This Hall of Fame Quarterback shut down the NFL anthem protests

Millionaire athletes have disrespected America by kneeling during the national anthem.

And Football fans are fed up and wondering when someone in authority at the league or with a team would stand up for America.

One Hall of Fame quarterback shut down these anti-American football players with one tweet.

After Donald Trump called out NFL anthem protesters for not respecting the flag, NFL players across the league thumbed their noses at the President, the fans, the flag and the memory of veterans who died fighting under it by staging a mass protest last Sunday.

While the excessive display of anti-Americanism pleased the liberal sports media, it infuriated fans.

Fans across the league rained down boos on players – even the hometown favorites – when they refused to stand for the anthem.

League executives and owners were fearful of crossing their players so the fans felt the protesters pitted the paying customers against the players.

But Broncos Hall of Famer Quarterback John Elway – who is also the team President – tweeted out a message that he believes everyone should stand for the anthem.

He wrote:

“I’m one that believes in standing for the national anthem, and I’ve always believed that,” Elway said in the statement. “I believe that this is the greatest country in the world. We are very fortunate to live here, but it’s obviously not perfect. There are a lot of things that need to be corrected, and we will continue to work on those things. I’m one that really believes in standing for the flag. I understand the players and the way they felt from the comments that were made earlier in the week. They felt they had to go down and kneel and that’s up to them. Hopefully as we go forward we can start concentrating on football a little bit more. Take the politics out of football. But I think that last week was a good show of unity by the NFL and hopefully this week we can move forward.”

Standing up for the anthem has nothing to do with Donald Trump or whoever is President at the time.

Republican athletes stood for the anthem when Barack Obama was President because they have respect for the sacrifice by those who make the freedom to earn a living playing a game on Sunday possible.

Sports are supposed to be a unifying force. But Social justice warriors and race hustlers who want to turn the NFL into a political battleground through divisive protests have tarnished that image.

When John Elway said he wants to keep the politics out of football, millions of Americans are hoping he succeeds.



  1. This is so easy. The OWNERS should be in charge – tell the players if they don’t stand for OUR FLAG and OUR COUNTRY, they don’t play. If they all kneel, there will be no game. This will so infuriate the paying fans that they won’t come the next time. Or the next. Let’s see who caves first. Oh yeah, and those who kneel (and don’t play) don’t get paid. The only thing these jerks understand is money.

  2. I was in the NAVY for only 4 yrs , but I am a PROUD AMERICAN !!! I think all of the NFL & NBA are a bunch of A$$HOLES . I will not be caught watching any of them any more !!! they have gone too far . I have respect for ALL services & police , & first responders ,to pay for any tickets, or gear that they sponser that stays with them !!!

  3. I’m a transplant American, fought the Korean War to earned my U.S. Citizenship by serving this country. Philippines once a under the U.S. Territory and we used to raise the American Flag and the Philippine Flag, even during the war in 1943. One time during the Flag ceremony the Japanese Troops came in to the town during the Flag Ceremony and they demanded to lower the American Flag and the Principal of our school refused. The Japanese soldier lower the American Flag and hang our School Principal with the American Flag and raise it back with the help of the three Japanese Soldiers.

  4. The NFL is entertainment, that’s all, nothing else. If it went away today we would all find another form of entertainment to replace it. I am no longer entertained, Bye bye.

    • Were they protesting? Or just being reverent and respectful? It could go either way… depending on when it was done. AFTER the football jerks took a knee, they were joining in with morons… BEFORE they got that stupid idea, it could have been just raw emotion in a moment of reverence. When did this happen?

  5. If these players care so much about their cause then they should donate their time and money to help the people that they say they care about. When they are on the job they should not be protesting. If any of us protested anything in our job we would be fired. When you are working you should work not protest. When they aren’t working why not help make the situation better. Words don’t do anything they are just words. Action is what I want to see from these protesting players.

  6. I knew Elway was not going to give his blessing for these acts of sedition. Evidently he is one of the few who appreciate our Great America. Men with testicles are not afraid to stand against the followers.

  7. The NFL is finished. Even if there is an apology and adherence to their own established rules I would only suspect it would be to allay financial damage. Few will ever forget that the same scumbags will still be playing the game and financing it.

  8. Elway is wrong on them showing unity. I can hustle up some thugs and criminals and run around protesting and showing unity. What is their unity supposed to represent? They are unifying against police forces and white people. They hate what America was built upon and what it is today…yet they make millions of dollars per year than every fan in the stadium. I can tell you how to stop this BS: don’t buy tickets and sell your season tickets to someone who loves to watch them act stupid when they should be showing reverent respect.

    • s magge
      You tell me to sell my season tickets.. to whom do I sell them too..?? Most of those who ate protesting America are getting Goverment hand outs, Welfare, Free Insurance (that’s why all of them are crying about repealing Obama care …they don’t pay for they’re insurance)
      their kids get free books and lunches at the schools and food stamps that we pay taxes for… Sell them to who … they don’t work just wait for the free money to come in… and I don’t take food stamps for exchange for money to buy my tickets

  9. Elway said good to show unity. For what? Disrespect? F.U. Elway. No guts. You should kiss the boots of every service man/woman. You’re not good enough to shine them.

  10. John Elway would have said nothing about the anthem except he knows it’s affecting his bottom line which is MONEY. They are in a panic over this because they have to pay their precious players and then have enough left over for themselves. Don’t buy the NOW PATRIOTIC STAND. That will be labeled FAKE NEWS AGAIN!

