Gun Control Poll Results

Which do you think would do more to stop school shootings?
Armed Teachers/Security
Gun Control

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  1. Rescind the Promise act that barry and holder put in place. Like being graded on a curve, it just sweeps misdemeanors under the rug until the students start getting so lawless that you see felonies instead.

  2. We have plenty of gun control laws. And we have laws against assault or murder. Laws mean nothing to people intent on committing murder or other acts of violence. And guns are inanimate objects. They do not go out on their own and shoot people. If all the privately owned guns in America were to disappear tomorrow it would not stop deranged people from committing murder and other acts of violence. We must take a closer look at what our society has become and the causes for the violence.

  3. Yes, education is a joke and the kids are so dumbed down it’s unbelievable. I know, I drive a high school bus.

  4. no one wants to take away 2nd amendment rights. Let’s all back armed teachers & wait for a student to be shot in error or someone who gets their hands on the gun that should not use it. The problem is that it is too easy for the wrong people to get a gun. Just look at the criminals who go out and buy trunk loads of guns and sell them on the streets. Law is being given over to who shoots first

  5. I am amazed people continue to respond to the B.S. that gun restriction is concern for Children’s lives. Were this their reason ,how could any rational,sane person make it illegal to defend your child’s life against violent armed attack,equally ,and effectively based on the side of street,or type of building you are located . By Law you are reduced to being a defenseless target in a human shooting gallery . Those who pass these Laws should be charged same as the people they enable .

  6. Mental Hospitals should be brought back, along with Security for the schools, arm those teachers that are qualified and want to. What about ex-military help make schools, and other places secure?

  7. I agree! Someone has to fire the gun! They don’t aim and fire by themselves. We have laws on record now-enforce them, stop allowing the criminal out on “humanitarian” issues, ie, rough childhood, family needs him, he’s so young! Third strike should be first strike law may cause overcrowded jails SO don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time! Criminals are not afraid of our laws because the courts are too soft on them.
    ENFORCE THE CURRENT LAWS! and keep the criminals in jail!
    Look at Chicago, with some of the hardest gun control laws! It is an embarrassment to AMERICA. Thanks Obama and Rahm Emmanuel!
    And San Francisco is almost as bad. I’m a native Californian and am so embarrassed to admit it.

  8. I’d love to see the list of Democrats who belong to the NRA! Perhaps if they want so badly to take away our second amendment, I’d start with the body guards that so many of them have.

  9. What would happen if a couple of crazy’s went in a school with chain saw’s or machetes who is going to stop them a good person with a gun would.

  10. Just the likelihood that non-security persons in the school might be armed, and therefore, likely are, I think would be a deterrent to such deranged people as would go into the gun free zone and trade his life for a dozen or more children, knowing his life would be ended before he really got started.

  11. We might reconsider public, televised execution for crimes of violence. I don’t think committing violence would be nearly as satisfying to someone wanting to prove something if he knows the might end up at the end of a rope… in public, having peed and shat his pants for all the world to see… A disgusting end for a disgusting person.

  12. I agree with you. Not all teachers should be armed, but certain ones could be, along with school security guards. There needs to be more done to help mentally ill also.

  13. Gun Free Zones only make an area for criminals that know they have a free and clear target zone. So gun control is not the answer and it never will be.

  14. In our school system all the schools have one entry point. You must be buzzed in. Doors in the rest of schools can only be opened from inside by a crash bar. Alarms let central office in school when other doors are opened. Entry door has bullet resistant glass and there is a panic button should anyone try to force way in that rings at police department. If you don’t have legitimate business at school you do not get buzzed in.

  15. If you look at new story out of UK England you will see that they are imposing same restrictions on knives and bladed weapons as they have on guns. Namely you have to be 18 years or older to purchase or poss any bladed item.

  16. Wish we could ban all stupid democrats. And they are the problem,and have been for many years. They want to take away everything people have worked for.

  17. I think you are wrong about the age limit. We have 17, 18, 19, and 20 year old in the military defending our country. Think about this, after 911 did we blame box cutters? Thousands of life’s were lost and no laws were recommended to restrict the purchase. Why because the box cutters like the guns were not the problem. A current law was broken in every mass shooting. We can’t enforce the gun laws on the books now. What will any new laws do to stop these nuts?

  18. What about the attack at the night club in Paris? The terrorists actually had machine guns. Paris and all of France has gun control – has had for years! Did you know there is an AK 47 factory in Venezuela? Makes full auto versions – machine guns. Think they will sell to drug dealers?

  19. Armed citizens are our last line of defense! When politicians call for gun control, they’re saying “I deserve to be protected, but you don’t”! Gun control only protects criminals and dishonest politicians. Hmmmmm!
    Real Americans don’t give up their guns and Real Americans don’t try to take them!

  20. Perhaps if the leftist media would report the incidents where lives were SAVED by good guys carrying guns along with their over-hyping of those where a crazy person shot a number of “targets”, a more balanced approach to gun safety would be the topic of conversation. Putting up more signs declaring an area to be a “gun free zone” is a guarantee that more shooting incidents will occur, which seems to be what the leftists want. Gun free zones are another kind of “safe space” which guarantees that the underlying problems will NEVER be addressed.

  21. People do not die from gun ownership. People die when criminals have guns and honest God Fearing folks do not. Everyone should have access to a gun. Puts everyone on an equal footing. The laws and restrictions obviously do not work. There are places where there is very little gun crime because everyone is allowed to and encouraged to carry a gun. Do not try to rob a convience store in these places. You will get your butt shot.

  22. Amen, Ted and let me add that with the number of guns already out there,plus when have laws stopped people from doing things? Prohabition, people still drank alcohol, and when did a law stop people from doing pot when it was illegal in all states. Point being laws don’t stop anything.

  23. They would politely request the perp not use the gun and even kneel down and beg while the police wait out side until the perp runs out of ammo.
    The USA is the LAST line against tyranny and ALL of these anti-gun nuts are colluding with the enemy of freedom.

  24. Stop making School’s “Gun Free Zones”
    Harden the Buildings, Bullet proof glass,
    Metal Detector’s and arm the Teachers who
    want to trained, and HIRE Armed Guards
    for all entrances and exits.

  25. when someone wants to commit a crime or murder(s) they will find a gun or guns to do it weather there is gun control or not.

  26. Jim, You are SO right !! And that Global power ways to take over the U.S. Our instance on Freedom is standing in the way of their worldwide dominant !! Thats why we have our 2nd Amendment – in case some purple govt, or even our own govt gone rogue, tries to enslave us by force !! We are going to need weapons to defend ourselves !!

  27. Sheena, I agree 100% !! This is the REAL answer – Ironclad Security !! Our 2nd Amendment is there for a good reason – to enable us to defend our homes & our families if another govt, or our own govt gone rogue, invades us. Every family needs to have a gun(s) & people trained to use them to protect their home & children, if need be.

  28. Our 2nd Amendment is there to enable us to defend our country & our families of a foreign govt – or our own govt gone rogue, should try to take us over & enslave us. If they come banging on your door to get your house & children, how are you going to defend yourself ?? Its a very real danger !!

