George W. Bush used one word to describe the George Floyd riots that betrayed Trump

Former President George W. Bush never once commented on events when Barack Obama was President.

But even though Donald Trump is Republican, George W. Bush has tried to repeatedly undermine him.

And now George W. Bush used one word to describe the George Floyd riots that betrayed Trump.

After nights of rioting, vandalism, and domestic terrorism sweeping American cities after the death of George Floyd, former President Bush offered his first public comments on the matter.

In a statement, former President Bush cheered the anti-police mob as a sign of strength in America.

“It remains a shocking failure that many African Americans, especially young African American men, are harassed and threatened in their own country. It is a strength when protesters, protected by responsible law enforcement, march for a better future,” Bush wrote.

Bush then lambasted America as an inherently racist and unjust country.

“This tragedy — in a long series of similar tragedies — raises a long overdue question: How do we end systemic racism in our society? The only way to see ourselves in a true light is to listen to the voices of so many who are hurting and grieving. Those who set out to silence those voices do not understand the meaning of America — or how it becomes a better place,” Bush ranted.

“That is exactly where we now stand. Many doubt the justice of our country, and with good reason. Black people see the repeated violation of their rights without an urgent and adequate response from American institutions. We know that lasting justice will only come by peaceful means,” the former President continued.

Former President Bush offered a token “tut-tutting” of violent protests but it was clear Bush’s heart was with the anarchists tearing apart American streets.

“Looting is not liberation, and destruction is not progress. But we also know that lasting peace in our communities requires truly equal justice. The rule of law ultimately depends on the fairness and legitimacy of the legal system. And achieving justice for all is the duty of all,” Bush wrote.

At a time when the President of the United States is committed to a law and order message a former President is undercutting him by endorsing the message and anger of thugs and vandals burning down American cities.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. George Bush sold America out when he backed Saudi Arabia after they helped in the 9/11 Massacre in NewYork. He stood on stag with leaders of the Muslim troupe that participated in that attack on America ground. He has always looked out for himself and as with his father is part of the New World Order.

  2. Facts more whites are killed then blacks but blacks commit more crimes. Why do majority resit arrest and fight police. They point a weapon and refuse to drop it. Just comply. Hands up don’t shoot is a lie. Michael Brown did not have his hands up he was trying to get cops gun. Majority of people still be it is true

  3. This is just one of the many reasons why I didn’t vote for George W Bush. He was such a lame duck president. George W Bush was part of the deep state. Even though he was a Republican, he was still part of the deep state. When Donald Trump came on the scene, he was not part of this corrupted deep state. He was not even a politician. This is the reason why both the Democrats and the Republicans despise him because he is not part of them. I remember when George HW Bush ran for president, I decided to vote for him because of the fact he was going to run on the tailcoats a Ronald Reagan, but that soon turned out to be totally false. George HW Bush was a lousy president. I was a registered Republican back then, but because of the lousy presidentcy of George HW Bush, I turned independent. So when George W. Bush ran for the presidency of United States, I was in no way going to vote for this guy. I voted for Ross Perot twice because I was looking for real change in this nation. This is the reason why I voted for Donald Trump when he came on the scene. He has done a very good job and I will vote for him again. Please do not give in to the stupid opinions of former presidents like George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, and Bill Clinton. . They were all part of the deep state and incahoots with the Devil . They always protect their own because they were all corrupt politicians. If Joe Biden wins the next election, our country will literally be bathing in the sewer. Vote Donald Trump 2020 and vote the scumbag Democrats out of office as well. We cannot afford to have them stay in power. For the sake of our nation and our livelihood, vote your conscience in November 2020.

  4. Eric. As I support every group in the nation, you can’t just pretend to use my own argument. However, it very much applies to this site and most on it. They insult others by calling them females or blacks. Even insult other republicans and former Trump staffers not to mention the extreme hate against democrats, other religions, etc.

  5. According to you then everyone except for Trump is a demon and he is such an angel. Have you heard of Occam’s razor?

    And you are such a TROLL on CONSERVATIVE / GOP sites!

    Now go do a dry shave with your Occam’s razor!