    If you don’t respect OUR flag you don’t belong in AMERICA – LEAVE !!!

  12. I also support our President, who has the guts to buck the BIG Buck ones!! He continues to try to make America Great Again, and has no problem chastizing those who disrespect our flag.

  13. You can thank Obama for cultivating all this hate. He wasn’t born in America, and hates it. He is a Muslim and “most” of them hate us as well !!
    All his speeches were about scolding American and how bad were are. If you don’t like America, THAN LEAVE IT !!!!!!!!!!
    And you can thank the media for promoting him and NEVER speaking bad about him.
    Trump has a lot of work ahead of him to straighten out what 8 years of destruction did to the US. GOD,PLEASE HELP US !!! AMEN !

  14. Little Johnny Elway just lost my respect as have all of these overpaid, spoiled, tatooted thugs!!~! NO MORE NFL UNTIL THEY RESPECT THE FLAG, THE ANTHEM AND OUR MILITARY AND POLICE OFFICERS, which isn’t likely to happen. I will be reading OReillys “Killing ” series.

  15. REASON does not work with this nefarious diatribe. Everything that this disrespect to all Americans is based on false information which has been jacked up by by a less than trustworthy media , DC, and professional con artist.
    The new trick is for the players to stand and link arms but very few have their hand on their heart thus revealing their true intentions. For a group that claims they want unity and solidarity with everyday people this is a less than genuine way to prove it.Nothing short of a public apology will do at this point.

  16. The NFL can’t even follow its own rules, respecting the Flag of our Nation and our Pledge. Kids playing a sport, to young to know the outcome of their actions, just because they are out of high school or college does not mean they know the meaning of FREEDOM. The American people should not listen or give credence to any thing they do. Paid millions to play a game, they should be lead by the hand and with a switch for correction.

    • Saw a “kneeler” interviewed before a Dolphins/Saints game in London today: he would be kneeling because he wants to “help unify the country, bring people together, heal the nation”, etc., etc. Obviously he hasn’t even got a clue why he’s kneeling or what he’s protesting against. What MORONS and ingrates. They need to get back to picking cotton and see how that compares with their $$$ salaries.(For those of you who think I’m being racist, I will tell you that my white mother picked cotton!!!)

  17. President Trump is a defender of our patriotism. Thank God! Sometimes harsh words are needed to make a point. For 8 years we lived under the “reign” of an antiAmerican leader who passively ignored substantive issues while exacerbating racism! President Trump loves America and is working very hard to make our country better and to reestabish our image on the world stage! Millionaire ball players, no matter what sport, should be thanking God and on their knee for that gesture, but should be standing to honor our flag, our national anthem, and our country…….patriotism abounding in gratitude for their good fortune. In no other country could they be drawing the salary they do for “playing” a game!

    • Thank God for our WONDERFUL President Trump. He TRULY love American. You’re so right, the previous did not. If they don’t like/love our flag n what it stands for, then go to a country that they respect the flag. Bet they would NOT get paid like they are here.

  18. So these people who have become millionaires for being good at a child’s game are feeling abuse. They do not know how lucky they are, that their ancestors were purchased from some black slave holder and brought to the US The average life expectancy for a black slave in Africa was 2 weeks. The owner would get bored and torture them to death for recreation. The poorest of the blacks in the US is better off then the average black in Africa. I say never watch a game again. Let them find an honest job and work hard for every penny, like the rest of us do.

    • Thank you Larry for saying so well what we never hear in school history of the blacks. They were sold by their BLACK slave owners in Africa to the white man. So leave our American presidents statues alone. If you don’t like America leave – see you are free to do so.

  19. Want to Kneel? Go to a National Cemetery and Kneel in prayer among the white crosses in gratefulness to those who gave some and those who gave all.

  20. Bottom line is simply this…we know this will end but we also know what most of these black athletes think of America….that it is a racist Nation. Even with all of the opportunity and millions they have received, they still stick to their hateful,racist opinions. Americans need to end their obsession with sports…which will be very beneficial.

    • What you think they do if we push for Affirmative Action in the sports?…. Because if is good for a race, have to be good for the others, don’t you think?

      • The black population of America is about 20% but black population of NFL is about 75% If they believe in equality, make the NFL population the same % as America.

        • Exactly.. for that reason…I want Affirmative Action on the sports…
          Affirmative Action is everywhere, universities, schools, federal and states jobs, police and firefighters departments, everywhere… so.. why not in sports…
          Equality is for all… is time to apply it..

    • United you stood! UNITED YOU WILL FALL! SCREW THE NFL, NBA & others who attempt to divide our great country! We have a president. Support our president or take your millions and move away!

      An American Veteran

    • It’s not just sports. It’s everything. They don’t like the Confederate flag. Take it down. They down like statues that have been around for years. Take them down. As long as we are kissing their ass, they are nice to everyone. Let the whites take a stand and BAM! they begin bitching again. The liberals cave, the democrats cave. So afraid to offend them. Well, I, for one have never caved to anyone for anything. I have very strong convictions. I fly the Confederate flag, I have a lawn jockey holding a Confederate flag, I stand and put my hand over my heart when the anthem is played. I pledge allegiance to the American flag. I fly the American flag along with the POW/MIA flag. I don’t give a damn what anyone thinks or says to me. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

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