All hell broke loose when Obama sent out this tweet on the Florida shooting

Barack Obama and the gun grabbers are circling like vultures.

They wait for a tragic shooting and then spring into action.

And all hell is breaking loose after Obama sent one tweet about the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

It barely took a day for the gun-grabbers to politicize 17 deaths to advance their anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Barack Obama led the charge.

He tweeted out his insistence that Congress react to a horrific shooting by banning guns and instituting a national gun registration database.

Obama camouflaged his Constitution shredding schemes with innocent sounding language such as “common sense gun reforms.”

But all he really wants to do is write the Second Amendment out of the Constitution.

This is typical.

Instead of blaming the murderer, Obama leapt at the chance to blame the Constitution.

But the fact of the matter is, its liberals like Obama who create the circumstances for these tragedies.

Gun free zones create targets for deranged madman to unleash their most demented actions.

Instead of repealing gun free zones and passing Constitutional Carry – which would allow good guys with a gun to stop bad guys with a gun, Obama is demanding Congress pass laws that could lead to more tragedies.

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