Hillary Clinton is about to get one 2020 offer that she will not be able to refuse

Americans thought when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 that they had seen the last of the former First Lady.

They were wrong.

And now Hillary Clinton is about to get one 2020 offer that she will not be able to refuse.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg poured $300 million of his reported $60 billion dollar fortune in TV ads for his Presidential campaign.

Bloomberg carpet bombing the airwaves with commercials led his poll numbers rising and Bloomberg now sits in third place in most national and Super Tuesday state polls.

And now in an attempt to lock up the support of the Democrat Party establishment – and choke off any last hopes of former Vice President Joe Biden to stage a comeback – Bloomberg’s campaign floated the idea of a potential running mate.

Matt Drudge broke the shocking story that Bloomberg was considering none other than Hillary Clinton as his Vice Presidential selection.

“Sources close to Bloomberg campaign tell DRUDGE REPORT that candidate is considering Hillary as running mate, after their polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be a formidable force . . . Bloomberg himself would go as far as to change his official residence from NY to homes he owns in CO or FL, since electoral college makes it hard for a POTUS and VPOTUS to be from same state,” Drudge reported.

The Bloomberg campaign did not deny the report.

“We are focused on the primary and the debate, not VP speculation,” Bloomberg campaign communications director Jason Schechter told the press.

In a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Clinton said you “never say never” about being asked to serve as Vice President.

But now with Matt Drudge’s report about Bloomberg considering Clinton as a running mate that comment from Clinton is now cast in a new light.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. We already know who won hands down. DJT and if he don’t? Than it’s rigged and we will prolly have a civil war is what I foresee. No war is good. But I foresee the American ppl will not take this sitting down… God bless you Mr ?????

  2. Hillary would climb a tree to tell a lie, rather than speak truth on the ground. SHE LIVES IN DC! Bill Clinton lives in New York State with a leggy blonde who serves as his “wife.”

    Hillary lives in her manse in DC (paid for by funny money) and only votes in New York.

  3. I say to hillary and all the other delusional’s … please run again lol . I need another good laugh . With hillary being a 3 time loser will do the job for me . So please run again lol . She has as much chance of winning as a snowball in hell . You have to be a winner to get sprinkles … sprinkles are for winners and hillarys not . So do the delusional’s proudand run again lol
    Trump 2020 … make the delusional’s cry again

  4. I predict if a republican wins we will have the biggest civil war ever in history before now and after. The American ppl aren’t stupid

  5. Omar tlaib and the rest of them. Your likes and your ways are not wanted here. Go back where you came from I’m guessing that would be the likes of HELL Satan wants you to come home and oh yes take that Satan’s spawn soros with you

  6. Killery needs to go home. She is a corrupt, evil, hateful and disgusting idiot. Bloomberg is just like her. These two would ruin America for good. We need to show America how horrible they would be. Get them out of public eye NOW.

  7. Just thinking out loud. If Mike Bloomberg DIES in office or COMMITS SUICIDE, HILLARY would get her wish to become president. Hey Mike, have you read any of the conspiracy theories about the number of people who have mysteriously died that were associates of the Clintons. Did they ever discover what happened to Seth Rich or Epstein? Probably just a coincidence…PROBABLY.

  8. If Hillary runs as VP (1) you can be sure the polls will be rigged, (2) Bloomberg won’t be president for long (he’ll have an accident or a debilitating health problem)(3) the criminal organization known as the “democrats” will be back in control and we will start a march backwards into anarchy.

  9. What is happening to this country, it all started since BHO????? took office. He has made a deal with the devil, Killary and she would do anything to become president. No wonder Bill screwed Puss? Can you imagine sleeping next to her. I give Obama credit, he was smart not to pick her as his VP. These Liberals are the worst of the worst, let them implode.

  10. Either Mikey will end up like Jeffrey Epstien or, Mikey will silently “hand over the reins” to Hillary, allowing her to run our country (into the ground, no doubt), fulfilling her dreams of that Tuesday in November of 2016.

