Hillary Clinton is making a new excuse for why she lost the election

The never ending parade of excuses for why Hillary Clinton lost the election rolls on.

Clinton has cited Russian hackers, fake news, and all sorts of rationalizations for why she lost to Donald Trump.

But now a top ally is rolling out a new excuse for her defeat.

Campaign chairman John Podesta laid the blame for defeat at the hands of “shadowy forces” within the FBI.

Politico reports:

“Former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said Monday that “forces within the FBI” may have sought to elect Donald Trump as president.

“There are at least forces within the FBI that wanted her to lose,” Podesta said during an interview with John Heilemann hosted by NewCo. Podesta offered no evidence to back-up his speculation. “I’m not sure they really understood the alternative, but they wanted her to lose. I think that’s one possibility.”

These “forces” could have played a role in FBI Director James Comey’s controversial decision to alert Congress 11 days before the election that the FBI was evaluating more of Clinton’s emails, Podesta said.

The Clinton campaign has long pointed to Comey’s letter as a turning-point in the election which may have caused their electoral college defeat.

He also said pressure from underneath Comey may have pushed him to send the letter.

“He made a bad judgment, and I think virtually anybody who has opined on the topic… have said it was a terrible mistake of judgment,” Podesta said. “And I think it did terrible damage to us. If you look at the polling at that period time, that’s when the race began to tighten in that week.”

The Clintons believe Comey’s letter informing Congress that the FBI was reopening the investigation into her email scandal because of emails discovered on former Congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Weiner was under investigation for sending illicit messages to an underage girl when the emails were discovered.

Comey sent another letter 48 hours later stating none of the emails were new.

But Democrats were furious.

Republicans – however – believe Comey tanked the investigation.

In his press conferences announcing he would not recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton, he described how Hillary lied when she said she never sent or received classified intelligence on her private email server.

Comey noted that 110 emails on 52 chains contained classified information.

But Comey leaned on “intent,” which never appears in the applicable statute as to why he wasn’t bringing charges.

Comey then sent his letter updating Congress on the status of the investigation based on his promise to let Congress know if there were any new developments.

Critics point out that if Clinton and her allies didn’t want Comey to send a letter to Congress informing them he was reopening the investigation into her emails then she shouldn’t have used a private email server to send and receive classified intelligence.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. The real reason she lost is…drum roll..SHE LOST…plain and simple.Thx be to God for that. We dodged a bullet, those suits & her being impeached for the never was 1st man screwing around with the interns.

  2. Why is it so difficult to get my comments posted?
    It usually take 3 or 4 tries.
    Why are the guiltiest people like Hillary and Podesta the ones who
    spout the most nonsense? It is my prayer to God that the truth will be
    revealed to the world about the Clintons and the entire crime syndicate
    that is the Demoncratic party. There are also some Rinos that need to have
    their dirty deeds made public. If it leads to Obama on down to the DNC, so be
    it. Start with Mueller and Rosenstein they are the foxes guarding the hen
    house. Fire them from any further witch-hunt tactics, please!

  3. I wonder just how long Hillary and Podesta can hide before justice finally, if ever,
    catches up to them. Their entire guilty “party” should wind down at any moment.
    You can run, but you cannot hide forever. “Be sure your sins will find you out”.
    A conspiracy is bound to come apart at the seams. There must be at least a few
    honest agents in the FBI who knew or at least suspected how rotten Hillary Rodham
    has been. You cannot kill or bribe every last one of them! Even Soros cannot win
    forever. Sooner or later some brave person or several (safety in numbers) will
    step forward. Please, God, let it be sooner, rather than later.

