All hell broke loose when Obama sent out this tweet on the Florida shooting

Barack Obama and the gun grabbers are circling like vultures.

They wait for a tragic shooting and then spring into action.

And all hell is breaking loose after Obama sent one tweet about the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

It barely took a day for the gun-grabbers to politicize 17 deaths to advance their anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Barack Obama led the charge.

He tweeted out his insistence that Congress react to a horrific shooting by banning guns and instituting a national gun registration database.

Obama camouflaged his Constitution shredding schemes with innocent sounding language such as “common sense gun reforms.”

But all he really wants to do is write the Second Amendment out of the Constitution.

This is typical.

Instead of blaming the murderer, Obama leapt at the chance to blame the Constitution.

But the fact of the matter is, its liberals like Obama who create the circumstances for these tragedies.

Gun free zones create targets for deranged madman to unleash their most demented actions.

Instead of repealing gun free zones and passing Constitutional Carry – which would allow good guys with a gun to stop bad guys with a gun, Obama is demanding Congress pass laws that could lead to more tragedies.

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. i cancelled Netflix as soon as i heard muslim obama and his wife,the welfare Queen of America,Mooch,were having there own show and speak their communist trash

  2. Those who think the NRA is bad for America are as Un-American as Obama. It is the Communists and Nazis in the Democrat Party who are the danger we need to watch. If the Democrats get back in Power, their Gestapo will be knocking on doors and drgging people to Death Camps.

  3. Victor The people who are doing these mass shooting don’t care about gun hating liberals who blame the gun instead of the person holding the gun, you’re just making excuses for their own evil actions, and they sure as hell aren’t concerned about “safe and mature” as you call it handling of weapons. They WANT to kill people, it has zero to do with safe gun handling.

  4. Victor,it is plain you are one of them! How about the ones that let it happen! The police,Sheriff dept,and sorry as Hell FBI! Owners and users are not that stupid!

  5. I’m 75 years old and walk with a.cane. Someone with of a mind to attack and riob me might think I am a “gun free zone.” An easy mark like a school. They would be wrong! And when we quit this gun free zone nonsense, cowardly criminals might re-think the notion of entering and committing atrocities in such places as schools… soft targets.

  6. One of the reasons Japan didn’t invade America they knew the population was armed with hand guns and rifles and knew how to use them. If we had been disarmed, the outcome may have been different

  7. Our county started going down when the draft was eliminated. WW2 vets were welcomed as heros, Korean vets(like me) just came back, Nam veterans were spit on, were treated as scum and were call vile names. Remember this all started in California.

  8. Senator finkelstien is a liberal gun grabber. They lie about everything!
    There are 300million legal gun owners in the United States. Most of them trained by the NRA for safety with guns! There is approximately trillions of ammo between all of us. If we were the problem you’d know it. God has been taken out of our schools.
    Planned parenthood kills millions of innocent babies and you want us to believe Obama and his lefties care about these murders? The carnage is on the hands of Obama and anyone who believes him!

  9. The ruling class has been taking care of the American Indians for a long, long time in much the same way as they want to “take care” of the rest of us. Their greatest desire is that the American Indians continue to be NOT Americans,; that in the future the rest of us should BECOME not Americans; and that finally, there be no such a place as “America”.

  10. Stebe Don’t tell me, Obama is now an American Indian? Or is it Muslims are now American Indians? Or is it Hillary who’s the American Indian? Can anybody who wants to be an American Indian no matter where they’re from?

  11. Obamma is today’s Hitler. Disarm the People and Rule like a Dictator. Eliminate from life all who disagree with him. That is the Nazi Democrat Party of today.

  12. I second that motion, Judy. Mary, in case you don’t know what that statement refers to ( and I’m willing to bet that u don’t, seeing that you are definitely a liberal and most likely public school educated,.. now THERE’S an oxymoron! No Mary, I’m not going to explain that too! Ok, Mary back to the seconding of a motion, check out Roberts’ rules of order. It’s how a thought or plan etc. gets moved forward using umm.rules. liberals DO get the concept of rules,right? WHO AM I KIDDING… WHAT JUDY SAID Mary!!

  13. Mary If you don’t care about what’s really going on and instead want to blame the NRA, Trump, conservatives……….then stay off these pages and stick to your liberal (It’s someone else’s fault) blame everyone but the one responsible sites. No body wants you here anyway

  14. Obama is not an American. He is a MUSLIM .He wants to disarm America so the Muslims can take it over like they have done to other nations in the past. Its Obama ulterior agenda to do the Muslims dirty job and he does great at it. Put the bastard in jail and the nations problems are gone forever.Put Hillary in jail too and we really MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.. we will be getting there sooner than later. Those two are strangling themselves with the same rope.

  15. I would say a sinking boat in the middle of a pack of Sharks in a feeding frenzy. But I don’t want to be mean to the sharks.

  16. That piece of trash thinks we are so stupid that he talks about gun control while he and his American hating wife and children are all protected by top notch sog warriors with hardware we could only dream of having, but all our kids get is reactive unproven rhetoric. I want security forces in our schools armed to the teeth, trained in sweat and blood and geared in vest and helmets that can easily stop ar15 or ar10 rounds and I want citizens not detached pigs whose only concern is protecting their pension and creating revenue for a rogue police state. Warriors of mothers and fathers! Screw obama, drop his ass off in Somalia or Venezuela and see how bulletproof his law degree is.

  17. He’s no black man and I do not want to insult the good people who are black. Bammer’s just a hybrid of sorts.

  18. obummer was never president of the American people. And is a sorry excuse for a person. He will get his yet. Gitmo is my prayer for him.

  19. You must understand that Obama has no understanding of COMMON SENSE , he has no common sense and the only thing he has ever worked for is the destruction of America . Everything he has done is towards that goal . And for him to speak of gun control after the debacle of the Fast and Furious gun running operation is a farce . Especially as he and those leftists who are his main supporters created the atmosphere for firearms violence .

  20. Old Biker, Why he can’t retire on his tax payers pension and get involved in something that Americans of color can benefit, is beyond me. The Gun Free Zone….what a joke! It makes for an easy target, considering the criminals have the guns and know the gun owning honest law biding citizens will comply with the Gun Free Zone sign. I understand he had a very tall wall installed around his home in DC….at the cost of millions.

  21. Obama and his cohorts are lucky they’re not all in jail . . . period. He and all the bleeding-heart liberal a-holes want to let the ‘bad guys ‘have free reign with weapons (they’ll always have weapons regardless of any laws enacted) fully aware that they are free to shoot-up innocent victims without fear of being shot in turn. Arming teachers to defend their students is the beginning counter action. Arming the public, excluding those who have felony records, would be a major deterrent . . . giving the ‘bad guys’ some pause to their actions. I’m armed in my home and I’m prepared to waste any creep who breaks into my house and poses a threat to my loved ones. I only hope I could legally carry my weapon away from home to defend myself and others should the occasion ever arise. Enough said.

  22. The jihadi Muslim ex president didn’t take responsibility for this agreement with schools not to arrest students regardless of what they do. The blood is on his hands – not law abiding gun owners- but then again did we expect the jihadi to take responsibility for anything he did during his reign of terror on the US?

  23. If you think this is bad, wait till the debut of the Barry and Moochie ‘Hour of Power’ on NetFlix. The content will more than likely resemble a segment from the old ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle Show’ called ‘Fractured Fairy Tales’. Look for more as these 21st century grifters continue their quest for mega $$$$$.

  24. I agree with Mike W, 100%. They all are run by the Black Pope from the Vatican. Check it out. George Soros really should be deported from this country or tried for treason.

  25. I wrote months ago and told you that there would be collateral damage and that people would be killed even if they had to kill them themselves and this is them killing and then trying to get the government to neutralize the victims, by removing the gun rights from the American people. The problem with this is they can use anything to kill, cars, knives, bats whatever. Obama would of had the guns taken away if Hillary would have won, especially after signing that SMALL ARMS PAC with the UN, just before he left office. If Hillary would have won this PAC would have disarmed the public and made it easier for the American people to be taken over.

  26. a common sense reform for me is that he drop his ss protection detail and pay for his own armed security

  27. Well said, Bill Fodor.
    Who listens to Obama anyway.He has no place ion American politics any mmore.
    He is irrelevant. His opinion means nothing.

  28. Typical left leaning comment….assault weapons ban is the first. Then large capacity clips for semi-automatic guns, then the guns themselves, and finally revolvers. Then we will have knives.

  29. so what’s new, just like they use blacks ,children, women, and old people , unless they can use pain and suffering by others , they will never get their agenda passed, your to stupid to see that like orca, windbag, the only ones the obomas care about are them selves , just like the russia investigation , their investigating the wrong people , the real criminals are democrats

  30. A black Alfred E. Newman for a black “MAD” magazine. Is this an insult to Newman? If it is sorry. MAGA.

  31. This is the jerk that illegally funneled guns into Mexico to kill Americans. Why listen to him. He should swing for all the crimes committed by he and his gang.

