George W. Bush just committed a terrible betrayal against Donald Trump

George W. Bush refused to criticize Barack Obama for eight years.

Many wondered if he would continue deferring to Donald Trump.

Bush answered that question and many were appalled at his answer.

George W. Bush inserted himself into the public dialogue to blast Trump.

He moaned that he didn’t like the “racism and name calling” in Trump’s America.

Politico reports:

“Former President George W. Bush says he dislikes the “racism,” “name-calling” and “people feeling alienated” under Donald Trump’s presidency.

In an interview alongside his wife Laura with People, the former president was critical of the current political climate in Washington, which he described as “pretty ugly.” “I’m not going back nowhere!” he said, according to the magazine.

“I don’t like the racism and I don’t like the name-calling and I don’t like the people feeling alienated,” Bush said. “Nobody likes that.”

But Bush didn’t stop there.

He repeated his support for open borders and attacked Trump’s executive order to pause travel from terrorist connected nations.

Breitbart reports:

“Monday on NBC’s “Today,” former President George W. Bush was asked to offer his thoughts on President Donald Trump’s executive order halting immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Bush emphasized to host “Today” host Matt Lauer the importance to “worship freely.”

“I think it’s very important for all of us to recognize one of our great strengths is for people to be able to worship the way they want to or not worship at all,” Bush said. “The bedrock of our freedom, a bedrock of our freedom, is the right to worship freely. And I — you see, I understood right off the bat, Matt this, that is an ideological conflict. And people who murder the innocent are not religious people. They want to advance an ideology. And we’ve faced those in the past…

…Later when pressed on whether or not he approved or disapproved of the policy, Bush refrained.

“I am for an immigration policy that’s welcoming and upholds the law,” he added.”

Bush betrayed Donald trump in the worst way possible.

It’s normal for President’s to not talk about their successors.

Bush refused to criticize Barack Obama for eight years.

But in one interview he ripped Trump more than he ever did Obama during his two terms in office.

Pundits believe it’s because Trump is undoing the Bush legacy and grip on the GOP.

For twenty years, the Bushes brand of big government, globalist Republicanism has ruled the GOP.

With his victory, Trump shattered that hold.

And his “America First” vision is a complete rejection of the globalist policies of the Bush administration.

That is why Bush violated his word and attacked Trump.


  1. Dear George W. Bush,
    You did not run USA alone because it was Cheney who
    had the control and you talked a lot of nonsense. Dont
    throw bricks when you sit in a Glass house. It would be
    much better for the Bush Family if you would support Trump.
    I feel the old man, your mother and JEB is of the same opinion.

  2. What is wrong with you, George? You need to be supporting our Republican President! I’m disappointed in you.

  3. Not only am I sorry I voted for him,,, twice, I’m very sorry that I defended him. If he is truly the face of the Republican party, I hope Trump starts his own party,I’ll sign up. I’ve never been ashamed of my beliefs’ and I’ll be damned if a Bush will make me ashamed. I believe in my principals, they didn’t change. Bush changed because Trump kicked Jeb’s ass. I’m done with all of them. Cant wait to see what comes from the ashes of the Republicans,,,and the democrats. Thank you, President Trump for showing us(me) that neither side gives a damn about us!

  4. I totally agree with you, Dawson. It is truly a disappointment to see one Republican president trashing another Republican president. If you cannot say something with respect for our President, then you should not be saying anything at all. You have joined ranks with Obama, and that certainly is not a compliment! In my mind it is unforgivable. What a disappointment!

  5. My question to George W. is if you believe everyone has the right to worship freely, then why in the dickens aren’t you out there fighting for the rights of the AMERICAN religions and our rights to pray in school and display the 10 commandments on public property???? I’m sick and tired of the government allowing, or forcing our students to learn the Muslim’s religion in school, but they are not allowed to teach our children about our own religions. So, Mr. Bush why don’t you get off your high horse and do something to support the American people who made you rich and elected you president??? Your are a true jerk and I’m sorry I ever voted for you!!! If I could go back and do it again, I would vote for anyone BUT you!