  4. The NYPD – when they seized that computer from Weiner/Abedin’s home said that they found information on that computer that Bill was not the only Clinton running down to Jeffery Epstein’s “Pleasure Island” for orgies with underaged girls – girls who were trafficked for that purpose. Abedin was HIllary’s top adviser – lover? Her husband – disgraced New York Congressman (D) being investigated for being pedophile. But the NYPD went silent on that. Now we see the head of the NYPD refusing to look for illegal immigrants – maybe he should be investigated too. NYC is democrat controlled and they are doing their best to protect each other – I hope they get all of the rats. I’m sure Donald Trump as a private citizen pays huge taxes in NYC and has the clout to get an investigation into all of that corruption going. Trump is a native New Yorker – Hillary Clinton is a carpetbagger. She only moved there so she could peruse the political power she craves. Clinton and Obama are both carpetbaggers – Obama went to Illinois – why? He is supposedly from Hawaii – did he go to Illinois because that’s where his likely real father Frank Marshall Davis is from? Davis was a known communist – boyfriend of Ann Dunham – and Obama called him a mentor. John Podesta was exposed as a devil worshipper – he has also been accused of torturing a child, If he did not torture the child why has he not sued for slander? There are so many lies and evidence of corruption that have been exposed but how much more is yet to be discovered? These people are absolute scum. The sooner they are brought to face the music the better for the whole country.

  5. This woman is beyond dishonest, she is pure EVIL. That whole family is sick. Don’t they get it- enough of these career politicians, you know Bushes, Clintons. Hillary Clinton despises the American people, she has nothing but contempt for them because she is so untouchable. All I can say is the lake of fire is going to be a rude awakening for a lot of these hate filed democrats.

  6. She lost because she is a common criminal, and everyone that is honest and sees the truth knows that. The Democrats know they had a bad candidate, but would rather cause trouble than admit it and accept the President, “We The People” voted for. After all, we put up with O’Bummer 8 years while he tried to destroy our country and divide all segments of the population. They’re sore losers and are only destroying their party by acting like spoiled children.

  7. Intent or ignorance is no excuse for violating the law. I put the FBI at fault and the late release did hurt Hillary as well. A crime is a crime and the director of the FBI should be fired. We need to sop name calling and deal with facts and policy only.

  8. I heard that many agents threatened to go public or resign if she wasn’t indicted. Based on that rumor, I’d say she escaped by the hair on her chinny chin chin. And if I heard the rumor, they certainly weren’t shadowy.

  9. It is so clear to me, if she is still searching for a reason as to why she lost the election then she just has no concept as to how dismayed the electorate is with the status quo, it was clearly evident that she planned to just continue on as is, giving no thought to the general electorate who is completely fed up with elite, aloof, uncaring leaders, we DO want to be able to reach out and touch our leaders and we want them to reach out and touch us.

  10. Psychologists studying convicted and incarcerated felons have observed an almost universal phenomenon: When asked by another person, a researcher posing as a fellow prisoner, “What did you do wrong?” The frequent rejoinder is not “I robbed the bank and shot the sheriff.” It’s “I didn’t drive the getaway car into the lake where they couldn’t find it” – “I shouldn’t have started spending the money” or “I should have destroyed that hard drive in a fire and blamed it on Russian arsonists wearing ‘Make America Great’ caps.” There’s an advantage in not pointing out to the Progressive Democrats that they did this to themselves.

  11. Hillary should never have ran for the presidency. Her scandals and corruption and I am above the law attitude were the the reasons for her defeat. Maybe Beyoncé and Jayzee can bring her in on the celebrity scene because her political career is OVER. Thank God!!!!

  12. hilary lost because all the crooked deals and her f**k you i’m above the law attitude caught up with the OLD hag’ after the e mail scandal 3/4ths of america was in ANYONE BUT HILARY MODE and it showed on november 8th’ THANK GOD

  13. Wasnt it Clinton who asked at one of the debates…. will you accept the results of the election?hmmmmmmmmmmmm. just saying……….. wah wah wah…………….. LOL

  14. The reason she really lost was because she made it clear she was going to do all the things obama wanted to do, and most of us was fed-up with a do nothing leader who lied as bad as the clintons

  15. Hillary Clinton has lost the election because of her over confidence and taking the people for granted that they will put up with her lies after lies. She comes out arrogant and portrays her to be above the law which led to her humiliating defeat.

  16. Next she will be claiming the reason she lost the election was because the “Sky is falling” Anything but the truth.

  17. Only thing that Mrs. Clinton needs to do is LOOK IN A MIRROR–the image she is facing is the reason she is not President Hillary Rodham Clinton. Following the laws and being honest with herself and the citizens that might have helped.

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