  32. Well, Our former Muslim Prez finally came out of the woodwork, like a common Cockroach !
    He’s spewing his trash about deleting the 2nd. Ammendment from the Constitution again. Surely, everyone sees his reasons for attempting this . All people with a brain know that if you disarm everyone, then the shooters have no worries about anyone shooting back @ THEM !!! Why don’t you just take your plans to Chicago, where you came from & try implementing those rules on the friends that put you in Office. Give us a break, you did nothing about this in 8 yrs. as the Prez. Maybe, the first people you should Disarm, are the Secret Service officers that are protecting you & yours for life, then write us back & tell us how good you’re all sleeping @ night !

  33. Hey! How do you get black? From white mother and Arab father? Only black I can find is his grandmother? Does having sex with a black make you black? When I was young he would have been called a “Bastard”.

  34. Since the first year our Govt. has never arrested anyone for owning a gun, until automatic rifles were regulated. Only since the Dems were ‘Bought” by George Soros have they started with repealing the 2nd. Look how well it works in Chicago, East St. Louise, L.A., Detroit and the other Dem run cities.
    Alabama has “Open Carry” so I can walk down the street with my revolver in my gun-belt, legally. Read all the news about our streets running red with blood?
    Never happened, but everyone knows most homes have guns and men and women that can shoot very well. Venison is in almost every freezer, cause deer are “Pests” here. Neighbor hit 16 on our road in his life! Carried them home and had expensive venison!

  35. And can you tell me where he got 8 million $ to buy his Hawaiian estate? He has never gotten paid that much. The monthly payments would be about $60,000!
    Guess it was another “Gift” from George Soros?
    Look at Chicago last year, 3,561 shot, 625 killed, carjackings up to 938.
    Move all the damn Dems to Chicago where they can have their “Gun Control”!
    My “Gun Control” is 6 in the bullseye!

  36. Insert a grenade and pull the pin!
    Put them in prison, and the Dems would pardon him in a Chicago second!

  37. There is a cage ready for Obama at Gitmo! His crimes are many, his lies legendary, and his life full of treason and racism.

  38. He is a Muslim in a suit pretending to be an American. In office he kissed other countries leaders ass; oh I am so sorry we hurt you in WWII or Korea, etc! Plus,he stopped Christian religious services at the Academy’s, from what I read & was told!

  39. We have liberals who treat the presidential election like a popularity contest, like voting for high school class president, and elected someone with zero qualifications based only on his skin color to thank for all the blaming, entitlement, excuses, everything’s now racists, white people are privileged….Now they want Oprah

  40. The paranoia does not come from the gun supporters, but from those who, indeed, want to confiscate ALL guns. Congressperson Feinstein even said so, when she spoke of the ban that she initiated when the rifles were banned. She regretted that she could not drum up enough votes to ban ALL firearms. The founding fathers REQUIRED the second amendment be included before they would sign the Constitution. The first ten amendments were meant to ensure that there were certain things that the federal government could never, ever due to their citizenry. The second amendment is supposed to protect us from the possibility of a rogue government. It is the key to removing the other nine amendments. That is exactly why the liberals are attacking it.

  41. Actually there hasn’t, but truth doesn’t matter to lying liberals. Blame Trump for criminals but you dumbass liberals want open borders where gangs, rapists,murderers, terrorists,…anyone can enter the U.S. You going to blame Trump for that too?

  42. Why do you gun haters who know ZERO about guns keep showing their stupidity by calling the AR 15 a military gun, saying military guns are available to anyone. And yes liberals do want to take law abiding people’s guns away little by little.You can keep your head up your ass and keep lying Lincoln,but nobody with a any sense believes a word you say.

  43. You echo my sentiment about the Bammer. As far as I’m concerned, he can go straight to the abyss and stay there. He is a plague that is still doing too much damage around here. He needs to be eradicated.

  44. In the short term I completely agree that we must provide physical protection for our children, as well as folks attending church services and other events where they are exposed to these evil actions. In the longer term we definitely need to work on the other end of the gun, the owners and users, to insure safe and mature handling and use of weapons that kill people very easily.

  45. What the hell did he do when he was in office and there were shootings, not a damn thing. He is worthless and always has been, Hope he is found guilty on all of the underhanded things the dems did and is put in jail. HE MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE JUST LOOKING AT HIM.

  46. I love how this Islamic dictator just can’t keep his clap trap shut about anything. He says most people, No, The most people do not want to see gun control or taking guns off the streets. If they took the guns off the streets, who will take the guns from the criminals all over, the drug dealers and pushers, the murderers, the robbers. People want this to change, but it is only the left leaning morons that want guns taken off the streets, and end the second amendment. Trump will not let that happen, because that is not the real answer. The answer is to put trained people into the schools to patrol the halls. “Gun free zones” are not the answer because these criminals and animals look for something like that, they know there will be no bullets flying back in their direction.

  47. Bob – Agreed. And look at 0bama’s hometown of Chicago, with some of the strictest
    gun laws around. That place is out of control…with 6 or more dying daily. That’s what
    more gun control laws results in…

  48. ???? percent agree! Wish 0bama the buffoon would just go away! He’s still pushing
    his tired old agenda, which no one with two brain cells is buying. 0bama wants desperately
    to be relevant…he wasn’t relevant when he was the so-called Prez, and he sure as hell
    isn’t relevant now. He should be put in front of a firing squad for all his treasonous acts.
    Back in the early days of America…traitors like him were either shot or hung. We need to
    bring back that type of punishment. Then watch the criminals in D.C. and elsewhere walk
    the straight and narrow…

  49. NO Robert, that is NOT why he is NOT a LEGITIMATE “POTUS”. iT IS BECAUSE THE Constitution says- THAT HE WAS NOT – His FATHER is not and was not a Natural Born citizen, that is why he was not and will never will be an legitimate “POTUS”. Neither will Sen.Crews or Sen. Rubio be a legitimate “POTUS”. The constitution says nothing about the MOTHER. Check it out for yourself.

  50. Thanks for the video Katie!
    Very informative & just as scary for our Country!
    May God bless America,
    May God bless Donald J. Trump,
    America…bless God…

  51. Look what he has allow to be created in this country. Watch this for it will turn your hair for this is exactly what Stalin stated he would do after WWII finished.

    Personally I believe how the culture and moving away from the church has effected our children for a Movie called MEAN GIRLS is a wrong way to get their message out to the general public. I do not remember mean girls that were on TV or Movies when I was growing up but I do remember girls who acted mean but we took care of them the right way either by creating friends in church or being talked to by our parents etc. Where are their parents in this cultural mess and are they being babysitted by video games? What are those games and what do they teach them? To kill to get to a place or what does it teach them to be? I remember one father say to his son in a book story where I was working over Christmas that they were doers and acted in life rather than watch life pass them by. What are these parents teaching their children and how do they discipline. When I taught school for the first time with my mother, she told me to read this book. DARE TO DISIPLINE which was a excellent book for me since I did not have children at that time. I used it to and never had a problem with my children. This man is a Christian who is a Psychologist and has put out great books here is a list of them. I used dare to discipline for my school children and it works. It also works at home but you might like other books and the list is above of his books.

  52. AK 15 is not a military weapon. It is a sporting gun and contest gun and there are to types of bullets for it. There are no assault guns for the public at all and JUST RECENTLY they have one in the military but only in the US Military for the rest do not have assault guns. No one knows what it means to be an “assault gun” in the first place. It is a term that was made up under Obama’s Presidency.

  53. I really agree and it is not the gun that shoot themselves, it is the people behind the guns that kill people for it could be a knife or a bomb it could be anything. I think that if these children understand what war is “protecting people is what the military is trained to do” they should have more respect for the Military and want to join. I agree with your suggestion and that is being talked about with this school problem but it must be for pay for there are a lot of military who are trained with guns that could go to classes to understand what the police have to deal with first before pulling that trigger later. I think that would be a very good solution to this problem. I would also suggest they get the legal backing incase there is a lawsuit against them. We have this in TEXAS where lawyers have come together to protect those with conceal carry licenses. I would suggest these ex-military guards also get that protection.

  54. I agree with you that assault rifles should not be on the open market. They are for armies. Also, they have to find a way to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill & criminals. The left ignores all the people in Chicago(my home town) that are being murdered everyday by people that probably have illegally purchased weapons. That is the problem. The left wants to unarm everyone except their bodyguards. They don’t really care about the innocent people being murdered everyday. Most of them don’t even have a thought in their heads how to make anything better. They are like a pack of dogs, following the leader.
    I have a friend whose daughter was murdered in Chicago when a gang member sprayed the building she was in with bullets, picking up her brother from a party She was sitting by the window. They live in a safer neighborhood than the one the party was in. This happened 2-3 years ago. The perp has never been caught. If she had friends higher up in the local govt (which is a disgusting group of people here), they would have put the guy behind bars. No one, including Mayor Emmanuel, got down to catch the killer. This is what disgusts me about the left & the things they are always lying & screaming about. I am not listening. I want justice & the left has none to give. They want to control us!

  55. You got that RIGHT, Robert. I just wish they would stop plastering his picture all over the place, along with Pelosi and Schumer I am trying to get the last 8 years out of my head.