  29. The reason for our 2nd Amendment is so that we will be able to defend ourselves against invasion by another govt or even by our own govt gone rogue. Every family needs to be able to defend itself against invasion by those who would seek to enslave us.

  30. America was formed by defending ourselves against a govt that was attempting to enslave us !! We are still ready to defend that right – to be Free !! If another govt – or even our own govt tries to take us over, we WILL be ready to defend ourselves at all costs. If anyone invader comes to your country, how will you defeat them ?? Or maybe you don’t have anything to lose. We do.

  31. The 2nd Amendment is there to protect us from an invading country or from our own govt gone rogue. If a govt wants to invade our homes, take our children & strip us of our rights, how are you going to defend your family & your country ?? Its a REAL threat !!

  32. Metal detectors, one way in same way out, fence the whole school with electric wire on top. Who gives a damn what it looks like if it will stop just one of our kids getting murdered. Let all teachers who volunteer to carry take a coarse, and give them a frigging gun free. Why the change in so many crazies who knows,but I do know we have got to change too. I’ve got a bad feeling it’s not going to go away anytime soon,SAD!


  34. Don’t just say that’s not true let’s see some facts let’s hear which other countries you’re talking about because I think you’re sadly mistaken

  35. You do understand that objects don’t kill people , people commit murders because they want revenge or are mentally unstable. Let’s address the issues of violence first instead of automatically condeming all gun owners as criminals , taking guns from lawful owners will leave only true criminals with guns , that will make things better ? Sorry it won’t , probably make things way worse.

  36. If you don’t like the second amendment change it or move out of the country. Any thing other is capital treason and will result in an revolution that will return the country to its founding documents.

  37. Let me ask you something. Are those guns being shot on their own or is someone behind the gun?! Look at the statistics in the city of Chicago where Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pushing gun control and our governor is pushing gun control. How many shootings occur every weekend due to gangs?! Those guns are NOT being fired by themselves and there are many cases of people using guns @ home who have needed to protect themselves from burglars, rapists, etc. our founding fathers were Waaaay ahead of their time when they wrote the second amendment in particular. Besides, people who want to harm others will find some way, like at the Boston Marathon for example! Get real! Look at Kate Steinle who was out for a walk with her father in San Francisco!

  38. Zee, I’m sorry to say defend against the government too. Read Eisenhower’s farewell address (you can find it in Wikipedia and probably other places). I learned to stop trusting them in 1970 when their Rules Of Engagement would have gotten me killed. Only recently after joining with many other patriots in a think tank have I learned of the extent they go to. You know quite a bit, good. Not enough to put you in danger. Criminals is why gun control will never work-the dark web, black market or even just the schematics. If full semis as CNN are banned, I’ll simply go to much more lethal and aggressive weapons.

  39. I agree about that one, the PROMISE ACT isn’t doing what it was supposed to. I think it’s why the fbi missed the red flag in 2015, and twice in 2017. It’s a sweep problems under the rug measure and Broward schools are well known for them. Another of barry’s tactical avoidance. Arming some teachers will be easy, they aren’t snowflakes. In other places let ex-cops or veterans apply. How will you pay them? Simple, no taxes. Highschools and colleges are almost all snowflakes, so you’ll need the second option for them or you can always pull their funding as you should with the UN.

  40. Totally Agree. Besides getting youth ‘off’ the streets, they would also learn a valuable Skill. We can use more mechanics, electricians, plumbers etc.

  41. Not TRUE. There are many more nations that have strict gun control that are HOT dictatorships, but they are democracies. The lie you are retelling is evil because you contribute to the gun violence that results from your fake history=lie!

  42. Excerpt: I have received a number of tips from my readers revealing additional so-called “Mass Casualty Events” are now also planned for the cities of Dallas, Houston and Anchorage, Louisville and elsewhere. Ads for “Crisis Actors” are appearing online at places like Craigslist” offering to pay such actors $1,000 for their participation in the upcoming “Drills” and the one for Louisville insists potential selectee “must be discreet.”

    More “mass shootings” may be planned for Houston on March 2. Dallas on March 18, and in Louisville, KY (Date not yet disclosed).

  43. The 2nd Amendment is not a “Suicide Pact”, it is the time for much stricter gun control!
    Way too many people have died as a result of gun ownership.

  44. Cynthia, “How would you disarm them?” Them who???’criminals’???
    = Never. Black Market & In Your Gov. Please refer to recent past
    ie former ResignedAG Eric Holder under the ‘auspices’ of, you know ‘who’ & Policy of “Fast & Furious” .

  45. No. Our teachers and school staff need to take a more active role in identifying bullying and abusive behaviors early on in their education and get these kids some mental health care.
    Taking away guns knives and bombs isn’t the only answer. We have to look at the root cause of the problem. All of these kids that are shooting, stabbing and bombing have had mental health issues mostly because they’ve been bullied and have no outlet for their anger. They feel isolated and alone.
    That is the issued that needs to be solved. Everything else is a futile effort.

  46. Because Americans have easy access to guns, so does the criminal elements of society. How would you disarm them?

  47. Because Americans have easy access to guns, so does the criminal elements of society. How would you disarm them?

  48. Please Review History. Any Society/Country tht has been disarmed =
    Massive Death. Review/Mao/Hitler/Cuba/NKorea. Thank you.


    So many Americans feel strongly on this subject to send in their comments, utterances, logic, insults etc – and this exchanges are good – buy does reason and logic suffer?

    I’m a conservative Trump fan but what makes me different is I live in Europe – where gun ownership is strictly controlled and trust in our government is sufficiently high that our citizens do not want guns to defend themselves against our fellow citizens or our government.

    “Courage is getting up and speaking…or sitting down and listening!”

    Have the pro-gun lobby the ability to calmly sit down and listen to the world – yes, the world – which tells Americans that they are crazy. Do Americans not realise that the No 1 reason why outsiders think Americans are crazy is their attitude to guns?

    America leads the world in so many ways; is it conceivable that it could lead the world in showing how it is able to change so drastically and abolish its 2nd Amendment by disarming everybody through an amnesty and incentives? Can you imagine how the rest of the world would laud and admire America for doing so?

    It’s a flawed argument to suggest that its citizenry need guns to defend themselves against their government – they need guns to defend themselves against their own crazies. How many Americans would acknowledge that in their lifetimes, at least once, they were angry and irrational enough that if they had a knife or gun they would have used it?

    Trouble is, in these circumstances, it’s just to easy to get guns!

  50. Gun control is not the answer. Making sure our children are safe is the main priority we can do this by arming our teachers an make our school buildings more secure whatever it takes to do that needs to be done. We need to clean the swamp we need to get rid of the people in all positions that are not doing there job.

  51. Why are you restrictive? Should not parent(s) be responsible for ALL actions taken by any (dependent) member of the family for any crime committed? There is nothing special or evil about firearms, they are as inanimate as knives, bats, rocks, etc.
    Of course, what age should apply? If a 18 year-old Army volunteer came home on leave and misused a firearm, should the parents still be “responsible”.
    In the Florida case, both parents were dead, and the firearms were legally owned by the shooter.