  11. All candidates have same policies Democrats.No due process,no free speech,no 2A,no heat,no food,just like China.Mayor Pete is CIA knows 7 languages was involved in Libya gun running.Tulsi Gabbard is sponsered by John Podestia & Tulsi sits on Foreign Cousil Now they also want Michaele Obama Democrats are all Evil hate you & Constition Term limits.Trump 2020

  12. Of course she will take VP. She couldn’t win against trump anyway. Next Bloomberg will suddenly ‘commit suicide’ and she will be President! What a plan of hers!! he will join all the other suicided victims that belong to the clintons.


  14. Just proves ” criminals love other criminals ” , But the most evil skank on earth , wow ! ; How stupid can Bloomberg be ? ! Between those 2 there would be terrorists & organized crime criminals running rampant everywhere , with no way to protect yourselves ; you wouldn’t be safe anywhere . Not even at home !

  15. Just Remember Folks , When You cast Your Vote, “Birds of a Feather, Flock Together” and Hillary has proven she is not worth bird Crap~

  16. you are right people around her has a short life spand he would be that stupid she should be in jail house not the white house
    if they win heaven help America

  17. Picking Hillary would be signing his death certificate. If he chooses her for his running mate it just shows how dumb he really is. People around Hillary have a short life span.I truly wish she would go home and just be a grandmother to her daughter kids.

  18. Biden is nothing but a stupid sob who was a suck as to a president that is and has always been a Muslim person of color not African American just a black mfing phony racist communist

  19. She would be the VP for about 30 seconds after the official swearing in and then the ‘President’ would commit ‘suicide’ by shooting himself in the back of the head, several times. Then, the most evil, crooked woman in recent American history would fulfill her dream. Bloomberg CAN’T Possibly be that stupid.

  20. Stacy Adams for president you must be completely ignorant to think she is smart enough to be president
    She would not even get 25 % of African Americans to vote for her
    She would do less than obammie for her race

  21. Do it !!! Just do it !!!! Watching CNN on election night (again) will be priceless !! Not sure there’s enough vodka in the US to satisfy HRC after the loss.

  22. Mike is smart but picking buck toothed Hillary will not make him a winner it will just show that he is classless and stupid to pick her

  23. I am strangely confident that Hillary’s “first lady” days are not all in the rear view mirror. She will one day command a cadre of minions from HELL. I think the Devil himself will be most proud to have her. Bloomberg will play second fiddle to her when he arrives.

  24. Mini Mike and Hillary are one in the same – farmers, women, deplorables, clinging to guns and God. For their own benefit they would screw America

  25. Hillary is about as competent as any other Dem VP choice, which is not saying much whatsoever. However, unlike Sanders, Buttigieg, and Warren, she is not totally insane.

  26. Bloomturd will deserve what he gets with KILLER-Y! She is so hungry to be POTUS, she will arrange for Bloomturd a nice juicy “SUICIDE”. AntiFreeze cocktail! Lye in the coffee! Her mafia daddy taught his little girl to WHACK her opponents while screwing Pelosi in the vineyards!

  27. My guess is, Should the Bloomberg/Clinton be elected to office, Bloomberg has about the same chance of surviving a four year term as Epstein had of testifying in court.

  28. Killery would fit right in. Bluumbug has been found out to be a sexist bigot. Now watch the commiecrats circle their wagons. And more will come out on Mikey

  29. Let them in the race! We will see how popular they get with money. Money is the root of all evil. Becareful what you wish for. Save lots of your campaign loot for your fireworks! Because it will do you no good!

  30. Let the MOB have their fifteen minutes of Fame! Mimi Mike better pick someone else! No telling what she will do to his coffee!!

  31. My hope is that the USA voters are smart enough to know you shouldn’t be able to buy an election which is exactly what Mini-Mike is trying to do. Problem is… I’m not 100% convinced America is smart enough about anything.

  32. If they pull this stunt it seems they will turn off the Bernie Bros. They already stole the 2016 election from Sanders and pissed off his base. Are they going to do it again?

  33. MINI MICKEY better tHINK about having SHILLERY as VP>>>>she has already shopped Amazon to see if they carry “MINI BODY BAGS” on overnnigt free ship deliveries >>>

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