  56. I certainly have heard many liberals say they want gun control. One thing that can be said about them is they are very patient. When they realize they can’t get what they want in a package, they start chipping away a little at a time. They know that once they get a crack in the wall, they can remove a few bricks at the time until nothing is left. None of this is new. It started in the 1960’s, and they are close to success. Be vigilant, people.

  57. all Obama has ever been was a pissy sissy that coward down to the enemy and anything that he had to make a drastic decision except when guns came up on a shooting then the coward is the first to jump right in and he is no longer president but still trying to be

  58. Americans (that leaves-out the fraud-in-cheef obummer): obummers tweet is a perfect example of why he is not a legitimate “potus”, but a bona-fide POS.
    obummer did NOTHING for America’s protection, but in contrary really pushed the DESTRUCTION of our society, American values, and national security.
    Begone !

  59. He is no longer president and still wants to do away with the Constitution. I say he needs to retire QUIETLY and stop the subtle attack on our basic freedoms.

  60. Obama, First thing, take care of your two brats, Second thing, the statements you are making border on sedition, so just shut the hell up..

  61. Obominator needs a big dirty, smelly sock stuffed in his mouth, and that glued in place. He can be fed by a special tube stuck in his belly. There is one point I harp on that no one seems to be paying any attention to. That is a law written back around 1911 or so that formed not just an organized state run militia, but also made provisions for an unorganized one consisting of all able bodied men, ages 18 to 55. That law has never been repealed. The Federal government MANDATED a militia that is comprised of common citizens, to own and keep ammo for a firearm of their own. So the commie libs have 3 things they need to get rid of, conservatives, the second amendment, and that Federal law.

  62. HEY!! I know what will solve this. Have each school erect a 4 by 8 foot sign informing all that the school is a gun free zone. Now when a guy like Cruz sees the sign he will say “Shucks….. I guess I cant go here with my guns” Problem solved because a small sign can be missed.
    Also what do you expect from a Communist Muslim Bolshevik like Obama anyway. If you have a failed agenda just keep doing it. Screw him and the Dumbocrats.

  63. I agree with John Elliott & Brenda above. Obama screwed up our country, of which he was not qualified to lead. The same shootings happened on his watch & again he & Libs are singing the same tune. I want the ability to defend myself & my family, and do NOT need these willie-wumper idiots trying to take away my Conststutional rights!!

  64. obama is and was americas greatest enemy and the worst un-legal president in americas history, once he is arrested for all of his crimes he won’t be talking!! expcept singing the jail house blues.

  65. Perfect time for Obama for a country wide your to confiscate the guns and disarm the black community.
    Holder can tag along to carry the gun toting bags.
    To lure the gun owning people entertainment can be provided by Loretta and Michelle, as L&M or “Shorty & Stretch”.
    Hosted by the BET.

  66. Soft targets will always be a problem, lefties know it. That is not the problem…lefties will tell you that the Constitution allowing citizens to keep and bear arms is the problem…Lefties will never be happy until they remove the Constitution entirely, just as they want to remove GOD from their party tenets. Idiots! Morons!

  67. Obama and ALL his so called Gun Control enthusiasts are Blowing Smoke from the Wrong end and have No IDEA of anything they do…. Obama was a NOTHING and still is a NOTHING, who was NEVER, EVER Eligible to being where he was, so WHY would anyone want to believe anyrhing this Lying Hypocrite has to say….. This EL-CREEP belongs in front of a FIRING SQUAD, PERIOD ! GOD BLESS AMERICA !

  68. “NO ONE has said they want to take your guns away” Check your facts before you open your mouth. Senator Feinstein said exactly that.

  69. Liberals have adopted such phrases as “common sense” and “reasonable laws” without the foggiest notion of what they are talking about. All of that is a smoke screen to ensure that the populace, in a moment of irrational emotionalism, adopts their “solution” to the problem, disarming themselves, so that they no longer have ANY defense against the takeover of their country by a totalitarian government, which is precisely why the founding fathers put the second amendment in the Constitution, to prevent such self-described “superior” despots from gaining control.

  70. Yo HalfBreed! You USELESS black bastard! How are your gender neutral bath and locker rooms keeping our kids safe? You demand that abortion be readily available on demand to extinguish millions of the unborn. Crawl back into your filthy hole and take that nigga holder with you….

  71. You are useless like odama was and is now he did nothing on gun laws look at all the killings in Chicago beheading of catholics and he went golfing a joke as president

  72. Jae president Trump has done more in a year he will do even far more in the next 3 years that’s why everyone should vote for him in 2020

  73. Lily you are absolutely right tell me how somebody that had little to nothing when he became president and the president’s salary is $400,000 a year he can afford to buy a house worth 4 million dollars in Washington DC how do you do this I Wanna know

  74. Obama has always been a black doofus. He’s a disgrace to his race, and some of them are finally realizing how ignorant he has been all aling.

  75. If he had even an ounce of class he’d have wished President Trump well and quietly left the scene to go back to doing what he did before entering politics, handing out pamphlets on the corner of Foster and Kedzie.

  76. “NO ONE has said they want to take your guns away”? That is untrue, there already have been new calls to ban “Military Type” weapons. These weapons can be and are used both in hunting and in sporting events – civilian marksmanship, using military type guns is and has been a justifiable and legitimate activity supported by the Federal government for many decades. All guns can be used to kill, as can knives and baseball bats, to name just a couple of other common tools that can be misused. Murder is illegal, the law so states. That should be enough to deter it. Unfortunately, there are those who choose (mentally stable or not) to not obey the law, by whatever means is available. The entertainment media effectively sanction this by their incessant glorification of wanton violence, particularly against the innocent.
    On the contrary, the NRA cares very strongly about the safety and security of both individuals and the family, both in the practice of firearms safety and by ensuring that firearms are available for those that desire to use them (safely) under the Rights established by the 2nd Amendment and the Constitutions of most States.
    It is clear that the current NICS process is not functioning as it should, due to inter-agency inaction and other issues. If it had been, at least some of these incidents might have been avoided. This should be fixed.

  77. BO is a very sick person. he did NOTHING against guns. And guns are a freedom in America. Yes there should be an age increase in purchasing and stricter gun related sentencing in courts. I must say I watched all the kids speak today and I have many questions regarding their speeches. How many of their families members are NOT citizens, how many are from illegal families, how many of their parents do own a gun, how many of their parents voted, how many of them are members of the NRA, how many of them know nothing about the NRA donating money to candidates? They threatened and spoke of many things that they do not understand. They think that they have the answers but can they guarantee that if what they want will happen there will never be another mass shooting. WRONG! Until these stupid zone signs are allowed nowhere, until the age is raised, until doctors, gun shops and law enforcement takes this seriously nothing will change. We must have a database that all doctors, law enforcement, gun shop owners and harsh vetting is used along with harsh sentencing in our courts,nothing will change. Politicians being voted out of office because they believe in the 2nd amendment is not the answer. These kids are not ready to vote, they do not understand what life is like at 18, when they run off to college and still are not living in the real world. The have much to learn, with an open mind and not from a liberal teacher.

  78. “They don’t want to take your guns away.” Typical left wing BS. There’s nothing more leftist want see than an unarmed populace. Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Mao did it, bunch of unarmed sheep That’s why we have the Second Amendment, to keep America free.

  79. Your just as ignorant as the rest of anti gun idiots, while your condeming guns how about all those killed by auto wrecks blame the autos. How many texting kills people ban cell phones. Put the blame where it belongs on the people.

  80. How do we know obama did not have a hand in this just to advance the liberal gun control agenda. After all it was his FBI goons that blew it trying to even catch the shooter in the first place. After all they need things like this use for what they want and not the good of the people.

  81. Clinton wasn’t blamed for Columbine, Obama wasn’t blamed for Sandy Hook. So why are libtards blaming Trump for Parkland?

    Changing gun laws OR adding to them, will NOT change a thing. What makes anyone think that a new law would be followed when those already in place aren’t? AND taking guns away from law abiding citizens will only empower those that aren’t to have more victims. Just look at places like Chicago, a city with the strictest gun laws and the most murders. Should take the path of Sweden where every household is armed and they have almost a zero crime rate.

  82. It is not the gun that has a deceitful and desperately wicked heart !!
    It is not the gun that will become worse and worse !!
    It is not the gun that has a sin nature !!
    Jesus commanded His followers to arm themselves.
    Jesus said “a strong man armed keepeth His house !!
    Gun control advocates are Scriptural illiterates !!

  83. People kill not weapons, the left uses this tragic incidents to ban the sale of guns, more people are killed in car accidents so are we blaming cars too? That’s crazy if you think that banning gun sales will stop the madness. People need to protect themselves when the police is not around.

