Hillary Clinton is on the verge of suffering the biggest humiliation of her life

Hillary Clinton thought losing the 2016 election was the lowest moment of her life.

She is about to be in for a rude awakening.

That’s because one announcement will be the biggest humiliation of her life.

Hillary Clinton just can’t quit her lust for power.

The two-time failed Presidential candidate cannot let go of her defeat in 2016.

Many pundits thought that was the end of her Presidential aspirations.

But Clinton – who thinks winning the popular vote means something – now refuses to close the door on another White House bid.

The Hill reports:

Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, reportedly has yet to rule out running for the Oval Office again in 2020.
CNN White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny said Sunday on CNN’s “Inside Politics” that Clinton told people “as recently as this week” that she isn’t “closing the doors to the idea of running in 2020.”
“I’m told by three people that as recently as this week, she was telling people that look, given all this news from the indictments, particularly the Roger Stone indictment, she talked to several people, saying ‘look, I’m not closing the doors to this,’ ” Zeleny said.
“It does not mean that there’s a campaign-in-waiting, or a plan in the works,” he continued.

The Democrat field is expected to reach 20 candidates.

Cranks, professional race baiters, socialists and a number of left-wing loons will pile into the Democrat Presidential clown car.

Clinton thinks her name recognition and ability to raise obscene sums of money will give her an advantage.

But polls consistently show Democrats do not want her to run.

If Clinton jumps in the race she could end up suffering a humiliating defeat in the Democrat Primary much in the same way Jeb Bush’s 2016 campaign ended with a whimper.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. God help us all! If she would be elected, her title would be, Hitlery instead of President. She would attempt to pass a law to castrate all men because of being burned by slick Will…even tho I can’t hardly blame him, lol

  2. Obama played citizenship to his advantage. As a student he received taxpayer funded tuition by claiming foreign exchange status; as a prudential candidate, he claimed US citizenship. Total liar.





  4. I like how “she won the popular vote” pays no attention to the shenanigans the demoncrats pulled against Bernie and Trump.

  5. I say, let her run with one condition. She be fully vetted and investigated by Trey Gowdy and the sentenced for crimes against the country and collusion with the Russians.

  6. Hey Mark you are so far left you can’t even figure out how to celebrate one of the MOST TALENTED AND GREAT POTUS the USA has ever had Too bad you won’t take your head out of the sand long enough to see/hear/ believe the true facts Go Trump. MAGA. Build the rest of the wall we need to be a protected nation

  7. She didn’t win the popular vote, not even close. When you subtract all of the illegals, and dead people, not to mention all of the Trump votes that were lost, Trump likely won by 20 million votes. There were more votes for Hitlery in Kalifornee, than they have legal voters.

  8. I can’t disagree, Diana, but putting it to death would be too humane. She should serve a life sentence, with no chance of parole, so she can rot in prison.

  9. I don’t believe that she won the popular vote. There was a lot of voter fraud going on there. Thank goodness we have the electoral college, that puts down the “so called” popular vote.

  10. She lived through the humiliation of Slick Willie sleeping with everyone but her becoming public knowledge, survived it being shown her Child looks like another man not her Husband in the least little bit. and she survived her second smack down as a Candidate for the White House. A bid she was told by All was a shoe in. She a politician was beaten by a non-politician. Hopefully she will run and get shot down in a MASSIVE WAY so we won’t have to hear another word from or about her till she is put in a pube box.

  11. Angelika Griffin –
    This hurt basking person seems to WANT more and more HURT to satisfy the way she feels and she seems to be hunting for more hurts to satisfy her hurt feelings and to make her look like ashe needs to be looked after and to be cared for by all of those the were on her side and to try to make her feel good even if they have to HURT her some more to make HER , sentence her to death or hit her even more to punish her even more, because it makes her feel GOOD.
    The more we hurt her the better she seems to feel.

  12. Too be allowed to carry this Muller thing as far as it has gone is a spit in your eye to every red blooded American. When are the Republicans going to grow some BALLS and fight back at the Demos who are demolishing our country so they can stay in the congress and keep going back in with illegal votes. The republicans know this is happening but don’t do anything about it. So they are just as responsible.

  13. Well, THEY “said” they would NOT, NEVER allow piglosi to become speaker AGAIN….AND HERE we are…..!!!! MONEY makes everything HAPPEN…..!!! MONEY talks, BS walks…maybe right back into the White House….????? Just sayin…..!!!

  14. D.A.N., I need to clarify 1 point. I voted for Trump and I will do so again jyst to keep the anti-American Democrat party out of power.

  15. God forbid!!!! She didn’t win the popular vote if you count all the voter fraud. If she should ever get elected , I will NEVER comply with any of her commie governing. Anarchy!!!!! Who will stand with us sovereign citizens?

  16. How many of those popular votes came from illegal aliens permitted to vote in California and other states that have loose or no protections against voter fraud???

  17. I hear Dolly Parton singing ” Here you come again “. Just when we think she’ll learn to shut up, we find she doesn’t know how to. Again.

  18. By voting for her, you voted for the person who would have done the most damage to the country. She should have been tried and convicted of so many crimes by now that the only way she and her husband would get out of prison is in a Pine box. A RICO case here only was blocked because the judge was a Clinton appointee.

  19. It will be interesting to see them all point out to her that she has already failed twice and that the same old s–t on a different day still smells.

