Hillary Clinton just announced something that has Republicans rejoicing

In 2016 Democrats underestimated just how unlikeable Hillary Clinton is.

It’s a big reason why she lost in both her presidential runs.

And in a recent interview, she made an announcement that has Republicans jumping for joy.

Hillary Clinton is refusing to fade from public life.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Clinton stated defiantly, “I’m not going anywhere.”

After the 2016 campaign, many Americans were hoping she’d just go away.

But with her misstatements and deep unpopularity, Republican operatives now see an opportunity to continue tying her to swing state Democrats across the country.

While some Hillary supporters are still dreaming up whacky theories to make her President (like this recent QUORA question: “If Democrats win in 2018, should they make Hillary Clinton Speaker of the House, then impeach and remove Trump and Pence, making Hillary President?), most realize the liability she’s become.

A recent headline from The Atlantic whined, “Hillary Clinton’s High Profile Is Hurting the Democrats,” going on to say “at this rate she will harm her political future and aid the GOP.”

The Guardian interviewer asked Hillary if “she ever considered the possibility that her most effective contribution to healing the country’s divisions would be to withdraw from public life”… ouch.

She replied, quite embarrassingly, by making a comparison (while claiming she wasn’t) of herself to Churchill!

“I’m sure they said that about Churchill between the wars, didn’t they?” she flashes back sharply, a fraction too quickly for the line to sound spontaneous. “I mean, I’m not comparing myself, but I’m just saying people said that, but he was right about Hitler, and a lot of people in England were wrong. And Churchill was a pain. He kept popping up all the time.”

Whether it’s pride or a stunning lack of self-awareness, Hillary Clinton is refusing to leave the scene.

So, with the November elections just around the corner, Republicans may rejoice knowing Hillary Clinton isn’t going anywhere — and her unpopularity will continue to weigh heavily on Democrats across the country.

What are your thoughts?

Should Hillary Clinton just go away? Or do the pros outweigh the cons for Republicans that she remains in the public spotlight?



  1. I hope she runs again. Maybe she will finally be convinced that she is ancient history, unwanted, and unelectable. She is delusional enough to think that people will vote for her THIS TIME over Trump. She and Elizabeth Warren could make a ticket like no other, 2 women who think they are capable of running the country, who think that people love them and will vote for an all woman slate. In spite of all her and Bill’s crimes I don’t think either one of them will ever be brought to justice since we have a two tier system now; the elites and the peons. We have become just another corrupt nation, like many others around the globe, and we will never recover unless enough people see the light. There are many, many people who would still vote for her, and for Pochahantas, just because they are women. Ignorant voters don’t look at issues; they vote on “feelings and emotions”. Sad but true.

    • So true and…sad.
      I am a woman and I would vote for a woman IF she was the better candidate. NOT solely based on her gender, race or religion. OMG! NOT CRIMINAL HILLARY!! She needs to be fitted for an orange jumpsuit and spend her time behind bars. At least she isn’t killed in gunfire like the Soldiers she left out to die as she went to bed. The Obamas and the Clintons did more to harm our Nation than many others who are getting the grief. Why let them off? They made millions trading secrets and arms and making promises(she cannot keep now that she is not our President)to other countries!
      But times have changed and there are so many very dumb people out there (illegals aside) that do not have a brain to think with and they will vote based on the sole fact that these two LIARS were born female. Much like the chaos with Kavanagh! All because she was a female does not give her card blanc to lie! She was a paid liar! Anyone should have been able to see that! It was an choreographed performance that she was paid well for. She then remodeled her home with some of those funds! After she brought all of this attack mode tension garbage on us all she feels she deserves a protective fence around her? She is special. She has lied and worked against our government for decades. And now this!
      Pocahontas was proven to be a liar who embezzled funds from the school system to put her into a better position in life! She does not need to pay it back?! Really? Why? She is a liar! She insulted the Cherokee people! Why can people not see that? Perhaps because they do not want to! Lazy? Or just plain stupid? Dangerous.
      And now the next stupid woman in Congress!? She doesn’t even know the laws or the branches of our government. Or how government is ran but she is now put into a position of authority?! AMONG ALL OF THE FOOT IN MOUTH SITUATIONS SHE HAS HAD ALREADY now she tells a large group of Jewish persons that she too, is Jewish!? Prove it. School children have more intelligence than this person does. Again another stupid woman! So embarrassing. I am sorry. They are a bunch of liars. Male or Female doesn’t seem to matter. I am ashamed to be considered to be one of the females! And how about the Woman’s March? Too many whites to hold it!? That’s really dumb! Reverse bias. Cannot have a group unless the various races are all accounted for?

  2. Why not give them a way out? Say fill a large swimming pool with Drano
    Sodium hydroxide and tell her she is free if she jumps in and swims
    the length of the pool–Drano gets rid of fat and cleans drains as well.
    It burns horribly Job done and no more cost to Country afterwards.:)

  3. She Belongs in JAIL…….anyone that would sell our Uranium to Russia does NOT have the United States best interest in mind, she is corrupt Big Time, all this woman wants is to Line Her Own Pockets with Millions of Dollars, cares Nothing about the working class people, she Blatantly Sold us out…..

    • So true! So WHY is she still free and spending more everyday?
      Where is our enforcers? Arrest her!
      We need to take control of the chaos! Send the illegal invading foreigner ciminals home and fill up our jails and prisons with our own criminals! Such as Hillary, Waters and so many more!