  84. Why do the gun supporters always show their paranoia, when it comes to dealing with
    gun killings? NO ONE has said they want to take your guns away!!! The issue is a
    reasonable amount of safety for American citizens, including YOUR children & families.
    Don’t you want them protected? The NRA, which is an organization which does not care about any family, including yours. THey just want to sell more guns. ow about a little
    honesty in this discussion.Keep your guns for protection, hunting and any other legal
    activities. BUT, why MILITARY type weapons, which have only ONE purpose- TO KILL PEOPLE!!! Why be against even minimal protev=ctive measures that do NOT take your guns away, just keep them out of the hands of cfriminals, terrorists, people with records
    of violence (especially against wives & child ren) Is that too much to a

  85. Gun control will not work, if it is not a gun it would be a knife or a bomb etc. Until we understand that is the person and not the weapon that kills people nothing will change. We must arm good people to stop bad people. Mental illness understanding, family, returning to believing in God will help

  86. Barack Obama has left a legacy and will long be remembered as the person who elevated Jimmy Carter by replacing him as now the worst President of the United States in my years of following Presidential elections. Thank God we now have a real American in the White House with our duly elected President Donald Trump.

  87. We were taught RESPECT. Also, when trade with China was expanded in the 90’s the flood gate was open for the import of the SKS. That seemed to jump start the popularity and sales of other brand of assult weapons.

  88. Amen, Irene, Obama’s smugness befits the Democrats and its tag-along leftist loonies. As mentioned, selectively forgotten is the myriad of shootings during Obama’s Reign of Error. Obama and his disciples within the MSM and other Fifth Columns lay the blame on Trump; whose Presidency is a touch over a year. Sedition percolates from Obama’s every pore; the man and his comrade conspirators are blatantly treasonous.

  89. The lunatics who perpetrate these attacks are goal oriented with the tunnel focus of madness. The solutions that the Liberals propose are process oriented and, beyond making them “feel good about doing something,” have no beneficial effect and inconvenience vast numbers of law abiding citizens – who didn’t do anything illegal. Making apple pie illegal to prevent obesity would be an analogous solution. When the apple pie disappeared from the shelf, they would buy the key lime pie that replaced it. The madmen have a goal – they will find a way to achieve it. They will most effectively be stopped by having a defense against them, by being an armed opponent rather than by continuing to be a target. the perpetrators are animals with a human intelligence. Laws? Empirically, they do not obey laws.

  90. So True !!! Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws on the books, and one of the largest death count due to guns. Gang bangers on the South Side don’t care about laws. Does anyone with an ounce of common sense really think they get their weapons legally ????


  92. Take the guns away and you are still left with evil and/or mentally derranged people who will simply find other ways to kill and hurt people. They will make bombs, use knives, poison, etc. All those people got killed on 911 and not one gun was fired. The failure starts at home. Bad parents, broken families and the lack of God or a morale compass. That is where the problem starts – not at a gun shop. How about getting rid of the violence on TV & in movies – how many kids are influenced by that crap? Passing gun laws is just a cop out. How about addressing the problem with society and the failure of parents teaching their children right from wrong. Bust them on the ass when they need it.

  93. Bob ,This should be front page news. your right.. he and his friends like soros, sharpton started the rights in Ferguson Mo. and many others places when he was fraudulently setting in OUR OVAL OFFICE..
    I resent the fact they he weven has voice to say anything. HE WAS THE WORST Person we had to set in OUR OVAL OFFICE playing President.. We resent the fact tat the Obama’s are still taking in OXYGEN………………..


  95. In 1963 our Supreme Court ruled in favor of atheist Madeline Murray O’Hara in the Murray v Curlett case which ended official Bible reading in public schools 10 years laster our Supreme Court ruled in favor of killing children the womb in the Roe v Wade case. We became a culture of death in the 70’s and I’ll give you some statistics for your mind to absorb. 1960″s , there were 18 school shooting incidents resulting in 42 deaths. 1970’s, there were 30 school shooting incidents resulting in 36 deaths, 1980’s, there were 39 school shooting incidents resulting in 51 deaths., 1990’s, there were 64 school shooting incidents resulting in 91 deaths, 2000-2010, there were 64 school shooting incidents resulting in 107 deaths and from 2011 until the present there were 133 school shooting incidents resulting 160 deaths. Conclusion? Once God is removed from any society the devil fills the gap. You can take all the guns away from everyone but there will still be people, whether it be a government or terrorists, who will still have them and with no one following God’s law, you figure out what will happen.

  96. Why doesn’t anyone see what the real problem is? When I went to school, not only did we have gun racks in our truck’s to go deer hunting or dove hunting as so as the bell rang. Our principal carry a rifle in his truck as most of us did at school. We never heard or had shooting at school, so what has changed? I’ll tell you. As kid’s we didn’t have video games where you where shooting and killing everyone, we didn’t have movie’s that showed so many guts and blood, we didn’t have social media where anyone is do disconnected, we didn’t have games where everybody got a trophy who really didn’t win. If you really want to do something about it… Protest Hollywood.

  97. Here we go again, blame Trump. There were over 100 shootings while Obama was president and nothing was ever done, but everytime something happens, Blame Trump! If the authories would have done their job, when they were warned about the shooter, this would not have happened. When are you people going to try and work with president? Never! Oh by the way I just caught a cold, that damn Trump, it’s all his fault!

  98. Here we go again, blame Trump. There were over 100 shootings while Obama was president and nothing was ever done, but everytime something happens, Blame Trump! If the authories would have done their job, when they were warned about the shooter, this would not have happened. When are you people going to try and work with president? Never! Oh by the way I just caught a cold, that damn Trump, it’s all his fault!

  99. Its so typical of you libs to blame Donald than to take responsibility for the nut cases out there that have access to guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Do you get it yet libterds?

  100. Looks like your tantrum has born fruit! Your mental effort has resulted in an attempt to BE Trump-like and create a dismissive nickname for Him.
    I am sure it will go viral as it is catchy and unique. I can predict it being used on the schoolyard daily.
    Meanwhile, back to reality. As long as you allow CNN and MSNBC to do your thinking (such as you are capable of), for you, you will continuously crank out hilariously humourless and impotent drivel.
    What’s the difference between a puppy and a Democrat?
    After a few days the puppy quits whining.

  101. Rudy: And who was in office when Sandy Hook shooting 21 small children were killed? Why is this happening so much worse than that one?


  103. Right, Sue! He oughtta just go back to Africa, Indonesia, or wherever he came from and take his hubby Mike with him!

  104. Spot on, Al. I’m retired from the Postal Service and my last two years had a boss who was as clueless as they come.

  105. Apparently you weren’t here when Oblama was the alleged President. Nor are you aware of how he attempted to muzzle the military in the battle against ISIS. Apparently even modern history is not available to you in that every society that has been disarmed has suffered millions of deaths because tyranny is just way. Instead of having gun free zones why not protect our kids with veterans that would love to utilize the skill sets they have learned. The only thing is, they will need weapons. A sign isn’t going to stop a evil guy with evil intent.

  106. So glad that tyrant, Bath house Barry is gone. He was no Prez, never was, never will be.
    So thankful for Prez. Trump whose done more good in a year, than all previous Presidents

  107. Earth to Rudy. No amount of gun laws can ever stop someone hell bent on
    shooting someone. The fact that the liberals, (including the clueless former so-called
    potus 0bama), are so against our Constitution, proves they are anti-American and
    against our constitution. That’s a direct violation of their oath, and borders on treason. Any
    politician (current or past) that brings up gun control needs to be removed from office, and/or

  108. Absolute, Suzanne — absolutely! Bammer is one of those mentally troubled ones (as in crimminallly insain). My thoughts and prayers are with all the grieving families.

  109. Your assertion is not backed up with facts. There are less “mass shootings” during liberal reigns because the media complicitly refuses to report them. Only when non-liberals are in charge, does your fawning media leap to overhype them.

  110. Like all the other Liberals just blame Trump!! Get a life and open your eyes and stop sticking your head in the sand Trump is not to blame for any of the shootings!!!! Last I heard those guns involved did not walk out of the house on their own…

  111. There have been more mass shootings in the short time “Humpty Trumpty” has been the POTUS. It surely wont stop, the only question is when, where and how many more deaths. Trump “may” be the worst human being (if you can call him one) walking the face of the earth

  112. Just one person with a vehicle can do more in that short time period than he did. But you don’t hear people calling for vehicle bans. Just look at how many were killed in NY by the driver of a rented truck.

  113. All you have to do is look at Congress to see some of the biggest nut cases in the US. People like Liz ( fake Indian ) Warren, Jill Stein, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters,….. heck just about any Dem there fits the bill. Sadly, the same day as the Broward shooting, one of our Senators made an even bigger jerk of himself. Bill Nelson ( D, FL ) couldn’t wait to get on tv and say that the shooting happened because we couldn’t even get DiFi’s No Fly List Gun Ban passed. A list that in itself is a violation of our Constitutional Rights. But Dems in Congress never let a tragedy go to waste. So they will try another unConstitutional act. You can bet on it.


  115. AND THIS SAME so called “former” president sent the GREATEST sponsor of TERRORISM, IRAN, $BILLIONS in UN-marked planes to hide it FROM the world that he is SUPPORTING the MOST EVIL REGIME who LOVES to TERRORIZE the WORLD/MURDERING INNOCENT people, day by day, AND made a very, very DUBIOUS NUCLEAR deal with them…NOT to FORGET the SELLING of America’s URANIUM to the RUSSIANS, which will KEEP us all very, very “SAFE in the FUTURE”….??? AND then turns around to tell us all that he is WORRIED for America’s CHILDREN….??!!?? REALLY….???? Well, if THAT doesn’t “sound” or “IS” DERANGED than I DON’T know “WHAT” really is DERANGED or the meaning of it…….!!!!