  6. In total agreement. It may just be me and the people I associate with from MS to FL but I have only found Trump supporters or Hillary deplorables.

  7. BS. You are a demo, right? Too bad you can’t get your head out of your fanny and realize all the good he did. I’m super proud of GWs years as our potus. Beats the he?? Out of obummer who only raised hate, crime and violence for his so called legacy. A total loser.

  8. Hi John. I agree with you 100%. GW did NOT bash Trump. He said what we all feel, hate the racism and name calling but that’s mostly on the Demos side. Donald will NOTbe intimidated. Mess with him, you are gonna get it back in spades! I believe GW was a great potus. He truly cares about our military. Showed it often. He and Laura were a classy first family. Trumps are a classy first family. I hope GW says something just out and out positive about Trump. I had to admire him for not cutting down Obummee even tho he sure could have. That my friend is “Class”. The news just wants to incite hate wherever they can. Such a shame. Your words were spot on. Thank you!

  9. Bush is one of the worst President America ever had. He was totally responsible for the Iraqi fiasco. Not to forget he is a member of the illuminati propergators of the one world government.

  10. I don’t see Bushes comments specifically aimed at Trump, maybe the whole nation’s cultural predicament Without seeing what was said around the comments pulled from the text, I am not sure you can see them as anti-trump. I think Trump himself might say the same things about racism and religion. I am a Trump supporter, not not quick to impugn anyone who expresses an opinion. This article itself seems to desire to place a wedge between Bush and Trump. I am not sure that is Bushes intent.

  11. I am so sorry that I voted for and supported that man for so many years. I wasted so much time defending him during his presidency, that I will regret for the rest of my life. He is a traitor to his voters and is no longer a conservative in my opinion. Just because he has in-laws who are Hispanic, he has betrayed his Republican voting base and is no longer of any value to this country. So he can just crawl in his hole and stay there. His opinion does not matter any more!!!

  12. George Bush, I am disappointed in you. For years I had considered you a patriot but, your having kept quiet throughout Obama’s 8 years of ineptness only to lash out at the only President in modern history to speak in public telling it like it is to the people for a change, I find totally your action totally reprehensible. I suddenly have lost all respect for you. I now consider you as the same type of person as the worst in the Democratic Party. Shame on you, sir!

  13. Maybe George will give these aliens a place to live on his ranch. He could keep thousands on a ranch as big as his.

  14. No one ever mentions that Bush 2 had both Houses in his first term…and did nothing at all, he had better numbers than Trump and did nothing, I was certain that he was going undo at least half of Clintons mess, nope nothing except ADD MORE Republic destroying crap, He should be kissing up to the disabled VETS…he caused them with his lies, he is a cheap lying bastard.

  15. GW is a RINO, always has been (emphasis on has been) and should get back on his bicycle and ride off into la la land. Trump has done more right the ship of state in the past month than GW even dreamed. It is sad.

  16. Dubya neglected to say the racism and name calling is being done by mentally damaged liberals, NOT President Trump and NOT Conservatives. Did you know the opposite of liberal is “authoritarian”? That explains their “don’t do as I do, do as I say” mantra! If Dubya can’t bring himself to support a “real American President”, then he needs to STHU and crawl back into his cave.

  17. Bush has stooped to the lowest… President Trump is NOT racist.. He is NOT a bigot.. DISGUSTING that Bush has lowered himself to the lying democrats and the media to spread their hate for President Trump and their lies…
    It seems the media and these disgusting democrats and Rinos, REFUSE to face the truth… That President Trump is NOT the racist they make him out to be…

  18. G W had 8 years as POTUS and it really did not go all that well. In my opinion it is time for G W to sit down and shut up.

  19. President Trump is what we have been needing for a long time now !!!
    LAW & ORDER back into our country !!!! bush & b.o. can go down the drain !

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