Hillary Clinton destroyed a top rival with this devastating leak

Hillary Clinton takes no prisoners.

Clinton made it clear that if she runs for President in 2024, she will ruthlessly attack her rivals.

And now Hillary Clinton destroyed a top rival with this devastating leak.

Hillary Clinton fanned the flames of her rivalry with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

The two are strongly rumored to run for President in 2024 should Joe Biden not seek a second term.

Clinton looked to settle an old score in NBC reporter Ali Vitali’s new book, Electable: Why America Hasn’t Put a Woman In the White House … Yet, where he reported on Clinton’s reaction to a confrontation in a Democrat Presidential Primary debate between Elizabeth Warren and Sanders.

Sanders responded to a question about him allegedly telling Warren that a woman could not win the Presidency by denying the allegation.

After the debate, a hot mic caught Warren accusing Sanders of calling her a liar.

Vitali wrote that Clinton watched the scene play out and remarked that Sanders’ behavior reminded her of the supposedly “sexist” conduct of Sanders and his supporters during his 2016 Primary challenge against her.

“Hillary Clinton was watching this debate moment, too. ‘I believed her, because I know Sanders, and I know the kind of things that he says about women and to women,’ she told me, her distaste for her 2016 opponent still palpable,” Vitali reported.

Clinton told Vitali that she wished Warren would have pushed back on Sanders during the debate in front of the audience.

“I wish she had done it on mic,” Clinton explained. “I wish that she had pushed back in front of everybody. I think it weakened her response that it was after the cameras were supposedly off and, you know, they were just standing there.”

“I think it’s important that you call it out when it happens, and that was my only regret for her,” Clinton continued.

Clinton then said Warren should have attacked Sanders for his alleged history of sexism.

“I wish she had just turned on him and said, ‘You know, it’s one thing to mislead people about your healthcare plan. It’s another thing to tell someone to her face that a conversation which you know happened didn’t happen.’ I mean, that would have been, I think, a really important moment for her,” Clinton stated.

Of course, what Clinton really means when she accuses Sanders and his supporters of “sexism” is that he challenged her in 2016 and did not give her a free pass to the nomination.

Clinton still blames Sanders for staying in the race until the convention for her loss to Donald Trump.

Of course, that is a deflection from the fact that Clinton was the most unpopular Democrat nominee in history.

But Clinton looking to tar Sanders as a misogynist is an early preview of the type of ruthless campaign she will run if she seeks the Democrat Party nomination in 2024.

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