  6. What did GWB do to help race relations? All these “experts” wanting to blame Trump for race relations (when they were exacerbated by Obama) and race riots, Coronavirus (when the Chinese Communists and W.H.O. are to blame), etc. Next, it will be snow in winter! These people need to stop the blame game and become adults and accept that stuff happens.

  7. if the american public would wake-up and see what these far-left, radicals, liberals, and democrats are doing to this country, what would happen? blacks AS a majority are tired of the stupid,idoitotic, senseless, violent people are doing to all people including their own blacks.why is this happening? this is not justice,this is not protesting, this is criminal actions and they should be punished severely! where is justice when they are committing severe crimes to innocent people and their property. then, all you want everything free for yourself and illegal immigrates. who do you will take your jobs if you even have one for less pay? illegal immigrents! its not all cops doing these actions and its not all whites or blacks so if you want something better in your life! get out there , get an education, work hard, ask for help if you need it and start thinking more positively about our great country!! there are no better countries in this world than the usa! if you believe there are better countries then move to them and see that they are not as great as the usa. they might be better in some small ways but not on the level that our country is already! all these far left and democrats are stupid idiots who don’t know a thing good about our country, just listen to them and where they want to take us to. they will be over 75% of our people if not more will be in poverty. a disabled american veteran whose been in over 100 countries in this world. another thing, why don’t you try to help someone else who is worse shape than you are?? doc paul

  8. As a ‘whole’, USA ppl D0 NOT’ suffer Systemic’ Racism…
    Racism Is promoted ‘heavily’ by Media & pounding 0n
    Certain Events. MOST PPl’s ARE NOT Racist ! && V. ACCEPTING…

  9. Alberta, are you stupid, ignorant of facts to write that GWB was responsible for the downing of the World Trade Center Towers? GWB was President at the time those towers were flown into by foreign planes! FOREIGN invaders.

  10. According to you then everyone except for Trump is a demon and he is such an angel. Have you heard of Occam’s razor?

  11. I always liked GWB but I think he can’t get over the fact that Trump beat Jeb and he feels that it makes him look bad because DJT has done so much more to advance the cause of minorities in less than one term.Typical rino reaction to a serious situation.

  12. George W. Bush is a A–Hole and was a lousy president He never did anything great or good

  13. Racism, enshrined as “law” and “order” masquerading as suppression is definitely not the American way. Like his father before him W was mature enough to get it and work towards a nation of liberty and justice for all on his watch. “All” being the keyword.

  14. For personal peace I ignore the Bushes, Obamas, Clintons, etc. They are gone now. They only disturb my peace when I feed them with my thoughts.

  15. George Bush was a very poor example of american patriot. The only reason he became president is the fact that daddy was a president before him. Both of these presidents sold us out to the libs. Why should we want anything from this joker. The only reason we are having riots now is because democrats can’t find anything else to fight with.

  16. Unbelievable the hypocrisy of the BUSH, CLINTON, OBAMA THE CLAN OF THREE who did nothing to fixed the racial problem them too had riots with police so much hypocrisy the clan with their plan of ONE WORLD ORDER THEY ARE PITIFUL PATHETIC

  17. The Bushes are worthless. They’re globalists masquerading as conservatives. There’s no such thing as a good globalist. They’d love to see the downfall of this country and this whole pandemic thing along with these race riots were planned as an attack against both President Trump and the United States.

  18. I voted for W twice, but hardly a day went by that I didn’t think “I can’t believe that fool is President.” I never understood how he got nominated.

  19. When you drain the swamp, you make all the alligators mad. The democrat and republican establishments are both part of the swamp. They don’t like their little club being exposed for what it is. Decade after decade we the people get the same crap while they have built themselves a ruling class utopia. They have all become millionaires on our tax dollars and we continue to foot the bill. Trump is exposing that and they don’t like it, There is little difference between the establishment Democrats and the establishment Republican. Trump is not one of them, and that’s a good thing.

  20. Bush was the reason I got out of the military. He was no president in my book. Iraq was the breaking point. He should have stayed out of that one. But, he could not because he was trying to fill his daddy’s shoes.

