All hell broke loose when Trump revealed his reaction to the Florida shooting

Attention has shifted to law enforcement’s failure to stop the Parkland, Florida shooting.

Donald Trump stepped into that debate on Monday.

And all hell broke loose when he said how he would have responded to the gunman.

At an event at the White House, President Trump declared that if he was at the school that day, he would have charged into the building even if he was unarmed.

He contrasted that to the Broward Country deputy who ducked for cover and remained outside the school while the madman massacred 17 students and teachers.

NBC News reports:

“President Donald Trump said Monday that he would have charged into a Florida school during the shooting there earlier this month even if he were unarmed.

“I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon,” Trump told governors meeting at the White House to discuss school safety.

Trump slammed as “frankly, disgusting” the armed school guard who remained outside the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland that left 17 students and teachers dead. The president also criticized several deputies who failed to immediately enter the school, telling the governors that the law enforcement officers “weren’t exactly Medal of Honor winners.”

“The way they performed was really a disgrace,” he said.”

The Broward County Sheriff’s office has come under fire as new details come to light in their failure to stop the killer before the shooting.

In addition, to the deputy cowering outside the school, the sheriff’s office responded to 39 calls about the gunman and took no action.

Trump has used this as evidence to support his push to allow teachers to conceal carry in schools.

If the government isn’t going to keep children safe, armed citizens are the only line of defense.

The President has also argued that gun free zones provide targets for killers because they know their targets are defenseless and these madmen will face no incoming fire.

Do you think teachers should be allowed to conceal carry in schools?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. Trump has turned his back on the people who elected him! First he tried to give 2,000,000 illegal dreamers amnesty. Schemer and peloser bailed him out. Now he wants to take our guns away and rewrite the Constitution.sounds like a liberal to me.
    He would rather appease the demorats than stand up for his constituents. If he allows a bill to go thru congress and not veto it, he will lose millions of he showing his real nature and returning to the demorats party.

  2. Yes! Gun Free Zones translate into Target Rich environments in criminal terminology. A very high percentage of mass shootings take place in gun free zones.

  3. Trump just ended his political career by throwing gun owners under the bus with his comments. I’m glad that Hillary did not win the election because she is untrustworthy, having sold the US out on several occasions (IE: Benghazi, unsecured offsite server, numerous federal crimes committed with impunity, Uranium One sale to Russia, collusion with Russian on Dossier) but wish someone other than Trump had won the election!

  4. I think the teachers that want to carry firearms should be allowed to after taking a training course. Quite blaming the guns it is the people not the guns killing people. Lets put schools on lock down where just not anyone can not walk in. And no back packs and airport type security. Everyone comes in only an entrance that is secured. Doors to be locked but can open from inside in case of emergency and an alarm would sound if door was opened at the wrong time

  5. TRUMP is right !
    The most motivated persons present are the ones being shot at…
    Look at the “unmotivated” Cops waiting around outside in safety, while our kids inside were being butchered..
    I bet there was prayer in that school that day…
    Allow willing, able, trained, routinely retrained – adults around and in schools to Conceal Carry…

  6. Teachers that want to be armed should be armed weapons should be provided with the best training available. Training should be repeated yearly. Teaching has become a dangerous profession.

  7. I like J T’s idea of virtual education. I have said for several years that home schooling would be better nowdays as I know many home schooled children and they excel at all subjects and have the more individual attention and less sickness as isn’t around others who have colds, flus, etc. Costs are far less as home schooling doesn’t have to cover the cost of all the teachers benefits, insurance less, safety PRIMARILY is far better when you have less vulnerable innocent people all in one place. That would surely shut down all school shootings if NO SCHOOLS WERE IN EXISTANCE ANY LONGER. That will happen in 50 years or less from now, schooling will all be taught at home or other places rather than at a huge building with so many, too many innocent students vulnerable to horrors that schools have caused for so many children….with lifelong scars and psychological damage. Home schooling also will take in effect how students learn differently and using better ways to teach them, because it is a smaller group, and taking the govt. out of it, helps too, like maybe 4 or up to 10 students for group home schooling. It is a win-win for many reasons but primarily for our students, keep them safe no matter what. Could those who have concealed carry permits, and pass top priority security clearances, possibly also volunteer to patrol too? That is an idea worth looking into too. Monetary costs should NEVER be the deciding factor on whether to keep our students safer…. some things ARE MORE IMPORTANT than money.

  8. This all started at step 1. It was noticed a long time ago that this bay was troubled and had a violent temper. Where were his parents, the or fellow students? He needed help then and all he got was expelled. He put notices on the internet that I see as a cry for help. These were ignored by the F.B.I. How many red flags did he need to put out? Guns should not be taken from lawful citizens! If this happens only rapists, murders, and thieves will have guns and crime will go ramped. Criminals will have no fear of entering your home, grabbing you on the street, jumping in your car at a stop light. Think it through do you really want to make you and your loved one this vulnerable?

    • His so-called background check was a big joke he has no criminal record but he was mentally unstable someones not doing their job innocent kids got killed by this freaking lunatic.

