Gretchen Whitmer may be removed from office after this stunning turn of events

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer imposed one of the most tyrannical lockdown orders in all of America.

Now Whitmer is facing a career ending vote.

And Gretchen Whitmer may be removed from office after this stunning turn of events.

No Governor in America created more controversy over their lockdown orders than Whitmer.

Whitmer made it a criminal offense for Michiganders to travel to their own vacation homes.

Before the Memorial Day weekend holiday, Whitmer implored residents not to travel to the Upper Peninsula, only to have her own husband to try and bully a local company into putting his boat in the water ahead of everyone else’s by telling them he was the Governor’s husband.

No state saw their unemployment levels spike as high as Michigan after Whitmer’s Stalinist lockdown order shuttered businesses.

Michiganders had enough and the Board of Canvassers finally approved language for a recall petition submitted by businessman and Republican candidate for office, Chad Baase.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

The Board of State Canvassers approved petition language Monday for a long-shot effort to recall Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

The recall effort is headed by Chad Baase, an Albion businessman who opposes Whitmer’s emergency orders related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Baase, 39, cited Whitmer’s March 10 emergency declaration and about a dozen of her subsequent emergency orders as reasons for seeking the recall.

Baase told the Free Press the main reason he wants to recall Whitmer is that she put large numbers of Michiganders out of work without making sure the Unemployment Insurance Agency, which has experienced major online and telephone problems, was equipped to handle the load.

Whitmer faced more protests over her lockdown order than any Governor in America.

Now the people of Michigan could have their chance to remove her from office if they gather 1.2 million signatures in the next 60 days.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  2. Big Gretch has done a great job in Michigan. Look at what’s happening in Florida, Texas and Arizona. Hospitalizations are nearing crisis levels. Leave the Michigan Gov alone

  3. This article is a waste of time and a distraction from what is going on. Trump is stopping funding corona virus testing at the end of the month because, and I quote, “when you test more you find more cases and when you find more cases it looks bad”. He is ignoring the pandemic that has killed 125,000+ Americans to date. TODAY 43,000+ new cases were reported. 33 states are reporting more cases every day than they did the day before. There are over 2,500,000 Americans with the virus RIGHT NOW and there will be 50,000 more by TOMORROW. This is what’s really important. The economy will never come back and Trump is pretending that everything is great in the hope that no one notices the pandemic that has Americans dropping dead every day.

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    wrong… Hood up.checkinging Wheels on L side … i suspect
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  5. To Shoemama. The Movement Needs Actual ppl ‘canvassers’.
    I’m POSITIVE, ALL Help Would Be Welcome…
    >perhaps ‘Search’ MI.’canvassers’ re Whitmore Petition etc.
    > Woman was on ‘radio’ last wk . I forgot her name & sorry i
    didn’t write down … Do a little Search…
    > God bless ya. Have friends /Fam In that area…
    ( i ‘flew the coop L0L ! )

  6. I would like to sign that petition. I live north of Grand Rapids. Will there be people with petitions in this area?

  7. I would care less if I read in the paper that Gov. Whitmer caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Permanent removal from office…

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    To Susanne Lee. Gov. Whitler IS Definetly ‘a Player’… IN the xxx’Party’…
    > MANY ‘small MI ‘burbs ARE Being ‘canvassed NOW’ ‘as we speak @ blm…
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  10. To Expat Tom
    JUNE 13, 2020 AT 10:59 PM
    Finally! Michigan wakes up!
    >>> WELLL the Whole State Is Ruled by 2 !!! YES 2 ‘nasty DEM’
    ‘hoodwinked/brainwashed’ low info ppls INFORMED by the High INFO, counties !!!
    >>> Big Rally at Capitol. THURS . W/ Speakers re ‘MILITIA’ Education ‘stuff’…


  12. That so called governor should be removed as soon as possible for her complete lockdown of people/business of Michigan went much to far and NEVER had to happen to deal with the cornavirus crisis!!! VERY POOR ORDER and I WOULD SIGN ANY ORDER TO HAVE HER REMOVED!!!


  14. Good since she has 3 more years to be governor there. They need to remove her for abuse and pray she is not a vice president pick for Biden.

  15. To glock 19 … ‘daddy’ Soros Has Handed 18 BILLION TO
    His Son ‘Jonathon’… Jonathon IS ‘managing’…’the ‘dispersal’…

  16. ps. ‘her’ 0rders from the PTB’s (Powers that BE) Along W/ Pritz in illinois
    ARE to ‘split’ USA Rite Down the’ Middle’… Capish ?
    > She ‘aligns’ / With W.Coast /E.Coast Cuomo etc…
    Going To Get WAAY Worse…E’WHERE, All Summer… Phase III coming up.
    ??? I Can’t Even Imagine. >>> THEN – NOV. Election. 0M-G’…

  17. Soros got the best election that money could buy; he bought an election to support his New World Order, forgettng that it is not new and is not order. (FDR)

  18. DemonRATS are low IQ people. will they sign a petition? I doubt it. They will starve themselves, go without food, and money, all to support their party.