  4. She stands a better chance of being Snowhite with the dwarfs that becoming President, as a two time loser her platform would be her ego and that’s so crooked even the devilrats wouldn’t touch her.

  5. Crooked Hillary is wrong when she says “I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE”. Oh, but she IS going somewhere. In view of all her crooked, criminal, lying and illegal acts, it’s quite apparent she’s will go some places where she does not wish to go. She’ll be meeting with her Creator on day, as we all will, but I think He’s going to tell her where he plans for her to go — and she won’t like it there!!!

  6. Let her keep brig theCRAZEY PERSON-SHE I S it just makes it better go the RED Party the more crazy things she says it just hurts the Democrats more and more. The. Justes Department need to go after her and Bill and send them bough to Prison for what thay both have done to this Country and the way thay have treated the people in this Country in getting Money from them Frodujently in there Charty Funding Croked ways thay are doingto the people to get Money from it will finely come out in the end.

    • Hillary is the gift that eeps giving to Republicans. Not only did she get Trump eected, but now she has Mad Max, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and several other Democrati poiticin helping get Republicans elected.

  7. Hillary Clinton has announced that she is not going away. She claims she won the “popular vote” by 3 million more votes than Trump had so that leads her to think that if she runs for POTUS again, this time she will win. No Hillary, you will not because the number of people that voted against you in 2016 has probably grown by at least 75% more people. So even if you can hang on to the imagined 3 million “popular votes” you claim to have had, You will still be a LOSER!’ Every time you hit the stage and start whining and making a fuss about the fact that YOU LOST and TRUMP WON, you force more and more people like me to say “Thank You God” that this insane liar DID NOT win and that her political career is now over. Nobody would cast a vote for you even if you were just running for the position of head pooper scooper at the town Rodeo. NO one likes you! No one trust you! No one wants to be anywhere near you! NO one, NO one, No one! Get used to hearing that because it is all that is left for you!!!!

    • When they investigated the 2016 election they found that over 3 million illegals voted for Hillary and also almost that many dead people. Dead people always vote in Democratic elections. They visit graveyards to get names to put on their voting rolls. They have cheated on elections for the past 50 years.

  8. The electoral college is the system that big population states won’t “bully”lesser states.In a smaller.scale that’s what Gerrymandering do.

    • Mike, congressional districts are small areas. Some of those areas are made up of idiots. Don’t count her out. God forbid!!!

      • Every thing is moving along as predicted including the Trump victory, the tantrums and riots liberals would be involved in trying to “remove” him from his rightfully elected office, to One Supreme Court Judge will die, but it won’t be who you think it is, one will retire, and three will be caught up in a scandal. There will be military tribunals to try Killary and BO and they will finally be held accountable for all their corrupt and evil actions. Things are changing because of Donald Trump. It was a heaven sent victory, and the Army of God will win over Satan’s Army. Has anyone seen or heard from BO? NO! Word has it that he is hiding out knowing that he has been exposed and will be held accountable.

        • Yep, we heard from BHO today. He is in South Africa. While he is out of the country, revoke his passport and make him supply a true birth certificate to try to get back in.

    • Well the loony left is calling Barry ahhh Obama the real President,they live in an alternate universe. Let them stay there.

  9. Stick around Hillary Clinton. Because the things that are NOW coming to light about you and Mueller along with Obama; and the Uranium One deal you three (and probably others) made with Russia is truly helping. And that e~mail scandal of yours isn’t gone yet dear. So you just go ahead and stay in the limelight. Because WE THE DELORABLE on the RiGHT along with some NEW DEPLORABLES from the left are feasting off of your crazy speeches and meltdowns on live tv.

  10. The ‘gaul’ 0f Some ppl. ( to say ‘stuff’)
    = Especially ‘the gaul’ (bladder’)
    of Hillary. The ‘gaul’ & ‘bile’ of hillary ‘spew’
    Is Unconscionable.
    > Any Docs in the house ??? Ahem. Please, Clean her up.

  11. Let her go ahead and continue. Y’all know the phrase “Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.” This is what we want to do with a major stumbling block. Let her do her best to do what is worse for the Democrats. A building usually comes down faster when the supports on the inside are taken out first. The wrecking ball had it’s usefulness but to be more precise, inside work is the best. Or like one tainted apple will taint and rot the entire barrel.

  12. hillary and everyone affiliated with her should be imprisoned for crimes against America and Americans ,the crimes committed put citizens in danger and let criminals into our country ,i have no doubt they are involved in slave trading illegals immigrates and every crime they can get away with with the help of the FBI and demo(rats) they all should be investigated and imprisoned for life without parole

  13. I sincerely hope that Hillary sticks around. She really helps the GOP and I find her to be excellent entertainment.

  14. always thought ole wild bill Clinton was a real scumbag……but now I have sympathy for him…and don’t blame bill for chasing every skirt he could…..if I had to wake up next to Hillary every morning….I too would be looking for human female companionship….

  15. A couple of comments. I didn’t know (nor does anyone else) that Hillary Clinton ran twice for the presidency, but she did win the presidential election she ran in — by almost 3 million votes; she lost the electoral college vote in a handful of states by a handful of votes, which is a system no other democratic country uses. If a Republican were in the same situation, let me hazard a guess, you would argue he/she had won. And that would be a rational opinion – up against the same outdated system.
    Also, at the time Hillary was Secretary of State her approval rating was above 60%, and she’s done nothing since to materially change that accept being on the receiving end of right wing propaganda based on misrepresentation and lies about anything she did. And that includes the emails.