  21. GWB has let every conservative republican down. He has fallen into the Clinton/Obama/Biteme/Piglosi camp of leftist traitors to our republic. I am ashamed to says that I voted for the little turncoat. DJT has done more to help black Americans in 3 years than the demoncraps have done in the last 60 years. Wake up America, if you don’t you end up with community service officers instead of real police officers. Do any of you out there wonder why people from all over the world want to come here? It is because we have police departments and officers who will help ,you and protect you from criminals like Antifa & BLM. Without them we would not be able to leave our homes to go shopping or to a movie without being endangered by violent thugs who want everything you have for themselves. Think about it! Any public official who supports this should be voted out of office asap…….

  22. It’s easy to want to go soft in the head and be considered a ‘good guy’ along with Pope John Paul, etc. There is no downside for GWB in these kinds of statements, nor for his Dad. They conveniently forget the real world problems their successors have to deal with, and also forget how lonely it is up there. It also teaches the hazards of making a lifetime enemy by what you say about them.

  23. I supported Bush wholeheartedly dur his presidency and after up until now. I thought he was a true American. Evidently I was dead wrong. Now I put him in the same garbage can as Gen Mettis, General McCafferty and the rest of the traitors than have surfaced. PS it appaears most if not all Democrats are traitor and my garbage can overflows.

    And now John Kelly has sided with Mattis and McCafferty.

  24. I am confused by you undercutting conclusion. Bush said that Looting is not Liberation and Destruction is not progress. I think that follows Trump’s definition. Which I agree with. Yes there are injustices that MUST be corrected, but just doing destruction and looting is never going to help solve the injustice problem. I agree with Bush and Trump.

  25. Well, I see my long, TRUE comment was not published. I did not make as bad comments as were posted. I do not like to be ccnsored by anyone. If I cursed and lied as many other do, I would understand, but this the the USA, we have a right to speak our mind, to agree or disagree with many. Just to let you readers know, the Liberals, google and others are censuring our mail.

  26. I supported Bush wholeheartedly dur his presidency and after up until now. I thought he was a true American. Evidently I was dead wrong. Now I put him in the same garbage can as Gen Mettis, General McCafferty and the rest of the traitors than have surfaced. PS it appaears most if not all Democrats are traitor and my garbage can overflows.

  27. I’m so sorry that I ever voted for you, GWB. You’re such a turncoat. To be silent during the dark and oppressive and anti-Christian, anti-American reign of Obama, and to now be enabling anarchists with your words, who are trying to bring down Trump with the encouragement of the crazy Left? You’ve lost it.

  28. The mask is off GWB, and we now know what he is. Let him face the angry monsters and muggers, no security, and tell them what he really thinks. Let’s watch his actions, not listen to his words. H is very jealous he was not as good a president as PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. It shows.

  29. The mask is off GWB, and we now know what he is. Let him face the angry monsters and muggers, no security, and tell them what he really thinks. Let’s watch his actions, not listen to his words.

  30. the lives he cost by his BS weapons of mass destruction he tried to do what his daddy could!nt and has the gall to put down our president???what a POS!!what pres.trump has done in 3years with all the left wingers trying to put him down those of you that think biden is the answer wake the hell up

  31. Well the officer is married to an Asia lady and got her brother a job as a police officer who was standing next to him during an arrest with bad tactics. Everything is racist to these people, but was it racist when George beat a white woman in the head and took her purse in Houston. Racist and major felony at the same time works both ways I guess…Karma’s a Bit_h…

  32. What is systemic racism? Another made up media phrase? If America is a racist country, why are mixed marriages and their offspring allowed in America? Out of 330million people 9 unarmed blacks were killed by police in 2019. The statistics do not support your narrative. Stop the lies.


  34. GWB is part of the problem with America. His dad started the one world government movement and his sons followed his lead. All are globalist and have deceived the Christian commu with lies. He And his globalist friends in both parties shall be held accountable in the highest court before God for their destruction of babies and the Christian faith.