  19. To Tess: from what i understand – 0nline forms N0T acceptable…
    (but a Start IN ‘comm’s…) An Actual Person ‘canvassing Signatures’
    IS VALID. MI. NEEDs ‘Real PPL ‘walking’. Please Come HERE & HELP.
    Thank you…

  20. To Susanne Lee. Gov. Whitler IS Definetly ‘a Player’… IN the xxx’Party’…
    > MANY ‘small MI ‘burbs ARE Being ‘canvassed NOW’ ‘as we speak @ blm…
    > Youngs Apply : $25 per hr. Food,clothing.transpo, living accommodations
    ALL ‘compt’d’… I Delt w/ them last nite 8pm/+ midnite Return 0n ‘Private Prop’.
    > Hints: re various ‘levels… Some sitting In ‘parked vehicles’ For hrs. ‘texting’
    like mad. >>> WATCH For This IN Your Communities… Some afoot. Some have other
    ‘jobbees. BE AWARE…

  21. If there were 60 million signatures watch nothing will happen to her she’s a big. Player in the New party

  22. “Gretchen Whiter may be removed from office…” Come on. All I could think was “who’s Gretchen Whiter”. If you’re going to type a headline, please try to get it right.

  23. The petition to RECALL Democrat GOV WALZ OF MN has been approved by the Democrat MN Sec of State and has been sent to the MN Supreme Court for approval. Problem… ALL members of the MN Supreme Court have been appointed by Democrat governors so will likely ignore the petition.

  24. Yes, yes, yes. The first of the list of to be “damped” demonrats.
    As we can see, UNITED se can damp creatures of the SWAMP. Still united, we can do it. GO AND VOTE “R E P U B L I C A N “ In the entire ballot this November.

  25. Reply to “mbr722”: Yes, Whitmer and her husband do share a brain between them. They share one equally.

  26. Billy Wilson: I know you meant to say “sedition” which is a far cry from “sedation”!! Thanks for the laugh!!! Anyway, she is not trying to overthrow the government as the FBI leadership was trying to do to Trump. That IS Sedition!! She is just guilty of being more stupid than a box of rocks and undoubtedly has never even heard of the Constitution of the United States, or The Bill Of Rights. Do you think she even knows that Michigan is a member State in the United States of America? Do you think she knows what the Magna Carta is, or that our Declaration Of Independence and the Mayflower Compact is based upon that? Our history is rich in commitments of life and liberty.

  27. Whitmer needs to be removed as soon as possible. The damage she has done to her own state is unbelievable. She is a total hypocrite and belongs in a padded cell in a straight jacket with her husband in the cell next to her. Both of them are imbeciles. They don’t have a brain between them.

  28. Sedation acts against the people of her state. Put this evil witch in jail , bond set at 1million for each offence.

  29. Adolph Hitler, Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Ho Chi Min, Mao Tse Tung, Idi Amin, Barack Obama, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Hillary Clinton and any other evil creaton you can think of could be elected if they had a “D” in front of their name.

  30. County by county in Michigan….you will find that she was indeed NOT elected to be our governor. Only 13 counties were blue. (Out of over 80 counties??) Why we need the Electoral College for EVERY election….not just Presidential elections.

  31. An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure. Why were the voters of Michigan damn fool enough to hire this tinpot dictator to begin with?

  32. [Governor Whitmer made it a criminal offense for Michiganders to travel to their own vacation homes in the northern peninsula of Michigan during the “Memorial Day” weekend.]

    But her husband violated Governor Whitmer’s “Executive Order” of making it a crime for Michiganders to travel to vacation homes in Michigan’s northern peninsula on the “Memorial Day” weekend. But while there he also asked to have his boat put into the lake, that his vacation home fronted on, by the people he pays to store his boat when he is not using their vacation home. When the people refused to put his boat in the lake from their storage building, because of another of Governor Whitmer’s “Executive Orders”, her husband askes the people if they knew he was, telling them that he was the Governor’s husband. The people who stores his boat told him that doesn’t matter, they were going to obey the “Executive Order” not allowing boats to be put in the lake so they can be used to go fishing.

    This became public knowledge, and Governor Whitmer’s husband was condemned for trying to get special privileges by using his wife’s name and government position, not thinking that he had already broke another of Governor Whitmer’s “Executive Orders” by just traveling to his vacation home on Michigan’s northern peninsula during the “Memorial Day” weekend, which nobody said anything about him already violating that “Executive Order”.

  33. whitmer is a typical devilcrat tyrant, seeking totalitarian control over citizens. They should remove it immediately and never vote for a devilcrat again!!!!!

  34. A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial: that is, when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud.
    George Orwell

  35. Oh well GRETCHEN AIR HEAD WHITMER can always move to SEATTLE…..IDIORS GET ELECTED MAYOTS over there .. And also GOVERNORS BTW !! UNLESS she wants a really BIG STATE like NY or NYC where CERTIFIED MORONS get Elected MAYORS and Governors 1!

