George W. Bush used one word to describe the George Floyd riots that betrayed Trump

Former President George W. Bush never once commented on events when Barack Obama was President.

But even though Donald Trump is Republican, George W. Bush has tried to repeatedly undermine him.

And now George W. Bush used one word to describe the George Floyd riots that betrayed Trump.

After nights of rioting, vandalism, and domestic terrorism sweeping American cities after the death of George Floyd, former President Bush offered his first public comments on the matter.

In a statement, former President Bush cheered the anti-police mob as a sign of strength in America.

“It remains a shocking failure that many African Americans, especially young African American men, are harassed and threatened in their own country. It is a strength when protesters, protected by responsible law enforcement, march for a better future,” Bush wrote.

Bush then lambasted America as an inherently racist and unjust country.

“This tragedy — in a long series of similar tragedies — raises a long overdue question: How do we end systemic racism in our society? The only way to see ourselves in a true light is to listen to the voices of so many who are hurting and grieving. Those who set out to silence those voices do not understand the meaning of America — or how it becomes a better place,” Bush ranted.

“That is exactly where we now stand. Many doubt the justice of our country, and with good reason. Black people see the repeated violation of their rights without an urgent and adequate response from American institutions. We know that lasting justice will only come by peaceful means,” the former President continued.

Former President Bush offered a token “tut-tutting” of violent protests but it was clear Bush’s heart was with the anarchists tearing apart American streets.

“Looting is not liberation, and destruction is not progress. But we also know that lasting peace in our communities requires truly equal justice. The rule of law ultimately depends on the fairness and legitimacy of the legal system. And achieving justice for all is the duty of all,” Bush wrote.

At a time when the President of the United States is committed to a law and order message a former President is undercutting him by endorsing the message and anger of thugs and vandals burning down American cities.

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