Hillary Clinton faced one question from a fellow Democrat that you won’t believe

Hillary Clinton may very well be the Democrat Party nominee for President in 2024.

That is forcing the Left to face some tough truths.

And Hillary Clinton faced one question from a fellow Democrat that you won’t believe.

Following her defeat in the 2016 Presidential election, Hillary Clinton claimed anyone who didn’t support her was a Russian agent.

Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was one Democrat who did not endorse Clinton’s campaign because she opposed her hawkish foreign policy.

Following the election, Clinton claimed Gabbard, who is a veteran, was tied to Russia.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Gabbard pushed back against this smear, saying no one in the media demanded Clinton produce evidence that she was a Russian agent.

“It was never questioned,” Gabbard told Carlson. “No one questioned, like, where is your evidence of this?”

“You’re making the most serious accusation one could make,” Gabbard continued. “Where’s the proof?”

Gabbard explained that in Washington, politicians are supposed to toe the company line and never deviate from the establishment views on matters.

Gabbard said this is especially true on foreign policy.

“It points to, kind of, the culture in Washington,” Gabbard declared. “It’s the team spirit – you’re either on our team, or you’re not. You’re toeing the Party line or the company line, or you’re not. And if you dare to challenge, if you dare to question, if you dare to speak the truth about what’s happening – the challenges we face – I think that’s where you see that kind of shift.”

Gabbard told Carlson the media gladly went along with Clinton’s smear campaign against her because she questioned the need to fight a war with Russia over Syria or Ukraine.

“You and I know very well that is not the acceptable culture in Washington,” Gabbard explained. “Because if you do those things, and you go against the grain of what people view as cool, or what the narrative of the day is that is dictated by the power elite… then immediately you become an outcast, you become ostracized.”

At the end of the day, both parties in Washington largely hew to the same establishment foreign policy.

Donald Trump questioned that status quo, and the Deep State spent four years trying to frame him for being a Russian spy.

After Tulsi Gabbard refused to endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016, the establishment turned on her and questioned her patriotism.

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