  116. You’re right Lily! The man, and I use the term loosely (’cause that ain’t NO MAN) has no care, compassion to anybody but his own. He, and its ‘wife’, michael, WILL meet there maker some day, and I know who that is….SATAN! HELL IS WAITING!

  117. This coming from the Blowhard Odummer, the worst president this country has ever had the displeasure to have. What did you do after the Sandy Hook massacre? The same thing you did for eight years, NOTHING. All you accomplished was coming out 8 years later multi millions of dollars richer, certainly wasn’t from book sales, so how did that happen?

  118. Well, since Obama is H_LL BENT on more gun control laws, AKA Confiscation, Pretty sure he’s WRONG! HIS 8 years as president were a disaster, for hard working, tax paying American citizens. I, for one of many, am NOT depending on “government” to protect me from Criminals within the USA!

  119. Well, since Obama is H_LL BENT on more gun control laws, AKA Confiscation, Pretty sure he’s WRONG! HIS 8 years as president were a disaster, for hard working, tax paying American citizens.

  120. Well let see as a Senator in Illinois you passed the toughest gun laws in the country! So how many shootings have there been in Chicago? Only 60 this year, so far 60 shootings in 6 weeks. Wow lets get those gun laws all across the country. What a moron, does he even think before he opens that stupid ass mouth of his. He could not protect anyone much less a nation. Obama you are not in office go away!

  121. Obama & Holder gave the drug lords over 1500 guns at taxpayers monies. Hey Obama why didn’t you do something in those eight years?? you should just keep quiet am sure those guns did not kill anyone right? oh, I forgot an American was killed with one of those guns.

  122. Obama did zero where was he when children were killed in Newtown or when humans were getting their heads cut off how about Chicago killings Obama was a joke if anyone supported him they should be examined

  123. Bath House Barry is the original Red Diaper Doper Baby. A druggie born to Card Carrying Marxist Communists, raised by Card Carrying Marxist Communists, and Mentored by Card Carrying Marxist Communist Militant Radical Terrorists. As the old saying goes “Tell me who you associate with and I will tell you what you are.” So it continues the old Marxist take over technique, two step forward, one step back and the next thing you know we’re hip deep in radical communism. This is why the Founders set up the Bill of Rights which are actually God Given Civil Rights with which no person shall tamper. The unique rights are meant to protect us from the Commie Nanny Staters.

  124. Talk more about this when percentages of prison inmates greatly outnumber those of other races! Do you prefer Communism, where about 95% of the citizens are slaves to the remaining 5%?

  125. Notice every time the anti-American party the democraps are out of their own people’s favor, something like this happens ,almost like a undercurrent of event s cause this to use the bought out biased medias to distract and to push certain anti-American agendas!?! remember on mid-term elections no more anti-American liberals, democraps and caution about repubs disguised as democraps and snowflakes!

  126. This Guy has a Hollow tube running from from His Bottom to the Brain. And when He opens His mouth, ALL YOU GET IS HOT SMELLY GAS .

  127. The liberal/communist fantasy of a world free of resistance is their goal. It worked for many years in the USSR astride of the bodies of protesters. They are looking for a secular jesus that can eliminate any resistance to their agenda. Why are they obsessed with following Europe’s lead? How many foreign boots have marched across that land since America became a nation?

  128. I’m with you Barack Husun Obama. The day you do without your armed gourds who carry Guns, and apologize to american parents who send their children to Gun Free zone schools while you sent your children to a school with armed guards who carried Guns. HYPOCRITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. So opines BarCrap Obama , the clown who created 99% of the problems here in America at present . He would better serve if he pulled his lower lip over the back of his head and swallowed !

  130. You are absolutely right. The democrats jump on what they believe is a solution (more gun control). The real and much more difficult effort will be to address the issue of mental health. Recognizing and working to address the issues individuals may have which are driving them to a breaking point. We need to do this. Passing laws is the easy way out and as they pat themselves on the back, nothing will change. It’s time to address the much more challenging issue as described.

  131. Me obama , don’t be a lying hypocrite. You approved opioid that killed and still kill hundreds of thousands mainly young kids . Stop lying to the American people.
    Tell them the truth for once .!!
    Mao took all guns from the Chinese and murdered 35 million who didn’t agree with him.
    Stalin did the same and killed 42million and history repeated itself again and again from Latin America to Africa and then HITLER
    YES Hitler took all the guns and killed gases murdered burnt 9 million .!!!! How many million are you and Hillary planned to kill with guillotines in fema camps that you purchased in thousands and placed in all fema ready to be used on Americans once Islamic invasion reached the. Umber required for replacement . Mr obama why did you sign with the UN the agreement called REPLACE? Why you don’t tell people and kids you care!!!!!???? About that they will be replaced with Africano Muslims Dems deciddd are the chosen future the Saudis and elite want ? Why don’t the liberals want any truth to come out?
    You are all killers evil satanic corrupt killers war criminals conspirators and murderers . You all ought to be locked up in Guantanamo with a slice of bread and one glass of water per day and opioids for medication . And never come out. The lit of you

  132. He got elected first time as a “change candidate a phenomenon common in our election cycle every 4-8 years. The second time it was rigged not so much by the Dems but the shameful RINO GOP who put up Romney as their burnt offering. Truly pathetic waste of a decade for this country.

  133. Harriet it seems they should understand this but the libs have such thick craniums and mush for grey matter that this simple concept makes no sense to them. If they ever succeed at removing our 2nd amendment rights this will become the the land to flee instead of the land of the free. God help us all – even these miserable libs because we will see mayhem and invasion of all sorts on an unimaginable scale. It’s the second amendment and the knowledge by our enemies foreign and domestic that Americans own and are willing to use guns for the defense of our very freedoms that have kept us from being overthrown by tyrants and terrorists for over two centuries.

  134. What our children need protection from is the public school system.
    If those children had been home-schooled or in private school they wouldn’t have been shot…or brainwashed.

  135. BHO is the biggest idiot! How in the world was he our President! He really could not make it working at McDonalds!

  136. Doc, the mentally Ill, ran the country for eight (8) years, a few of them remain from the last tyrant and act the same, trying to unseat President Trump.
    Take no prisoners. Airborne!

  137. Y’all know Obama is right! Just look at how great it works in Chicago!
    3,561 shootings, and 625 shot dead in 2017. Carjackings up to 938 for 2017.
    I say remove all armed security for the Democrats! They want gun free, then let them show how well it works when they have unarmed security. Those that want to kill will, words on a piece of paper do NOT stop crime! There are laws about speed limits, but it seems I am the only one that obeys them? I drive up to 10 mph over the limit, and am passed many times. I seldom find anyone going slower that I pass. I’m sure every criminal looks for an armed citizen to rob, NOT!

  138. Why is it they never say the moron was a Demc. that does these shooting.Not one of them has been a Rep,guess we should band all Demc. from having a gun. Some of my own dumb family who are Demc. left wingers have a lot of guns, can,t figure that one out either.Remember the song ,”blowing in the Wind”this is what the nitwits are doing when they open their pie hole.Never going to take our guns.

  139. I guess he didn’t get the memo! Most of America would rather see this terrorist living off planet with no air supply. He nearly brought this country down with the help of the DC Crime queen and her millions of thugs. We have all had enough of him and his illegal shadow government, time to round them up a put them in prison for life!!

  140. The idiots are talking again, blame the machine not the nut job using the machine. Don’t hear them when an auto crash kills multiple people. The founding fathers gave me the right to own guns, not to kill innocent persons, the killing comes from the idiot using the gun.

  141. well the democrats blew it during Trumps race for president couldnt get a single person killed
    They blew it in Charleston got one killed but was a white person. They blew it Vegas so they went back to school shootings something they can do . Anything to try to take our guns away but
    heaven forbid should anyone do anything about mental health. The establishment is all for the
    New World Order but our second amendment is in their way. If they ever get oir guns they will be
    the only ones ( crimimals ) with guns. Remember when they abolished the Tommy Gun , Only the
    mob had Tommy Guns.

  142. Obama tried to change that while he was pretending to be the president for 8 years he couldn’t do it then an now that he is out he will not be able to do anything but blow a lot of smoke its sad that people do not teach there off springs weapons training an safety when I was a child my father taught me weapons safety. Before I was born they taught weapons safety in High School there are some schools that still have shooting ranges in them. Maybe if we the parents taught respect for one another no matter what color or creed instead of showing disrespect we wouldn’t have these shooting also we as parents need to admit that our sons an daughters would do the thing that other people say they did an punish them accordingly an hold them accountable for there actions. My prayers go out for the families who have lost a love one. To some ones sick an selfist agenda.

