Hillary Clinton bragged about one damning election number that will make your blood boil

Democrats are crowing about the 2022 Midterms.

Leftists beat expectations thanks to a surprising surge in voting.

And now Hillary Clinton bragged about one damning election number that will make your blood boil.

Democrats tried to make abortion on demand the centerpiece of their election pitch to voters.

In Clinton’s campaign stops, the former failed two-time Presidential candidate made sure to hammer home that message.

Clinton claimed the election results – which saw Democrats overperform in the House and Representatives and gain one seat in the Senate – were a referendum on women flocking to the polls to support the Left’s pro-abortion agenda.

“It turns out women enjoy having human rights, and we vote,” Clinton wrote on Twitter.

Clinton also took a victory lap over New York Governor Kathy Hochul securing a narrower than expected re-election win over Republican challenger Lee Zeldin by claiming that her win was also a victory for abortion on demand.

“Congratulations to Gov. @KathyHochul and everyone who fought hard for our values in this election. Win or lose, fighting for what you believe in is always, always worth it,” Clinton declared.

The numbers from the election show that Clinton was correct in many ways.

However, it also shows how American politics are realigning.

Republicans won married men, married women, and unmarried men.

But unmarried women voted Democrat by a 37-point margin.

This surge of single women allowed Democrats to overcome what was a Republican turnout advantage in the election.

Republicans won the popular vote by about three points in 2022.

Under normal circumstances that would have been enough for the GOP to win a decent House majority and flip the Senate by a seat or two.

Democrats spent decades cultivating unmarried women and promoting abortion as the key to moving up the career ladder by claiming that not having children allowed them to continue advancing in the workforce.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the Democrats cranked up the volume on this message to a key constituency.

And while polls show unrestricted abortion on demand is extremely unpopular, the only group who supports it turned out in force.

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