    • Maybe you should wake up and smell you’re flesh burning..the dumorats don’t give 2 sheites about you or you’re opinion,unless you’re putting them on a pedastil..

    • Bill, Hillary DID try twice for president….she lost to Obama in the primary the 1st time, the 2nd when she was beaten by Trump!
      Regarding the “3 million votes” that she won by….Part of those votes came from California. In California we have a real problem in that there are a lot of dead people, fictional characters such as Donald Duck, and illegal aliens voting. When my mother came to live me, she started receiving mail/flyers from the democrat party. She didn’t register, nor did I register her, here…..so I don’t know who, how, or what but she now is/was on the voter roles as a democrat…which is very offensive as she was not a democrat.
      The reason for the electoral college is so that each state has representation. Each state’s votes matter. And the Founding Fathers brilliantly created this system to protect our country from becoming similar to the practices of the despotic countries of the world.

    • Don’t smoke any more of that stuff, IF she would have won imagine where we would be, this broad and I do mean broad is a fienstein, pelosi, waters all rolled into one, she’s not a leader she’s a liar and she lied right to you if you PAY ATTENTION, her first job in 1977 she was FIRED for lying, do you have any idea what your talking about ?????

    • Before I start, so that you give me some credit and don’t make assumptions, I am not Republican, and I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary election.
      Now, no offense, but you must either be extremely young or have a very poor memory. Hillary Clinton ran for presidency against Obama in the Democrat primaries.
      The electoral college is very important, and if a president I had voted for won the popular vote but lost the electoral college, I would not be upset – not any more than anyone would be that their choice lost the election.
      The electoral college is extremely important because the United States is FAR BIGGER than any other democratic state, and is made up of unique states which have agreed to cooperate under the federal government as a united confederation of states, more like the European Union than a country such as Italy. The United States is almost the size of a continent, it reaches from one ocean to another. This is highly unusual. Inside of the United States are many different and unique cultures (partly the result of different demographics from different regions of the world having immigrated there or been there).
      If you went by the popular vote, only the East Coast would ever have a say in anything. The entire rest of the country would have no voice. Each U.S. state is the size of a country, and has a UNIQUE CULTURE just like any country. The cultures of New England do not even slightly resemble the culture of the Northwest, or the Southwest, or the Midwest, or really anywhere else. And those regions also do not resemble each other. Then the cultures break down smaller, even, to each individual state.
      If all of Asia had a presiding government, and they voted for a president, and used the popular vote, only China would ever have a say in who was president. India might be able to sway things a bit. But Central Asia, Russia, and the Middle East would all have no say whatsoever in who was president. Does that make sense? Or would that unbelievably bigoted, to wipe out entire cultures’ point of view? Do the cultures of the Middle East, of Central Asia, or northern Asia (which is basically Russia) not matter? In that hypothetical scenario, would it be okay for only the cultures of China to have any say in what happened for all these other regions?
      The electoral college exists to prevent that. The United States may not be as large as Asia, but it is nevertheless gigantic and has many unique cultures within it. Each state, which represents a unique nation and a unique culture, gets a say. The culture of that state collectively has a say. Nebraska may have an extremely low population, but their culture is not worthless and they deserve representation. If we went by popular vote alone, Nebraskans might as well not even be citizens of the United States, Nebraska may as well secede and leave the union, because they are just under the thumb of other cultures and have no representation in the union they are a member of – they are not equal, in that case, but being taken advantage of.
      This is why the electoral college matters. I support every state – a nation in its own right – having a say in who becomes president of the union of states. Don’t forget that “state” means “country” and is a synonym – France is a state. It is not a coincidence that we call them “states” in the United States.
      Thank you if you took the time to read this. This is just a very important concept and I am really tired of hearing people argue to wipe out the majority of the country’s representation.

      • You must have never listen to Bernie when ask how he planned on paying for all this free stuff his answer was tax every working American 50% of each work man and woman income can you afford that not me it would bankrupt most people listen to his second speech when he was running for president I think everyone who voted for Bernie or hilery should be shipped to a 3rd world country live there for 1 month so they could see what America would have become

    • Our democratic system is based on our constitution and popular vote is of no consequence so why even bring it up. The bitch lost, thank God.

    • Bill Lockman, the reason for the Electoral college is without it, California and New York would decide all our elections because of population. That would be horrible for the rest of the Country that does`t have it`s head up Democrat`s asses. You are a dumb-ass.

    • Why the Hell isn’t she in PRISON?! Her and her husband inundate the country with cocaine back in the day and make billions….kids tried it, were branded ‘Felons’ and 40 years later these kids can’t get a job at the local Walmart!!! Meanwhile the Clinton’s get to live in White House…What is wrong with this picture…Lock them BOTH up!!!

  16. I heard they are looking for a dishwasher in the White House kitchen! What a perfect position for Hillary! As she enters the White House, (through the service entrance), she can scream out, “I’m BACK!

  17. the worst thing for democrats is to let Bill and Hilary along with Maxime Waters keep talking for it is very decisive to our country and the people know it. so, either start giving constructive criticism with real solutions or go home. we have a great many problems here in our country that require constructive solutions and that is what the American people should demand of ALL politicians. America needs help so turn your negative comments into “workable solutions.”