  143. This SHLUB had EIGHT (8) years to do something! Did I say that loud enough? I thought Jimmy Carter was the worst President ever…Man-O-Man…was I wrong!
    Again, President Soetoro had EIGHT years to do something, yet all he did was a referendum on CITIZENS on disability (those whom couldn’t take care of their finances)…had trouble writing a check etc…In other words SSA would be able to take away Citizens God given rights!
    Now, if they want to talk about the “Mentally ill,” then let’s talk but even that is a fine line!
    Yer Powder Dry,
    Yer Mag Full &
    Yer Aim…Dead on


  145. His excellency Brat Obummer still doesn’t know he’s NOT the president anymore ! Now is the time for him to do something “useful” like drowning in the weeds surrounding his portrait!

  146. How can you use this tragedy to further strengthen the divide and blame the other party. This is nothing but a money hungry grab for power and influence. 18 dead n Florida, and an opportunity you can’t pass up? You make me ill.

  147. Let’s try this once again:. The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, were REQUIRED by the potential signers to the Constitution before they would consider signing the document! They were meant to specifically eliminate the possibility of the federal government ever doing specific acts against their citizenry. They were very familiar with these very acts being performed my the autocratic rulers from which they had fled in the “Old Country”. The current “liberals” are all for eliminating these protections, starting with the 2nd amendment. This reveals the autocratic motivation behind their actions. They MUST NOT succeed!

  148. How can he say MOST PEOPLE WANT GUN CONTROL. ?? He was so out of touch with MOST PEOPLE while he was In office. I still don’t know how he got elected twice. Most people I know wanted him gone after 4 yrs. he will never speak for me.
    We control guns who will control criminals? The blCk marek exists, how do drugs get into the hands of criminals? Don’t be fooled into thinking we would be safe. We would be in great danger without protection.

  149. Okay people let’s face fact…Obama and his party are nothing but the American Communist Party that took on the progressive movement in the 80’s. Without guns being owned by responsible patriotic americans, this country will be like Germany in the 1930s, all the countries taken over by the USSR in the early 1920s, Venezuela, Cuba and the list goes on. Our founding fathers were intuitive men who knew unscrupulous people would lie their way to power and then the people would be made salves of this regime. The DNC has been trying this for decades and once in a while some americans fall for their lies, but intelligent americans see the truth and though the lies. Today Obama and his comrades see the chance to usstripping of all americvna’s control by Big Brother in the guise of the democratic party. The answer to these senseless murders is to return America of a country with high morales, honor and respect for life. Since Johnson America has steadily gone downhill morally. When the democrats achieved its goal to buy votes then the urban plantation mentally took over and the family was degraded in its influence on society. Without a strong moral character and strong family ties America will soon be a third world dictatorship which Obama wanted to establish when Hillary was elected. Thank God good people voted and did not let that happen. Obama is and always be a looser!

  150. ONE thing we don’t need is more laws regarding Gun Control. We already have LAWS prohibiting criminals, felons and mental ill people from getting guns….BUT they get them anyway. I believe with FAST ‘N FURIOUS Obama put out illegal guns to criminals….so he is Part of the Problem‼️‼️

  151. In the UN small arms treaty they openly state the goal is to ensure that no one can put up an ARMED RESISTANCE.

    The first thing that should pop into peoples minds is RESISTANCE TO WHAT what is the UN planning that they feel people will see as so horrible they would take up arms to resist.

    Instead our politicians JUMP at the chance to disarm the American people using the treaty when it FAILED to be ratified into law they began CHIPPING away at the local level imposing what equates to the SAME LAWS using tragedies like this as the excuse despite clear evidence that NO PAST, PRESENT, or FUTURE restrictions could have stopped the Crime. At most it would have CHANGED the weapon from a gun to something more destructive like the BOMBS used in other nations by similar criminals.

  152. They don’t wait for shootings, they make them happen. They’re desperate to disarm the American Citizenry,the only thing standing in the way of their totalitarian agenda. RESIST.

  153. My family is 5th generation military and I was doing some research and according to the national center for education statistics there are some 120,000 public schools in America. Millions of citizens and vets would volunteer to protect our children. Two operators per school armed and geared with ballistic vest to run towards the violence instead of hiding and teaching our children to be scared sheep. Imagine this from a military p.r. standpoint, this would create a new wave of patriotism and restore the honor it is to serve our country, hell the military propaganda funds would probably cover the cost of the training and pay. Our teachers, politicians and the social media are teaching our children to be sheep and selling us fear and racism to steal our freedom. Let our children see that we are willing to stand and die for them, our country and our freedom. Our children know that there is evil in the heart of mankind but let them see that the nobility and brotherhood of good knows no race, gender, religion, political affiliation or creed. Let them see the pride and sacrifice that founded our nation, a nation of warriors and workers. Arm yourself. Train smart, train hard and stand proud. I know this can work, we need to spread the word. We need to demand safety for our children. Violence is a basic fact of the natural world but we as Americans owe every child the truth that we can and will stand and die with dignity and honor for them and our children will carry that legacy in their hearts. Please help, write and call any and all of your elected officials. Copy and past and spread the word. This is war on evil, we must see past all the idiots in Washington, this answer is for us the people to make. If 75% of our population agrees on this it will be so. Washington wants us divided. We the citizens all love our children. This is the only way I can see this situation in our schools being solved. All the politicians children are safe. Stop squabbling and push this plan to everyone you know with respect. Please help me here

  154. Obama needs to shut up dry up and blow away he was worthless and a traitor then and nothing has changed he is still pushing his own evil agenda and robbing every American of their rights

  155. Please indict Hillary and Obama now! The world need to know that Obama is far from being “scandal-free”. Mueller is going after 13 Russian nationals and three Russian groups in an attempt downplay the severity of Hillary/Obama treasonous crimes.

    By the way, why in the whole world did the authorities not stop this shooter after all the warnings signs? Sick!

  156. You hit the nail on most of the head. I would like to add we need qualified Police Officers to stand watch at all school entry areas. Use Retired Military if needed but lets protect our children.

  157. The way I for one of the millions in our great country see things as others may not see , and that is when we heard of how corrupted was the heads of those that run the F.B.I. in Washington ,and dose not one think that those same types of people our being run in much the same ways,in every county in in every state through out our country ,and when we always see and hear of such shootings ,we always hear of the F.B.I and others of laws,know of such types of people that little off in their heads,that put a risk on all people who live in those cities in one county of ones state,that roam free,and when we hear of such shootings take place,we hear from those of the laws from the locals to those from the F.B.I know all about this person that has done those evil acts of killings with a weapon or weapons and may have been offered money to do such evil acts of killings with a weapon ,knowing that those types of people will never collect any money,if they are captured or killed and know one would know if money was behind it are not, But when I for one heard of senator Bill Nelson make such talk about how he would like to see more Democrats getting in power over the Republicans and Obama talking about gun laws such as he been doing when he was still our president and attacking our constitution and rights to bare our weapons,and their is only one person who we the people fell is behind all we are seeing and hearing about is George Soros as that person is not only weathy he is evil

  158. that’s not going to happen.. there will be a revolution first.. that should end it.. the left wing mutts have no vision to fix this now problem, they will focus on some kind of foolish gun control, registration that equals confiscation of ALL weapons.. they will try, they will get meager support and it will fizzle out just like it always does, but here’s the kicker, if a bill is brought to the floor to finance trained armed guards in schools they will not vote for it.. when this happens take full note of who votes and how they vote


  160. First, no one needs to even consider anything the worst POTUS says. But, not one person has addressed the front or any doors of the school. No one should be able to enter the schools without being checked in through a restricted door way. Some banks have these type of door ways systems.Peole they feel bad for this kid that did the shooting, his brain isn’t fully developed, we have 18 year old men in are military. This shooter is sick and needed help and never got help. It was not the type of gun that was at fought, he could have used a car, baseball bat, a knife or any other weapon and if so, would that weapon be at fought for the action of the person, you tell me. Do you know a person with two 9mm hand guns could have done the same damage in the same time frame.

  161. well that’s probably true, but it will never happen.. even the most foolish left wing nut knows full well that gun control will not make bit of difference.. Criminals will get guns any way that they can.. gangs, black market , friends who are on the wrong side of the law.. there is no better way of protecting our children than to have excellent security in every school across the nation .. trained to confront lethal situations with what ever force is necessary.. we waste millions of dollars every year, why not divert that money to the safety of our defenseless children in order to provide a safe environment for them in schools… it makes no sense whatsoever not to do this.. so come on , those in congress, bring a bill to the floor now . and you democrats get out of the way

  162. How about putting an end to Violent TV shows, Movies, and Video Games, as well as making Damn Well Sure that The Police and FBI follow up on all leads concerning mentally ill or violence prone individuals who have made gestures, whether in person or on Social Media, to harm others or cause destruction of any kind. To me, that seems for of a fix than “Sensible Gun Control Laws”

  163. I agree 100%. Obama’s grandmother told the whole world on national tv that her grandson Hussein was born in Kenya, that makes him a fraud. He and the Clinton’s need to be charged with fraud,treason and war crimes, all punishable by the death penalty.

  164. Amen! Preach it Timi! We were given Donald Trump as a repreive from the dangerous direction our country was heading. Wake up America and be another Nineva that God sent JOB to straighten out. Trump is our JOB listen to him. Obama is out and should mind his own business. He and is kind are what put Hitler in power and if we listen to his garbage we will be under dictator much like Hitler was.