  52. All soft targets have to be replaced as hard targets. Every place should decide on the physical precautions that work for them first.
    MAYBE armed personal that want to are trained properly and retrained often. While that is being done the constant checking on the mental condition of definted individuals not a witch hunt for people. The unfortunate decision to attack a particular firearm never stops there thanks to the liberal gun confiscated .If another type weapon is . Usedvthen thst one will become the target of the second amendment. When that one is taken then the rest are up for change or removal.
    never trust the liberal left to do what is just needed
    They hsve proven themselves untrustworthy for years.

  53. Teachers being armed can be a scary thing. They aren’t always right in the head either. A few cities down from me,a few years back.. kids and personnel opened a locked classroom to find the teacher had hung herself in the classroom !!! There’s got to be more Cops and Military protecting… and they need to activate the unblinking eye in the sky system and keep it on 24/7 365 days a year.

  54. EVERYONE MUST goes through a metal detector, every bag goes thru xray machines, every bag and body scanned…just like when you go to a courthouse…Add police officers cameras, and drones. Tall walls, no multiple entrances, ONE ENTRANCE.

  55. Shelbyville Indiana school system has a fantastic plan in place in conjunction with the sheriff’s office…google it to read all about is well worth reading & is something all schools should consider.

  56. No one has done anything yet! Gun controls exist all over and they are not working! The Pres is offering a multiple approach, covering enhanced permitting, medical evaluations including mental! Armed security. As well as teachers trained and carrying!
    First real plan ever

  57. The best way to stop Shootings within any School is to have Very, Very, Fearless First Defenders stationed on school premises. These First Defenders are programmed to seance all characteristics of Gun Fire. They will than respond within seconds to that GUN FIRE. Their response can be None lethal or lethal depending on the type of weapon it is attacking. These First Defenders are called on station SMART DRONES Designed to attack the Shooters Weapon and or Shooter.

  58. I agree about putting God back in schools & having classes on bullying. I do not agree with gun control because if we did that then the only people with guns would be the criminals. They will always get them! As for teachers with guns – I like the idea of retired vets, police, security guards that are use to handling guns but if there are teachers that are hunters & use to using & being around guns, then I think whether or not they are armed should be up to them – not us. Most teachers are not going to want to do it, but there will be some that having been raised in the country will be up to the task.

  59. I think there should be only one or two entrances open, with metal detectors and and one or two armed guards by these doors. No guns, knives or murderers admitted, children safe.

  60. It’s a God thing. Not only a God thing but a God of the Bible thing. There is only one true God and until you as an individual recognize that you will be in constent turmoil. The world makes everything about you when in reality it’s about God. If it’s all about me then I can do what I want because it makes me feel good. If it’s all about God then I can relax and not be so offended when someone else disagrees because God will take care of it.

  61. I think security should be beefed up in schools. Not teachers being armed, armed security. Teachers are there to instruct and help educate our youth not as “Dirty Harry” with a gun to shoot the bad person.

  62. Arm all teachers, but Post signs, some of our teachers are armed, you guess which ones, that will make them think twice.

  63. Jan A. Anyone purchasing a firearm must be a proven age of 21.Parents should be held responsible for any actions taken by any member of their family relating to the use of a firearm. A fine and jail time should be imposed on the parents if found guilty of allowing a firearm in their position to be used in any type of crime committed by an under aged family member. Responsibility begins at home not with the Teacher at school, the Church or the Police Officer

  64. I think there was a sufficient amount of alerts about the shooter before he acted, But our fearless law enforcement was too busy trying to dig up dirt on our President to take time to investigate these calls about the shooter.

  65. They do the same thing over and over, Hoping for better results, (not going to happen) We have “gun” control, We need “idiot” control.

  66. They do the same thing over and over, Hoping for better results, (not going to happen) We have “gun” control, We need “idiot” control.

  67. Right on, BUT! There is a system that is continually
    Working on defeating the rights to stand against the
    Rights to have any guns of any sort. That is Global
    Power. Check back on History, same-O-same again.

  68. It is not to hard to figure things out when it comes to protecting ourselves and ones family ,all one needs to know, why do we build our homes with door locks and bolts on our doors and window locks on windows is that not to keep others out of ones home,and what happens if some breaks your door down are breaks ones window and has a weapon of any kind and enters ones home and you have nothing to protect yourselves with,most likely you and ones family will end up dead ,and that is one of the reasons why are God given rights are not to be taken out of our constitution so we can bare our weapons in such times of need.

  69. I love how so many of the people who are screaming loudest about gun control are the very same people who have ARMED SECURITY personnel! Why is it ok for them to have an armed protection detail but we can’t protect our children? Come on people, wake up! Take a look at Israel. They have figured it out!

  70. I think that all the kids should be armed.
    When I was a child, we all owned guns; but never shot anybody. There is no greater control than mutual respect.

  71. HAVE A country lottery to cover cost for trained security personnel at our schools. Simple as that. Money problem solved.

  72. Schools should also start utilizing the JustinKase door stopper that will add additional safety to classrooms. Look up JustinKase on google!!!

  73. The problem with gun control laws is the gun control laws. If you want criminals to follow laws, make laws that they cannot work around. Mother Nature does this, such as the law of gravity. Yes you have to think out of the box, but that won’t be too hard…
    When industrial engineers want to find the root cause of a problem, they list all the contributing factors, then sort them by frequency and how they affect the process. If you do this with all the killings you will find one common problem, and it isn’t guns, race, religion, sex, mental condition, but one common factor to all. I’m not telling you what it is, you will figure it out…

  74. Ban Democrats not guns. I really think we need to put armed guards [x mil or retired police, and not put this burden on teachers

  75. Until we do something about bullying in schools and on social media, we will continue to have children driven to suicide and revenge shootings. We have to recognize that most of these shooting have been perpetrated by the students themselves by their callous actions. Some of them bully, harass and ostracize fellow students while others stand by and watch it happen and do nothing about it, such as notifying the teachers. And, many times if they do, their concerns are ignored by those same teachers and no action is taken. It’s time to bring God back into the schools and make mandatory classes about bullying a must, for both students, teachers and parents. It may not solve the entire problem, but I think it is a step in the right direction. Meanwhile, we need qualified armed personnel on school grounds. Leaving students and teachers unprotected is just an invitation for another massacre.

  76. Gun control is the first step that will lead to a dictatorship and the democrats/communists falls in love with that approach. We must end all gun
    free zones and all of criminals that want to shoot innocent people should be sent to the other world within one week after their trial and being sentenced to death, should they survive their criminal behavior being put in checkmate. It would be better to take them out before they take out an innocent life.

  77. We protect banks, airports, jewelry stores with armed personnel…why not protect Americas greatest asset…it’s children. (The Left constantly says “It’s for the children”). So stop with the “We need more gun control” crap and start protecting them like they are…our most valuable resource.. Not too complicated.