  18. As much as she may help the Republicans and hurt the democrats I am sick of hearing her voice, seeing her face, She thinks she is above the law. She broke the law and belongs in prison. The next time i see her I want to see handcuffs on her hands in a bright orange jumpsuit.

    • I have watched this woman since she and Slick Willy came on the national scene, and every time that she makes an appearance it just THRILLS ME TO NO END!!! With her CROOKED past just a “KEY-STROKE” away, is any information that a person needs to find out just how devious and crooked this woman is. She is a welcome sight for me every time she makes an appearance, and a double delight whenever she appears with Slick Willy! Between the Rapist and the BENGHAZI Killer, they ensure a Republican win every time they show up! I wonder how they will react when their grandkids look up and ask them,,,,Grandpa, did you really rape all those women???, and Grandma, did you defend him and shame the women???

      • She may be in prison for crimes against the country during the next election. That would be fine with me; she could take the whole obama adminstration with her.

  19. I can deal with a lot if a person/political candidate is honest. I may not agree with him/her, may in fact strongly disagree with him/her, but if he or she is honest, sincere, and in it for the right reasons (to serve the American people rather than grab power, make megabucks, etc.), I can put up with a lot and can even respect that person. But in my personal opinion, the truth is simply not in the Clintons. I can even go as far to say that although I did not vote for him either time, Bill in some respects wasn’t a bad president, but I certainly do not respect him. And her even less so. If that makes me a “Deplorable”, then I’m proud of it!

  20. Please keep that corrupt old has been speaking just as a reminder to Democrats just what they have become! Basically just like her! who compared Trump supporters to deplorable which was kinda the last straw before elections! Keep Drunken Pelosi speaking and make sure Mad Maxine keeps calling for violence on republicans and cabinet members! They have become close to a terrorist party with their vile statements about Trump and his supporters! A lot of democrats are also fed up with what has happened to this party it’s disgusting and very anti American the way they are supporting illegal criminals and their needs before Americans!! What Schumer tweeted on July 4th was so vile and disgusting he has also lost his mind! Check out his tweet outrageous!!

  21. The Rosanne show is beneath Fox news dignity. Rosanne is not worth watching. she is a fat ******. Fox news is an educational channel. the 2 do not mesh. Fox is WAY above Rosanne, the slob.

  22. She has to run because she must someday be president in order to repay all of the nimrods from whom she and Bill took $millions for favors promised. They are liable to end up Fostered if ya get my drift!

    • Hillary got on check from Mr. George Soros for $8 million! The UAW blew $1.7 Billion trying to get her elected! What a waste! I wouldn’t give her a dime to get into a toilet. The DamnOCraps have done more harm to this country any group.

      • What about the foreigner’s(Muslims)that gave her millions before her Presidential run against Trump and another $45M to beat him so she could do them “favors” after she got into office? Fake news? I very much doubt it!
        Then her campaigning so strongly for the “Children taken from their Mothers” while breaking our laws, when she, herself, supposedly, killed several of the Clinton’s babies she did not want at the time by Abortion. So it appears, that her part in the death of others is to be only an issue morally when it fits her agenda?
        The more you hear about this person the more disgusting she becomes. Jail is too good for either of them.

  23. The more liberals that remain in the public eye, foaming at the mouth, the better it will be for sane people!

  24. Much as I cannot stand the sight of her, she will be doing the GOP a big favor if she continues to stick around. She has no self-respect as is evidenced by the way she stood by her husband after he humiliated her time after time after time. She knows no shame which is why she says she will not go away.

    • The only place the hildabeast needs to stick around at is in a PRISON cell! That is where she belongs and needs to stay for the rest of her life!

    • The only reason Hillary stuck by her pervert husband is because that kept her “in the limelight” – as the wife of a President she has been able to push her “Equality” message for women – while she trashed pervert Willy’s accusers – and her support for abortion – even though she aborted several pregnancies early in their marriage in late 70’s – Willy eventually convinced her to keep a kid – “Hello Chelsea” ! Sure Hillary “Stop ripping kids from their mother’s arms – but, rip off the arms and legs from unborn babies that are living – Yes, they are alive- growing – thriving – moving – crush their heads and brains so their body parts can be sold for research . Hillary is so completely entrenched in her sick – perverted – corrupt – disgusting ideology – she will never be able to understand why she has been such a total failure – she sticks around because she does not have the inner sense or capability to accept her entire image is not only “underwater” – this is all she has known for over 40 years – her image is literally “in the toilet” – and has already flushed into the sewer – which is where she should be “IN JAIL”.

  25. All she does is project the image of a first class battle axe. I feel sorry for ‘Slick Willie’; he has had to put up with this scorge for his entire life, and that would drive anyone nuts.

    • They’ve held off throwing her in prison THIS LONG, they may as well wait until after the election. That way we can still make SOME use of her. I just want her to see SOME prison time before she croaks from whatever illness she has. Even if it’s only ONE DAY. I want her to know that her legacy will be that of a convicted FELON in the history books.

    • Bring it on “Beach”. We can only hope that she will be wearing Orange before she tries to launch a campaign. It is long over due.

    • I don’t think she has a vagina ! She’s got the biggest pair of balls of any woman I know ! To bad she doesn’t have the integrity and character to go with them !

  26. Has this woman no shame. What an absolute insult to the Churchill name. Where does she come off making herself comparable, to probably the world’s greatest leader during the 1st half of the 20th century. Another Hillary story in the making.