  165. ok so we have had over 18 shootings in schools and maybe more and most were insane selfish unhappy sick people , i don’t believe in the guns that were used need to be on this earth…right to do so is not the point but there is a but to this…the 1000’s that do have them aren’t out there killing and the few that do , people want all people to get rid of them…thats not fairness….we need to work with mental illness, people beware of your surroundings of insane buttholes that want to kill the world….so a little more of watching and listening to those planning to harm others might help some…we can’t even control stalkers let alone the mentally ill….that grandma paid attention to her grandson of his writings and reported him and got him arrested…what a smart woman…want to be safer…watch , listen more

  166. Obama should not have been the president in the first place he is not a citizen of our country. An eight year disaster who did nothing but fill his pockets with tax payers dollars. He should be deported.

  167. Guns don’t kill, people kill.Government closed all mental hospitals and mentally ill roam the streets.Take guns from decent citizens gov.takes
    over country.

  168. The democrats are Evil. No if and or buts. I am 75 and I was born on an army post and I served in the AF and Army. I will fight for freedom. Democrats enslave, have for years. The democrats ruled the south, but sold in north also. Made millions of selling people (there were white slaves called indentured servents)

  169. Amen, you can bet your ass the only guns they would be taking are ours! The government and elites would still have the same protection they have now while the rest of us would be sitting ducks! I am a 55 year old woman and they can have my guns with an s when they pry them from my cold dead hands!!!!

  170. Why is Obama still on the political stage?
    He is no longer President, and his beliefs are no longer wanted.
    Obama, just go back to your make-shift toilet in the leaves!
    The one where you look like you are taking a dump.
    It is symbolic of the 8 years you took a dump on America!
    Just go away, far, far, away! You have done quite enough to us already!

  171. You want me to relinquish my firearms? Sure bullets first. Come get’em. You obviously do not get the words…WILL NOT INFRINGE. Anyone comes for my guns and the first n last thing you will see is the opposite end of my firearms.
    You libtards want a war? Do you?
    You will lose

  172. When I was growing up,it was often said to shut a loudmouth (Obummer) up, just ignore them. We oughtta just ignore his childish rants. Remeber, children should be seen and not heard.


  173. You can’t take over a country unless you get their gun’s first! Obuma has always had that in mind for America.



  176. If Obama is against gun violence why has he not spoke out about all the people in Chicago, IL(aka, his hometown if you believe that)that has been shot and killed just this year. Plus, with him and wife spouting racist every other breath, you would think instead of helping the white community, he would start in his own backyard and help those he stands up and defends. Oh, I guess he doesn’t know anything about the Chicago daily killings because his MSM does not report such things because it does not play into his gun control pattern. He is just a loser that only cares about himself and Soros who pays him.

  177. when is this freak going to disapeir , until 2009 we didn’t have this crap , this is his fault , the mentality of entitlement , violence and corruption ,every time this happens it’s just more dead bodies in his closet ,liberal freaks have lost their minds, and like always government adds to the problem instead of getting to source of problem , the problem is , give me , give me or i’ll shoot you, we have every law on the books that we need to stop this , it’s not a gun problem , it’s an incompotant government problem ,just like immigration we don’t need new laws , we need government to enforce the laws we have

  178. Trump killed the Democrat Agenda, to have control of as many Americans as possible, Hagee a great Preacher talked of the Government wanting as many Americans as possible on Medicaid, that way the gov controls you, gun control is how Hitler overcame the Jews, went to every home taking their weapons so they couldn’t defend themselves when they came for them. Trump is trying to do the opposite. You can learn so much of this stuff watching or attending Church as well as of our Jesus. The One World Government will happen the One World Religion will happen, we don’t know when but I want to tell all that may see this post.God put Trump there I believe for one big reason he is the only one that would give Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital the Democrats would not have, this was to be done before his return, In Syria, Russia is there, Iran is there, many more will be there once Israel fires on Iran and possibly Syria again. Many nations are to come against Israel and many to help Israel. Oh Turkey is making their way there also. Irwin Baxter a End of Age prophecy speacker said the other night Military bases are built and being built there. Iran near Israel’s border is very bad people. All I want to say is when will people stop to listen, I am not a Christian fanatic, I love Jesus I believe in him, I believe the Bible is God’s word and he said he would return one day to gather us that except him, though a Christian I make many mistakes I still sin but I am better today then I was yesterday, we try and want to do better, and when we are against something we are haters, we are not haters we believe you should hear the truth. I just want to say our focus should be on Jesus as these days get darker and will only become darker. What’s going to happen will happen evil lives among us and it’s going to get worse with Satan knowing the Lord is returning but today is NOTHING like what is will be like in the days of tribulation and that day is coming also. For many who laugh at me or get angry I do not care. If you knew something about the Bible you would see it speaks of things happening today. I am so thankful I see the truth and that I won’t be here in those last days the Bible speaks of how horrible it will be. Things are progressing fast when the Rapture comes it will be to late. This stuff is hard for many to believe or understand. I know this is a different subject but Obama, Trump they were there for reason’s bad or good. If you don’t want to listen one day you will say you wish you had. I could go on and on it scares me to see what is going to come to pass a minute of your life excepting him is all it takes a min that is more important than the eternity you will spend in torment, ETERNITY! You won’t be perfect you don’t have to be perfect before you except him he will help with that. Before I go, my head has been messed up for years but the only truth I know is that God does exist the Supernatural world is as real as our Earthly world. Evil exist to just look around you. I could never say enough don’t keep putting stuff like this off you may not have tmrw. Obama is part of the evil side and you can bet more is coming, far more worse than Obama, Hillary and far far more Evil. I got off the discussion but since I’ve typed this I will send. Take care everyone, I pray you learn the truth. Don’t you want to live in a place were no evil I mean none will exist let’s all try to love one another no matter our clothes, our money situation, our looks, sometimes the most likely friend could be the best friend you ever had, and if you quit saying someone is weird maybe they would feel weird and start to act weird.Be Kind

  179. I believe there was just a study released recently with those stats, but you will have to do your own research, something I know liberal communists refuse to do. Hint….it happens hourly, but the MMS and their liberal commie masters will not report that. It interfere with the agenda of disarming Americans.

  180. You are so right.
    Obama did all he could to get his third term in hilliar, in exchange for her exoneration.
    Obama represents the international left, whose goal is to topple America.
    Yet, obama gets support from most of Washington DC and all the media. Why?

  181. And if you don’t agree with their agenda, you are biased and hateful. There are some on the left that are intelligent but lack common sense which still makes them stupid.

  182. I believe “Odumbo” s/b put in “Gitmo” forever! He is the most vial pathetic POS that ever held highest office in the U S of A!
    He had (8) years to take care of business & he could’nt even prove he was legitimate citizen of “r” great country!
    If he had another brain,it would be lonely.
    I believe there “r” soooo many “Odumbonites” planted w/i “r” country,I.E.FBI etc.disrupting “r” POTUS” lotza’ Judicial offices,it’s like a migration of Cancer cells alienating “r” system!
    God bless “r” Donald & believe we finally have the appropriate person that can bring us back to the “Reagan” Era.
    “Martini Gannini”

  183. Robert Baird – right on, right on. The only reason BO got elected in the first place is that Americans were told they needed to put a black man in the White House – apparently to “ease their consciences”. Well, you got what you asked for – all that BO/MO ever wanted was to bring down the US. They are traitors and always have been. They should have their citizenship revoked and be sent back to Africa. God bless Donald Trump, a true American.

  184. If Obama had an ounce of class he’d have wished President Trump well and quietly left the scene to go back to doing what he did before entering politics, handing out pamphlets on the corner of Foster and Kedzie.

  185. How would any of his suggested action have prevented this shooting event? Answer: none of them would. He joins his entitled elitist pals in scheming to strip Americans from their means of self protection, sporting activities, and independence. Let’s create even more victims shall we, Barack?

  186. Be careful If you continue to insult left wing loons with the facts they may kill someone. This shooter is said to have been an “Anti-Trumper” – the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was also reportedly an “Anti-Trumper” but you won’t hear that from the lame stream misleadia. At this point Bath House Barry whoever the hell he really is – is so desperate to run (ruin) the world – I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some kind of hand in all these shootings. The Democrats love to blame the Republicans for all violence but the shoe is actually on the other foot – it’s not the Republicans who have been rioting and causing trouble since they lost the election – nor did the Republicans riot and cause problems when the Democrats elected a foreign impostor twice. History keeps repeating itself – remember

    Abraham Lincoln – assassinated by a Democrat
    John F. Kennedy – assassinated by a Democrat
    Martin Luther King Jr – assassinated by a Democrat

    It seems the Democrats have always been killing people that did not support the Democrats agenda.

  187. Hitler did not attempt to invade Switzerland because he knew…all Swiss citizens are armed and ready to defend their country, their culture, their everyday lives…from evil heinous killing machine monsters. Osama Hussein Obama had an unprecedented ARMY of Secret Service agents to protect HIS treasonous lyin’ Black ass in ANY zone. May his flower-festooned portrait line his prison cell…since he’ll only have a 5″ x 5″ distorted piece of metal to talk to.

