George W. Bush made an offer to Joe Biden that will make your blood boil

Joe Biden is about to get some help in passing his radical agenda.

It’s coming from an unlikely source.

And George W. Bush made an offer to Joe Biden that will make your blood boil.

The centerpiece of Joe Biden’s scheme to turn America into a socialist nation is granting amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens, which will grant them citizenship and voting rights turning the vast majority into Democrat Party voters.

In an interview with center-right radio host Hugh Hewitt, former President Bush revealed his George Bush Center would work with the pro-open borders Koch Foundation to pressure lawmakers to pass Biden’s amnesty scheme.

“Many of them are involved on Capitol Hill. So the Bush Center is spearheading a reform movement. It’s quiet except for this book [of paintings], which makes it not quiet. … We’re talking to people about, you know, what needs to be done. I mean, the Koch Brothers, for example, I know that’s a word [Koch] that scares a lot of people on the left, but they’re very much in favor of a rational immigration policy. And they’re putting money behind it, and they’re pushing hard,” Bush told Hewitt.

Bush added that he was willing to help Biden pass amnesty by courting “rational” Republicans and that there was a deal to be made.

“Now there hasn’t been interparty outreach, yet. But maybe it’s not quite ripe. My view is if the President is sincere about this, he ought to sit down with, you know, some rational Republicans. But . . . he’s got to finish his initial agenda, however. He’s got a lot on his plate right now. But eventually, I think there’s a deal to be done,” Bush continued.

George W. Bush spent his Presidency trying to drag amnesty across the finish line.

Grassroots uprisings killed those plans.

And that failure helped pave the way for Donald Trump’s rise.

Bush has not learned that lesson and still wants the GOP to be the party of amnesty and open borders.

And he is willing to help Joe Biden accomplish that goal.

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