  78. I am so sick of hearing that we need more gun laws. Criminals don’t follow the laws! That’s not rocket science! Every government agency failed in this school shooting so they want more gun laws! This is insane. We expect 18 year olds to go fight and die on foreign soil only to ( hopefully)return home and be told they can’t buy a rifle, ludicrous.

  79. No law ever written has stopped a Criminal intent on committing a crime. Only the TRULY BRAINLESS AND UTTERLY IGNORANT thinks otherwise. We need Criminal Control. Look at a Nation who has low crime rates and you will see they make breaking the law the WORST thing one can do. Anerica STUPIDLY makes prison in some case better than being free. Till people remove their heads from whoever’s rectum they have it up and shake the CRAP they are currently using as brain out and start making prison a place no one wants to go to Crime will continue to get worse. Any politician who says different is both a LIAR and FOOL.

  80. America the greatest country in the world. However we still can’t seem to figure out how to protect our children. Maybe we should learn from some 3rd world country that don’t have our lack of concern for our children while we make it a political issue.

  81. Increase the safety of the 1-12 schools. Gun control has been tried and not been effective. We don’t need to continue the insanity of repeating previous actions with no effective results.

  82. RESPONSIBLE Gun Control along with metal detectors are the best answer. Too many possibilities for teachers to create situations that could potentially injure his/her own students.

  83. The problem is SCHOOL SHOOTINGS. Society ‘kicked’ GOD out of the schools, and nature HATES A VOID, so it was filled by SHOOTERS. Arming teachers/Security will treat the SYMPTOM, but the ‘disease’ is the lack of GOD’s guidance [relativism, there is no good/bad everything is relative]. To ‘cure’ the ‘disease’ we need to bring God back into the schools!!!!


  85. It”s whiners like you that are a big part of the problem. All the news show is people like you that are do nothing. Arm x-military teachers and put an end to school shootings.

  86. Have any of the school shooters stuck around to shoot it out with the police? People who would shoot unarmed students or church goers are cowards.

  87. when my son was on drugs he had many incidents with the law.We were not allowed by law to have him committed to a facility to have treatment.If the authorities had the right to have him committed that would have been great.But they do not unless he committed a crime.If we took him to a facility he could walk out anytime.That law has to be changed.

  88. Listened to Rubio’s comment on armed teachers and what he said made sense, “An armed teacher using his/her gun and a swat team enters and mistakes the teacher for the gun man they are after, another travesty.’ Well that could very well happen but then there has to be a way to physically identify the teacher as a defender. A well trained militia would recognize each other immediately and join forces. Well trained teachers with conceal and carry permits would recognize their responsibility was over as soon as a swat team entered and put their guns away. Why try to compete with a swat team anyway.

  89. Mandatory civil service would be a good thing. After graduating high school everyone should be required to a 2 year stint in civil service. It would teach discipline and values that our public schools have stopped . Our public schools have become liberal indoctrination camps.

  90. Social Media and cell phones are the real problem.When there is an incident the cell phones come out and its posted on social media before it is investigated.

  91. There are times when a firearm is stolen in spite of all appropriate measures being taken. That would not be right.

  92. Are you living in lala land. My daughter teaches 3rd grade in a TITLE ONE school. She makes 43,000 a year. She has a MASTERS DEGREE IN EARLY EDUCATION.The parents do not care enough to attend school conferences. If she corrects behavior. She gets a call from the parent that contains numerous “F” words and a threat to call the district office. If she had gun (which she said is hilarious) the students would take it from her and shoot her. You think the Active Shooter Institute can train her students. Hell at their home they are adept at dodging bullets.

  93. I agree that in the long run we as a society must go back to teaching our young to respect others, respect life, obey rules and laws. Our parents are no longer (and that does not mean 100% of parents) teaching their young these things and leave it to the schools and then tell the schools they cannot discipline bad or incorrect behavior, In the short run we need to train and arm the teachers, however, if after arming them you tell them they can’t shoot because it would violate someones’ rights, then we are no better off.

  94. This was under the care of a psychiatrist and on medications. He made threats and those threats were reported to the police and FBI
    The Broward Coward school resource deputy stayed outside the entire time of the shooting along with 3 of his fellow officers
    What good does random visits by police do if they are just going to wait until the crime is over

  95. Police response time to get to a incident is around 5 to 10 minutes. By the time they get there its all over. If you have a Armed teacher you have a response immediately. There might be teachers who don’t want to be armed that’s Ok.But I’m sure there are teachers who do. Remember they are not only protecting the students but themselves as well.

  96. My daughter teaches 3rd grade at a title one school. She has a MASTER DEGREE. She makes 43,000 a year. No raise this year. School Board claims no money. Retirees in our town agree. Now you want her to carry a gun? Can she also come by your house and do the laundry?

  97. If you want to bring back the draft you should be thrown out of the country.When the draft was started that was when we the people lost part of our freedom.You must be a lousy Democrat to suggest that.We do not need a draft to arm the people.The draft did not help the people of the us they were sent to other countries to defend there freedoms not ours.So you want armed guards in every street what an idiot you are.That’s what happened in Germany when the Jews were round up you must be a Nazi.

  98. Spot on Edward. A gun registration will be used for just that — seizing guns from law abiding citizens. Besides does anyone really think the criminals are going to register their guns?

  99. Wayne S. Just where do you get your information? The left has been trying for years to do away with the 2nd Amendment. The assault rifle ban of ’94 did not stop the killings. Killers will use any means available to kill their victims: knives, cars, bombs, etc.
    More people are killed each year in automobile accidents than by guns. The NRA does more to educate folks in firearm safety, including gun safety and hunting safety courses than any other organization. Here in Texas the Texas State Rifle Association does the same.

  100. Cindy C, Terrific idea and should be given very serious consideration especially to cameras and take down a sign of a “GUN Free” zone. The sheriff should assign a patrol vehicle to visit schools at random times and phone call each school at random times. Also, school officials need to report any hostile acts by students and refer them to a school psychologist for evaluation.

  101. Wolfman57, I was part of Desert storm/Shield. You are the loudmouth worthless moron who salutes but runs under the house when its time to put up or shut up. And you need to remove man from your name. Your far from being one.

  102. I am not sure Guns being a tool is the problem. We need to find out why these children are willing to go to a school and shoot their fellow students and teachers. What is really going on here for we can not blame just mental illness on this there is a reason that this is happening for mental illness was also back in the pioneer days and people did not use a gun to shoot up schools. So what is really going on here – taking God out of Schools, removing the 10 commandments (thou shall not kill) what is really going on here?? Is it the internet where people are telling him this would be a good thing to do??? I know that Russia is on the internet talking to our children as well in Colleges and unions. What is exposing these children to the fact that this is ok?? Are they that isolated from friends in schools? Personally, I think when someone tells police that a child is thinking about shooting up a school they need to be taken out of that school and put in a group to discuss what is going on with them and why do they want to shoot up that school and the children in that school?? We have to find the root of this problem and guns are not it – guns are a tool but what is driving them to use that tool???? We are not identifying the real problem because we are stuck on the tool and not the problem….