  35. What I don’t understand is how they make the connection between this white cop murdering a black man and call it racism? What if the cop was black or the victim was white? It happens the other ways too just as often. Maybe the cop is just a jerk, but not necessarily racist. Why does everything have to be racism? Can’t it just be an unfortunate turn of events.

  36. That is a gross interpretation of what GWB was saying. You should try to be saying the same things. We all need to be introspective to your own conscience, biases, and actions. That’s for all people of all races, religion and parties.

  37. The same ones crying for a ban on guns from law-abiding citizens, also say only the Police should have guns. THEN they say the Police are dangerous and untrustworthy. Does anyone know what the word “Hypocrite” means?! How about the definition of the term, “Oxymoronic”?! EVERY single rioter, not protester but rioter, should be shot dead and if the rest do not disperse then shoot them too. These thugs have attacked and killed hundreds of ordinary NON-RIOTING citizens while most of the Police stand there just watching and do absolutely nothing! I hope President Trump sends out the military and kills most of these rioting pieces of slime! To just let the rioters do as they please unchecked is a sign of weakness. Take back control of this society and that means setting examples by killing some of these mindless animals!

  38. Daddy Bush was CIA head and was shown on video trying to hold back a laugh at president Kennedy’s assassination. Then comes jr and he kills 3,000 people in the world trade center building and hit the pentagon and last plane went down in flames killing everyone on board.
    Do any of these people believe that the American people are not on to their murderous ways that we realize that we have had criminals in office since our last good president Ronald Reagen.

  39. Tony Bell, you missed the point. That doesn’t give a cop the right to murder him. We all know not everyone the cops do these things to are actually guilty, that’s what we have a criminal justice system for. I assume since you’re OK with this, then it would be OK if a cop stopped you on the street because you matched a description, and kept his knee on your neck until you died, without giving you due process, because, well you matched the description right. The punishment surly matches the crime, why do we need to bring you in and hold a trial or any of that, right?

    The point is, guilty or not, he wasn’t a threat to this officer. You’re sick in the head if you can excuse this behavior because of that. You’re also probably a racist, but then most trump supporters that are actually left are.

  40. This is the final straw for me regarding President George W. Bush. I now regret that I voted twice for this turkey to be our president. Of course I would never have voted for his Democrat opponents either. Thank God for President Donald J. Trump, a true American.

  41. “Looting is not liberation, and destruction is not progress” not even trying to hide your lying click bait stuff anymore eh? The very next paragraph after using this quote you claim bush is undermining trump by “endorsing the message of anger and thugs”.

    Like, it’s baffling how trump supporters can read stuff like this and not even have the self awareness to see they’re being lied to, is this like a game you play or something? To see how many people you can convince they didn’t read something they just read?

    The looters don’t speak for the people trying to make change, they’re opportunists who are using it as an excuse to go wild. And you people are using the looting as an excuse to ignore the message of the people who are protesting peacefully, who are hurt, scared and angry. Which might I remind you is their right based on what our constitution says.

    You people are sick, you’re brainwashed and if you think Bush standing behind people that just wanted to be treated equally, while denouncing the violence of those that aren’t doing things the right way is an attack against trump, we’ll you’re as thin skinned as trump, and you’re treating trump like a dictator. For some reason you people are fine with that, with the rhetoric that if someone doesn’t agree with trump they’re an enemy, if someone stands up for their beliefs (as is their right in our country) they’re an enemy, that it’s OK to use violence against peaceful protesters because there are other groups that were violent.

    If this was any other country, and their leader behaved in such a way you would call it what it is. But because you want your wall, or you don’t like Hillary, or you’re scared someone’s gunna take your guns (even tho most legislation just want to make sure people aren’t carrying around bazookas and assault weapons), you’re completely fine with it, because you’re getting what you want and dam everyone else, right?

    Modern day Republicans are the most short sighted people I’ve ever encountered, it’s truly frightening.

  42. Yup, let’s martyr a criminal with a long history and rap sheet of violence including robbery of a defenseless woman using deadly force, laundry list of drug abuses, and thefts.

