George Soros said this one thing about Donald Trump that no one ever expected to hear

George Soros is a sworn enemy of Donald Trump.

The liberal billionaire funds countless left-wing groups whose mission is to destroy the President and his agenda.

And now George Soros said this one thing about Donald Trump that no one ever expected to hear.

In a shocking Wall Street Journal op-ed, George Soros confessed to supporting Donald Trump’s trade crackdown on China.

Soros called Trump’s confrontation with China to win a trade deal that ends the Chinese ripoff of American workers and industry “bipartisan” and a “victory.”

CNBC reports:

Soros called Trump’s policy on China, “coherent and genuinely bipartisan” as well as “the greatest — and perhaps only — foreign policy accomplishment of the Trump administration.”

Specifically, Soros said the Trump administration was right to put Huawei on the Commerce Department’s “entity list” as a national security threat, which prevents U.S. companies from engaging in business with the firm.

In the op-ed, Soros called China “a dangerous rival in artificial intelligence and machine learning” but said its ability to compete in the 5G market is seriously hampered by Huawei’s dependence on U.S. companies.

“As long as Huawei remains on the entity list, it will lack crucial technology and be seriously weakened,” Soros wrote.

No one expected a committed globalist like Soros to back Trump’s trade negotiations with China.

But taking on China was a core campaign promise for President Trump.

And despite the Fake News Media falsely claiming tariffs would send the American economy spiraling into recession, consumer spending still remains strong.

Taking on China is one of President Trump’s most politically popular fights.

Even many leftists – as evidenced by Soros’ op-ed – realize China is trying to supplant the United States as the world’s top superpower.

The media wants Trump to throw in the towel because defeat for him on this fight would be catastrophic, and they know Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden is soft on China and the President would be able to exploit that difference for massive political gain should Biden emerge as the nominee.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developements in this ongoing story.