  188. Just maybe if the FBI did a more thorough investigation this could have been stopped in it’s tracks what a travesty the FBI knew about this last September and you mean to tell me this was posted on Facebook or whatever which 1 that it was posted on you mean to tell me they couldn’t have got a warrant to find out where it came from give me a break but they were too busy like you said trying to discredit our president Donald Trump

  189. What I want to know is why the fbi after they were notified about this guy did nothing to check him out the same goes for the school officials and the local police. If one of those had checked out the facts about him, this could have been avoided. Oh, right, the fbi is too busy trying to bring down our elected legal president.

  190. Amen, guns do not shoot people, people shoot people. If someone wants a gun they will get it on the black market. taking away guns would only harm normal citizens not criminals. Why do we continue to pay for his security, or for that matter any ex president. If they want security they should pay for it not the taxpayer. Just because they were president doesn’t make them worth our dollars once they are out.

  191. From his choom-gang days as a communist party organizer in Chicago, the marxist muslim from Mombasa has openly argued that private citizens should not be allowed to own guns. He has also been an outspoken critic of the “charter of negative liberties” written in Philadelphia, and has repeatedly suggested that the Egyptian constitution or the 1936 Stalin constitution of the USSR were models of what he had in mind. Finally, there is no doubt that Hezbollah’s cocaine-selling partner itches to return to power and bestride the country with the secret police that he created. He had planned to elevate America’s answer to Madame Mao to rule as his puppet until the constitution problem could be solved and he could return on the shoulders of the mestizos and the mohammedans as President for Life like his childhood heroes Mobutu and Mugabe, but this did not work out and he now hopes to seize power through terrorism and gun control hysteria. The fact is that the Second Amendment was created by the Founding Fathers precisely to prevent a usurper and invader from someday establishing himself as dictator of the United States

  192. Why would the ACLU take the blame, they do nothing wrong just there to help the black children. Somehow, I don’t think the parents of black children feel any different about the safety of their children then white people do. We all bleed the same, it does not matter what the color of your skin is. Why would metal detectors scare black children only. The only people that should fear them is the ones that want to kill our children.

  193. Obama is a communist Marxist New World Order puppet who was put in place to tear America apart from the inside. In 8 years he did a pretty good job and he’s still trying. America cannot Remain the strong independent free country that it is for the new world order to succeed…..America has to fall. Obama was just the puppet they needed in 2008 to speed up the process. He could play the race card on any issue and get away with it. They knew that conservatives would resist the most but they’re politicians just like anybody else and they don’t want that racist card hung around their neck….that would end their political careers. Since most politicians put career over Allegiance it was a no-brainer that they wouldn’t resist. I firmly believe that Donald Trump is our last great hope for our country to survive

  194. mountaine Barack Obama was a “Foreign Student” at Columbia University in New York City. He sealed his college record to hide the fact. Some of us question his even being there because to date, nobody has come forward to claim ever having known him while he was allegedly a student. He is not, nor has he ever been a US Citizen. We have no records to prove otherwise. Under US Constitutional provisions Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, has never been a US President–he never qualified.

  195. Gee, no one is blaming the ACLU. After all, under Obama they said it was unconstitutional for schools to have metal detectors and off duty police. The off duty police apparently made the black children uncomfortable, so metal detectors and off duty officers were nixed due to the ACLU. Metal detectors were also scaring the majority of the black children, so ACLU is the one behind the lack of security, but no one in the MSM is talking about that.

  196. Who gives two craps what that pos says. I guess it is ok for him to “tweet” but when dt does it is a problem. Go away Barry. What would help is if more people would turn to our creator. But no, we just keep doing the same old thing. Throw money at problems, blame the constitution, blame it on racism, blame it on society. How about looking at us. Just look at the stance on abortion.

  197. Eric if Obama were in the general prison population he would organize the “community” and lead a riot. His comrades in prison are the type who support his evil.

  198. “obimbo”is irrelevant; he is a central planner [big government] ideologue and that is common knowledge; name ONE THING the [liberals in] the federal government does [besides stealing our money] that has helped helped ANY OF THEIR CONTRIVED VICTIMS. I am still waiting. States must be allowed to do what THEY THINK WILL WORK; not harvard egg heads like ‘puff the magic 666nigga666’.

  199. Thank you George LeFebvre. The Florida school is a gun-free zone and that’s the environment to which nut cases like Nicholas Cruz gravitate to carry out their murders. The anti-gun crowd is made up of a faction of totalitarian lovers who want to establish a communist environment wherein they hold seats in a politburo-presidium from which they dictate the private lives of citizens hundreds or thousands of miles away with whom they can never relate. They abhor the idea of a government of the people, by the people and for the people. They envision a future government of We the Dictators. They want to set up a new “USSR” –United States Soviet Republic. They have no interest whatever in humanitarian concerns–consider the sour faces glued to their chairs during Donald Trumps recent State of the Union message when he presented very positive changes in the job market for example. The anti-gun crowd is pure and simply part of the faction attempting to take away our government by We the People. They want the kind of government that has proved unworkable such as in Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea. Wake up people! The voice of freedom is shouting loudly or are you stupid enough to live under a dictatorship? Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.

  200. Someone needs to shut this idiot up. He needs to get his facts straight, MOST Americans don’t want more gun control, MOST Americans want to keep their guns. If we don’t then we will be sitting ducks. It’s people like this lilylivered wimp that want this. It’s ok for him to talk he has a slew of ARMED security guards defending him. Take his security away and make him a regular citizen and he will change his mind. Most of these people wanting gun control have personal security. They also need to understand that guns DO NOT SHOOT people, PEOPLE shoot people.

  201. Since he was on the other side I doubt he remembers what Japan said about why they did not invade the United States in WWII. Every household has weapons to protect them, they wouldn’t only be fighting the military but every single household would be a combat zone(paraphrased). If he thinks taking guns away from every law abiding citizen in the country would solve the shootings then he’s what I’ve always thought of him, a complete nutcase. WE WOULD BE CREATING A COUNTRY OF VICTIMS. Or would all his friends on the streets of Chicago and elsewhere give up their guns? Gun control has certainly worked well in his adopted home town hasn’t it?

  202. obozo is a CLOWN! When will the day come, that his stupid face, and brainless head disappear forever? Sick of bozzo!

  203. Has anybody else, since these shootings, equated the location, Parkland, with the name of the hospital JFK was rushed to on that fatal day in ’63? Ironic, that’s all….

  204. The FBI was warned about this school shooter five months ago but didn’t do anything. According to the L.A. Times:”Im going to be a professional school shooter,” a person identifying himself as Nikolas Cruz wrote in a comment beneath another user’s video in September.
    The declaration was so alarming — so disturbing — that the video’s poster, Ben Bennight, who lives in Alabama, did what Americans are supposed to do. He called the FBI to warn them.
    But following a brief investigation, officials later said, the FBI closed the case, after apparently failing to identify the person who’d made the comment. The FBI was too busy trying to discredit Trump.

  205. Barack Obama just wants to do away with the 2nd amendment. If there was no 2nd amendment the tragedy still could have occurred. The bad guys always find a way to carry out their plans. The only way we can cut down on these incidents is to teach are children the Judeo-Christian value of life. Emphasize “Thou shalt not kill”.

  206. Obama planned his career in the home of known terrorists in Chicago. Murderist. In the cover of his first book he admits he was born in Kenya. From poor? To multi millionaire on fixed salary? Stop the bull.

  207. I believe a lot of this bluster from Obama and even Clinton are geared as an offensive mechanism against anyone coming after them for their crimes while in office. This way, they can claim that we are attacking their records because of political dissension. “They are picking on me because they don’t like what I an saying”, rather than “They are picking on me because I am evil and did a lot of bad things.”

  208. Obama is out of office. He has done enough harm. He ought to shut the f..k up and get ready to go to jail for what he has done about obstructing the last presidential campaign.

  209. We have a shotgun for protection that’s it. I don’t like guns but I would never take someone’s God given right to own and carry. All these news stations go on and on. In kids eyes and brains their glorifying this tragedy. Now look they just arrested an 11 yr old for threats. My heart is heavy just like everyone. These politicians are a joke. We have so many laws already. Follow them. What about Chicago? Did Obama do anything about those folks? Hell no!

  210. They r coming for our guns. Will we b vigilant and defend our homes and our constitutional rights? Home school ur children.

  211. People who do not agree with knee jerk gun legislation have an ace in the game, we can now make our own firearms unknown to the government.

  212. Pos people are the reason like Osama Obama the Muslim who was elected by the completely ignorant people in this country are the problem , when liberals took GOD and PRAYER out of our schools because of the beliefs of some pos atheist , like a gentleman , HE left . We’ve had school killings ever since .

  213. While there needs to be some regulation on guns, allowing the Government to take them away is nothing more than opening the gates of hell. Without people owning guns, the corrupt people like 99% of Dumbocrats would turn this country into either a Dictatorship or Communist Country. Whatever we people do, we need to stop Congress and other idiots from taking away our Rights to Gun Ownership.

  214. This troll needs to sleeze back into his retirement and shut up before he gets indicted for his past and present crimes. No one cares what he thinks anymore.


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