU WEE ALIVE 150 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Recent yahoo article stated that Adolph Hitler left a large fortune. I bet George got what Hitler left behind after Hitler had the “inferiors” killed and George Soros was following behind to glean what was left. That’s where he got all his ill gotten wealth. I’m glad I will never “walk” in his shoes because his “hell” is just waiting for him.

  46. its time the republicans get a backbone and shut down these orginizations funded by this evil demon, and press rico charges against them.

  47. Revoke his American citizenship, get him out of our country!!! Unfortunately, he has sons who r just like him!!! SAD day for America when th th lower than low scum was let in our country! He worked with th Nazis against his own Jewish people, that’s th type of person he is…can’t get any worse!!

  48. Play them for what? They were not the blacks who suffered a 150 + yrs. ago. Just like the Starbucks matter that happened this past week, Now all black think they’re entitled to free Starbucks.

    Soros, do the world a favor and take your money and stick where the sun can’t reach it and then finally craw in your coffin, you racist Ahole.

  49. White soldiers back in the Civil War fought and died to free the slaves. The ultimate price. Case closed, period.

    Soros’ hatred of our Constitution and national sovereignty is so immense. He’s a Hungarian, not a true American citizen.

  50. Hey I’m a huge Hog fan, (Arkansas) and Hogs are supreme compared to him! Their excrement is even better than him lol! You’d have to go REALLY low to where his worth is- like democrap feces.

  51. George Soros is nothing more than a Racist Pig, and I do not mean to disrespect the pigs. Him and his money need to be banned, along with all his crazy ideas.

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