Hillary Clinton heard one prediction about indictments that should worry every Democrat

The Russiagate scandal is exploding.

Special Counsel John Durham dropped a bombshell court filing outlining a scheme by the Clinton team to spy on Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign and during his time in the White House.

And now Hillary Clinton heard one prediction about indictments that should worry every Democrat.

The Russian collusion narrative continues to unravel as a figment of the imagination of Hillary Clinton and her campaign team.

Special Counsel Durham revealed the Clinton team worked with technology operation Rodney Jaffe to monitor Internet traffic at Trump businesses and at the White House to look for dirt about him and Russia.

The Clinton team allegedly even took their “findings” to the Central Intelligence Agency to try and spur the agency to ramp up its investigation into Trump.

Donald Trump’s former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, appeared on Fox News and predicted this filing by Durham meant more indictments were on the way.

Ratcliffe told Fox News that he met with Durham in the fall of 2020 and shared documents that spelled out how the Obama administration knew the Clinton campaign ran an espionage operation against Donald Trump in 2016.

“To remind viewers, it was in September of 2020 that the first time the public found out when I declassified John Brennan’s handwritten notes, there was a Hillary Clinton campaign plan to create fake Russia collusion allegations or scandal involving Donald Trump. I met with John Durham in my capacity as DNI to share with him some of those documents that have been now declassified but also many other intelligence community documents that evidence what that Hillary Clinton campaign plan involved and who was involved with it that still remain classified. This latest filing as it relates to one of Hillary Clinton’s lawyers, Michael Sussman, all of these filings are details the public is now finding out as John Durham is alleging it as parts of what was the Hillary Clinton campaign plan to falsely accuse Donald Trump of collusion with Russia,” Ratcliffe explained.

Ratcliffe described the allegations against the Clinton team outlined in the Durham filing as a criminal conspiracy and predicted more indictments coming down the pike.

“I would expect there to be frankly quite a few more indictments. I think this conspiracy — I do think there was a criminal conspiracy — is broad and deep. I hope that, obviously, John Durham is moving carefully. But I would expect and anticipate based on the intelligence I’ve seen there will be quite a few more indictments relating to this,” Ratcliffe stated.

The media loves to exaggerate any time there is a scandal involving a Republican President, often claiming that it is worse than Watergate.

In this instance, there is actually a scandal worse than Watergate, as Durham alleged the Clinton team set up a criminal conspiracy to spy on her political rival and the President of the United States to frame him for conspiring with Russian intelligence during the 2016 race.

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