  9. All in all! I would hold this school shooting (and others like it!) As yet another argument in favor of Virtualizing the educational system! Aside from how a complete virtual educational system! Virtual libraries; museums; art studios and all! Would be able to provide the same world-class education to all students every where; regardless of zip code! With all the same unlimited virtual educational resources for all! All for less the 3% the cost of a conventional school alone! The virtual education system would provide this education; in a safe encouraging bully free; shooting free virtual environment! And with the right use of computer A.I automation! We remove all criminal staff members! Eliminating the age old problems of teachers committing crimes against the students!

  10. Only teachers who want to carry should carry, and they should have actual fire arm training to carry in a school. No teacher should be asked or told to carry a weapon. Most are probable not capable.

    • This whole thing looks like a Conspiracy,that was set up for one reason ,and was carried out so that the rodents could go after our God given rights to bare our weapons,why is because of how quickly all those types of people jumped on our gun rights , from Obama to all those that still remain in power after he left the white house,and I for one of the millions an millions of people in our country feel it is time to remove those types of people from power , before those types of people come up with more plans such as killing more people with a weapon.

  11. President Trump knows what he is doing. You can not depend on the police to protect you. You have to have the capability to protect yourself and the students. If these coward know that people are carrying weapons, then most would not attack you. Also, the media should not name the shooter. Do not give them , there five minutes of fame.

  12. The school my kids attended had one way into the school during hours. Through the front door and then an inner door. Inner entrance doors were locked during classes. If a visitor or a tardy student shows up, the receptionist can buzz you in. The yards are monitored when kids are present. So if a BG manages to break in raising havoc, the Dallas city Marshall is the LEO to call.

    Not long ago, I called 911 to report a ten ton road hazard, DOA on a blind curve that sees a lot of accidents. The town Marshall didn’t even answer his cell. Then the dispatcher handed me off to the wrong county Mounties(Hancock). They in turn passed me off to the Illinois State Patrol. Illinois State Patrol had no prowlers available in my area… so they in turn passed me off to Henderson County Sheriff Department. For the fourth time I had to explain my 911 emergency. Then the person on the other end asked me, ‘if this was really an emergency?’… It was really hard for me to remain composed. It seemed that they were going through a shift change of sorts. Basically, everyone on duty was in the cop shop eating donuts 25 minutes away. I was told that a car was on the way. 22 minutes had lapsed, then Henderson County hung up on me. Now my phone was locked and I was late for picking Em up at the gym. About ten minutes later, some guy with a flashing blue light in his pickup(volunteer fire) relieved me from directing traffic. Now, the fastest route from the Sheriff’s office to where the crippled truck sat was using the same roads I had to travel. Never once saw a prowler during my 15 mile journey. If my 911 call it’d been about a school shooter, the only option those school kids would’ve had, would be to cower in a closet, praying that a good guy with a gun comes to save their day. One of the teachers I know from a different county said their kids each had a baseball in their desks to throw at an active shooter… that and they have their books to throw.

    A sheriff somewhere in Ohio announced free firearm training quals to 50 teachers, focusing on school shooting scenarios. By the end of the day all of the slots were filled. Yeah, arming teachers that are afraid of guns is nuts, but those that have a genuine interest in self presentation shouldn’t be shunned.

  13. If I was a teacher, I would want the opportunity to protect the children, and myself from some nut. For a parent to send their child to a place (school) for 6 to 8 hours, where their only protection, is a sign “This is a gun free zone”.

  14. If an UNARMED man had rushed the SHOOTER he would have been KILLED (even if his name was Trump). The ROOT PROBLEM is shooters in the schools (and elsewhere with NO MORALS)! When God was taken out of the schools and everyone was taught that everything was RELATIVE and there is NO GOOD/BAD the shooters came in to fill the void we created by throwing God out! Arming the teachers/security MAY treat the symptom, but the ‘cure’ would be letting God back into the schools!