  103. Schools shouldn’t advertise “Gun Free” zones. Makes children sitting ducks. Signs should be posted that staff may be legally armed. Metal detectors at all entries with security cameras.

    Should make it a felony when a registered gun holder loses custody of their weapon and is it involved in a crime.

    Those would be good deterrents.


  105. Unfortunately I fear there will be more attacks of all kinds from bombs to firearms. Everything can be a weapon. But to think we have to have soft targets in this immoral age lead by the thinking of people who we were supposed to look up to such as teachers police gov ernment
    that support liberal open border hiding illegals .etc. And let’s not use force to protect everyone that is an American..insanity!

  106. I don’t understand why it hasn’t been done a long time ago. if there were train armed personnel like they have at the IRS building that I went to last week there wouldn’t be any problem at the schools. stop all the yelling back and fourth and protect your children with train qualified armed people not the teachers

  107. It’s not just another blame-game talking point they’ll lose, but also their real agenda, which is the disarming of law-abiding Americans with a view to bringing in the New World Order, a totalitarian dictatorship situation. That’s the real reason they keep pouncing on these mass killings in the first place–exploiting them because they’re opportunists! If they really wanted to do something to stop these killings, they’d make it allowable to have armed school staff members.

  108. Armed guards should have been placed at school after the first school shooting. Metal detectors and trained guards that are committed to shooting if need be. That should take care of it for the most part. There is no way to 100% stop all crime of any kind. That falls in the evil department headed up by satan

  109. Go to a Court House and you’ll find Armed Guards at every entrance and Armed Bailiffs in every Court Room plus some walking around inside. Now look at the School System with 300 thousand Students and you’ll find maybe ONE Resource Protection Officer for all the Grades and Buildings that are used to Educate the Students. Makes You Think, Where is our Priority?
    More Security is needed in the Schools to protect the Students. If They can find the Means to Protect the Courts, but not the Schools only shows the Lack of Reason. It is time that the Elected Leaders get their Heads out of WHERE the SUN don’t SHINE.!!

  110. Locked doors. Office controls all locks in case of emergency by remote control. 360° outdoor camera’s. Camera’s in all halls. Off duty policeman or Veteran guards at only entry and exit. Metal detector at entrance. All able body teachers tested and armed. Secure classroom doors key or electronic entry to get in. Low windows shaded and barred. No tolerance for unruley students. First two offences, expelled up to one year. Third offence dismissed permanently. Another costly fix is bullet proof glass or steel shield for the office. What we need is every school like a fort. In my day in school, some 61 years ago, we had skeet and rifle clubs. People carried guns to school. I carried a high powered rifle to school shop class to make a new stock. The worse we had was a fist fight. No one ever got really hurt. About six or so years ago, my school had a shooting that made national headlines. The times are changing. We have to change too. Forget what the left has to say. We have to do what will protect our kids.

  111. All the proposals to ban guns and/or restrict guns available to law abiding American citizens do nothing to prevent school shootings but do everything to make Americans and their property less safe. Criminals pray the Elitists and Democrats are successful in their plans to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens. Criminals and others intent on wrecking havoc on others will not abide by the laws now on the books. Why would more laws improve things? We need to protect children from evil and deranged people. Banning guns won’t do that!

  112. I see nothing that can be done short term. Long term, bring back the draft, basic training for 90 days, issue a standard military riffle and a standard military hand gun. This will curb all gun violence. It has been proven over and over again, where there are lots of guns there is less gun violence and when there is there are fewer casualties.

  113. We have armed security in banks,government buildings,sporting events,concerts,air ports and many other places where the public is exposed to possible violence. So what do we do at the schools. We invite violence. Its the same thing that we do with school buses. We have to wear seat belts in cars or get a fine. But on a school bus there are no seat belts at all. That the same thinking. The liberals do not want this solved,because if it is they will loose another blame game talking point.

  114. Zee, crossfire is always one of the subjects taught in fire arm training. I was in law enforcement for 34 years and worked the road and coatrooms and bldg. Of course if they taught students to stay low and seek cover that would always help. Just the fact that the shooter knew that he may be taken out before he was able to complete his mission and may deter them from evan starting.

  115. You want your gov’t armed and the criminals. China north Korea and the rest of the communists country have it. England & France have gun control yet thousands are killed by other means. According to FBI: UCR Table 12, there were approximately 374 people shot and killed with rifles of any kind. There were 1,604 people killed with “knives or cutting instruments.” Gun Control is political. Waiting for your response.

  116. My grandson attends an elementary school with only one sheriff deputy at the entrance. Once in awhile I take him to school or pick him up after. Even with the controlled traffic pattern about two hundred cars going in and out of campus, I always notice so many potential opportunites for a shooter or an dangerous intruder. The Army taught to identify and prevent potential adverse actions such as what happened in Florida. I firmly believe in arming teachers wanting to participate in on campus security and qualified prior military honorably discharged or retired who volunteer their services. We have been taught when not to act as well as to when we must.

  117. Jea, there are more people who favor you then are against you. Demo-Commies are doing their best to bring this country down.

  118. Our local elementary has one main entrance and the door is manned when open. Once school starts, all exterior doors are locked to any outside traffic. The only way into the school for visitors is up to the office to sign in. If a visitor needs further entry, the school receptionist has the option to buzz them in. So if a BG shows up he must get by the receptionist or break a door/glass to gain entry. If the BG breaches school perimeter, good luck with LE response time. Last time I dialed 911 to report an auto accident, the town marshal didn’t answer his phone, state patrol was swarming traffic an hour away and the County Mounties were chowing down on donuts and coffee at their station house 20 minutes away.

  119. If America had the gun control laws of Switzerland, Americans woUld be very safe.
    If America had the gun control laws of a small Town in the State of Georgia, USA, Americans would be safe as well!!!
    WHY? Because guns in the hands of sane people DO NOT KILL.
    What is the difference between a pencil and a gun?
    No difference. It takes a human hand TO USE EITHER ONE!!!

  120. There was a nightclub, in Taiwan, I believe, that had locked all the fire exits and only had the front door open. There was a fire and none of the patrons could escape. I am sure that picture would look good to “Morning Joe.”

  121. put cameras in the halls and in the classrooms, arm and train all staff that take their lives and kids lives seriously. We may even catch some pedophiles and drug runners while we are at it.Oh yes, hire teachers willing to teach and defend themselves and the children.Hire school marshals that don’t hide out in the schoolyard.

  122. Wayne please get on topic with accuracy. Some states only allow three rifle rounds capacity for hunting, like Texas. I also ask the same question as earlier commentor: who made you the monitor? Trolls are nasty, dirty creatures that live under bridges, and I doubt any of the commentators are such.