  43. Democrats are in full self-destruct mode, while Bush is helping them along. Let’s not hinder them.

  44. Bush I always felt you and your family were nothing but a bunch of communist especially Bush senior.

  45. It appears that Obummer’s promise and dream to fundamentally transform America is now being carried out by Antifa, the citizen police force he promised to form. I wish someone would transform his sorry ass.

  46. Another ex – President that is jealous because he couldn’t accomplish in all his years that Trump did in just 3 years !!! MAGA

  47. …all this backstabbing leaves me speechless… it’s just to put the emphasis on someone else ..I don’t think there are too many people in America that are really for America…all this should be handledlike The Voice where you can’t see what the person looks like…or better yet ban the words black and white and minority, person of color, etc….then when the mayhem shows up on their doorstep they’ll sorely be calling the police. Can you imagine if the police were not present like some idiots want what lawlessness there would be…think about it…they may get more than they bargained for…

  48. The Bush clan is more concerned about bringing about the New World Order that he has always been a RINO. During his 8 years he was busy appeasing the Democrat majority in Congress and continuing the wars in the Middle East. How much blood is on his hands? Only God knows. George Bush will answer to the maker of the universe.

  49. President Busch seems to forget how he betrayed those in New Orleans left them to die in the Dome leaving those whom remained to smell the rotting flesh of the deceased one state one disaster and he failed them you are a hypocrite you yourself have no moral values

  50. George, you had your turn. Now it’s time for you to keep your mouth shut except maybe to your family, but America does not need to hear from you any more, unless you have something good to say. REMEMBER WHAT YOUR MOM TAUGHT YOU OR TRIED TO: IF YOU CAN’t SAY ANYTHING GOOD, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!! REMEMBER THAT??

  51. Mob rules. People are scared of the mob and they should be. Which is why Nancy is so outraged that Trump actually took steps to deflate the mob that was inflamed by Antifa and other violent groups in the US. No George is scared and he should be.

  52. President Trump please call in the troops enough is enough.All of the violence is helping nothing and noone.What are the looters going to do with all of the stolen goods, sell all of it on ebay park and swap? All of this meanness has to stop again President Trump call in whom ever you need to stop all of this bulls–t MM

  53. Biden.
    Is too old for the job of running our ountry if he is elected Pelosii and the inexperienced children in Congress will bein charge And we will lose all our freedoms. The Democrats are Liars and Hypocrits and will be the end of a country that we love. What’s wrong with these people Don’t they see the damage,they have done with their Resistance And Liberallism. My God please watch over us. And protect our President. Trump.


  55. He And the rest of the Bush clan are teed off at the way Trump made baby bro look like an idiot at the 2016 Republican
    Runoff,they will never forgive Trump and would vote for the Devil himself rather than give in to him.
    A total waste were the Bush’s.

  56. Sandra Wilkerson, I totally agree with all your comment. So well spoken. I too am so sad about Ex-president Bush, and also with the statement by the Catholic Archbishop of Washington. Trump is a praying man; he has done much for religious freedom, for the blacks and Hispanics, and for our country. Once again, he is only criticized. Sister Jane

  57. censoring is awake and well on this site…adding this one to the list for President Trump to go after…

  58. What a shame that Bush was not the man he wished he was. He did nothing to help minorities other than use them for political purposes. He was nothing more than a coward and used his and his families money to keep him in power. President Trump has done more for the people of this country, including minorities, than any other president. This is why we are having all this trouble today. He said we have a swamp in our political system and we see the proof every day. If people do not see what the truth is and what is going on before our eyes we can kiss goodby to America.

  59. Pppphhhhhhhuuuuuuck George Bush! That a zzhole didn’t do jack sh_t about civil rights violations, neither did black a zz Obama

  60. So disappointing George W. I now know you are part of the New World Order group! I heard that before but didn’t believe it. Now I do.

  61. The protesters and everyone that supports them are hypocrites, and liars.
    They only protest when a white cop kills a black man, but when its black on black killing they don’t care. Black lives don’t really matter to these protesters.

  62. W SOLD OUT THE COUNTRY TO cHINA. hE SOLD OUT THE WORKERS AND FACTORIES. he also SOLD out OUR TROOPS, GETTING THEM KILLED AND MAIMED in the middle east where we have no business in.