  27. Hillary should be in prison by now. Whats the hold up anyway? I”m sure the dems wish she would go away she isn’t helping them that is for sure. I’m so sick of her face and that phony smile I for one wish she was gone and never to return from prison. Also take away all the money she stole.

  28. Hillary should be in prison by now. Whats the hold up anyway? I”m sure the dems wish she would go away she isn’t helping them that is for sure. I’m so sick of her face and that phony smile I for one wish she was gone and never to return from prison. Also take away all the money she stole.

  29. As we know, HRC is dirty to the core. She is so power hungry it makes her look much like a mafia boss. She surrounds herself with disgusting minions involved in the worst of the worst.
    She’s so angry that it shows on her face. Her desperate attempt to snow the masses becomes more clear every time she opens her mouth. I used to think Bill was the real crook, he’s is clearly guilty of many crimes dating back to his days at Cambridge. Now, however, I see that it’s Hillary that is truly evil. Anyone in bed with Soros has already sold their soul to Satan & that is where she is at. I will never trust her or her intentions.

  30. Hillary is an arrogant elitist who has no idea about real everyday American citizens. Of course she is unpopular,she only campaigned to the wealthy one percent and they do not make up the majority of the voters. Trump is far from perfect but he is a strong person and want our country to prosper, and under his presidency it has prospered. Is he rough and undiplomatic, hell yes he is. But he knows how to turn a profit and he is not afraid to be unpopular with our enemies. Diplomats are a dime a dozen and can be bought on need. Right now we need an uncouth leader to support our friends and disconcert our enemies. Sorry to my liberal friends, and they are liberal not libtards or useful idiots, there is a large difference, but we need a strong and undiplomatic leader right now. When he is done we will be able to have a diplomatic president again. But Lord willing who ever that is they will not be too diplomatic.

    • Has been running the DNC and has RINO hooks in the RNC.
      I am sure there are die hard Hillary fans that probably are as corrupt as her but though she thinks she is so clever more and more ammo is out to show how corrupt she is making her more and more irrelevant and like a sore that refuses to go away.

    • I’m with you. I just hope that the FBI and the justice department are not dragging their feet until the statue of limitations runs out and then they can not be held accountable for the shit that they did

  31. Hilary’s time has past and she knows it but continues to try to make make her presence known which is only hurting the political chances. What the Democrats show do is the focus peacefully and constructively on our numerous social issues and work towards collectively correcting them. Then, let the American voter decide who occupies “what office” in Washington !! In the meantime, our many “issues” can or will be on the way to be solved.

  32. Keep running your big mouth you old has been! You are so helping the Democratic Party by just going around to all of your speaking engagements telling people a different lie about how YOU lost the election to Donald Trump!! How many lies are we up to now like 30? There have been at least 30 reasons that you say is why you lost right? But it could not be that you were the most corrupt woman on earth though right HIllary!? Move on!! Get a freakin grip!!

  33. The Billaries power goes back to Mena Airport and the Iran-Contra fiasco. Bill
    was governor of Arkansas at the time of the CIA’s drugs for guns deal. Now you can’t tell me they did not take advantage of this. Think about how many Clinton insiders have died
    from mysterious suicides, car accidents and heartattacks. Isn’t this the way of
    the CIA to get rid of someone. Hmmm!

  34. Hillary: health issues

    Pelosi: health issues

    When you know that you are not telling the truth … I believe that it can affect you in many ways. Yep. When that happens, a lot of thoughts might swirl around in your head, you get sick.

    I guess that’s too bad for them that they can’t realize the stressing weight between the truth and lies. It simply cannot go in parallel at all.

    Just a matter of time for them.

    • Her and her pervert husband were great for stand up comedy wham they were stinking up the White House. When had we ever before or since had a president with a fat slut under the desk? I bet bill wished she had swollowed. Then there would have been no stained dress.

  35. What I would like to see is for her to be prosecuted for her handling of the secret emails, Benghazi, Uranium One, illegal funds, and to be publicly exposed for the liar, criminal, and hypocrite she is. She should not be free but serving time in an orange jumpsuit in a federal penitentiary. She and Bill are among the most corrupt politicians to ever walk on this planet, and it is a disgrace how our justice system has failed at so many levels to make them accountable and to protect them from prosecution. I am convinced it is time for the People to intervene, and to demand justice be done and/or begin to take the appropriate steps to remove those elements within our government that have become corrupted and no longer serve the interests of the people and truth and justice.

    • I’m with you Jim. The Clinton’s belong in prison. Their corruption dates back to before they entered the political circle. White Water was the start of their criminal carriers. How they have skated free from that fiasco I’ll do not know.

      • YES they both need to pay for their dirty deeds! Prison for both! NOW!
        It is impossible (immoral?) to treat them as they have treated others. But by all means, at the least, PRISON! Bill is a rapist and a pervert! In the White House too! Under the desk?! Really! Disgusting! How insulting to the American people!
        So conceited and crude! Monika should be so ashamed of herself and her part in that incident.
        If it was you or I, we would be in jail already! They have had years of warping the truth and sacrificing others’ lives! Lying and cheating while they live and travel high on our paid taxes! Let her continue until her prison time, and bring the entire Democratic party down! They, too, have let this happen! Those around her and Bill have helped hide and support those two dirty, unscrupulous people for decades! Their parents should be ashamed too! Neither have any morals!?
        And some “Americans” still back her?! Unbelievable! Brainless! Open your eyes!

