Gun Control Poll Results

Which do you think would do more to stop school shootings?
Armed Teachers/Security
Gun Control

What do you think of these results? Comment below



  1. Rescind the Promise act that barry and holder put in place. Like being graded on a curve, it just sweeps misdemeanors under the rug until the students start getting so lawless that you see felonies instead.

  2. We have plenty of gun control laws. And we have laws against assault or murder. Laws mean nothing to people intent on committing murder or other acts of violence. And guns are inanimate objects. They do not go out on their own and shoot people. If all the privately owned guns in America were to disappear tomorrow it would not stop deranged people from committing murder and other acts of violence. We must take a closer look at what our society has become and the causes for the violence.

  3. Yes, education is a joke and the kids are so dumbed down it’s unbelievable. I know, I drive a high school bus.

  4. no one wants to take away 2nd amendment rights. Let’s all back armed teachers & wait for a student to be shot in error or someone who gets their hands on the gun that should not use it. The problem is that it is too easy for the wrong people to get a gun. Just look at the criminals who go out and buy trunk loads of guns and sell them on the streets. Law is being given over to who shoots first

  5. I am amazed people continue to respond to the B.S. that gun restriction is concern for Children’s lives. Were this their reason ,how could any rational,sane person make it illegal to defend your child’s life against violent armed attack,equally ,and effectively based on the side of street,or type of building you are located . By Law you are reduced to being a defenseless target in a human shooting gallery . Those who pass these Laws should be charged same as the people they enable .

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