  123. cut out or restrict the Division of youth and Family services power& scare tactics and instill proper discipline by the parents with out the fear of being arrested or jailed for spanking their butt or sending them to their room for detention. Parents today are worried that if they look sternly at their child they will get locked up. They need to be taught respect that’s why kids of this new generation fear nothing and feel that they can literally get away with murder. The weapon is just a tool it does no harm to anyone as long as you respect the weapon take the necessary training to operate it and pass a full background check.
    Secure all school entrances and if a teacher wants to be trained to carry and is licensed to do so by all means allow them to carry. Institute Active Shooter drills train all students that they open the school door for no one but themselves and if they see even a friend requesting entrance notify faculty only to allow others into the school and make sure the faculty is trained to control those that enter the school and escort them to the main office or deny entry and call security.

  124. Well – Amen. duh – get Rid of 0PEN D00R Policy. Really, not that difficult to fix. Just ‘common’ sense. Lock Doors/ buzzers/monitors etc.
    School ADMINISTRATORS are just too damn ‘CHEAP’ to install.
    Would anyone post
    “Lock Free” at Residence? N0!!!

  125. YES – Thank you! Gee whiz – Lock the Damn doors/ buzzers/ monitors.
    ‘we’ have that here – No probs… WHY No 0ne else Talking re this V. First Simple step …

  126. Voted for armed security and teachers, but my thoughts are on returning to traditional conservative values, nothing else in my opinion will work effectively.

  127. These are facts people do not think about, and those who oppose weapon ownership do not want people to realize. Based on what was stated in the article, perhaps those in favor of disarming the citizens should be seen as accomplices for the over throw of our government. That would be sedition on their part. People need to have this threat brought to their immediate attention, and drilled in. Just like war was used to keep an Arizona Senator out of the White house, that would be the Goldwater campaign, so should this threat of disarming the people be used as a tool against those that support disarming American citizens. No politician is ever going to reveal their true intent. That has to be found out by study of what they believe. Thus far, most Americans do an exceedingly poor job of this.

  128. N0 0PEN D00R Policy – helps a Lot. Should be FIRST.
    WHY Carry when 0pen Door Remains??? Seems preposterous.
    An Incident After N0 Walk-in policy, bag checks etc, &
    N0 ‘Live DRILL Policy’ (ahem – that no one wants to acknowledge)
    Would Imply
    Someone Inside Already has ‘firearm’ for damage…

  129. After the signing of the peace treaty with Japan, ending WW II, military commanders were asked why Japan did not invade the U.S. after their successful raid. The West Coast was practically unguarded, our Navy had been decimated and what was left was days and days, weeks, even, away. Our fighter aircraft were few and scattered. The West Coast went into black-out mode and were fearful of attack at any moment. The Japanese admiral who had planned the Pearl Harbor attack replied that they knew they could not prevail if they tried to invade us because all of our citizens had guns. The U.S. was not like China where Japan had prevailed because the Chinese armies were small and scattered. Resistance from the peasantss was limited to bamboo rakes and shovels. Made it easy, also, for he Japanese to acquire food for their soldiers so far from their supply sources. It is still true. That is why prospective enemies of the U.S. are behind the movement for repealing the second amendment and disarming our citizens. Takeover then, after devastating bombings, would be a cinch. Iran is well aware of this, as are any other potential foes.

  130. Cross-fire has never been demonstrated as a prevailing distraction to shooter actually having to deal with bullets coming his/her way. It will only take a few scary return volleys to “harden up” a soft target!!

  131. N0 MORE ‘gun-free’ School zones sponsored by the Left. &&& THAT is in Jurisdiction of School Administrators & N0T FED.

    WHY? oh WHY isn’t Any0ne speaking about 0pen Door Policy &
    School Administrators???
    1) N0 0PEN D00R POLICY__ what Is so difficult Understanding ‘that’.
    N0 0PEN D00R Policy. Go from there – Not that Difficult to Figure out further Measures.
    2) Parkland School Administrators AGREED to ‘Live Drill’ w/ Swat etc… wow – what up w/ that >IN a High School???. Totally B0GUS.
    just like Vegas.
    3) am Totally 2nd Amend- BUT N0T Carry IN School. That is an uh-oh. Consider ‘crossfire’ resulting in innocent death BY Defender. Do you ‘know’ WHERE ‘that’ would go???
    We have ‘locked doors’/buzzers, bag checks, etc. Start there.

  132. ASSAULT rifles are fully automatic. They have been banned since 1935. Just because AR-15 ARE made to resemble ASSAULT RIFLE, does not make them one. Just like a Lamborguini replica car, while it looks like a Lamborghini, it is still not a Lamborguini.

  133. Fat sam, something that can harm from a good distance. Unless you are talking about rapidly throwing a pipe or bat at someone from a distance. That’s deadly.

  134. A few States have that ability, but not very many. Just so happens the few are Democrat run States. Florida is thinking about it now.

  135. Bob, Your right, Mental Health is one of the issues. Guns are part of the problem too. Don’t use Politics and Mental Health as a diversion. I’m not a liberal. I am more conservative than liberal.

  136. Susan, Politics does not solve the problem. You are making My point for Me. There is more talk from the right and nra that your Guns are going to be taken away than from the Left.

  137. Mr. Ed, it’s easy to blame them. The system they have to work with sucks. And what does Russian Collusion have to do with this (William Bonnie) should We blame the parents for not sending the Kid’s to school without an AR-15?

  138. Who decides what is an assault weapon ? A pipe or a bat or car or any other thing can be used to assault someone

  139. Sandra, You make some good points. Generally speaking, we don’t need to take peoples guns away. Even semi auto guns. They need to be a big part of the discussion though. Along with the high capacity Magazines. Legal Game Hunting Rifles is 5 shells. Shotguns is 3. Not nine for shotgun and 40+ for Rifles and Handguns.

  140. These are semi autos, no different than any semi auto that are used for hunting. Do you support a ban on abortion which kills thousands of children every year?

  141. The only pussy on here is you Nazz. The NRA did nothing to cause this but idiot Dems who think gun free zones make you safe go play with your play-doe in your safe place snowflake.

  142. James, good point. Trump wants to train and Arm the Teachers. I wonder if He feels the same way about Him and His staff at the White House. Us Tax Payers wouldn’t have to pay for Secret Service. Same with Congress.

  143. Why should the NRA pay? No NRA members have ever been the shooters. Neither have repubs. Shooters have almost always been either a dem or a muslim. So, instead of banning guns, maybe we need to ban them?

  144. Colonelbob, Are you making an argument to do the same thing with the other semi auto weapons? Be careful what your saying. Name one school shooting that has been done with a Machine Gun.

  145. You are soooo closed minded. Tell your security to lay their guns down. Because if you want to disarm the American citizens then you need to do the same. What makes your life more valuable than any other? As always the ELITE want to control We the People when you will have to stand before the same God as all of us, and answer what did you to further His Kingdom?

  146. I love the way some folks leap to the defense of draft dodging corporal bone spurs. Also, I see rep.Scalese tooling around in a motor chair after having half his guts removed. Still siding with the NRA. I believe in the 2nd. I bet rep. Scalese would change his tune if he had to buy his own health insurance. Hunting rifles are fine, but machine guns? Stop being pussies and join the military if you want to play with machine guns.