    • Yes Jim, Of all her scandals – corruption – lies – deception – crooked deals – and hypocrisy, Benghazi has really gotten to me extremely hard – as a Viet Nam Era Air Force Veteran, I can personally attest that in basic training – flight line training – technical school training – every day in the Air Force our supervisors – training instructors – technical commanders literally pounded into our heads every day ” We will never – ever leave you behind under any circumstances ” – I am 1000% sure that as those brave Americans were fighting for their lives on top of that embassy rooftop for hours-on-end, they were saying to each other “Help must be coming – They will not leave us behind” – those were the last thoughts in their minds as they lost their fight for survival. “OBOZO” should have never been re-elected after Benghazi happened seven weeks before a Presidential election – “OBOZO” and Hillary should be held accountable for their disgusting actions / behavior after what they let happen at Benghazi for political reasons – I get emotional every Memorial Day – Fourth of July – Veterans Day – when I put up my American flag in memory to all veterans. I am one of five members of my family, over four generations and one hundred years – both my grandfathers served in US Army in World War I – my father was in Army in World War II – my son served in Navy during Persian Gulf War and Afghanistan – we have all put our lives on the line – illegitimate President “OBOZO” should never have been elected – Hillary Clinton should be in prison for her crimes.

      • Hey Robert Sylvester, Thank God for people like your family who bravely protected our Country. Thank you for your service and I understand how and why patriotic holidays are tough for vets. God bless you and yours.

        • Hello M Tisdale, I do thank you and appreciate your support and recognition of all of our military service members. Many of our younger generations do not understand what it means to respect and salute our flag and national anthem – it is not “just a flag” with pretty colors, but a symbol of who we are – what we stand for – what it means to carry-on and perpetuate the traditions and heritage of our forefathers and what they did for us as a country – so that we can be here today and continue on for our children, grandchildren and all posterity for as long as possible -infinitely forever ! I raise my flag this Independence Day – proudly, with honor – to all who have gone before !

          • Well Hey again Robert Sylvester, Thank you for educating our young people and maybe not so young people who have forgotten what real patriotism is and means. I forget that everyone does not share the respect for our Country, flag, and an appreciation for military vets who have died or been maimed protecting and serving our great nation which has allowed the rest of us to live in a secure Country as our forefathers intended. You have such an eloquent way of expressing the truth. God Bless.

      • My Father myself and both my sons served in military My fraternal granddad was a railroad engineer and maternal grand dad was a farmer neither could serve in military

      • ” “OBOZO” should have never been re-elected after Benghazi happened seven weeks before a Presidential election”

        With his FAKE birth certificate, using someone ELSE’S Soc. Sec. number, FAKE Selective Service card, he should never have been elected the FIRST time. Everything about him says FAKE. Even a document expert that HIS OWN LAWYERS have used, said his birth certificate he provided is FAKE. He was caught on an open mic saying, Tell Putin I can do more AFTER I’m re elected. He didn’t say IF, he said AFTER, like it was a forgone conclusion. And HILLARY is a big part of how Russia got their hands on OUR Uranium. Talk about collusion with Russia. They haven’t been able to find anything on TRUMP, but they have MOUNTAINS of evidence on THESE TWO, and yet, they do NOTHING about THEM. We help all these OTHER countries get rid of THEIR EVIL DICTATORS, and we do NOTHING about OUR OWN.

      • I am with you. Every time I think about Benghazi I get very emotional, and very angry, at Hillary and Obama. As far as I am concerned, they murdered those 4 men with their non actions to send in reinforcements. That the American people did not react in horror to that tragedy and vote Obama out of office is a blight on this country. That Hillary and Bill still show up on the political scene as though they are still relevant is a tribute to their audacity; they show no shame for their corrupt behavior. When did honesty, integrity, decorum, good manners, etc. disappear from the American conscience?

      • Thank you and your family for your service Robert Sylvester!
        I was very emotional on those holidays! I can’t believe these leftists want communism to win in our great country! It makes me so sad!! Obama is the great divider. Hillary is so corrupt! They lied about Benghazi when they sat there and did nothing while those hero’s died. They blamed it on a video when really Hillary and Erick Holder had given our guns to the enemy that killed our ambassador an Seals! Thank God for our military and may he bless America, our President, Vice President and all Branches of our Service!!

  36. Hillary’s Clinton’s entire political career has been based on fact that she is married to a President – where would she be if her name was Hillary Smith or Hillary Jones – not where she is today. She has kept herself in the limelight by capitalizing on her supporting her pervert husband – trashing his accusers, while hypocritically pushing her Equality For Women message. Save the children from being ripped from their mothers arms while pushing for abortion – Yes, rip off the kids arms and legs “in utero” – crush the head – so it can come out in pieces to be sold for research. Every female in this country has access to multiple forms of birth control and protection available in every drug store – government subsidized abortion on demand should not be available just because you were careless or unhappy with your partner. Every woman has the opportunity to make a “CHOICE” whether to “create or not create” that life – Yes, it is alive – thriving – growing – moving – every pregnancy can be eliminated almost immediately by taking a pill or a medical procedure – there is no need to wait months and then decide – “Oh, I guess I need an abortion” – why would you choose to go thru a possibly life-threatening procedure, when you could have taken a pill or used protection – If government subsidized abortion was not available – then you know that you will have to pay for that abortion – maybe you will think about that “CHOICE” – before you create that life.