  20. Mike That was a mean thing to say. I don’t like any of them but should not wish ill on any of them. They will do it to themselves.

  21. Maybe if we just give Ms. Hil’LIAR’ a trophy for winning (fraudulently) the popular vote, she’s go to lala land and be happy thinking in her own mind she won the presidency.

  22. Oh, that would have been music to my ears. No such luck. Hil’LIAR’ will not run in 2020, she only wants to be throwing it around to remain relevant. She can’t let people forget she is still alive (half). With her poor health, can’t even walk up or down steps without help, could you envision her with a foreign dignitary who would have to help her get her fat arse up out of a chair. She’s totally irrelevant and in a dream world.

  23. Hey Mark, I’m not happy with any of them actually. After what Clinton did to my late dad, I had to vote for for Trump. I actually wanted Ben Carson. Anyway the last candidate I like was Ross Perot. Of course to many Bush people voted for Bush. Overall government is the problem. Keep it to core levels and let the people do the rest.

  24. I was hoping this headline meant she was awakened by the FBI at 3am and hauled off to be indicted. Oh well one can dream can’t one?!

  25. Put in prison long ago, hmmmmmm. Lets see, Vince Foster suicide???,Waco Massacre ??? The 747 that went down off the New Jersey coast that witnesses saw a smoke contrail ascending from beyond the horizon, with FBI
    agents there to gather up any pictures that were taken. How were they conveniently there so quick??? And how many women has that sorry ass husband of hers sexually assaulted without any jail time yet??? Bill and Hillary Clinton are a modern day version of a King of Israel and his wife after Israel split from Judah after King Solomon’s death. They’re King Ahab and his wife “JEZEBEL!” He had a lot of interaction with the Prophet Elijah.

  26. You are doing well helping people in Puerto Rico recover from hurricaine damage. Just continue doing your work there, because you don’t have a chance of becoming the Democratic Nominee.

  27. I think if someone would have given her a “You’re a winner” trophy even when you lost, she might not be here buzzing around.

  28. I just want to see her and Bernie and all the Democrats all have massive heart attacks on stage that would be a good laugh

  29. Hey Bob,
    You very likely also “vited” forTrump who will also, very likely, be booted out of office Nixon fashion. Better yet he will lose the election in 2020 by the greatest margin in electoral history so he will learn just how many of us voters believe he is/was the most rotten president in our entire history. In 2016 I was certainly no Clinton supporter but faced with the choice between a candidate who is a narcissistic, a grifting confidence man as well as an egocentric, self centered, draft dodging, bigoted, bullying, traitorous, womanizing, lecherous, crooked, cheat and moreover; the poorly educated world class lying bag of s**t she was running against, I made the moral decision to do what was going to do the least damage to our country. Sadly, with the help of Russian Hackers and sleazy, unscrupulous, campaign managers Trump somehow managed to win the election thanks also to Republican gerrymandering that concentrated the electoral college vote in the grifter favor. He did lose the popular vote by more than 3 million votes but that, regretfully is water under the bridge, and even more sadly the country and, in fact, the world is paying for his basically illegal election win as I write this.

  30. I love it she is smoking the same Camel Sh— the two Muslem congressional women, Kamilla Harris, and Blomberg are smoking. Clinton sold our country out they both belong in jail.

  31. I love that so many Dems are running for President. When they all get up on that stage during the debates, they’re going to beat the poop out of each other. I can’t wait to see it.

  32. Anything that will humiliate her will make my day .
    Has she ever went back to the forest and picked up her wine bottles ,
    What an old cow

  33. Run Hillary Run for President of the Health Care System of ill health of the diseased of Human failure.

  34. Should of been in prison longggg ago…. And more so now…… Hey Killary! Where’s the$$$$ from the urainum deal with Russia and the Pentagon! We know that you are corrupt and greedy and Mueller and obo too… Thats why you stole from We the People’s house and from Haiti…. You old greedy crime hag… Lock her up….. Mr. President Trump 2020????????????????????????????????????????????????

  35. the more the better for our great President to win again……Hillary is a disgrace and a few others are the same.

  36. Pete: LOL! I always hear the theme song of the Three Stooges (which is the song “Three Blind Mice”).

  37. She just keeps going and going Hope her battery runs dry soon And the dummies that vote for her are no better MAGA 2020

  38. Oh this to funny! Let that 2X loser lose again!
    With that said, that’s what they said about Nixon. On the 3rd time he won. I know, I vited for Nixon in my 1st election, his 4th run. Unfortunately that term ended with Watergate.

  39. The more candidates the Democrats have, the better odds for our President! There will be in Party fighting, the TEARING of flesh amongst the demonrats until the last bloody person is standing. Talk about back stabbing and malicious slurs! It’s going to be a blood bath especially if Killary enters!
    Bring pop corn and drinks! The best is yet to come!

  40. Hillary is very, very, very bad. Yep.

    It is very hard to indict her. Why? Look at the FBI corruption. They are on her side. Proof? They barged inside the home of a whistleblower. Wow.

    That’s scary.

    Even two federal judges (one of them is Clinton-appointed) are fighting to seal the evidence.


  41. Is it odd that, every time I hear that yet another Demonrat is throwing their hat into the POTUS ring, all I hear in my head is the Warner Brothers theme song?

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