  36. Demuckrat party is the party of “don’t do as I do, do as I say.”
    Was going on here in Illinois. Our guv and family like their out of state horse ranches. Which they traveled to with impunity.
    All the while telling everyone else to stay home.

  37. And she was recently considered a potential candidate for VP with Joe Biden . Can’t say that serious Michigan voters would be amiss to get her removed from office ASAP.

  38. Some of these arguments make no sense. Trump has violated no laws. Whitmer thinks she is a dictator and can ignore all of the laws. Democrats violated hundreds of laws to “get Trump”. Whitmer uses the Constitution for toilet paper. It is lawful to, by way of petition, seek redress for grievances. Whitmer should be removed from office for the good of the people, for the good of humanity.

  39. She is just following the instructions of Obama and the DNC. The entire ‘Lockdown’ started because we did not know the virus. As soon as we understood the ones in danger the ‘Lockdown’ was started to be lifted in GOP controlled States. No major problems occur. The DNC States have refused to lift the ‘lockdown’ with only one purpose planned – destruction of the economy. It will always amaze me why people will vote for a political party who simply discards them so that the party can claim power. Pay attention, however, because connections between China and the DNC that occurred in December 2019 will be revealed.

  40. There is an old saying…a fool and his money are soon parted…You would have to be a fool to continue with governor in office. The loss of jobs will be an enormous cost and
    unless you get her out of office you will lose your money. Are you a fool or are you
    going to protect yourself and your fellow citizens?

  41. YES…that antiAMERICAN, PURE RAW HATER of everything TRUMP and LAW and ORDER (except her own) must be removed..!! The good, decent people of Michigan will win…!!

  42. Bye, bye miss American lie.
    She took an oath to serve ALL her constituents. Doesn’t seem like she cared about anything other than grandstanding and he 5 seconds of fame. Seems that oath was a lie.

  43. Sixty thousand protesting in the city of Seattle. It looked like a peaceful demonstration. These people were very close in contact. Why isn’t the Governor or Mayor trying to make an effort to realize that this could be a health and saftey violation? Are they that ignorant? With this so called covid, Seattle definitely dont give a hoot!

  44. Papa Bear, then by Golly Vote the tyrant out!!! this is what elections by the people
    are for. The Dem party is doing all it can to usurp the power of the people. Why in
    Heaven’s name should Republicans join them??

  45. Dan, as far as those deadly viral spores known as Antifa and (B)ecause (L)ooting (M)atters members we can only hope the even more deadly viral Covid-19 spores infect and kill them.

  46. If you believe that Whitmer is at least as tyrannical as Muhammad, Stalin, Hitler, or Mussolini then you had better sign that petition, 1,200,000 signatures in favor of having her removed from office will not be easy to gather.

  47. For once Julio is correct. The virus has no party. But the good news is that the antifa thugs will probably infect each other. I could smile at mass funerals among that group of ass holes.

  48. @Rob Jones
    Please explain how a petition to hold a special election to vote on the question of Removal By Impeachment is some sort of unlawful action.
    Most states have a section of their State Constitution that specifically addresses this sort of action and sets out the procedure for how it is to be conducted.
    If you live in one of the states that do not have such provisions for the removal of incompetent or insane government officials [Whitmer checks both boxes] then why not?

  49. Rob Jones, There is a difference between what the demo-rats tried to do to Trump with their phony Bu11$hit Russian probe which found no evidence of wrong doing on Trumps part. And their little attempted coup in the house once again with evidence Trump did anything wrong. The Michigan situation is a little different. For example Her order around Easter time that Stores like Walmart could be open to sell her approved items, but not a basket of candy for your kid. Or, her nonsense about boating. Ok to have a kayak, canoe, paddle board on the waters of Michigan, but not a boat with a motor. What the hell kinda sense do either of those orders make. These are but a couple of the orders this tyrant queen issued from her palace in Lansing. As far as democracy is concerned a recall is about as democratic as it comes. For your signature to count you have to be a registered voter in the State of Michigan. The Recall is basically a vote of no confidence, and is used when an elected official does not do the job they were voted into office to do. It requires 1.2 million names on it, and that is just the first step in a recall, after that it is put on the ballot and voted on by the entire electorate. Sounds a heck of alot more democratic than that 200 some odd bozos in Washington voting to impeach the President just because they don’t like him.

  50. Julio Richard Loredo – you are correct here, 100% the virus does not belong to a political party. For politicians to decide that it is now “safe” is like the Pope having his cardinals vote that the world is flat.

  51. A. I am a strong Trump supporter-100%. B. This move by Baase sounds like something the
    Democratic Party would do-remove a legally elected governor by undemocratic means. How to deal with the Covid19 crisis is a very difficult decision for all governors, Rep and
    Dem alike. We should all give them the space to make these decisions doing what they feel best preserves the safety of their citizens. Republicans look hypocritical if they denounce such tactics on one hand (like Pelosi’s coup de tat attempt in the House), and on the other hand praise such nonsense in Michigan.

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