Hillary Clinton just attacked the American people with this terrible insult

Hillary Clinton caused all sorts of problems for herself in the 2016 campaign by calling Trump supporters “deplorables.”

Somehow Clinton managed to make an even worse gaffe.

And Hillary Clinton just attacked the American people with this terrible insult.

In the first year of Biden’s Presidency, Americans have faced nothing but political and economical turmoil.

The Democrats’ play is to brush all of the obvious failures of the Biden administration aside as nothing more than “transitory pains.”

And in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Hillary Clinton even attacked the American people as being too stupid to understand all the wonderful things Joe Biden accomplished as President.

Clinton stated:

Democracy is messy. People got kind of frustrated looking at the messy process of legislation. They didn’t really appreciate that within a year, the Biden administration has passed two major pieces of legislation through both the House and Senate. They’ve passed another major piece through the House that will soon be in the Senate.

By any measure, those are extraordinary accomplishments and they will help millions of Americans with health care and prescription drug prices, as well as climate change and so much else. But because of the way we are getting our information today and lack of gatekeepers, and people who have a historic perspective who can help us understand what we are seeing, there is a real vulnerability in the electorate to the kind of demagoguery and disinformation that the other side is really good at exploiting.

Inflation is raging and this is the most expensive Thanksgiving Americans ever experienced.

For those not preparing dinner, travel costs shot through the roof as the price of a gallon of gasoline increased by around a dollar since Joe Biden took office.

Wages have not kept up with inflation.

As a result, Americans – on average – experienced a pay cut in Joe Biden’s first year in office compared to 2020 when Donald Trump was president.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings tanked as a result.

But instead of blaming Joe Biden’s socialist agenda for why Americans do not feel they have much to be thankful for in terms of policies coming out of Washington D.C., Hillary Clinton is blaming the public and claiming they are too dumb to realize how good they have it.

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