        • I came up with a answer to baby killer advocates. It goes like this:

          You: Do you like yourself?
          Them: Yes.
          You: Do you LOVE yourself?
          Them: Of course.
          You: So then you’re glad you’re alive, right?
          Them: Oh yes.
          You: Good. How would you feel if you knew that your parents almost aborted you? Some important people were almost aborted. Beethoven was almost aborted. Think about it.

      • Robert, your comment is outstanding! In fact, I would like to copy your post. In the past three years, I have seen or read many comments concerning abortion, but your post is perfect! It “says it all”! Thank you.

        • Thank you Judith, Your understanding and acknowledgement is appreciated. You are certainly welcome to copy and spread the word – creating awareness is a wonderful thing . Robert

    • Robert Sylvester you are spot on in everything you said. Thank God this evil, corrupt hag is not in the White house! There is so much evidence proving her crimes, corruption and lies that if she starts campaigning Democrats will lose!

      • Thank you Carol Ann Kupser and Cyn, Liberals / Progressives think they can ignore “Truth and Reality” by spewing their politically correct B……T – we all know better – “Truth and Reality” are the same thing !

      • Thank you all for support! It has been said “the truth will set you free” – Hillary’s truths should – hopefully will put her in jail for a long – long time !

    • I agree that every woman has a choice “before” they do the act. NOT making that choice is very irresponsible and should pay for her actions what ever that should be. No mater what they may think IT’S STILL MURDER.

      • DAWN

    • Hillary will NOT go to prison the bastards in the district of corruption cover for each other think Lois lerner nothing happened

  37. I think it would be more appropriate for her to identify with the German people at that time. Lot’s of Germans thought hitler (small h on purpose English teacher 😁) was their savior, and they were wrong kilary! But the American people finally recognized the evil in you. You and bill have so many murders on your hands, you make mafia hit men blush with envy.

  38. I really do not know why we are still talking about Killary? She is history. The Democratic Party wants nothing to do with her and her Pedophile husband. I’m really hopeful that there will be a time when she and her husband will be sitting in some federal prison making big rocks into little ones.

    • All we can do is pray. But, God is a God of Justice, and I firmly believe that your scenario will come to pass. I’m hoping for it big time. And maybe a 24 hour pod cast to watch her?? 😂

    • Clinton seems to believe she can do no wrong. I often ask, “What has she ever done FOR America? I honestly cannot think of one thing.

  39. The more Hillary, Maxine Waters, Peolsi, and other such leftist lunatics keep it up the more they expose the myth that the Leftist/Demorats are the epitome of love, benevolence, tolerance, and inclusion. At long last maybe, just maybe, the American People will FINALLY awaken to just what and who these vermin really are.

  40. The sweet irony is she lost twice in the bid for her most coverted prize…The Presidency. She may have wrote off the first loss however, the 2nd loss clearly was a mind blow. She deserves prison but in the meantime, she is a “prisoner” of her own mind. And that for her is a life sentence.

      • Her inability to accept responsibility for her own doing, is the very reason for the pointing-the-blame tour she is embarking upon. The mind blow she indeed suffered is evident. Losing to a community organizer and a real estate developer when she was the easy favorite (by much of the media and power liberals) must weigh heavy. Bernie Sanders even gave her a fit. She is a has-been.

    • She will never go to jail. America has a two tier system of justice. One for the elite ruling class, another for everyone else. Hillary is an icon of that ruling class and as such is forever protected. She always has been, always will be.

  41. What has Hillary ever accomplished that is good for America? If you can tell us you’ll be the first so go for it.

    • Best gift Dems can give to the GOP is to keep crooked Hillary in the spotlight. the more she remains the more unlikable she becomes. And I can tell her “What happened.” She lost because she is corrupt, criminal, greedy, above-the-law, etc., etc. But what she will never be is POTUS. God bless America!!!

      • Agree with this…and if the democrats sponsor her they are as stupid as she is…but this would be good for Mr. Trump.

    • She has pointed out how ugly, literally, politicians are to the American people and continues to do so. I would ask mothers of America if they would want their daughters to be like her. She just needs to get some self conscience, grow up, admit defeat and leave. Go do something she things is beneficial instead of stinking up the place like an old dead fish. It’s really pathetic and does no one any good……foreign countries must be shaking their heads at the imbecile behavior of all our so called intelligent elected officials.

    • She has accomplished nothing good, only evil. She was fired from her first law firm for being unethical. From then on, her entire career has been questionable at best. Disgusting excuse of a person.

      • She was fired from the committee to impeach Nixon for lying and falsifying evidence. The truth is not in her!

      • David, some people might also remember that when Hillary finished law school, she became part of the Watergate investigation team; however, she was “terminated” when it was learned that she used fake evidence. And she wants to be POTUS?


  43. She constantly compares our President to Hitler. I am sick of this. Too bad she doesn’t get put in a concentration camp, then she’d know about Hitler.

  44. HILLARY CLINTON one of the most corrupt fraudulent brainless Female Democrats of all times other then MAXINE WATERS of California who try to tear America apart with their hatred of common sense and law and order

  45. CLINTON is an embarrassment. She it helping the Republican party for sure. But I think after all is said and done she will be going to prison. CLINTON, Pelosi and Waters are a laughing stock and an embarrassment to the entire world of politics.

    • Actually, they are poster children that display just what a politician really IS, don’t you think? How can a proponent of lying and cheating as a so-called “science” then be honorable and do any good at all? Politics is but another name for deceit, no good can ever come of it. We need HONEST people in office, NOT POLITICIANS. That was why Our President Donald Trump was chosen by We the People — the FACT that he is NOT A POLITICIAN AND LIAR.