    • Well I do agree charging a gunman like that would be dangerous! The question of if the unarmed responder would win that fight would probably depend more on training then you might like to think! For starters a rifle like an AR15 is an awkward shape for using as a hand to hand weapon! Don’t forget the guy who designed the AR15 intended it as a shooting weapon! Not a hand to hand fighting weapon! Which means if you can get in close enough to go hand to hand with the gunman! That might actually be your best chance at stopping him any way! As for arming the teachers! In light of all the news I hear of teachers committing crimes against the students! I would argue in favor of extreme vetting for people to become school staff in the first place! Let alone to then be given authorization to then carry a weapon into the school! Blindly giving weapons to teachers would be a bad idea; as you would recklessly risking giving the child abusers amongst that school staff; that much more means to commit violent crimes against the students! And even if the teacher in question is him/her self trust worthy! In light of the Sandy hook elementary school shooting; in which Adam Lanza; son of Sandy hook elementary school teacher Nancy Lanza! Stole assault rifles and other weapons from his mother’s own personal collection; and used them to attack the school! I would strongly insist on asking some pretty hard questions about how those guns are stored after hours! At vary least I would argue that Sandy hook should be held as an example of how important it is; to not only get the proper owner of the gun extensively vetted! But also all other persons living in the house hold! Maybe modern biometric locking smart gun technologies; would have stopped Adam Lanza from using his mother’s guns to attack that school! But given how Nancy Lanza also showed signs of extreme unhealthy gun fanaticism! I am not too sure it was a good idea for her to own any guns her self! And as for vetting criminal records; to weed out the teachers who abuse the students; from getting a weapon! At least 80% of all crimes against children go unreported! Which means the vetting system for purchasing weapons; needs to be extended to seek out other databases and information sources! To better seek out unreported crimes! The Texas church shooting could be held as an example of this! That church shooter was dishonorablely discharged from the U.S. air force! For domestic violence against his wife and child! But the air force didn’t report his dishonorable discharge to the FBI! Thus enabling the church shooter to pass a standard FBI criminal background check; and legally purchase guns from a licensed dealer! If the standard gun purchase background check included checking military records for such unreported dishonorable discharges! That would probably have stopped him getting those guns! Would stopping him getting guns stop a man with military training; from going on such a violent rampage? Maybe not! But it would at least prevent him from having that much of an easier time of it! And just because he would have found another way; doesn’t completely make the use of guns entirely irrelevant! Nor does it make giving guns to such destructive persons a good idea! And with the call to better enforce our existing gun control laws! (Including the second amendment clause! Which lists dishonorable discharge from the military as constitutional grounds for revoking one’s second amendment rights!) At vary least; such extended background checks would be instrumental in such better enforcement of the law!

      • Why not just have teachers and students armed with a good flashlight and see what happens when that person with a weapon has those lights flashed in their eyes,or have all students learn how to use a fire extinguisher as that works when sprayed in ones face to disarm a person as well.

  15. I think that the Sheriff has a lot of explaining to do, where was he, was he hiding too. The Parkland police were right there yet it took the Coral Springs police to go in and finally apprehend the shooter outside. Seems like the sheriff has done everything possible to turn the attention away from him and several of his officers, stopping the EMTs from going in didn’t help the situation either, my God I mean several ROTC students, a coach and another adult were killed trying to help the kids, BUT NOT THE PARKLAND POLICE, sheriff Isreal should be fired and investigated. HE IS A COWARD.

  16. He is right. It was a failure an many parts, FBI, the school officials, and law enforcement in Broward County. Gun control had nothing to do with the evil misguided Nikolas Cruz. He would have found some other way top wreak his mayhem.

  17. 2 points,
    1. Teachers and staff, if willing, should be armed, the idea isn’t necessarily to kill the armed intruder, but to distract them long enough to allow law enforcement to arrive. If one person could have distracted this shooter, from cover the shooter would have either fled or placed his attention on the one defending the students
    allowing the students to get out of harms way.
    2. Telling crazies, criminals and terrorists where to target unarmed population zones is in itself nuts!

  18. Trump rocks on this one. The Broward County … a very large base of Democrat voters, isn’t it?

    I want to know if this sheriff intentionally ordered his deputies to stand down in an attempt to create a nation-wide agenda to ban the assault weapons. If he did, then he is a murderer. Did he? I think he is.

    A group of crisis actors showing up and taking the advantage of their his tragedy … disturbing!

    The DOJ should investigate it.

    • Respectfully, that you even think this could be possible indicates you need help and should not have a gun.

      If the deputy involved was ordered to stand down, would he not have already have asserted that rather then be terminated or resign? Would that not be of record on the radio calls?

      But I agree the DOJ should investigate when there is a real possibility of harm to our country or a crime being committed, as is the case with Mr. Trump and Russia.

  19. Trump’s remark was like any parent who would spontaneously take a bullet for a love so fierce…armed or not. I see nothing amiss with teachers-in-arms…they are ‘surrogate’ parents for 1/3 of a child’s day. Not what teachers were taught in how to lead a classroom but…winds of change…so adapt.

    • I must disagree. Trump’s character demonstrates he could not and would not do it. He can’t even remain faithful to his wife in favor of his own selfish pleasure, so why would he risk his own life? He would not-ever. Cadet bone spurs is a coward and a bully, nothing more.

      Teachers are not surrogate parents at all. They are teachers. An angry student can then overpower a teacher and take the gun from inside the school. Not good.

      If you want ultimate protection, every student capable of carrying a gun should get their own shotgun each day. That would be any 18 yo student. So, there would be MANY deterrents on campus ready to go.

      • Trumps personal life has nothing to do is he is a Good President or husband or parent. He was cleared of adultery so back off. He has done more for this country in a short time then both Bush’s Clinton and the traitor Obama. You liberals make me sick. You are just jealous because he has a wonderful family, a beautiful wife and is a self made man. Do your homework. He wants to save America not line his pockets like the last Presidents we have had. If guns are taken away from citizens next we will be a dictatorship. Is that what you want? Ask the people that live with this kind of government how happy they are. Try eating grass to stay alive like North Koreans!

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