  147. eric, that is a good idea, except this latest shooter was from that school. He probably new why the fake car was there.

  148. My Wife had a good Idea. The NRA spent 30 million dollars on the last Presidential Election. Instead of spending that money on the Campaigns, The NRA can hire security for all the Schools with that money instead of buying off politicians.


  150. Not one solution by itself is going solve this. It will take a little bit from every asset or idea. There shouldn’t be an all for one solution(if one idea doesn’t work then don’t do anything about it.)You can reduce it, but you won’t ever stop it completely. I’ve read some good ideas here and some stupid one’s. And certain Guns need to be part of the Discussion and Solution. I would start with the background check system, the current one is a JOKE. You can limit the new purchase of some Guns, but what do you do about the Millions that are already out there. I hear a lot of fear mongering from the right. You don’t hear Left politicians say they are going to take your Guns away, the Right politicians and NRA say the Left is going to take your Guns away. Of course that increases Gun sales and NRA membership and contributions. So they need to take credit for the number of Guns there are. Money Talks. I’m a Gun owner and Sportsman, but not a NRA member. They have made it to political, it use to not be that way. The 2nd Amendment will stay strong. The NRA doesn’t want you to know that though. They like Money like the rest of us.

  151. And you, Sherri James, don’t live in the real word. When guns are banned the only ones having them will be illegals and criminals. Think about it.

  152. Really cause we were able to bring our rifles to school put them in our wall lockers and go hunting after school!

  153. Harden soft target schools. Conceal and open carry by retired military and police around the perimeter…teachers and administrators on the inside.

  154. I think Donald Trump is bold and responsible-he basically did not do like Obama and flee to a vacation-he faced the music like a real man and listened to the kids about their viewpoints and the parents about their losses and feelings in such a dreadful time to endure

  155. All the complaining about lives being lost . 60 Million un borns have been aborted. Ask your self how God feels about every aborted life . They are His and he knows their names from the time of Conception. The more abortions the more God will remove his hand of protection on this nation. Every time this nation rebels against God in our Government and judiciary the more God will remove His hand. God weeps over every aborted child. Our weeping does not compare to His. Every American should be concerned as God removes His protection we become open to not knowing right from wrong. The Act of Satan is deceive and to have us abort more children to Him This is exactly what Israel did to Molloch which was an Iron Idol heated red hot where live children were placed on to offer them to Satanic forces. Abortion does the same thing. This action is an attempt to rob God . So if we are angry place the guilt on your own head and the lack of proper discipline of children and real control of what is being taught to our children which takes away from their understanding of God and His laws that protect us from rebellion and harm to Him and others. If you want to stop this call out the Judiciary and Senate and Representatives showing them what God thinks . Read the book of Amos Old Testament and see How God treated nations that slayed women with unborn children . You will also find Molloch in the book of Amos . You will see what to expect for this country if there is no repentance of every law that violates God’s rules for protection of the family and show respect for God. The Ten Commandments are the basic guide line as to the way one is to relate to God and Mankind

  156. In my opinion the media is the problem. If it bleeds it leads … for weeks! It appears the shooters have one thing in common: they have mental issues. By playing the story over and over, it gives people with mental instability ideas on how to make their mark. These shootings are horrific and sad. Everyone is aware of this. The media does not have to belabor the point! The media as try to make to gun control issue an either or issue. The students at the
    Florida school have it rigor – military or assault style weapons are the problem. They do not belong in American homes. If you have one you should automatically have a criminal re or so they appear in all law enforcement data bases.

  157. I graduated high school in 1957. We had a resident police officer in our school. He was even shown n our year book.

  158. The schools in the area in which I live have never had a shooting. Kids have taken guns/weapons to school for which they were punished. The reason there has never been a “Parkland” situation, in my opinion, is because after the first few incidents, armed retired policemen were stationed at every school! Sure made a big difference!!

  159. Mental health is one important fact to look into. Mental health test done by a PHYSIATRIST who would give a signed document stating that this person is OK to buy a weapon. Also if someone needs any of these assault weapons to hunt, they are not a very good hunter.

  160. The real reason for “gun control” is so that the ruling “elite” will absolute control over us peasants. Look at history, for instance, Hitler was able to kill the Jews because he disarmed Germany. I am certain that the Jews would have resisted if they had the “equipment” Other good examples.
    I for one do not trust the government, who is self serving to say the least. That is the main reason our founding fathers have the second amendment.

  161. So you think all of us guy’s are insane !! Sherri James ???? Just think of the COACH that thru is body in front of those 20 KIDS & TOOK THE BULLETS to save the Kids !!! Don’t you think in your warped insane mind that that TEACHER / COACH wished that he had a GUN to defend himself & the KIDS !!!! YOUR the F%#King insane one & all you left wing Nuts !!!!!!

  162. Ed, I agree. The FBI had 2 calls-tips on this shooting(per Fox news). FBI never followed up on either of them! WHY? To busy trying to get Trump on Russian Collusion when it was actually Hillary or were they understaffed or just didn’t care? The local police had been to the shooters house over 30 times yet did nothing either (per Fox news). The shooter walked into that school pulled fire alarm and shot the students like FISH in a barrel. Our school is locked and you speak to office personnel as they watch you and verify or you don’t get in period! Our school also has security guardsthat take that job seriously.

  163. I agree with David on all but the National Gun Registry…no level of government needs to know what guns I posses. If an individual is thought to be a threat to themselves of others then the courts will have grounds to issue a search warrant to search for and TEMPORARILY seize their weapons until they are cleared or not through the normal due process of our court system.

  164. Let’s start with what we know: several shooting events happened bc there were signs/signals that were missed/not reported/ not checked by authorities. This is one of those issues where we have to get it right 100% of the time. See something say something.
    Active shooter training for vulnerable areas. Tighten school security: doors locked once school begins. One entry door with camera for entry subject to security check; visitor back packs and other carry bags searched. Armed and trained personnel in office and at door. National Registration of people with known mental health issues. National gun registration data base. Increase minimum age for purchase to 21. Leave 2nd amendment alone. Everybody involved, which means everybody in the county needs to do their part. This is no different than stopping acts of terrorists before they get into the country. Restore the family unit, keep an eye on what our kids are doing socially. Kudos to the grandmother who turned in her kid because she saw something suspicious. Be responsible and be involved rather than sit and point fingers.

  165. It’s a social problem and mental breakdown of the worst kind. These Haters have No god, Not proud of America and No sense of right or wrong. A lot of this hate is fueled by the left wing media that continue to poke President Trump in the eye daily! Now everybody’s Trumps boss! That same media was giddy when President Obama was making America into a 3rd world country. No, taking all the citizens guns won’t fix the problem but it will make it way worse!

  166. Media will ignore the results of any polls or survey that do not support whatever they happen be in love with at the moment.

  167. Haven’t read anything about this one, but all of the other mass shootings and bombings in this country have been done by liberals, so the common sense thing to do would be to ban all liberals and all of this would end.