  46. Sometime in the not to distant future, there will be a writer who creates a musical, like ‘Evita’, based on Mrs Rodham-Clinton. It will be interesting to see how they portray this vile, manipulating, vengeful, unrepentant, ethically challenged harpy. Sadly, the fixation that segments of the left have with ‘that women’ remains inexplicable. Her finally indignation will be in Little Rock, at the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor, next to POTUS BJ, overlooking the sites of his marital daliances, for eternity. In the mean time, stayed tuned for the latest inane utterences from the Hunchback of Chappaqua and her equally entertaining counterpart, San Fran Nan.

  47. No, she should be tried for her crimes, along with Comey who criminally exhonerated her.
    When oh when are the republicans going to stop threatening and start prosecuting the entire Deep State, including Mueller, the crooked prosecutor, wasting tax payer dollars
    and making a good paycheck for himself. Someone has to take charge and stop the Dems and Rhinos along with all of the Deep State, and give we the people a chance in this nation.
    Every last Obama appointee should have been fired by Trump when he took office. Now, look at the mess we’re in.

  48. many of the things both families did in office were treasonous, attacking our constitution, our national security, and our freedoms. they definitely qualify as ‘enemies from within’. didnt the government used to try and then execute traitors when they found them? whatever happened to that tradition?

  49. I bet she blames rapist willie for losing the election and been slapping him around the room every night.
    What a BEEEEYOTCH !!!!

  50. When are Hillary, comedy, lynch, stroke, Paige, mueller, rosenstein, etc., etc., going to be indicted. And then obummer and his aides !

    • Hillary is so ignorant! She is so self-involved; maybe THAT’S why she can’t figure out that SHE is on the side of Hitler! With all her so-called education, one would think she would know the difference!

      • I used to live in a town next to Park Ridge, Illinois.
        Hillary’s former teacher was a speaker at one of our women’s club luncheon. In his talk, he said Hillary was obsessed with Saul Alimsky’s Rules for Raficals. Guess she just got worse.

    • What a line-up! We couldn’t have planned it better. If women like these run the nation, we’re finished. I’m sticking with white men foe now.

  51. and it ended up back in his pockets. That is what you call a great Democrat.
    Lie Lie Lie Lie If the Democratic Party has an honest and truthful member, would that person please speak out about this. If I am wrong, tell me so.
    However, if I am right, tell me that also.

  52. Hillary Clinton comparing herself to Churchhill is a joke. He was CONSERVATIVE through and through. He would have detested the profiteering Clinton’s

    At her level of education it is obscene that she does not know this.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  53. The best way to finish this “investigation” is–charge the band of the “investigation” of all money plus interest they spend to play an “investigation.


      • When we post stuff on here, whether or not it is politically correct, we should PROOFREAD what we have written. I do that with mine before I finally post it. (Of course 27 years of teaching high school English should serve as a motivator for me.)

    • Don’t worry Becky! The message is the important thing!
      As far as Chelsea goes, don’t have sympathy for her. She is the typical fruit that doesn’t fall far from the tree. She is becoming a clone of her no-good mother and father(probably in name only).

  55. I heard that this FAT SOW Clinton declared Itself a ” NEW CHURCHILL” … She could not come close to SHINE HIS BOOTS as far as comparing itself , a useless NOTHING, to that Statesman..in her hands UK would be Speaking GERMAN by now!!

  56. The ideal situation is for her to continue being a vocal from a prison cell. That way equal justice will be complete while conservatives gain!

  57. If they could put 3 in a cell then BO,BC & HRC. PUT PELOSI & WATERS TOGETHER and give them both a knife. The winner gets to spend the rest of her life in jail. A win, win. Republicans in 2018 & President Trump & more Republicans in 2020

  58. Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters – Americas Weird Sisters. The gifts that keep on giving for Republicans!

    Vote republican this fall.

  59. Since the presidential election HRC has been out there enough for the Dems to see how bad her physical health really is. Most of the time she is being assisted when walking and especially climbing steps/stairs, she apparently is wearing a back brace, and the number of falls publicly known probably pales in comparison to her actual falls. She has had a blood clot and concussion, Lord knows what else, oh, broken bones , sprains, etc. She has some unknown condition or illness causing these falls which could be minor or life threatening. AND, her mental health, unknown if striking her head, dementia, living with Slick Willy, an unknown illness, or perhaps she has run herself into her
    present mental state from losing the election. These are important things that I would be more than a little concerned about if I was a Dem and I’m sure they are. Now as a conservative Republican, these things are very helpful
    to us should she ever decide to run for office again as well as campaigning for Dem candidates. So, get on out there HRC and be helpful to GOP candidates, please! EVERYONE GET OUT AND VOTE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS THIS FALL. NO DEMS OR RINO WANTED. SAVE OUR COUNTRY FROM LEFT WING NUTS!

    • Remember her being questioned by Congress? That her brain wasn’t working, that she could hardly remember anything? That didn’t stop the Democrats from wanting that vacuum head to be President of the United States. Some still do despite her ongoing blame everyone tour – which doesn’t say much for her mental state either.

  60. No, please. Let het hang around.
    She becomes a total embarrassment for the Dems.
    Leave it up to POTUS DJT to finish her completely verbally.
    Piece of cake for him.
    Bye Hitlary, bye….

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