  63. President GW Bush did NOT undercut President Trump! The author of this article wants to think so.


  65. I’m very disappointed in George W. Bush saying the things he said about our President Trump. Especially when Obama made such a mess of things and Bush never said a word that I know of about that bad Muslim. There are good and there are bad and Obama said he was a Christian and that was a lie! Ex President Bush, I am ashamed of you and all you obviously stand for and to think I use to think the world of you. You should be ashamed. As much as Trump has done for the black man…..what did you do…what did Obama do??? Just stay out of it now. You had your turn and Trump has surpassed you. Jealous??

  66. George was a major disappointment to everybody but the Dems. Nobody ever expected much out of him–his supporters merely hoped he’d hold the spot until something better popped up–so it’s akmost a given he would say dull stuff now. Poor bloke thinks he’s relevant.

  67. Gave him the benefit of the doubt when dems called him as idiot back then, guess for once they were right!

  68. Although his opinions may sound sanguine the more I follow through on some of his so-called commitments I began to have intense scruples about this man’s motives. It’s beginning to seem his affiliations here are no mistake. I’m hearing a resonance along the lines of posterity and jealousy.

  69. Bush is a good leader and our last good republican president for the foreseeable future. God bless him and his family.

  70. George showed his true colors when he became best friends with Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Obamas. He was a do nothing president. He and Obama need to keep their big mouths shut. They had their time in the limelight. Now stand down and act like normal human being citizens. We no longer need to hear anything you have to say.

  71. Every Riotor at that SCENE was an IMMATURE and MINDLESS PFOOL! Anger could never brings PEACE, and, VIOLENCE can only creates more and greater harm to the public!

  72. Craig l know that Bush wasn’t the best. But he could have been worse. John McCain and Romney for example

  73. First and foremost, the true American people know that the demo-rats are behind all of this. The impeachment failed, so then the demo-rats released the Corona virus, in hopes it would shut down the USA and everybody would blame Trump. Well then people got tried of the Covid-19 hoax and the demo-rats realized that wasn’t working so they started a race war! It’s all a demo-rat political war and fake media trying to keep Americans from actually paying attention to the real political campaign! The demo-rats will not stop until they get their way! President Trump please put a stop to all of the corrupt politicians and fake media! They’re breaking the law and they need to pay for what they’re doing to the people and the United States!! And they have never backed you as a President; they should be punished for that as well!

  74. Sorry I voted for George H.W., George W., and Jeb. They are all traitors to conservatives.

  75. Dan “Lil Bush was barely a better GOP nominee than McCain or Romney, my point being for far too long the GOP had been nominating Rat Turds as candidates.

  76. In reference to my earlier post make that the Skull and Bones cult need to be extensively and intensively investigated by the DOJ.

  77. If I had a wish it would be for president Bush to be in Washington and make us a proud country

  78. GW “Lil Bush” is a member of an evil Globalist cult known as the Skull and Bones, personally I believe the members of the Skull and Bones cult need to be extensively investigated by the Trump DOJ.

  79. If we hadn’t have elected Bush we would have had Al Gore Bush’s scotus picks did uphold the 2nd amendment with the Miller and heller decisions. Some are saying that they would have not voted for Bush if they had it to do over. Knowing what I know now. I would. We were within one vote from losing a key part of the bill of rights.

  80. This is why I fear for the future of this once truly great country. This former President who claims to be a conservative Republican has taken a page from another supposed conservative Republican that massive failure Mitt Romney and is selling out his country. I used to believe Bush was a Christian who loved his country Sadly it is clear I was wrong.

  81. I also voted for Bush, as they say, hind sight is 20-20. If I had to do it over again, this Jack wad wouldn’t get my vote ! Mr.Bush, if average Americans would rise up and protest the violent riots, you call peaceful protests, would you say the same thing ? Or would you be the typical hypocrite ?

  82. I wonder where Bush was when this happened…In 2016, Dallas police pinned Tony Timpa to the ground for 13 minutes by kneeling on his back.
    Body cam footage showed the officers mocking Timpa.
    Timpa died.

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