  168. As is obvious immediately after the shooting.
    As rhe father of Meadow stated so openly stated he road up in an elevator with a security guard.
    All the gun laws without the first step to physically protect the children and other soft
    targets with force. As we do this we can work
    on the more complicated issues of mental
    health poor checks or firearms. Arming the teachers doesn’t have to be the only armed personal. If they are not willing others can be put in place or even the thought that the school shows the appearance of strong security.

  169. We need to be more like Israel, when the children appear for school there they enter through one entrance with metal detectors and when everyone is inside all doors are locked and they are not unlocked until school is over at the end of the day,they never have trouble like Florida had.

  170. That’s the problem with arming teachers…some of these Loony Lefty teachers are already too dangerous…I wouldn’t want them armed-as 4gun control…they’re already gun free,drug free zones-doesn’t work.Lefty wants ALL legal guns gone as if that’s the whole of the gun issue-like those cop lovers R gonna let the police go door to door in Chicago,Ferguson or anywhere else rounding up unregistered guns

  171. Sandra, I am a retired military veteran, a former police officer and for 16 years I was an armed security officer and Director of Security for one of the oldest and most prestigious private schools in the nation. I am expert with rifles, pistols and shotguns. You have some good suggestions that I tried without success to implement but you are wrong about AR15s and bump stocks. The AR15 is a semi-automatic rifle. It is similar in appearance to the M16 and M4 which are weapons that have a selector switch which allows semi- automatic and automatic fire.
    Semi-auto means that you must pull the trigger for each shot and the weapon will eject the spent cartridge case, load another round(bullet) and wait for trigger pull. Automatic means that the weapon ejects the spent cartridge, loads another round and fires that round while the trigger is held down. Automatic can be a selected number of rounds fired for a single pull of the trigger, as a 3 round burst or it can be fully automatic as the weapon will continue to fire as long as the trigger is held down (one pull) and their is ammo in the magazine. The AR15 is semi-automatic only, one trigger pull one round fired.
    A bump allows for faster firing but DOES NOT make a AR15 a M16 and does not make it a machine gun.
    I am all for armed security in schools and I am 100% opposed to banning a firearm for the way it looks. Machine guns are illegal and have been since 1934 unless you pay a very heavy license fee and pass some serious background checks. Do not believe the MSM. They have a misguided agenda and lack knowledge.

  172. we conservatives fall for it every time!
    Why argue about guns? It’s a mental health issue, let’s have that conversation and let the left go on ranting. Arguing with a liberal is a waste of time and it takes away from an intelligent discussion on the matter.

  173. Taking the guns away is not the answer if someone wants to kill they will use a knife or a bomb or poison if guns aren’t available. More mental health education and prayer is necessary.

  174. Guns do not kill people kill. If someone wants a gun they can get it on the black market. The only people that lose with gun control is the honest citizens.

  175. If those FBI or local police and the gun sales stores would follow and enforce the gun laws we have then the crazies wouldn’t have guns .Those who don’t do their job should be fired immediately. We don’t need more laws just good people to enforce the laws we got. Whether you like the president or not is not the point just do the job you are being paid for or quit.

  176. The answer is to STOP TEACHING THE LIE/FALSE RELIGION/STORY of Evolution which tells the children that there are no absolute morals and claims that there is no GOD to obey.

  177. Watch the Olympics and see semi-auto firearms be used in competition. I did and no one was injured because of the athletes shooting real guns, 30 shooters at a time. Take away the AR look and you still have a plinker or competitive semi-auto.
    This is all a human issue; not a piece of metal and plastic.

  178. Ak-47 Who needs one? Outside of the Military and Police no one needs a gun like that. Need retired police or retired military to patrol the school. Plus our Politicians need to get on the ball instead of playing politics with us and our children and fix this once and for all.

  179. Why no AR-15 rifles? Ten million plus citizens legally own them and you want to ban them because a handful of nut jobs abuse that right? Should every car capable of speeds above the legal limit be banned because some people drive too fast and kill far more people every year than AR-15s?

  180. A good guy or gal with a gun will win every time. Trained in all aspects of a gun they are priceless. Benn a qualified handler of fire arms since I was a teenager.

  181. Armed & Trained teachers could end school shootings quicker. Veteran police & or military could also help. Schools need to have active shooter plans & training. Single point of access into school should be controlled. Better surveillance cameras & alarms would help.

  182. We have US Marshals in the airport. Why not use them? since they are trained in spotting any unusual behavior, and they can be funded through a payroll deduction from the US-funding-to-schools budget. Seems like a win win situation.

  183. Taking guns away is NOT the answer. So many people already have guns and you can get them from other countries. They must implement security rules that are strong in schools, doors locked, noone permitted in unless ok’d prior to arriving. A few people might be armed with guns in an emergency, but only with military backgrounds and safety classes. Universal gun checks, safety classes completed before purchase, and no AR15 allowed and no bumpstocks.

  184. We also had that one church shooter a few years back who BLATANTLY said his intended target was a school he changed to the church because he saw an ARMED SECURITY GUARD at the school and knew there was no one armed at the church.

    There is no better proof that having someone VISIBLY armed at that school stopped it from happening there and if there was someone he could see was armed at the church he would have looked for yet another UNARMED target.

  185. I think that American schools need to follow the example of Israel’s schools when it comes to security. For a country which faces daily violence, their schools are very secure.

  186. More gun laws won’t help, thats for damn sure. More gun free zones the worse it will get. Then they’ll blame President Trump again.

  187. The bullying campaign is totally bs. It makes for good intentions but a slogan or policy isn’t worth crap if it’s ignored by administration. Enforcement is a good place to start

  188. “Kids will give it their best to get away with bad behavior.”
    I did.
    Mine did.
    There’s did.
    Yours will too!

  189. Install one inch thick glass in the bullet proof door which can be close when a fire alarm or other alarms goes off.Have it to set in the office or a the hallway.

  190. in my area…our city police simply park one of their un used police cars in front of the schools each school day…simply parking a patrol car out front will make them think again if they feel police are on the school campuses even….

  191. Stats don’t lie, people do, especially guiable foolish people. Switzerland arms their people and they have the lowest rate of ALL nations in gun crimes!

  192. What is needed is teaching and instilling good morals in our kids. Send them to the church of your choice. The public schools unfortunately are not teaching them the right from wrong.

  193. What do politicians, hollywood actors, celebrities, rich people, law enforcement, and soldiers do to protect themselves?……….That’s the answer!

  194. Ed, you are absolutely right! But for some reason the crazy mainstream media continues to protect them. I think Mueller is protecting them also.

  195. start teaching respect for life at home. then teach obey teachers, police and other adults. I am sick of hearing. oh my son or daughter would never do that, oh bs. kids will give it their best to get away with bad behavior. then blame someone else.

  196. I like the idea of security. For example, locked doors after 8:15 with a monitor present at each door until a set time (say 9am) with metal detectors present. With all the yelling and all, I didn’t expect this many sane people were left. I am thankful.

  197. Obama and Clinton need to be punished for the crimes of selling Uranium to Russia for millions in bribes, and for the lies and cover-up of the Benghazi deaths.

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