Hillary Clinton is panicking after she was hit with a nasty surprise she never saw coming

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Hillary Clinton was the beneficiary of favorable treatment from the FBI.

Her ability to duck accountability for many scandals could be coming to an end.

Now Hillary Clinton is panicking after she was hit with a nasty surprise she never saw coming.

The release of Special Counsel John Durham’s final report revealed that the FBI wasn’t justified in pursuing their investigation into former President Donald Trump over the Russian collusion hoax.

Durham’s report also raised eyebrows for what it revealed about the FBI’s treatment of failed 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

While the FBI was gung-ho to investigate Trump, they treated Clinton with kid gloves.

The FBI had at least four investigations into Bill and Hillary Clinton before the 2016 Presidential Election that were shut down.

The report revealed that the FBI was investigating allegations from a “well placed” confidential informant that two foreign governments were trying to gain influence with Hillary through illegal donations to her doomed Presidential campaign.

FBI agents were given information on an illegal $2,700 campaign contribution that was followed by another “substantial” donation.

Three FBI field offices in Little Rock, Arkansas, Washington, D.C., and New York opened investigations in early 2016 into the Clinton Foundation for “possible criminal activity.”

The Durham report revealed that senior FBI and Obama regime officials decided to shut down these criminal investigations into the Clintons.

The explosive findings in the Durham Report are leading Republicans to call for the FBI to reopen their investigations into the Clintons.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is investigating the politicization of the FBI on the House Judiciary Committee’s Weaponization of the Federal Government subcommittee.

“The Clintons had a team of people at the FBI running interference for them to avoid criminal culpability,” Gaetz told the Daily Mail. “These matters absolutely warrant additional exposure and review.”

Fox News contributor and former chair of the House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz said that investigations into the Clintons should be reopened because the FBI “didn’t complete its job.”

“They had the scent, they were on the trail, and they were shut down by the higher ups who had an obvious political desire to see Donald Trump lose and Hillary Clinton win,” Chaffetz said. “It’s disgusting really. Absolutely these investigations should be revisited.”

Chaffetz said that House Republicans should hold hearings with FBI agents that were working the cases against the Clinton Foundation and conduct public interviews.

Durham found that a 2016 report from the FBI’s Little Rock field office found possible evidence that “large monetary contributions were made to a non-profit, under both direct and indirect control of [a] federal public official, in exchange for favorable government action and/or influence.”

Major questions about foreign money flowing into the Clinton Foundation are still unresolved after the FBI shuttered its investigations.

The FBI reopening their investigations into the Clinton Foundation would give Bill and Hillary Clinton many sleepless nights.

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